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  1. I had been told the project was still slated to move forward, earlier than Rockbridge is stating. I am curious if it got delayed as a result of the COVID crash or if that is just when things will start going big. I know the project requires some extensive "pre-construction" work due to the cemetery and utilities, and general site constraints. I am gonna check in with some people and see if I can get some updates.
  2. The Downtown AC Hotel, not a ton has progressed on the exterior but the project did present its signage package for approval to the Downtown Commission today. Enjoy.
  3. Parks Edge III. The project has already gone vertical. Level 1 columns poured and going up! Enjoy.
  4. Went on a little construction tour yesterday and grabbed some progress images. Hilton II Tower. Enjoy.
  5. Quick render update - Harrison Park Hotel Walking by this morning I noticed they have put renders on the construction fencing, the first real renders I've seen actually. Anyway, I present the most generic and lackluster design for a hotel one could pick! All I have to say right now is... Oye.
  6. Nope, I have some construction connections and they said the project is still slated for a late summer groundbreaking.
  7. Yep! There were actually more engineering and site plan applications files with the city last week. All pieces are still chugging along!
  8. Here you go @jebleprls22 I was able to pull up what the city approved, should be the final plan under construction.
  9. Not sure what the plan or scale of the project will be but it looks like the owner of 199 E Rich is gearing up to redevelop the property. https://portal.columbus.gov/permits/ Record# 20601-00056 All the application reveals is a mixed use site plan submitted and that Korda is the engineer on record and Bluestone Brothers are the developer. Bluestone developed 223 E Town just down the street, with them I don't imagine it'll be any kind of mind-blowing project but it will likely be a solid addition to the area. I imagine we will see something soon at a Downtown Commission meeting if they are already permitting site plan. Looks like they own the whole block according to the auditors site.
  10. The IVC agenda for March has been posted https://www.columbus.gov/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=2147514383 Looks like the 2nd & 6th street development is back on the agenda with an updated design. - Develop a 5 story (stepped down to 4 stories) mixed use building at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 6th street. - Proposed landscaping, per submitted site plan. - Development to include 2500 SF of retail/ restaurant space and 155 residential units. - Parking garage to include 155 spaces including 8 accessible spaces -Separate 2-level concrete parking structure (1-2 bays wide) will provide additional parking for the existing commercial tenants. Additionally, looks like we may get a peek at the 11-story tower in Jeffrey Park, it's been placed up for conceptual review. - Construction of an 11 story building that includes a mix of office and residential units, as well as a 7 story parking garage.
  11. Definitely not my best picture ever (sorry I was on my bike), but the project at 5th and Highland has kicked into full gear. Underground garage has started concrete pours and the street level has been shored up. Sorry again for the angle, but enjoy!
  12. Just some construction updates from this weekend since the weather was great. First up is the project at 3rd & High The project has capped out and the old Family Dollar continues to deteriorate. Next up is the residential portion of the Grandview Mercantile at Price & High. This project has also capped out and exterior brickwork and paneling has started to be installed. BONUS PICTURE I wanted to include this picture to show the structures relation to the area around it seeing as the Kaufman proposal has returned (BTW its on the March VVC docket again). Hmm, kind of feels like a mixed use project would contextually make more sense here than a crumbling surface lot, but then again.. the sunlight! Enjoy!
  13. None of these residents have any grasp of how development works and the commissions, instead of explaining or discussing, just rally behind the residents with pitchforks. It has become one of the most maddening and frustrating things to repeatedly witness.
  14. Well it wasn't just the height they were against, they also didn't like that "It looks like those modern skyscrapers they're building all over the Short North and ruining the area" and that "Hotels are not appropriate for German Village". Yeah, the residents and commissioners are THAT level of NIMBY with this project.
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