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  1. I was saying to myself, that guy looks familiar, haha. I wouldn't mind a Jimi Hendrix mural next to the German Village Music Haus.
  2. I actually think this a pretty good design, it reminds me of 80's on the common but with some brick incorporated. I also like the mural, the city can definitely use more of those.
  3. Huge news, I love it! I can't believe this was dropped on a Friday afternoon like this. Is the Veteran's Memorial parking lot going to be apart of this overall redevelopment? I sure hope so, buildings and a parking deck would be best for that area, IMO.
  4. Nope, that is not me on Columbus Underground but thank you for pointing me to that comment.
  5. As we all know a cemetery is located beneath the North Market parking lot. Would I be safe to assume that the timeline recently set forth for construction of the new tower will include the excavation and proper removal of the remains beneath? I only hear mention of the cemetery but nothing about the developers having plans to address that issue publicly.
  6. In my honest opinion that is not a building that adds as much impact to a growing skyline as say the new Hilton building will. Not a huge fan of the new design compared to what was first revealed. But glad this project is moving forward. I'm most excited for an expanded North Market.
  7. Not sure on the angle of that rendering, but it looks like it blocks the view of downtown a bit for some of the townhomes/apartments. I like the height though!
  8. I'm going to be optimistic about that news as well. It seems like they want to do it right and not rush to build a tower and make a quick buck.
  9. I agree, and I think it's a great location right by the statehouse. I based my thoughts on not hearing anything about that project at all, but maybe they just came up with the design. So we might be hearing about it in the future.
  10. I do like the design of that hotel, incorporating the current building and adding on. It's probably not a viable project right now. Didn't even know that site was being considered for a hotel. It would be a good spot, IMO.
  11. This is one of my favorite resources for all the development news in the city.
  12. Yes, overall it is helping 4th grow and that is great. I remember seeing the field of dirt and concrete when I moved here in 2014. Obviously having this density of people is much better. I will hope that more businesses will start moving in to help fill the needs of all the new residents.
  13. I think for this amount of people moving into one area without more mixed use is kind of a shame.
  14. I really like the artwork that has been incorporated into the River and Rich project as well as the Gravity project. I especially like that Kobra self portrait, really awesome!
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