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  1. Well, I know I am a bit late to the game, much appreciated @Gino27! I went ahead and added Gravity II and played with the scale a bit more. Enjoy!
  2. I think the office space situation all comes down to how the project is being handled at all levels. Millennial Tower has reportedly been struggling to fill commercial/office space however, the majority of the project is just spec design and has truly had some of the most ambiguous timelines I've ever seen. North Market Tower seems to be the opposite, much of the space is already planned for specific tenants, comes with built in revenue by nature of being a market extension, and the timelines are becoming much more definite which all make leasing office much easier. Perspective tenants don't tend to like the game of chance, which seems to actually be the game for Arshot, while Wood and Schiff are major players in the city that know people and actually build. I think if you take these pieces into consideration, the location and existing desirability of the location, and recent reports are showing that that Class A office space vacancy in downtown is hitting new lows and rents are rising to the the $25-$30 SF range, I imagine they will find some office tenant pretty easily. I could be wrong, yes, but personally I think we could see a slight floor count increase and expect a tenant announcement before construction is complete.
  3. My guess is that major cost increases are what to the altered design, we've seen the same think happen with other major projects around the city and state. It seems the only projects getting off the ground right now are ones that were ready to go at announcement or one seeing massive scale backs like NuCLEus up in Cleveland which I believe is undergoing yet another. Skyrocketing construction costs are the death blow to these things right now. I feel like back in 2017 the original design was much more possible than it is now, but ultimately I think that competition came down to the actual use of space more than the design. I know the early press releases made it seem like the market authority and the city just vastly preferred the overall programming of space from Wood and Schiff over the others and may have stipulated that those uses needed to remain mostly unchanged with any future iterations.
  4. Here is a mockup I made for a different thread, the scale is slightly off but I think it gives a pretty solid idea of what we are looking at in the next few years.
  5. I know some people are going to be disappointed but we were warned by a few posters back through the thread we'd be looking at a hight in this range. I have to admit that while I was skeptical, it looks like it'll be a really great building now that we are seeing official renders. What's most exciting is that it's a thousand times better than a surface lot, it adds to the market vendor space, adds residential, adds office, and pushes development downtown... overall this is a solid win. I also enjoy the people on the CU article losing their mind about parking like there isn't a 900 space garage on Vine Street already.
  6. Great catch! Interesting that it says it's 29 floors and not the 28 we have all seen multiple times, but that could just be the pedestal required to bring it up to street level. I just really want to know the height of this thing! Im so curious to see where in the 300s it's going to land.
  7. Construction update: Looks like the sidewalk is open, signage is up on the ground and side of the building (weird placement if you ask me), and the 'canopy' is getting little a green roof. Below is the view from the Convention Center
  8. Construction update: Appears 3 of the 4 cores have reached full height. Seems like this project will have a much larger impression on the surrounding area than I had originally thought. Here is a view from North Market parking lot this afternoon (which we can only hope won't be a parking lot much longer).
  9. In addition to Renn not enjoying being questioned (I've been the on the receiving end of his rants in the past as well), he is obsessed with Indianapolis and uses it as his control for all his arguments and topics. It's rather strange, while he may be a heavy research and data driven urban writer, he often falls back on his emotions and preconceived ideas of cities that he has spent very little time in and understanding. I applaud you for pushing him, he tends to run under the notion that his title and stature make him unquestionable but everyone should be challenged from time to time.
  10. Going up! It's actually really interesting/strange how they are building this thing. They seem to be working from the northwest corner towards the southeast corner, it's like a ripple. Enjoy
  11. Oh what I would give to see that old City Center Garage demo'd. Not only is it trash architecture, it creates the largest dead zone in an area with some of the highest potential. Ugh, I digress.
  12. ... the new jail going up has more curb appeal than this thing. I'm done with Clintonville, place is a disaster.
  13. Just going to drop this here for everyone... Caught my attention. http://www.jns.design/march-2019/
  14. It's crazy how similar the two are once you really start dissecting it. Now my question is transit, I wonder if Wexner has the political and financial power to connect this "Urban Easton" to the city by more than car or bus. I imagine he does but i'm not sure he would based on how Easton has been built up until now.
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