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  1. Yes, but there's a reason they are losing viewership, and its not because their viewers are becoming more liberal...
  2. I subscribe to the theory that he never wanted to win, but wanted to set up Trump TV and claim that the whole system is rigged and sucker a bunch of "deplorables" into watching it non-stop. If that theory is true, and all of the stress/tantrum rumors inside the WH are true, he probably wants out of there. He will claim the 2020 election was rigged and act like he's a hero for stepping down to avoid a crisis, then set up his media company for the "deplorables."
  3. The government option would be interesting. It seems as though it would suffer from adverse selection (old people are automatically registered, and presumably poor people as well). Those are two groups that are the most expensive to insure, making the public option a money sink, and an obvious point of attack from the right for how expensive it would be to run the public option. There needs to be incentive for healthy, young people in good jobs to want to not choose their employer plan and go with the govt option.
  4. I was not alive when the Royals were around, but since then, other non-NBA cities have certainly surpassed our media market and demand for a team since the 60's.
  5. To add to the above mentioned problems. Cinci isn't getting an NBA team before Seattle, and we would need the NBA to expand to 32 (which they don't want to do) just to have a chance at spot #32.
  6. Healthcare is absolutely not affordable unless your employer is taking on a huge chunk of the cost. And it still doesn't address the issue of out-of-network visits, which are basically a bankruptcy sentence. I honestly don't understand how this isn't a bigger issue to more Americans. I had an emergency while on vacation in FL and a 3 hr hospital visit cost $5,000. For most Americans, that's more than they have in savings.
  7. Me too. When I say college, I also mean trade schools and apprenticeships for people preferring to go that route.
  8. The # of times I've heard this is laughable... Yes, college isn't for everybody, but the determining factor should have nothing to do with whether you are able to afford to go, but rather your academic merits. And it's fine if people don't complete their degrees, the opportunity cost of not getting one will make not completing college a tough pill to swallow. You'll see graduation rates rise as it becomes a more standard requirement in the job market (as high school graduation rates have risen since it became standard). One final note for people worried about finances: Investing in your citizens tends to produce a great return on investment for the budget, as these people are less likely to fall into the social safety net and pay taxes instead.
  9. Quit fear-mongering. The US is far less "socialist" than it was in the 40's, and it won't reach those levels, probably ever, unless there's a world-changing depression at the hands of the .01% again. I agree that the path to winning the presidency is through winning the suburbs, but there certainly is no reason to think a socialist revolution is underway, outside of deep blue parts of the 3 bluest states. Right-wing media is trying to portray the entire D party as AOC, Bernie, and Warren, when the only reason they have the House is because they ran to the center in the 2018 midterms in red districts.
  10. That's the one thing the Ohio Democratic party did well last year, at least in Cincinnati. They were very aggressive in making sure voters knew which judges to vote for (since they don't have a D or R next to their names). Lots of people don't do their homework on the judges and either skip them or vote for the better name.
  11. That "lengthy list" is literally an opinion, everyone ranks things differently. I grew up going to private elementary & middle school and grew up in an all white rich (essentially gated) neighborhood. That experience absolutely shaped how I grew up and viewed other people. Once I moved here to Cincinnati, I was exposed to diversity for the first time, something that I didn't understand. I wasn't overtly racist, but I absolutely had biases based on my parents and my surroundings growing up. Now that I have a kid on the way, I made sure to choose an area to live that had a good school system, but also one that has some diversity and is near other lower-income neighborhoods. Being around different people is something I wished I had growing up, and I want to make sure my kids get the experience I didn't have, I think it is invaluable.
  12. He does prefer off-street trails, but he certainly doesn't back other off-street trail projects like he's backed this one. This is the most ambitious I've seen him since taking office in term #2.
  13. If John Cranley was as excited about our other multi-use trail projects the way he's excited about this one, we'd be the Amsterdam of the Midwest!
  14. Technically, yes, although the new guard isn't much different than the old one. They did reduce (or maybe abolished) super-delegates, so that's a nice start. I don't blame them for putting all their eggs in the Hillary basket in 2016, she had worked all her life to be in that position and was one of the most experienced and qualified presidential candidates out there. Now that she's gone, they won't actively work against any one candidate, they learned their lesson.
  15. She's had a rough few years since the Bernie campaign wound down. She's been pro-Assad, over-stepped in fighting against the D party, and had some anti-LGBT stances until she got called out on it. The Assad thing is the real problem though, makes you either sound like a Russian agent, or just plain ignorant on human rights issues.
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