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  1. Cingrani had a rough outing in St. Louis today. And why the hell was Brandon Phillips bunting with no outs and Hamilton on 2nd!?
  2. Other than money, there's no reason for the Reds to be playing in Arizona, and I say this as a Reds fan living in Arizona. Cleveland makes sense because there's a relatively large presence of transplants from Northeastern Ohio. Goodyear Stadium, only five years old, has been outclassed by other newer spring training facilities (Salt River Fields and Cubs Park in particular) and the tickets are way too expensive for games that are essentially meaningless. I can get better seats for cheaper at Chase Field in Phoenix (Diamondbacks stadium) for about half the price of what it costs to attend spring training games.
  3. The schedule for April and May is killer. If they can make it out of the first two months with a .500 record, I'll be happy.
  4. Most of the Ohio transplants in Ohio hail from Central/Northeast Ohio, hence the reason it makes sense for the Indians to return to spring training in Arizona. Cincinnatians, for the most part, go to Florida. Unless the Reds shared a park with one of the other spring training teams (a la the White Sox and D-Backs in Tucson, or the Royals/Rangers in Surprise), I don't think moving them from Florida to Arizona would do much to generate revenue beyond maybe the first season, and only then for the novelty of seeing Cincinnati play in Arizona. Even that's a longshot.
  5. For trashy mystery novels: Jonathan Valin's novels were set in Cincinnati
  6. I'm pretty sure my parents used to drink Goebel, or at least had one of their old signs hanging up in the garage.
  7. Was that the first time you cleaned the glove compartment this millenium? :-) Yeah, I also had a couple of business cards from Falhaber Nissan. Is that place still in business?
  8. Not good. My uncle worked for Dana and got layed off about two years ago.
  9. Tried Graeters for the first time ever last year (sad, considering I'd lived in Cincinnati for 13 years). Black Raspberry Chip is indeed damn good. I'll have to try the Buckeye Blitz the next time I'm in town.
  10. Cedar Point is definitely a bargain compared to other parks. Even with a Southern California discount, a park hopper pass for Disney Land/California Adventure is still $71, and its near $60 just to get into Disney Land.
  11. Haha, I was cleaning out the glove compartment in my car the other day and came across an old Genie receipt.
  12. Apparently its pretty close to being a go. Congrats to Nashville.
  13. I remember watching them play at the Gardens way back in the early 90s. Its one of the reasons I love minor league hockey and have never gotten into the NHL.
  14. Ohio Stadium, hands down. One of the best venues in the country to watch a sporting event.
  15. After years of mediocrity, this is a nice change of pace for the Reds, but I'm doubtful it'll last past the all-star break. Who knows, they were pretty hot last July and August, and they finally cleaned out the front office and brought in people who know how to manage a baseball team, especially one as rich in history as the Reds.
  16. I love this site guys. So many reference points to work with in mapping out downtown. Bravo!
  17. Yeah, I was a little too strong with my phrasing. My apologies. Despite having Disney Land and Hollywood, L.A. is not a tourist-friendly city. You really have to dig deep to find what you're looking for. Its there, it just helps to have a native along for the ride. God knows I've found more in L.A. in the four years I've lived here from local friends that you don't find in travel books and TV shows.
  18. A whole neighborhood that Gehry built and designed? That clusterfuck of twisted mess makes me sick. That said, some of you really need to come out to L.A. and visit downtown before you show everyone how little you know about what's going on here. I understand this is a board dedicated to Ohio urbanization, but some of these posts reek of SkyscraperCity-mentality. Downtown L.A. is currently undergoing a huge revitalization, especially near the Staples Center with L.A. Live, there is a pretty significant condo boom in and around the historic districts in the southeastern portion of downtown, especially in and around Broadway. There are also developments in the Skid Row/Toy/Fashion districts, arguably some of the worst areas of L.A. They are literally building over some of the parking lots that have plagued the city for decades. If you're interested, I suggest checking out some of the L.A. development threads over at Skyscraper Page in the California forum Hell, here's a link to several of the projects discussions: For L.A. Live: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=81005 DTLA Housing Construction: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=68130 Highlights on several major developments: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=87579
  19. Sweet, I can go see them play the Ice Dogs at the Long Beach Arena!
  20. Born and raised in Cincinnati (Newtown) 1983-1996 Five years in Phoenix, AZ 1997-2002 Currently in Orange County CA 2002-present
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