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  1. Probably the Virus. If there's no people, there's no economy. If the virus and its effects have a prolonged presence, that likely puts a drag on the economy as well.
  2. I'm hearing boss are due to the GC for this project in the next few weeks. That must mean there is some sort of basis of design, or more.
  3. I used to work there and heard that rumor as well. I think it was the development site itself was meant to be a mall site, take a look at the set back and loop road around the facility and you can see how that might have been feasible.
  4. Looks like Ohio City Galley will close this weekend.
  5. Something is up with these numbers. For instance I worked on The9 renovation. The permits were filed and approved in 2013. The complex has 186 units total, which is more than double the number of units shown on this list for that year.
  6. No. Look at the fortune 500 HQs for all those regions. Some are in the inner city some are in the suburbs. Just like Cleveland. Also, non of those cities regionalized as the cities you mentioned are old central cities surrounded by rings of Suburbs. Just like Cleveland and Detroit.
  7. Have you ever been to Atlanta, Dalaas, LA, Chicago, Detroit, or just about every other major city in the country? This isn't a Cleveland thing.
  8. All I'm saying is that yes passenger traffic is increasing, but that is probably a factor of the low cost airlines moving in as well as what seems to be a growing local economy. That should be celebrated along with the ease of access and boarding flights at the airport. While we are celebrating and thinking towards what the next iteration of Hopkins will be let's look at it with some forethought so we can leverage this asset to work for our region for more than just when we are flying off to vacations.
  9. The opportunities refer to those lost over the last 40 years, or whenever Cleveland last had an airport competitive with the biggest business markets in the nation.
  10. The question though is, is it being leveraged to the max to increase not just the ease of travel, but also regional economic development? If you look at it like most look at the Greyhound Station then yes. But if you look at it and think about all the economic advantages having a better facility could bring, if done smartly, then no.
  11. Well running it like a government has had mediocre to lackluster results over the last 30 years or more, so I would say some change is needed. But anyway, my question was why is it so much more expensive to build what is essentially the same structure as a shopping mall? It must be the airport specific infrastructure, security, conveyors, controls, technology etc.
  12. It would be great if the city could start planning for a new terminal that could incorporate Concourse D since it is still new, will be relatively unused and is offset some from the rest of the airport. Even if they decide to build just one long Terminal Concourse complex like Detroit. They could then just increase capacity by lengthening Concourse D.
  13. Well yea, the city should hand over running the airports so they can be run more like a business. The current set up is not working as well as it should. I do think though, that development cost are a major issue if its hindering the airport from truly updating the facility and adding features that can attract more business.
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