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  1. I haven't heard anyone in public view talk about Cincinnati Mass Transit that fervently in my decade living here. Hopefully he spearheads the initiative and gets the Gang of Five to also endorse and push for it.
  2. Amazon's reaction will be interesting. With the big business types, this is the kind of bad behavior that needs to be made an example of. If they don't, and other cities see the revenue and improvements Seattle is able to make with that money, they too will go after the megacorps.
  3. I just looked at the planned route... It is opening in 2027, going from Merced to Bakersfield, with Fresno being the biggest city on that route. No one is going to ride this thing until they put the full approved system into use.
  4. Yeah, there's plenty of other commercial needs that need to be filled on the first floor. In big European cities, there's convenience stores, discount stores, laundromats, cheap restaurants on almost every block. In Downtown/OTR, that stuff barely exists. Makes it feel like it isn't a place that people live, and a place that people visit.
  5. They will be pumping some portion of the stream back up to the beginning so there will always be running water.
  6. This isn't specifically about the Eastern Bypass, but there was a discussion last week about Cincinnati's sprawl being fairly close to tapped out, and our city having a naturally-provided "greenbelt" given the hills in and around the city. I made a quick map of the highways in the area, and places that are still viable for single-family development. The teal areas are places that are already filling in, or seem like the next most obvious place for subdivisions to pop up. -As Hamilton grows in popularity, we are likely to see a some more growth in the farm fields that used to surround it. Specifically, Ross will fill out quickly, them some between US27 and US127 roads as well. -West Chester and Mason are going to do what they're going to do. The space between 75 and 71 will continue to fill out, I suspect all the way up to Caesar's Creek before it starts becoming way too far out there. -The farm fields in Newtown will eventually be replaced, although flooding is probably an issue. -There's some limited space left along 75/71 in NKY, but mostly filled out to the split at this point. -We should count our lucky stars we don't have more highways in the area There's tons of housing and empty teeth within 275, but outside of CitiRama, you barely ever see home-builders go here, simply because the returns are better on a flat piece of farm land in the burbs. You can see why they wanted the Eastern Bypass created, the highway would have created tons of marketable lots out in the flat land to the east of the city where a highway currently doesn't exist. I think that we will start seeing increasing subdivision home-builder activity within 275 in the 2030s.
  7. If I'm 3CDC, I don't know how you could go with anything other than majority Residential mixed use from here on out. Medium scale office space is not a growing need, and its almost a given that office work will not return to the same level of activity even once this pandemic ends. Residents will need to fill the commercial demand.
  8. Uh, no it's not. It's blanketed in trees... Bye bye sycamores, hello Sycamore Lane!
  9. I haven't. I may attempt when the Lick Run trail is done. Based on a quickly Google Maps peek, I'd take the top deck. Westward, take your pick, but the lower deck is only 1 lane eastbound, and I'm not willing to take a one lane narrow road with some of the crazies that drive over that thing waiting behind me.
  10. Well, hopefully this helps keep him out of the mayoral race. He seems to have some momentum and may have been reconsidering it after saying the right things these last few weeks.
  11. That first hill seems smaller than I expected, but the ride itself is longer than I figured it would be (given the average speed of this thing)
  12. From a "who could win in 2024 perspective", I'd much prefer Tammy Duckworth to Kamala Harris. I don't know enough about Val Demmings to figure out whether that's a good pick or not.
  13. If we attribute a certain % of increased development along the line to the Streetcar itself, once those tax rebates we offer roll off the books, I'd consider those properties' tax revenue as attributable to the streetcar. Of course, that also means the VTICA would be decreasing as those properties' tax rebates expire as well, so it may just always be revenue neutral, which is perfectly fine given the intangible benefits. This is our best medium-term chance to get this thing up to UC. If the numbers are good in 2021 with it being free, a new mayor and council will be in office in 2022. If Biden wins in 2020, I imagine he would give the FTA decent money to be allocated for non-car improvements, giving us a window to win money in 2023-2025 and build it by 2030.
  14. I thought I read in the Courier that SORTA had asked for that earnings tax money to go to them since it was theirs prior to the transit tax passing. Could cause a public fight and red meat for the local news and a lot of streetcar haters to suddenly become bus advocates for a hot second.
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