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  1. Looks like a developer filed with the city engineering department for the review of a 234 unit apartment building at 1131 N High St. The current use is Albans Auto Repair directly across from the south campus Kroger. The plot does extend all the way back to Wall St, but honestly thats a fairly small plot of land for that many units and parking as detailed in the application. Im fascinated to see what the height and massing will be when this gets announced. For comparison - Uncommon Commons (1400 N High St) - Built 154 units w/parking - 1.14 acres Alban Auto (1131 N High St) - Proposed 234 units w/parking - 0.41 acres
  2. I had just moved here when that was going on and man, that was a weird election. I never expected to see Koch money trying to end a zoo project, they tend to lose their minds over transit projects or wage issues, not cultural attractions. Hopefully that all does become something soon because it's prime real estate just itching for something big. Does anyone know who owns the land currently? Still the zoo or did it shift back to the city?
  3. DevolsDance

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    The new Ownership group along with league officials held a press event yesterday downtown at the Ivory Room and it looks like the Crew is officially here to stay. Overview of the event and what was billed as the "Official relaunch of the club" highlighted in the article as well as a taste of whats to come. Columbus Crew SC's downtown stadium construction to start in summer of 2019 http://www.espn.com/soccer/columbus-crew-sc/story/3747372/columbus-crew-scs-downtown-stadium-construction-to-start-in-summer-of-2019 Exciting times! What a crazy ride the last 15 months have been.
  4. DevolsDance

    The Democratic Party

    I guess I'll say it louder for the people in the back... Sexual. Assault. Is. Not. Locker. Room. Talk. "Motherfucker" is a word, not an action, not a punishable crime, and not sexual assault. Also, "most people"? No, the only people I've seen truly upset are the people who voted for him and are suddenly offended with curse words, which as we know is actually a minority of the population. So yes, perspective.
  5. DevolsDance

    The Democratic Party

    Actually, as someone said this weekend... A congresswoman saying "motherfucker", especially calling Trump one on her first day is the first time I've ever felt genuinely represented by someone in government. I mean Trump literally said "grab 'em by the p*ssy" and people still voted for him so this feels like a pot meet kettle situation to me, except the pot looked past something significantly worst than a congresswoman saying motherfucker in front of adults and some kids. It's what I like to call perspective.
  6. Their end product is truly impressive. I am consistently blown away by what they bring to the market compared to what I have seen not only in Columbus, but in other markets I've lived in. A lot of cities would cut off their left arm to have a developer like Wood Cos. One of the main reasons I'm so excited about North Market Tower.
  7. On a thread related note, the pictures look amazing and this really helps fill in the street wall on the IV side. Now if only we could get the Greystone across the street to sell off or develop it's surface lot and Wood Companies to redevelop the strip center next to Northstar. I'm growing antsy over those two spots.
  8. Except, it literally is. I truly can look at a contemporary blue glass and steel structure and be absolutely enamored by it the same way I can look at a gothic church or the tribune tower. Hearst Tower in NYC, absolute perfection in my eyes. Modernist tower, touch of historic in the form of preservation, true juxtaposition. People actively try to save brutalist buildings, postmodernism, gothic, art-deco, etc... because they all have beauty in someones eyes. Your opinion is merely an option, it's valid but that doesn't make it correct for all.
  9. I'd say the notion of tearing it down in 25 years is probably over the top, however not liking is it fair. Considering how expensive construction is, the longevity of hotels, and the astronomical costs involved with urban structure removal, it's gonna be around a while man. Hell, even the brutalist structures your referencing have been around since the 60s and 70s. I personally love how its turning out and what it is adding to the street-wall with its angles and textures, but I also am pleased with 80 on the Commons which everyone seems to hate. Architecture is subjective. If you want a traditional "beauty", you should take a look at the Brunner and Hubbard Park Place, now those are some impressive new builds. ..Damn wood companies knows what they're doing.
  10. Well, I'm intrigued. Had to jump on the Access Portal for Columbus Building and Zoning for a project to notice a rather interesting engineering application. It appears thats EMH&T ( local architecture and engineering firm) submitted a preliminary site plan for a "5th Avenue Arena" under the description of "New Stadium Arena" on December 28th. Anyone have any clue what this is about? https://ca.columbus.gov/CA/Cap/CapDetail.aspx?Module=Engineering&TabName=Engineering&capID1=18PCS&capID2=00000&capID3=00256&agencyCode=COLUMBUS&IsToShowInspection= Usually firms will do this if a client/party has interest/working plan for a project... and an arena for that site is absolute news to me.
  11. Plus, all the 4k+ /mo units were spoken for before construction was even close to being completed. Really beginning to realize Columbus has some deeper pockets than I initially thought.
  12. I honestly think the only aloft hotel I have seen that doesn't look cheap is the Cleveland FEB location. The design, and even how the building is positioned on the property are just disappointing with the parking fronting Olentangy.
  13. DevolsDance

    Columbus: Re-branding & Identity

    Hey now, Columbus pizza is an amazing magical thing and was probably my favorite food discovery when I moved here. So delicious! Haha But yeah, pizza is not going to gain this city notoriety anytime soon. Honestly, I have always said that Columbus' best angle to work is it's community aspect. We're a city of festivals and gatherings. It's just something that we take for granted that really I have not experienced many other places. Columbus comes alive in the spring and its fascinating to see. Many cities have festivals but not many have true all city and community festivals that they take pride in like Columbus.
  14. DevolsDance

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    Well, please share with the class then. When I say share, I mean actual data and not something based on "feel" or "some people you know" please and thank you.