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  1. I am enraged by Broad Street every time I see it. You could run a ditched out river down each way and call it a yacht lane and it would still be plenty wide enough for all the cars. Hell, maybe even an airplane landing strip. Edit: What can be done? Is it a good thing that developers are calling this out? I feel like Columbus is stagnating on its street diet plans and it's starting to drive me crazy. Front Street's two-way conversion only 50% complete? Why!?
  2. My dream other than the failed 3C idea is a passenger train that connects Cleveland>Akron>Canton>Columbus> Dayton>Cincinnati. It makes too much sense.
  3. Lol, yeah. I think they were supposed to represent his kids or something.
  4. Not sure where else to post a casual comment like this, but I just want to say that I feel new of any sort of development has completely dried up recently. Is this normal for this time of the year? I'm craving something significant, lol.
  5. Zyrokai


    Anything other than this is illogical.....you HAVE to have proof otherwise it's a free-for-all. I'm disgusted this is even being brought up again. I wonder if all the conservative justices think this way? Does Roberts?
  6. Zyrokai


    Brexit is just as horrifying to realize is happening as Trump's takeover of SCOTUS and our courts. Brexit seems more permanent. I just can't believe they won't call a second referendum. At this rate, they're headed for no-deal Brexit and the ripples will be felt around the world, but Britain will suffer from its self-inflicted wound more than anyone.
  7. Zyrokai


    This is all pretty confusing. What exactly does this mean? It doesn't sound good at all.
  8. Got it! Very informative, thank you. Another question I've been wondering.....just a nit-picky and curiosity question I can't stop thinking about so I might as well bring it up in a forum with such knowledgeable people: For the 3 buildings currently being constructed in the Short North (Granvide Mercantile site, old retirement home expansion, and the Moxy hotel), the traffic patterns on the road change to remove the center turn lane and push traffic to the other side. This was all done with the permanent paint, as far as I can tell. I just wanted to ask if it's usual practice to do something like this and if they plan to put that center turn lane back in once the barriers are removed and the full street opens up and isn't so "zig zag" I know the obvious answer is probably yes, but it just seems so permanent the way they have it now. They even have reflectors in the spots where I imagine it won't stay.
  9. How can they move them underground when all that has been completed already? They won't have to dig everything back up AGAIN, will they? Certainly there is an easier way???
  10. Ew. Was there anything else originally planned for here? I need some good news from somewhere, dammit. Seems to just be a bunch of disappointment lately.
  11. Get that pornography out of here!!! Jk......I was like "there is no way this can work and then I saw the bit about the existing rail lines and my mouth dropped. Unfortunately, don't the railroads say absolutely NO to this?
  12. So depressing. I'm starting to lose a lot of hope for Columbus' future in recent months Edit: in response to the post above this one
  13. What can we do to get them here?! lol I work in RiverSouth. It's not quite that bad, I don't think. I think the new building going up on Main across from the 303 Front St. building is going to add some character. What really needs to go up is Millennial Tower which would be in the heart of all of this. That'll solve like, all the complaints I'm seeing here. Let's just hope it gets built. And yes, I'd love if that government building had ground retail. Did they already say it wouldn't?
  14. I personally think the Short North is looking great. I live pretty close to it and I'm there almost daily. I just really, really need them to finally take down the old overhead wires and poles and turn on the new traffic lights/crosswalk lights instead of the garbage ones that are still up. I know they're probably waiting for the weather to break for the year and for these 3 big projects to finish up for wiring and such but ugh.......seeing the old poles and wires mixed with the new ones is driving me crazy!
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