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  1. ^^^ I super want that triangle piece next to it to get developed. Also I see some stadium-esque shapes forming!
  2. In a way I hope it's a wake up call. I feel the same way as the developers. Code and zoning is so out of whack in Columbus that I've almost thrown my hands up as well, lol.
  3. Oh good, haha. Happy to take the torch this time Also, can't we just, like, put this on the ballot? Let's just vote on this as a community and see if we all want to fund transit or not. Edit: typo
  4. Omg, I'm sorta embarrassed, hahaha. I couldn't help myself this time! I need to be part of the change, dammit! Lol.
  5. As much as I agree, I doubt they care about that for this particular spot. The whole block is terrible and is basically an on/off ramp for the highway.
  6. Omg. You're an American hero. Thank you for doing what I'm too afraid to do, lol.
  7. With the frequent number 5 bus route, this could have been a great transit corridor ....but here we are and there is parking and and setback and THEN the building....unless I'm mistaken. Sigh.
  8. And just as soon as it all appeared, all those construction barrels on High are gone
  9. Maybe they repaint the crosswalks, they'll properly mark them with striped crossings. Jk who am I kidding I I swear it's become my life's mission to correct this, lol
  10. Interesting, thanks! I had a hunch they were might be doing that but I wasn't sure if that was actually something that could be corrected so I thought I would ask here. Good to hear that.
  11. What in the actual world are they doing in the finished portion of High Street in the Short North? They're digging up all along the edges of all the sidewalks. And it's chaos during rush hour. Took these photos on the bus. They started this a few days ago and are doing it everywhere. What was wrong with the asphalt along the curbing?
  12. ^^^I have such mixed feelings about this because Local Bar has been one my favorites since I could even start going to bars. But I hate that it's in a strip mall like this. Also, I wonder how a redevelopment would affect Paradise Garage........ Check cashing place first, please.
  13. ^^^Yep, it really sucks. He needed an opponent to push him on some issues, even if he was assured re-election. He really seems to truly be doing bare minimum and is rewarded for it. I miss Coleman : (
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