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  1. ^^^I didn't know this was happening. I'm legitimately surprised they can even put something like this outside of the city limits.
  2. That comparison picture is really cool! But.......I don't see the Greek church in the left picture. I thought it was old! Is it just not visible? It seems like it should be....
  3. I hope it's at least a bit taller than Flats I and II. Just by a couple floors. There's a lot of room for more residents in this area.
  4. Thanks for the insight! Much appreciated. I don't have much perspective on this stuff, but I'm glad to know it's going smoothly.
  5. I'm very confused by this article appearing now. I thought they reached a deal months ago when we "saved the Crew"? I'm a bit dense. What exactly is THIS then and is it a good thing? Why is no Arena land deal made yet and is this par for the course of this type of development or should I worry?
  6. I work pretty close to these buildings. I hope this means they won't be demolished. For some reason, I rather like them. They fit in very well with the block.
  7. hhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg...........I must see!! Thanks for the update. Good to hear this.
  8. Looks amazing. Saw it this weekend. I spy a dead tree, though . Also all the new trees in front of the new Brunner building are also dead. Just an observation!
  9. Posted this in other threat (part 1) but....again, amazing pictures. I'm really jealous considering I haven't seen half of that stuff in my 3 visits to LA.
  10. Man, I've been to LA three times and didn't even see the sites you did. Awesome pictures and a great variety.
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