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  1. City Lab had an interesting article linking ApartmentList.com's migration report. Cleveland and Columbus seem to be pulling from mostly the Rust Belt. Cincinnati too, but oddly enough seems to have a pipeline from Philly. I don't know what is driving the connection between our two cities, but I thought that was pretty cool. Also, Detroit is getting ravaged by other growing rustbelt cities, not a good look.
  2. There's a lot of businesses and competition now in OTR, and there hasn't been enough of a downtown population increase to keep up with supply. The new CBD residential projects being built will help, but that's not enough either. I'm don't think the closings say anything more than there's a lot of competition, and the crime will go away as development moves to McMicken. I think the population needs to double downtown for OTR to sustainably support a built-out mixed-use environment. There's just been more commercial development than residential so far. It isn't dense enough. North of Liberty, Court area of CBD, and Pendleton need more housing.
  3. I'm glad it is balancing out, CBD and Findlay Market area are starting to get hot and fill out. 3CDC will complete the Kroger OTR redevelopment and finish out their south of Liberty landbank and leave the rest south of Liberty to smaller fish. Lots of residential coming online in CBD, which will help drive sustainable growth throughout the basin.
  4. It's huge news, its the first thing I heard when I got in the car today, but the origin is all conjecture at this point. With the White House's disdain for Iran, I can't trust anything that comes from their defense dept without it also being corroborated by another country's report on the incident.
  5. Yeah, the guy is annoying and goes overboard often, but good on him for realizing that FCC dug themselves a hole choosing the WE before doing their homework. In a world where billionaires have leverage 99% of the time, its refreshing to see poor people take advantage of their leverage here. Good for them. They made a dumb business decision choosing the west end, and I'm glad they aren't easily steam-rolling their way out of it.
  6. This isn't true at all, I attend some FCC games and watch about half of them on TV. I used to be all-in on what this team was doing before the stadium debacle. Then they picked the West End, then they continued to stumble through negotiations with the WECC and didn't consider Newport even though it had to be a million times more attractive from a money standpoint, then they oversold the fact that the city/county got a good deal, then they got s****y when residents and businesses that were getting displaced were asking for help and money. The Liberty St "diet" amendments and out-of-place design are the least important parts to me. Mgmt has been bad at just about every turn. You know what solves all of the above? Newport.... But god-forbid Lindner invest any money across the river, or that FC Cincinnati isn't located in Cincinnati proper.
  7. It's just a matter of answering the question: Is development good just because it is development? Personally, I'd rather wait a while and have had the neighborhood remain mostly residential, with infill and some mixed use near the major arteries as individual developers move into the area. The Home-arama plot and filling in the missing City West lots would have been a nice start.
  8. The packet shows the north side of Central Ave being turned into a collector for gameday traffic, not sure about the south side. Another look shows the north Central Ave entrance is a plaza/vehicle entrance like the NW corner of Nippert, the south portion of Central dead-ends to a pedestrian entrance I think.
  9. If they decide to tear down the Ballet, they should do OTR-style infill on the existing Bauer street area and on the Ballet/TriState Wholesale lot build a small self-contained shopping area with a generic mixed-use builiding fronting Liberty/Central Pkwy, and shops/public space on the inner portions of that plot (like the outdoor section of Newport on the Levee). Also, what is the plan with Central Ave? On the planning packet, it shows it just dead-ending into the stadium, is it going under the stadium and connecting to the garage? If it does just end, why does it have stubs and not just dead end into 3-way intersections? It looks like FCC wants that road turned into a collector road for game day traffic... take that crap somewhere else.
  10. The West End would have started gentrifying a decade or more from now, I agree. I also don't like Banks 2.0 tearing down good-looking buildings that are usable. There's a number of casualties coming not from the stadium footprint, but the parking lot/development ring around it, that presumably will have your generic modern stuff pasted on top of the garages. They're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, and if that doesn't work, well, they'll make the neighborhood conform to them (which they promised they wouldn't mess with). EDIT: In looking at the packet again, most of the parking is over stuff that's a non-issue. Everything in the plan so far seems to be okay. The Bauer area (which has no plan yet) and the ridiculous request that the Central Pkwy and Liberty corner should be a county parking garage are my only issues so far. That's prime real estate, what a waste.
  11. I was just making a joke on the parking garages and surface lots proposed to be immediately surrounding FC Stadium, not the broader area. Just like the French Quarter is near the stadiums, we have OTR right next door as well. They're tearing down nice and perfectly usable buildings to build surface parking lots... that's not acceptable.
  12. I've peered into the future and specifically made sure to visit the West End, it looks a little like this:
  13. 75's traffic could be solved for 120M (1/10th) the price of this 4 lane rebuild if we put 50% of that into bus infrastructure improvements on critical north/south routes, and the other 50% towards free fares on certain commuter (or X routes). Indy Go's Red-line costs 95M
  14. This needs to be brought back after it was killed decades ago, but it won't be in Ohio as long as pay-day lenders are a huge influence on the guaranteed Republican majority in the Ohio house and senate. If Cleveland did re-institute Postal Banking, the pay-day people would be on the horn the next day forcing state lawmakers to make a bill blocking municipalities from instituting this. If we get a president and congress that is Democratic after 2020, then 100% this will be a thing nationwide.
  15. Yeah, Cranley was FC Cincinnati/Wasson Way levels of excited for what was coming to Fountain Place a few months ago, I'd hope it isn't just getting filled and that's it.
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