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  1. New dense buildings need to be built with wood, it's ridiculous that this hasn't caught on, especially amid steel tariffs. The other half of the equation: the housing stock of the 80's-today further out in the metro will be affordable. New houses have gotten incredibly expensive, yes, but there's a glut of 80's and newer houses in the far northern and southern suburbs that will be had for a bargain, like the 20's-60's houses in inner-ring suburbs a decade ago. Tastes have changed, smaller houses and yards that are closer to the city are more desirable for young Gen Xers and Millenials with families. There will be affordable houses available in Cincinnati, but they will be a 35 minute drive from Fountain Square on the weekend.
  2. My impressions: Biden: Couldn't properly dispel an already de-bunked allegation on his son, looked really bad in his confrontation with Warren over the CFPB, and didn't talk much anywhere else (the best part of his night) Warren: Par for the course, likely continues her trend upward. Glad she roped in some 'economic anxiety' issues with manufacturing jobs leaving the US, seemed out of touch with her tech monopoly buster argument, excellent burn on Biden in response to him claiming responsibility for the CFPB. Sanders: Not being angry all the time looks good on him, touching moment addressing his health, his "yeaaaahhh" response to weed being an alternative to opioids was funny. He needed this debate. Buttigieg: Perhaps seeing his support stagnate/solidify, he swung for the fences and went on the attack. Some people saw this as a strikeout, others as a home-run attempt to overtake the moderate lane of the party. Probably angered the Warren/Sanders supporters in the party, but his objective is to take the Biden and Klobuchar voters. I think he won both interactions with Tulsi and O'Rourke. Booker: Can't we all just be friends, man? Klobuchar: Still seems incredibly wooden, but it seems as though the establishment wants her as the backup plan to Biden. She did have her best debate, but the awkward jokes need to stop. Everyone else: Cool story, see you in the white house cabinet Tulsi: Came into the debate with the intention of trying to knock down Warren, but her directed attacks were petty, I'm sure she went to Fox News to complain after the debate. Oh, and she defended the Assad regime... AGAIN *Please move this over the the Democratic primary thread if it does re-open*
  3. This is the common issue across the US that only Portland and Minneapolis seem to want to address appropriately. Unless we want to be a soulless metro that is stuck in its ways, housing prices are going to go up anywhere and everywhere in the metro area. Build out more density and smaller units to combat the growing demand for living in a great city. I also think that you'll see a lot of the far northern and southern suburbs housing prices drop by 2030. They aren't well-built houses and it seems as though Millenials (if we ever own houses) want to live in first-ring suburbs and get "the best of both worlds."
  4. Here we go, the worst case scenario is about to happen: 1. COAST trolls their way to getting the streetcar divorce to happen (and oh, what's this? they aren't dropping the issue now that it is happening? Color me shocked!) 2. Sales tax fails as all of the anti-tax people come out to prevent huge sales tax increase in March. 3. County makes more bus route/service cuts (continues to bleed ridership) 4. County can't keep the lights on because the state hates funding for big cities
  5. Given our current route set up, SORTA members would never use the bus system to even get to work if it is in Norwood, which should be a requirement.
  6. Interesting, I'm of the other opinion. I went down last night hoping the crowds would be a little bit smaller and it was jam-packed. I'm glad they expanded it to Covington this year, but they need to continue to expand it and spread out the mass of people, because crowds that large can really put a damper on the whole thing. Expand it around the FCC stadium and into Newport as well in 2021. Close more streets, allowing spillover into the streets was the definitely much better for crowd control. Have SORTA charter specific one-time routes for BLINK as well. I'm not sure how well the park and ride idea on existing routes worked.
  7. They're not necessarily rich because of that, but the rich certainly have an unhealthy obsession with getting the highest score possible in your bank account at the expense of everything else in their lives (marriage in this instance)
  8. ^ Wow they even got funding to bring it from Listermann's close to the Uptown Gateway, that's something I figured wouldn't be in the cards for a while (and now at least puts those developers on alert that they need to make space for it). Also, wave goodbye to another segment of light rail ROW... not that we were ever going to get it anyway. I'm sure XU will build their segment as the others come into place. The only remaining piece for WW is the awesome bridge in Ault park AND the bridge over the Duck Creek AND the bridge over Rt 50. The link to the Little Miami trail is important, but getting the funding for it will not be easy.
  9. To be more clear: the ones that refused to vote for Hillary because of DNC meddling. (so a small portion of his supporters)
  10. A Trumper I work with seems to like her, probably because she bashes the DNC, but that's not how you win primary votes. Her coalition is: The anti-establishment portion of the Bernie voters, and anti-establishment republicans (who aren't going to vote for her over Trump anyway).
  11. This is the only way to build a groundswell of support for true M4A. There will never be the senate votes for full M4A without first taking this step and having it run successfully (without R interference).
  12. The logic behind that is they 'estimated' that 1 million people attended in 2017 and that there will be an increase in local attendance over last year. They have allegedly been advertising this outside of the metro area, so they may be expecting 300k+ to come from outside the area. I'm guessing the figures also mean that someone that attends all 4 nights from out of town gets counted 4 times. Same for locals if they go, say, twice. I bet they hit 1.5M (if there is an actual way to estimate it).
  13. Which is fine now that they are getting a Giga. I see KI as a pretty complete park coaster-wise, nothing wows you, but it has something for everybody. It could use some theme/scenery upgrades more than coaster upgrades at this point.
  14. He's also been asking China to manufacture dirt on not only Biden, but Warren too. There's got to be so many juicy impeachable offenses in that secret server. I also think it is only a matter of time before Republicans jump on board and vote 100% with Democrats on impeachment... not because they want to hold someone accountable, but because their best chances of winning the presidency in the near future involve not being tied to Trump. Imagine, President Pence polls really well, simply because he doesn't act out like a child and is inheriting a good economy. I think that immediately makes the 2020 election a toss-up if not Lean R (vs Warren). You know McConnell and gang are crunching the numbers on this scenario behind closed doors. If Democrats try to tie Pence into another impeachment trial (considering he is tied to the calls), the media will paint them as partisan hacks and just trying to overthrow the elected government.
  15. If the rhetoric used in the council meeting on Wednesday is any indication, they'll use the same excuse of not wanting to dump another bad development on the west-side (I'm not sure what other bad development they could possibly be talking about). Since when is Queensgate the "west-side?" It hasn't had housing in it since the rail yard and 75 demolished Kenyon Barr. This motion to not swap land was a really weird flex, seems like they just played themselves.
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