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  1. Yeah, it's turned in a unique disaster of poster over there. More and more it seems like the same 5 posters that do nothing all day but interject random off topic homer stuff into every single thread. I think I look at it every Monday and that's about it.
  2. Looks like the developments are out of the gates and running now that the weather has flipped... 195 E Main Going vertical!
  3. Was walking home last night and snapped a pic of 5th and Long development. Yesterday there also seemed to be a few more people on site than normal, I think with the weather finally breaking we are going to see a ton of developments kick into overdrive.
  4. I have a theory that this was originally supposed to be the anchor location for Apple had they chosen Ohio over Texas. I know JobsOhio never mentioned the location but with the relationship OSU and apple harness, I seems likely it would've been Columbus. Just the way this all came about and the overall focus of the project very much seems like it is a development that was anchored around something like a tech campus. Unfortunate we will never know but i'm excited OSU is planning to move forward with such a plan.
  5. Knowing how the naming of buildings has trended recently, I'd place my bets on 101, or 101 W RICH, or if they secure a major tenant it'll be the "(My New Favorite Company) Tower". Wouldn't count on anything any more creative than Millennial Tower.
  6. Nope, the pink isn't here to stay. Looks as if they're planning paneling in the silver/gray color spectrum. Also, according to the website they're targeting an August opening and provide bikes to all guests at no cost during their stay. Kind of random but cool way to get people out and exploring the city.
  7. Hotel - I personally feel way more optimistic with the hotel addition to this project. They are claiming a Hilton flagship which means something must be agreed to or signed regarding that portion. Parking - Parking is a massive 6 floors of this thing, which is an entirely different issue, but we do know that parking will sell. Apartments + Condos - I feel like with the pent up demand and how quick nationwide filled Parks Edge, this has to be guaranteed success. Retail + Office - Well these really the big gamble in this plan, but the office is only four floors of space. I would hope it would be pretty open concept as opposed to traditional corporate stuffy. Root moved into 80 On The Commons, and we're constantly seeing that tenants are craving modern open floor plates that some of the older towers are missing, I just feel like there has to be someone who would jump on this. I don't know, by my count a solid 22 floors of this thing are guaranteed to work. Maybe all the money is in the office and retail aspect but I just feel like based on all this info and the constant updates, this thing will happen and its just taking longer than we would all like.
  8. I'm going to throw this a little more back on topic with a slight update... Looks like LoopNet just updated lease and programming details days ago, none of the information is necessarily new but it looks like Elford has now added a third agent to this project. In addition, looks like they've released a new brochure with more up to date renders including "tenant" signage and a construction completion date of 2021. Now again, this means very little without shovels in the ground but it's more proof that they're continuing to work on the project so the tower isn't dead yet. https://images3.loopnet.com/d2/JQE85VQrteGUgrsSh9toLBiPJjAreylQH1jtt8Hlneo/document.pdf
  9. North Market "Tower", Parkside on Pearl, a smaller development off Lincoln & Pearl, and they are the developer behind 711 N High. Wood companies has an impressive product, I have no clue where their capitol is coming from to build what they build but I hope it keeps flowing.
  10. Kind of what this looks like to me, I really cannot tell regarding the landscaping aspect but it seems like the Columbus side is structured better for infill down the line. I'm fairly torn because this is clearly surface lot heaven, but Grandview Yard started the same and it's becoming quite a strong district. Guess i'm hoping the demand is there to ultimately push and re-evaluate density as this builds out. That all being said.... ugh this current iteration is beak.
  11. Hmmm, that is actually more important news then I think people may realize. I mean yes it's just a sign, but those signs are actually quite pricey (plus install)for someone just trying to create smoke and mirrors, and secondly that means they are actively still marketing/focusing on the project. Yes it's Arsho,t but that shows there is still movement. It's not like that sign sat vandalized for months, they replaced it within days. If the project was truly dead this would not be the case. Keep (slightly realistic) hopes alive people.
  12. That's kind of the issue here, just because it is the current "standard" in the area does not mean it should continue to be. The city keeps releasing these "( Insert focus neighborhood ) Corridor" plans, but the only way for those to happen is a piecemeal approach. Corridors like Cleveland Ave, Olentangy north of OSU, and Parsons Ave aren't going to just become walkable urban areas overnight, they need every new development to follow a new standard. People often forget that the Short North used to be parking lot/suburban drive through wasteland that almost all looked like the check cashing place at 3rd and High, or the plaza with Local Bar, but with years of forcing new urban standards we have one of the strongest urban corridors in the midwest. Letting Homeport build this with a setback for no reason other than "It's consistent with what exists" is unacceptable, what gets built now will be around for decades. I mean, Bollinger tower, anyone see the similarities.
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