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  1. From FirstEnergy Stadium
  2. I did see the free trolley down at the round about by Lindsey's Lakehouse. Don't know if that was a one off thing or part of the normal schedule.
  3. While I respect your statement and your service, I don't think it's likely you have enough oversight of the goings on of every base and what they do to meet their budget to say my statement is 100% false!
  4. ^Yep, if they don't spend their complete budget, their budget for the next year gets cut. To avoid this, I've heard of the Air Force filling up their idle planes with gasoline days before the budget deadline, just to spend as much money as they still can. As the planes sitting in the desert they start pissing out all the jet fuel because they've been overfilled. What a waste.
  5. I don't think you can blame Mike White, Jane Campbell or Frank Jackson on the department stores and other retail leaving downtown. Unless you think they should've offered subsidies to jeep them open. May Co closed in '92 around the time all the local stores became Kaufman's. Dillards closed the downtown store and Randall Park in 2001, which seems like more of an internal closing underperforming stores thing. The rest of the retail gradually became less and less upscale. I feel like all the retail that stayed in downtown and tower city were essentially remnants of a time gone by. All the new developments are like new growth in a forest after a forest fire. It's been mentioned hundreds of times across multiple topics in this forum, but I will say it again: downtown needs more residents to support retail. We are getting there, but are not there yet. In downtown's retail heyday, there were no malls. Downtown was it. Today there are malls and online shopping so downtown retail is difficult and given the retail climate nationally, no retailer thinking strategically and competitively from a business standpoint is going to set up shop where there are not enough customers, or where there is no proven success story. If H&M (or similar) were to open and do well as the population downtown continues to swell, you may see more national and local retailers try again downtown.
  6. Clearly some underground work, I wonder if it has something to do with communications or other utilities for the apartments, or the Tech Center being developed in the mall?
  7. Oh, wow, I did not know they did that. So it's at like 3.6 million now huh?
  8. The population of the Cleveland MSA, which was constituted slightly different back in 2000 was higher then to, as well as in 2008. Maybe the job growth will allow us to see some population gains here in the next estimates or upcoming census.
  9. Exactly. All cities, or maybe Regions is the better term, are in competition with each other. They're all after more Industrial and Commercial investment, that drives job, population and tax growth. Investment made in Region A means Region B does not get that investment and thus gets behind, is brought to parity, or has its "lead" truncated. That needs to be the thought process in the respective regions Chambers of Commerce.
  10. Well if the airport was closed the flight path issue wouldn't matter anymore. Unless there are issues with approaches to Hopkins as well. There are multiple issues with that "Land" the airport is built on - The State owns the land the landfill sits on, the city owns the landfill the airport sits on as well as controls the airport. I think it would make sense to try and do smaller developments closer to the East 9th street side to build demand, so that maybe in the future it would make more financial sense and a plan could be put together to connect that whole parcel with the city and develop it properly. Then there are the businesses that frequently use it. You can see the Cleveland Clinic Helicopter flying back and forth many times a day picking up organs flown into Burke for transplant at the main campus for instance. I'm sure there are other examples that the general public doesn't see. I guess the question is are those uses worth keeping the whole thing ope.
  11. I would say we haven't seen Columbus boom if you're comparing it to the Dallas, Atlanta's and DC's, but Columbus has been doing very well, especially in that 2014-2017 period just looking at the amount of business and construction activity taking place. We also have to take note it is located in the Midwest, which along with the North east has not been growing as fast as the sunbelt. I'd say it is booming, especially for where it's located and what it had been in the past.
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