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  1. And to make matters worse, they said they're studying these free days to see if its a good long-term policy. Of course they've all been on horrible days. At least the new Streetcar CEO is talking about these things though.
  2. I'm waiting for him to suggest that we build a 4 lane highway above the current Liberty St to make sure traffic can easily get between 75/71 and stay away from pedestrians. That's his Vision Zero. I'm still baffled by the excuse that Liberty is a connector between 75 & 71, which is why it was widened. It honestly is quicker to just stay on the highway and take FWW if you need to switch between the two.
  3. I hope everyone involved in the wrecks is okay, but I'll go ahead say it: I'm hoping these back to back pedestrian injuries gets us one more council vote due to the dire nature of the highway that cuts through OTR. Let's see if Cranley actually cares about Vision Zero or not... I think I know the answer.
  4. I don't know, seems like Big Ferry is in the pocket of ODOT, so they may shut this down before it gets too far.
  5. 1. He was not exonerated, so you can't definitively say he did no wrong. 2. Excluding Trump, this investigation brought in tons of money and brought down some other corrupt players, so it was very much worthwhile endeavor.
  6. Exactly. Starting impeachment proceedings will only result in a 'Kavanaugh' effect for Democrats. Even if it looks like this report would justify that action, making a bold move like this will have the appearance of a desperation and power-grabbing in the court of public opinion. Edit: The Constitution doesn't matter as much as peoples' feels in today's world. It is only useful as a shield from liberal policy ideas.
  7. As has been the case for years, there are 2 major takeaways: 1. All hail the suburbs 2. US Citizens do not want to live here, international immigration is imperative to our growth.
  8. 2018's estimates are now officially out Hamilton County: .2% Growth Franklin County: 1.1% Cuyahoga County: -.4%
  9. Is Lot 28 going to be private property? Also, when are we getting a Banks DORA? With the stadiums and Freedom Way, it is a prime location for one. Is it that they don't want these people spilling over into the riverfront parks with their bottles and cans and trashing the place?
  10. Also, Rhinegeist is a marketing company that does beer on the side. The quality of the beer is only half (if that) of the equation. You create a cool enough space and average beer, it will bring all of us in the Instagram generation out to make sure everyone on the internet knew we were there and having fun!
  11. 4 driving lanes is worse than having an odd number. There are so many cross-streets that a center turn lane is a must-have on Liberty.
  12. I bet if Hilltop moves, the already long-shot Price Hill Landing Park gets nixed for the new Hilltop site. According to the article, they want land in Lower Price Hill, and it seems like the only viable Lower Price Hill land available on the river would be the PHL site. What an FU that would be to the neighborhood. Right after 'officially' adopting their master plan.
  13. The garage is already complete. The remaining lots (1, 13, 24, 25) are hopefully going to be dense developments. In order to get the Bengals to sign on, they agreed to buy the Hilltop Concrete lot to the southwest of PBS and build out a tailgating area there.
  14. I too like convenience, but I don't trust humans enough to not make them dock these when they're done with them. The sidewalks can already be a mess with the scooters. I'd personally prefer we craft legislation making the scooter companies designate zones for parking those, instead of having the Bikeshare system go backwards to meet the scooter companies. Heck, redbike should also get into the scooter business, but with docks.
  15. Which is why I think they chose Reading and Glenway. That stretch of Reading specifically does not include any wealthy neighborhoods and is the most popular bus route in the city. It would be the ideal pilot BRT route. At the least, the ridership numbers would be large enough to (hopefully) keep The Enquirer of its back. The next ones would be Hamilton Ave (I could see some of the newer, richer Northside and College Hill residents objecting) and Montgomery Rd (Definitely will be issues if it goes past Silverton)
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