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  1. Yeah the county has this one right, Lot 24 is a huge opportunity and lot 27 would never get developed besides maybe park space (and that's ONLY if the Bengals relocate to LA) due to the shape. Cranley needs to quit whining
  2. ~Just to speculate~ Wishful tinking: Once the office tower is built and fully leased, the music venue is complete, AND the last remaining big lot (24 I think) gets started on a mixed-use building, then we will see a push for the caps. That's probably 2025. Ideally, 2 of the 3 caps will be buildings, with a park on the cap in front of the freedom center. More likely: Oktoberfest continues to be a major hit, and Cranley applies for a TIGER BUILD (who am I kidding, CMAQ) grant to cap them and make all 3 park space to improve the festival atmosphere as a part of his initiative to make Oktoberfest a 10 day event... because priorities. That would be applied for next year or in 2021.
  3. The master plan is to put a garage there once their lease runs out or if FCC buys it out. For the near-term, it will remain the ballet.
  4. If they put a f'n parking garage at the corner of Central and Liberty, I'll be livid. What a waste of a big-time corner. At least wrap the garage with commercial on the first floor and put something useful on top of the garage. These people suck.
  5. Speaking purely from the perspective of someone who wants the city to get back to work on the Bike Cincinnati Plan, this is sorely needed. If the Cranley baggage doesn't get in the way this time, it will pass.
  6. I see it both ways: North of Liberty doesn't have a signature park like OTR and Pendleton. Findlay park is right next to the market, and the market is looking to expand parking options. Why not kill two birds with one stone and give it the Washington/Ziegler treatment? Thus allowing for Findlay parking lots to be redeveloped while all the parking moves to under Findlay park. I can't imagine a better one-two Suburban Family Sunday punch than some shopping at Findlay market, lunch, and letting the kids play at Findlay park before heading home. Also, IF the streetcar ever gets extended to UC, it will be going by the park constantly, adding even more eyes to the area. If we feel like giving in to crime and selling off the park, then it better be a damn good proposal in order to bring density to the Northern Liberties. At least 6 stories tall, no built-in garage, unless it is underground.
  7. Maybe Findlay could be redeveloped given its context, but I am wary of any city giving away public spaces to private developers, it should be done in very rare cases.
  8. While true for some, I think a lot of these murders are spur of the moment things where they aren't doing a cost/benefit analysis in their head. Something triggers them and they react. We also can't keep closing parks due to violence, the best way to keep criminal activity down is to have feet on the street, and with less destinations to walk to north of liberty, you invite more crime. The best solution for now would to be to give those 2 parks the Ziegler treatment.
  9. I'd be okay with them if they were situated like the Salt Lake City Chick-Fil-A along Vandecar way or Madison
  10. As soon as he announced, I went from a fan in 2016, to despising him. Running now (with Warren running and then half of the party adopting your beliefs) is selfish. About as much as the rest of us bloviators on the forum
  11. If Sanders stepped out of the way and used his grassroots prowess to help Warren, this race would be over earlier than the 2016 primary was.
  12. Cedar Fair definitely changed the trajectory of the park, and I appreciate that. It was not in a good place late in the Paramount years.
  13. I was just at KI yesterday, and The Beast is absolutely one of the best coasters in the world for the reasons stated above. There will never be a roller coaster like it in existence. While I appreciate Cedar Fair building coasters at all after buying KI, they've all been milquetoast 'safe' choices. They wouldn't dare build a ride better than the premier ones in Cedar Point.
  14. They're getting pretty big, I think they'd be able to afford it. I don't know the disparity in sponsorship pricing between the NFL and MLS stadiums, but it certainly makes a statement that you're here to play with the big dogs.
  15. It's gotta be US Bank or First Financial. I definitely could see FF wanting to get in on this with how fast they are growing.
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