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Huntington Tower 330'
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  1. This LinkUs is everything I've wanted....I think. I need to look more into it but I hope something actually comes of it. I really worry that the pandemic is going to hurt the future of transit but perhaps I'm wrong. This is exciting though!!!
  2. Wow. This AND the Sandusky Theater collapse? These storms wrecked havoc on historical theaters in Ohio.
  3. Yep. I feel *exactly* the same! Maybe a mural or something someday. Who knows. Just ugh.
  4. Very exciting! I wish there were 4-5 others being built as well. It would be so cool if the original North Market Tower was being built simultaneously!
  5. ^^^ I certainly hope they continue and either repair or rebuild. It was seriously so nice and is very depressing to see ruined like this. I would definitely think they have insurance, though.
  6. Oh...... Maybe I misinterpreted DTCL11's post but when I read it, but it seemed like it wasn't happening anymore.
  7. Yeah, Jman is/way insufferable. I think he's still in the CU comments section. I can't believe this project is falling through. It had so much going for it and was partially funded by the city as well as having a reputable developer. How incredibly disappointing.
  8. Zyrokai


    I'm more worried about this case: https://www.vox.com/2020/5/6/21239898/supreme-court-electoral-college-faithless-electors-baca-chiafalo Truly horrifying stuff to read.
  9. Zyrokai


    I think I just had a stroke.
  10. ^^^ That basically means it's dead, right? Damn. I was actually hoping it would work.
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