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  1. Toronto Raptors have one their franchise's first NBA Championship, beating the Warriors in six games. Glad to see someone new win it all! Crazy that both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant suffered ACL injuries.
  2. ^Is that the finished product? It looks like there is still a covering on it. Much like the panels on the face of the Beacon tower, they want to protect the finishes as long as possible.
  3. Was driving up 176 today and across the inner belt bridge and it gives me a wavy pattern from the distance and even in the pics above.
  4. Right, I get that most of these new developments are concentrated in very specific parts of neighborhoods, but I'd also argue that there has not been enough new development in some of these areas. Little Italy definitely has character, but as mentioned in another thread (maybe it was this one), a lot of those buildings and houses are old and worn and at or past their useable life, specifically the wood framed houses. You don't want to lose everything, but a lot of those buildings need to go. Selfishly, I'd argue make sure we keep all the brick and stone buildings and let the market decide what to do with the rest.
  5. Correct, there were press releases last year indicating BofA was expanding its presence in Ohio.
  6. Hearing rumors of 40 laid off at American Greetings' HQ. CEO fired.
  7. And now it's all being replaced on top of all the new facilities they are building across the county... so there's that. I've heard good things about their care as well.
  8. Don't forget about planes approaching Hopkins as well. That was a consideration in the EY Tower in the Flats.
  9. It's only dominated by one tower right now and I wouldn't call Key a Super tall. Not with Burj Khalifa or some of the towers being built in NYC right now.
  10. That's a thought. The problem with retiring the under utilized infrastructure though is that getting rid of it would make the area THAT much harder to redevelop if the need arose. East Cleveland has started to close off roads that are in disrepair. Maybe if a similar strategy could be taken where infrastructure is mothballed rather than deleted. The problem though with mothballing or demolishing completely is that there are still tax and bill paying residents living in some of these neighborhoods where vacancies outnumber occupied dwellings, which limits the ability to remove the infrastructure be it a road or pipe.
  11. What you are saying is all true, I'd argue looking at the glass as half empty instead of half full. The bulk of the existing infrastructure however is in Cleveland proper in the form of roads, waterlines, sewers and power lines on dozens of streets that have a handful of houses on them where there used to be 100+. Due to the economics, perception of safety and general quality of life issues in Cleveland proper, developers aren't going to put this kind of investment in the city outside of certain neighborhoods. I say that to say that the developer is essentially doing what you suggest, reusing existing infrastructure in a better way than it was used before. It's just not in Cleveland proper in those neighborhoods that have emptied out the most. This project will not solve the issue of all the underutilized infrastructure in the inner-city and certain inner-ring 'burbs, but it's not trying to either.
  12. They're trying to rent the last 30% of apartments in this tower, so maybe something when they get a little closer to 100% leased.
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