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  1. I don't currently have any pictures, but next time I'm visiting my family in Massillon, I'm going to take construction photos of all the work they are doing in downtown Massillon. Big things happening!
  2. Remember what we said about the markets Kings Island pulls from? .........Lexington, Louisville, Indy, Cincy........not exactly the most diverse cities in the country : p I think Cedar Point's staff is also a "destination staff" just like its visitors, so they're coming from all over the world rather than just .......northern Kentucky and southern Ohio, haha.
  3. Just now seeing this. Sorry! I feel like I haven't visited nearly as much as I would like. My first trip there I was pretty much just downtown near the convention center as well as Universal City area. Also visited La Brea Tar Pits. My second time there I stayed at a friend's who lives in Hollywood. So I've seen a lot of Hollywood and West Hollywood as well. We also went downtown once, and we also went to Venice Beach. I'm actually leaving for LA again tomorrow for 5 days. Staying in Hollywood again. Looking for suggestions and ideas on neighborhoods to explore, cool unique things to do that, and awesome food to eat! I love walking around cool neighborhoods, something I don't feel I have been able to do out there yet. Some planned ideas are: Visiting Long Beach Visiting Santa Barbara (another friend lives up there) Little Tokyo And that's about all the ideas I have right now, haha
  4. Yeah, I realized this after I posted it. I thought I edited it to include Six Flags and Busch Gardens, but I must have forgotten to hit save, haha. Anyway, each of those parks average about 300 miles away. Carowinds still has a healthy market all to itself mostly.
  5. Cedar Point and Kings Island are also both seasonal parks. Those numbers are impressive considering most of the ones above it (on that chart) are not seasonal parks and operate year-round, including Cedar Fair's own Knott's Berry Farm in LA. I think that's their highest attendance number park in the chain, but they don't invest nearly as much in it as Cedar Point or Kings Island. They want Cedar Point to be destination park, and it is. There's really no other "typical" amusement park like it, being on a lake peninsula and such. Kings Island also pulls from Lexington, Louisville, and Indianapolis as well as Columbus (who as the option of Cedar Point for a day trip) and southern Ohio, so they have slightly different markets. Cedar Fair also seems to *love* Carowinds. They're investing HIGHLY in that park, and I think they see it as having great potential, especially since it's basically the only park in the quickly-growing Charlotte metro area and anywhere else south of DC and north of Florida. That park is gonna be something else in the near future. They've already made it 10x what it was before. they purchased it. I'm super interested to see where it goes. Edit: I also think they want Canada's Wonderland to be in their A-tier as well. And I suspect the same for California's Great America but that one has some more interesting hurdles which is probably why they haven't dived in as much or as quickly as Carowinds.
  6. Only the 7th giga coaster in the world. Get more excited, people! Also, there is no way they're going to outdue their flagship Cedar Point park just a few hours north of here. You guys are craaaazy if you think they're ever going to make Kings Island bigger and better than Cedar Point.
  7. I actually saw the check cashing place this morning when I was going to work on the bus, and I didn't see its parking lot closed of like it was described. Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks for the Family Dollar info! Staging means a spot for the construction stuff, right?
  8. Lots of movement and construction going on inside the former RAM Restaurant space.
  9. ^^^^ I noticed this as well. Is it *just* the parking lot next to Equitas or is that abandoned dollar store also going? The way it looked from the other side of the street was that the building wasn't a part of either the construction going on to the south of it, or the fenced in parking lot of Equitas to the north of it and I was like I just want that building to go, lol. I didn't notice anything about the check cashing place! That's awesome to hear.
  10. ^^^A shame it's probably canceled....but I can't even picture this there.
  11. ^^^^Totally agree. The building looks amazing from High Street. I just love looking at it.
  12. There is a push for a ballot initiative for a second downtown free circulator bus (like the CBUS, tentatively being called the "DBUS" that would service the new stadium, so yes, transit is hopefully coming: https://www.columbusunderground.com/transit-columbus-pushes-for-new-circulator-ballot-measure-in-2020-bw1
  13. An Ohio city made this list. I also thought it was generally an interesting list and one I don't entirely disagree with for once. Please lock the thread if this is an inappropriate place to post this!
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