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  1. Here we go. http://www.cleveland.com/court-justice/index.ssf/2014/08/the_kd_group_ceo_douglas_price.html#incart_river
  2. I haven't been around in a while so I forgot the forum rules, and I think I can't post a Cleveland.com link, correct? Well holy moley Doug Price got finally had justice served to the tune of 12 million plus turning over his remaining 49 units the stonebridge condo association. All because he failed to deal with problems at Stonebridge Towers that were his responsibility. This is now going to be as wonderful a building as the neighborhood! :clap: heck one day I might even be about to sell! Here I though this would be my retirement home in 25 years :-P
  3. http://www.slate.com/blogs/crime/2013/08/15/cleveland_plain_dealer_barbara_collier_cleveland_com_s_review_of_the_cheesecake.html Nothing like national exposure for this shame.
  4. peabody99

    Lake Erie

    Those are gorgeous. I can't say I ever say anyone stand up paddle boarding on the lake, and I often wondered why, it seems like it would be perfect in the summer.
  5. that's a great shot! Since I am not in the cleve anymore, I enjoy checking in on this thread and seeing the unique beauty of Cleveland. My own shots leave me with a surreal feel. In one sense I am a million miles away, in another,I am still there since we are paying a mortgage on a place from the window they were snapped. lol. I am glad I am now where I belong, but Cleveland is an extremely special place that I glad I passed through.
  6. we bought a small house right in the middle of a lot of rentals a few blocks from the main drag, Newport ave. I can tell you we are SHOCKED at how quiet it is-with the exception of jet noise and feral parrot flocks squawking at sunrise. we were expecting a lot of noise, something we have gotten used to living downtown (SD) and to some degree in Cleveland. I think people like to have good time here, but it does not involve yelling or load music. I hope not to jinx ourselves and have loud neighbors move in. From what I can tell, people seem to really like fire pits, micro brew, and weed all of which when mixed with sea air are calming.
  7. Hey Peabody, my dad's moving to Ocean Beach next month!! He loves it. Says it's the only part of SD that has not really changed since the 60's. Lots of character there for sure. very cool! I love OB, it is loaded with charm (and insanity) We are a block and a half from the beach and lots of other interesting places!
  8. I particularly like the one of the artist drawing the character portrait with the little girl looking on. cool slice o life shot!
  9. Happy Birthday and sorry it has been cloudy in San Diego (it called "May grey, June gloom"). I hope you made it to some of the great urban hoods such as Hillcrest, North Park, South Park, and my soon to be new neighborhood of Ocean beach. If not, maybe next time. Safe travels!
  10. Regarding the Dimora activities....I always wondered why there were federal agent looking guys lurking around the condo building. I even let them in once (door is secured). Too funny. Never knew this was going on right in the building while I slept. LOL
  11. this made the local news in San Diego this AM. sigh
  12. wow. sickly funny/sad. Less sad b/c I don't live there anymore, less funny b/c I still own property :(
  13. I have never had an issue getting a table in Cleveland walk in or reservation (unless you are going to that goofy Melt) I think of open table as something you do when you are traveling to another city and MUST try a certain place and you have certain time parameters. Things get tight about ~7pm on Fri-Sat, but otherwise, come on...it won't be a long wait.
  14. now that I live in S.cal and live close to LA I have been several times. Both my spouse and I think the only way we could survive there is if we could live and work very near by (odds would be slim). Even though the car is king, I do believe the public transportation system is pretty solid. What is stunning is that there can be gridlock at any time! And there are many walkable neighborhoods. W. Hollywood has a great mix of business and residential, and the beach communities are great as far as I am concerned. Orange County is a hot,scary mess of strip malls, stucco, botox and CARS (ok, I admit the beaches are nice). When everyone bags on S. Cal w/o being there or spending time there, they are probably thinking OC.
  15. I enjoy the attributes (that I liked, not what others think I should) of every place I lived. In Cleveland it was the Westside Market, the Metroparks, city food scene, and sitting on the superior viaduct with my spouse sipping a wine and looking at the lake, the boats and skyline. In San Diego, not more than a few days go by where I am not sniffing sea air, looking at a mountain, or watching the setting sun reflect on downtown. I think its crazy to live somewhere where you can't smell the local roses.
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