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  1. Thank you UncleRando - in some ways I actually like the 'rathskeller' building more than the original because it is more intimate with recessed alcoves, booths and neat woodwork and carvings. I hope the moose is okay! and really hope they can salvage that building.. very distressing....
  2. The Grammar rathskeller is a cool space. I hope the building can be salvaged, but very worried about water damage down there. I was in Grammars last week, any word on it's status? Thank you very much for these good photos of sad scenes. :(
  3. I just want to give that little train station a hug. Thanks for the photos Oley was the 5th Beatle.
  4. ^ agreed - but I love the character these alleys have, could have, but they are almost universally in rough shape thanks for the shots
  5. I can't believe you got in there - how'd you dood that? I have enjoyed the gargoyles and architecture there for some time and ached to know what was in there. THANK YOU. I know a retired music teacher from there and she told me it once had an indoor pool, it was filled in and is now under the gym - or something like that. I read that Rothenberg (CPS superintendent? board member? something like that) believed in corporate punishment too! THANK YOU THANK YOU
  6. Thanks for sharing this stroll... a very special hour of the day
  7. you think it's bad now - you should have seen it before they put that metal siding on it. it originally was clad in some kind of blue mosiac tile - I'm sure someone will come up with a photo. I agree - it always looks like a giant steel spike in the middle of all that gorgeous brick. IMO though, it's presence and all the folks that work in there have helped to keep that section of town intact, vibrant and further support for the exciting OTR renaissance occuring.
  8. Does 3CDC own "Wielerts" on Vine St. ? plans? great big space on main floor - perfect for restaurant/bar/club I'd think. and put me down for Q (or any other letter) tour.
  9. someone asked about the Little Kings sign on Central Pkwy - from my archives...
  10. Jerome - Keep it up! "Boss Cox" ran the city from here in the early 1900's. I have been in here a few times, but conditions were rough. I hope 3CDC does have it now - it is beat up inside & out. The guy at the Wooden Nickel said they bought huge painted tapestries/wall coverings from in there years ago. They're long gone. A large open room in the center of the first floor and many small rooms upstairs. Interesting how the right side is held up by the I-beam and around back on the 2nd floor is a nearly collapsed wooden porch with a Star of David in the woodwork. Stay careful...
  11. very nice - and thanks for the link to the 'abandoned' site - didn't know it existed, love it.
  12. from another angle - standing on Evans St. looking southward. You can see a retaining wall running off to the right there, so I think you are correct Eight&State - this must be a slot for a section to close off the street. very near the Mill Creek at this point - the flood waters back up from the Ohio into this basin pretty quickly I would believe. Good eyes there Columbo!
  13. let's take a walk across I love this thing. I can't imagine it's used much. I imagine it was once often used. I wonder why they would choose now to demolish it?
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