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    Democracy continues to die in America. This will cost a lot of very populated places to lose a lot of representation. Or.............maybe not. I really hope this guy who works at the Census is correct: https://www.theatlantic.com/letters/archive/2019/04/2020-census-citizenship-supreme-court-new-york-v-department-of-commerce/587716/
  2. No posts about COTA's 28 new buses? https://www.10tv.com/article/new-cota-buses-improve-air-quality-ride-experience-2019-apr Exciting! I caught them being used yesterday (and today) and had no idea they ordered new ones. I like the way they look. I can't understand why they have the old COTA logo, though (the one with the statehouse in it). The new one they're using isn't on these buses : \ Also, whenever COTA adds new buses like this, do they retire the oldest ones they're using? Really hoping that this means 28 diesel buses with the old branding (meaning the white ones with the simple 2 stripes) and the gross cloth seats have been retired : p Edit: You can see more pictures of the buses from their Twitter:
  3. Is that one in Cincinnati actually getting built? I'm sorry, Cincinnatians : ( But serious question....is this taking up additional area to further divide the city or is it a net zero? I realize some of that green area there now with bushes and trees will become......cement with a cliff, but the actual bridge length doesn't seem much different....right? I also am dying to still know if that S. High bridge cap is capable of holding a building on it as originally promised.
  4. Well, I guess I meant "can you build a building on there?" I do remember at one point they said that it'll be built this way with the green space and future-proof it to have a restaurant or something on it someday if desired by a developer. I was just wondering if that was still the case and it can support a building on it like the SN cap or not. It would have to be built to have that option now if they want to do it in the future.
  5. Next Phases of I-70/I71 Split Curious about this............Are they still going to be building High Street bridge to be able to be a "cap" like they did in the Short North? The only good thing about this project are the new bridges that will be more pedestrian friendly (I hope!!!!! We better see that improved Front Street bridge as well!!!). I can't believe they're going to widen it in an urban environment. Are they really going to widen it as it travels east and west in that trench? C-R-A-Z-Y. Here's a link to all the new bridge designs.
  6. Thank you! And I was wondering about that spot by Buttles as well!! I thought maybe it had to do with something for the construction of Bollinger. It's really weird and bothers me
  7. I noticed they were removing the old poles and was happy about that. The only intersection remaining that hasn't switched to the new traffic lights and signals is High & 1st / Price. .justin, where can I sign up for these update emails? I'm always just checking here for updates about tiny stuff like that and I don't want to keep stupidly asking if it's readily available like that. Here is the only official outlet I know to check for updates: https://www.columbus.gov/Templates/Detail.aspx?id=2147501680
  8. ^^^Haha, that's pretty funny. Kudos to however did that Also, anyone know when they're going to be filling the new planters in the Short North? There's supposed to be a bunch of new "green space" and what not.
  9. ^^^ Like actually removing part of the walls to outside? Yeesh.......I really like the building and liked RAM upstairs. I can't believe nothing has moved in yet. It's a neat space. Also, yesterday I noticed that Delmar restaurant (I think?) is open on the lower level of the new Lincoln Building. Didn't even know that was close to opening. Is that building largely done, then? Inside on the upper levels looks like they are incomplete, though.
  10. Went up $10 million, then? Seems like they're going through with it though. Super happy.
  11. Cool pictures, thanks for sharing. Really loving what they're doing to Bollinger Tower. Bigger windows looks SO much better than the prison windows that were there before, lol. Also, they completely destroyed the new (!!!) sidewalk that was put in right in front of it. I'm hoping that when they repair it, they keep it uniform to the color/texture of what they spent all last year putting in, lol. And what's funny is that the new sidewalk in front of the Moxy Hotel looks completely fine (albeit covered with wood slate things). Wonder why one was able to be protected and the other one destroyed during construction, ha. Just thinking out loud. I'm sure there are reasons.
  12. It would be swell if they built another tower as tall as the one on the west side of Neil Is that also NRI?
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