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  1. One thing I don't understand is how a breakout ends. Like....let's assume we "flatten the curve" effectively in Ohio. At the bottom of the curve there are still people with the virus. What happens when one of those people unknowingly spreads it to somewhere where there wasn't a big outbreak. Would that just start the whole process over again?
  2. There's a lot I still don't really understand, but I'm really hoping that Ohio is doing this right and that the outbreak here will be much smaller than other parts of the country. My mom can't get this. Like, she seriously can't. And she still has to go to work ("essential"). Hell, no one can. I'm 32 and I question if I'd be able to pull through, honestly. Many young people dying as well.
  3. Thank you. Trying not to stress out, but the deep sinking feeling in my stomach just never is going away, I don't think. Not until this is all over, whenever that may be.
  4. Nothing about the 4th case in Ohio, yet? It's in Canton. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/continuing-coverage/coronavirus/ohios-fourth-coronavirus-case-is-in-stark-county-health-officials-confirm As if my anxiety wasn't high enough with my parents. They live in Massillon/Canton area. This hospital is one they use. I'm seriously freaking out and I don't know how to calm down.
  5. These seem like exactly the type of place I would want to live.
  6. I definitely had them taking precautions already. Not touching anything, hand sanitize constantly, wipe down the area of their seats, etc. What worries me the most, other than being over 60, is that while they aren't in BAD health, they aren't in terrific health and my mom has diabetes which is one of the major risk factors along with heart disease, which my dad technically has since he had a heart attack about 12 years ago (has a stent in his heart now)
  7. I'm seriously freaking out. My parents are over 60 and flying in THROUGH Atlanta airport from Florida on March 21st. I almost threw up last night with worry.
  8. Thank you. I did wish them a good trip, but I gave them a stern lecture on the severity of this issue and the proper hygiene procedures to reduce risk. They seemed to be on board, because prior to that they didn't really think this was a big deal. I'm not as panicked as I was last Friday, but I'm still worried. I don't think the US is ready for what's about to unfold.
  9. So I haven't really been worrying about this at all until yesterday where I started to really read about it. I've been started to panic about my parents for traveling this weekend. They are both in their low 60ss and they are traveling to Florida for 2 weeks and they have a transfer at Atlanta airport. They leave Sunday. Should I stop them with all my might or am I being crazy? My mom absolutely can't get this. She's not exactly the epitome of health and she has diabetes.
  10. I normally don't get freaked out by these things, but yesterday it kinda hit me and now I can't stop thinking about it. I hope this is somehow contained. I'm worried it will become a part of "cold and flu and coronovirus season" but if you get COVID-19, you're much worse off. I'm just worried about my parents . I'm encouraged by the statement of jmecklenborg that it might not become a big thing, but I was reading this Atlantic piece and well....I kinda am leaning towards this being the correct scenario: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/02/covid-vaccine/607000/
  11. I think you answered your own question. Their own property values go up.
  12. That's insane. Someone should ask them WHAT is acceptable there. Nothing? Is nothing the only acceptable thing to be built here? Take it to the city.
  13. Yes! This is what I'm saying. Why even have so much car space there?
  14. When I was thinking about getting from one side of Easton to the other, I was thinking more Easton Way. I guess I'm saying that the Easton design in your pictures SHOULD be a part of downtown. I'm not saying at that downtown's streets are good. They absolutely aren't. And the pictures you posted highlight exactly why they are disasters. Side topic: I would also argue that those streets in the pictures you posted from Easton should actually not even allow cars on them. The sidewalk is still....what....15-20% of the entire width? Parking on both sides and two lanes of traffic is still too much, imo. "Inside" Easton is like 90% pedestrian. I think they should just bite the bullet and make it 100% for them. At least Easton uses proper crosswalk markings. I can't stand that the rest of Columbus doesn't.
  15. If Easton becomes more of a proper modern downtown than actual downtown, I can't say I'll be thrilled with that. I've long thought Easton should have been "created" closer to the urban core of downtown as a catalyst and not an artificially planned "second downtown commercial disttrict" miles away from the actual downtown of Columbus. I've gotten over it, but there was a time when downtown was dead enough that they could have done this. Oh well. I would be happy if Easton does what COTA won't and implements some kind of awesome transit. Anything to kick COTA into higher gear, imo. But I don't expect this to happen. We're going to drive down car-centric streets that are far too wide to get from one side of Easton to the other and like it!
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