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  1. At the very least, they aren't as good as the bakeries downtown. They may be having some trouble, but the suburbs (especially west) are their bread and butter (no pun intended), so they may just be refocusing on their core customers instead of trying to compete downtown.
  2. 10albersa

    Hamilton County Politics

    I didn't realize that they simultaneously reduced property taxes when the stadium tax passed. That pisses me off even more. Middle income and rich people don't have to pay for the stadiums, poor people do! I can't wait until this crap comes up in 2026 so I can vote it down. It would behoove Hamilton County to put a metro levy (BRT and Rail funding with plan well drawn and presented) up against it and ask people what they'd rather vote for. Hopefully the Bengals still suck when it comes up, and hopefully the May Metro levy passes too so Hamilton Co pays for Metro instead of the city of Cincinnati.
  3. 10albersa

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    ^ I live mere steps from this place and I am dreading the toll it will take on my wallet and weight. CWC is top-notch, I have no doubt this will be too.
  4. That's the problem, outside of downtown with the new Kroger combined with the streetcar, I don't know if I see it happening. I try hard to not use a car for groceries to help kick car-dependent habits (Kroger is 2 miles along a bike path away from me, and the Country Fresh store is 1 mile along neighborhood roads), but it certainly is not easy. I don't really know how regular people can be convinced to actually do this.
  5. I've been on Spring Grove and Mitchell so many times, and never even knew that there was a Kroger back over there. Interesting spot for a grocery store. This is slightly off topic, but I think the problem with these co-op stores isn't so much their lack of economies of scale. It is just that Americans in general make large, less frequent runs to the grocery, and Kroger is perfectly tailored to that. These co-ops are meant to be neighborhood stores where you walk/bike and pick up a few things for the next meal or two, but not much further in advance than that. The gaslight district seems like a decent place to try out that experiment, but it's not easy to change habits. Especially if you are expecting a Kroger experience, one that none of these stores will ever be able to replicate.
  6. Couple things: -There isn't a nearby Kroger or other grocer in the area, right? That certainly gives them a leg up -Less population and less avg income, but they are actually using a low-cost supplier (probably lower-quality produce too), which makes all the difference. It is so hard to bring in enough bodies to your store when you charge premium prices for premium food. Not sure if anyone ventures to my neck of the woods in Wyoming, but there is a grocery in Hartwell that does well for all types of incomes and demographics. Country Fresh Farm Market on Vine St is one of my favorite groceries in Cincinnati. If I were to open a co-op, I'd be asking questions about how they do so well.
  7. 10albersa

    The SimCity Thread

    This is awesome. I've got thousands (maybe 10s of thousands) of assets downloaded at this point in C:S, and I've tried making Cinci, but it never quite ends up the way I want it. I usually just make Cinci-inspired what could have been builds now. I'm much better at detailing small areas rather than large-scale cohesive city building.
  8. 10albersa

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    I just realized I went to a food hall when I was in DC a few months ago (Georgetown). At first I thought I was just at a sandwich place, but when I walked in there were other counters and businesses with coffee and smoothie offerings as well. It was kind of odd figuring out what was going on at first, I thought it was all one business and I didn't know what line to start in. It is just a 'hipster' food court, but it lowers the barrier to entry for small businesses, which is usually a good thing. Helps more good ideas with low funding get off the ground.
  9. 10albersa


    Todd is absolutely right though. Here are the 2020 races: 538 Based on what we learned tonight, Democrats will almost certainly lose Jones, but probably pick up CO and ME. AZ will be close again, and maybe IA. IF things break that way (and I think AZ + IA is a best case scenario here), that would put the net gain at +3, still leaving the Senate at 52-48 R. The R's that came into the fold this year are not your 'cross the aisle' types either. Besides Romney, they fall hard in line with Trump and will not ever vote D. IF Democrats win the Presidency it will be 2nd term Obama all over again. Most importantly, with the soon retirements (and hopefully not deaths) of RBG and Breyer. They now have to hold out until 2022, because the senate sure as hell will not confirm any D replacement of their seats. Aisle-crossing is officially dead for court nominations. Moral of the story: Democrats need a 'Beto' type of candidate if they ever want to bridge the urban rural divide. They need someone relentlessly positive, hard-working, caring, personable, and most importantly (nowadays) can get people motivated. Like it or not, politics is more about your personal feelings than ever before, and even though I'm a huge fan of facts and proof, it just doesn't motivate undecideds enough to actually make a difference in rural states. I'm a Democrat and I am very worried about the shifting demographics for the Senate. It does not look good for the foreseeable future. That being said, here are my other takeaways: Great work being done on local levels for state houses and governorships to mimic the success that the Tea Party had. Just in time for redistricting season, and on top of that, there are plenty of ballot measures that have passed for this Census to help alleviate Gerrymandering all over the country. Ohio's Democratic party absolutely has failed the people these past few years. Lack of leadership and cohesive strategy. The House wins are a good sign for the overall health of the Democratic party, they perform great on local levels, individualizing issues and door-knocking. The state-wide races are the issue now. It looks like the Upper Midwest is mostly done flirting with Trump R's (even Iowa to an extent, almost had a D Gov and all D House winners). Democrats learned their lesson and know how to win these states. The South is a lost cause, turnout in the black communities needs to be higher than this.
  10. Stop collecting fares. This thing is meant to be a way to quickly get to different parts of downtown. But of course, since this was designed to fail, we were given crappy vending machines that don't work half the time. The Cincy EZ Ride App works great, but out-of-towners are not going to want to download an app and enter credit card info, just to buy a ticket on a 5-10 minute ride. I'm hoping this winter brings out much better weekday ridership numbers. At some point, the increasing density downtown has to bear out in those numbers. Then again, that will also hinge on making sure these things don't break down in the winter.
  11. 10albersa

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    The town in Indiana that I grew up in had a number of them. It's not all that great, it's similar to CiCi's. The buffet is the only reason to ever eat their pizza.
  12. 10albersa

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    Not getting talked about enough is that these governors will be in office for redistricting, this is a huge deal. I know Michigan and Ohio will probably have redistricting councils in place now, but having a D in office should hopefully help even these states' reps out so that it actually represents the electorate.
  13. 10albersa

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    True, I guess I should have said the 538 'political climate/generic ballot' adjustments over the next few weeks.
  14. 10albersa

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    After this past week, I'm interested to see how the polls move. I'd guess he goes from 40% to 50/50 chance. Although early voting may have cancelled out a portion of the recency bias.
  15. Here's the full list: OKI This is great news and sorely needed!