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  1. Yeah, I couldn't fine a ROW permit for them closing it down anytime soon with the city but I don't possibly see how it could stay open in any way through construction.
  2. Looks like site mobilization has begun... Wandered up as a truck full of barrels was arriving and this beautiful piece of machinery was being dropped off, there were also people with site survey flags and spray paint walking around.
  3. The Crew SC twitter just posted teasing 10/10/19 groundbreaking on the stadium.
  4. Technically, the first and most important box on a job site. ...Can't have crew until they have someplace to poo.
  5. I agree on this as well, all these projects with parking need to be adaptable or better integrated but the ratio can be explained by being built to support a Phase III at some point in the future. Below are the notes from the commission, it seems they finally aren't worried about height but instead how the parking is handled. Looks like they are pushing for a bit more public space and the garage to look less like a garage. I will admit that while I have some qualms with this commissions, this is using their power for good. •Street trees along the entirety of McDowell, West Cherry, and Gift Streets, •Additional landscaping and headlight screening along the perimeter of the covered parking area to mitigate any visual impacts, •Sidewalk along the entire east side of May Ave. •Reconfigure the parking garage to accommodate residential units along Gift St. •Public space, such as a courtyard or plaza, be incorporated in a future phase of development.
  6. Oh man, 2020 looks like its going to be an amazing year! The Franklinton Commission packet has Casto proposing a 12 story second phase for the River & Rich development! Looks like they are planning to develop west of the recently completed Phase I, this is the glass lot that sits between River & Rich and Dodge park. QUICK FACTS - 48,000 SQ/FT of Office - 304 Residential Units, 20 "Affordable" Units - 397 space 3 story Garage (will help support a Phase II & future phases) I think we may be starting to see the beginning stages of a development boom in Columbus, the recent string of proposals/announcements are incredibly exciting to see! More details in the meeting materials link below https://columbusohdev.app.box.com/s/2dpi2iu88meq1li5nmpqw91f3aklwd54
  7. Yep, the DT commission meeting is on Tuesday where all will be revealed! However, my guess is that the team will want to build some excitement (and maybe even put some pressure on the commission) so we will actually see a renter either late this week or Monday. Things are getting rolling.
  8. Haha, funny you say that about the CoGo station because kind of feel the opposite. I was trying out Shake Shack on Sunday and noticed the CoGo station and really liked the vibe it gave the sidewalk and area in general. One of those infrastructure quirks that I felt added to the "bustle" and urban experience along that stretch. Different stokes for different folks I guess.
  9. Yes, kind of, Franklin county built a courthouse back in 2011... By building the new courthouse they were able to relocate older courtrooms into the new building, modernized, and consolidate the common pleas court operations. Following the completion of the new Common Pleas Courthouse, they were able to gut and renovate the older 1950s tower to help alleviate the office space crunch/pressures while allowing some freedom to renovate and organize the rest of the courthouse campus. Now, the new courthouse that voters approved back in November will be to replace the city court and municipal court offices located in the 17 floor 1970s concrete office structure that butts up against I-70/71 thats kind of hidden by the larger 30 story tower built in the 1990s. So short answer, nah crime hasn't really jumped, but the structures are reaching their functional life and the city and county have been slowly modernizing/rebuilding one by one to keep things moving and avoid problems in the future.
  10. Construction updates! Below are some updates images of the project happenings in this part of Downtown. Schottenstein Renovation/Addition on 3rd. Podium has been built out for the most part and timber seems to be arriving on site to go vertical. RISE Brands HQ has been progressing quickly, construction fencing has come down and the patio/event space addition on the back has started. Finally, 230 E Long has reached full height on the northwest corner and crews have started installing windows. The structure is about 1/3 of what its final massing will be, should make quite an impact. Enjoy.
  11. While the the article didn't have render, it does look like they have applied for the variances with the city and the packet has architectural drawings attached (yay public records). Anyway, looks like they are planning it to be 135' tall with a 5' setback (originally proposed 18') and the design is almost identical to the Goodale Landing tower. Also note, a total height of 135' will make it the tallest of the 4 towers if completed per these plans. Enjoy.
  12. Eh, yeah, I could see and argument for throwing some office in there to boost the hight and daytime activity but retail/restaurant would have been a tough sell. Overall design and quality of Parks Edge is great imo, they're very PNW feeling. I am a huge fan and would love 20 more scattered around downtown.
  13. The rumors have been swirling for a few weeks now on other boards about the final stadium design. Well, it sounds like its going to be quite a departure from the early concepts we say back in 2018. Most common report is that Nationwide wanted the stadium and surrounding development to match the aesthetics of the Arena District, however it seems NRI may not have won that battle. Amid ever more frequent rumors of a 'bold and iconic' stadium design, during a panel discussion on sports venues we got this last night from Don Garber (MLS Commissioner)... It seems we are getting something pretty modern/unique. Im really intrigued and excited to see these renders. Looks like 2020 is going to get even more interesting. Also, word is we will have our renders within the next week of so.
  14. Overview, hopefully without breaking any rules - No renders available yet, but will follow the design of Goodale Landing (2016 tower project) - Tower will be on Neil Ave between the two older towers - Working with VVC already and adjusting to their input regarding setback - Construction set to begin summer 2020
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