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  1. I can literally not see Columbus getting a downtown Whole Foods. At least not for another 10 years or more.
  2. I'm going to check out this place today! I didn't know it was open yet. I work very close to here so I'll walk over during my lunch break. Excited to check it out. And honestly, it might be my new go-to place to pick up some things on my way home from work before I catch the bus, depending on what they have.
  3. Kroger seems to nationally be struggling. I don't think they're going to try to open new stores at the moment.
  4. BRT on Broad is the way to go. The city and COTA both seem to want to do it. COTA officially has said they want it in a Dispatch article form sometime last year (might try to find it). Found it: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20190130/west-broad-street-might-get-next-rapid-transit-bus-line-cota-officials-say
  5. Okay, so what I thought was essentially correct. It's always been Franklinton, and the Bottoms seems to be a less than flattering nickname. I'm assuming it came post-flooding.
  6. That's fair, I guess. I forgot about Linden. Maybe I should have asked that instead, lol. Is Linden now saved? I guess I just see a lot of problems in West Franklinton. Honestly, East Franklinton (east of 315) will probably feel completely different from the rest. I'd honestly be in favor of just naming it permanently the Scioto Peninsula. The residents in the west probably don't want to even be associated with the east. But I don't know much. What is the difference between "Scioto Peninsula" and "East Franklinton" anyway? Why are we calling it two things? And I know it used to be called the Bottoms, but wasn't it also always called Franklinton? I know that name dates back to the founding of the city when they almost named Columbus "Franklinton".....but when did the "official" name because Franklinton and the Bottoms no longer recognized by the city? I think I just need a really quick history lesson, of anyone would be so kind
  7. I wish I knew what was going on in that thread. I keep going in there and I have no idea what's going on. I just hope S-W is staying in Cleveland with their new HQ. Also, what iconic duo are you talking about? [apologies for being ignorant] Also your popcorn gif was perfect.
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