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  1. The headline is at first sobering, but then when you think about it it isn't as bad as it sounds. There was never 100% of the adult population employed and in early 2020 it was at about 64%. A huge drop no doubt from 64 to 52% employed, but not surprising given all that has happened since January.
  2. I believe a couple years ago they did that. Well more like 5 to 6 years ago it was repainted. Large tarps covered the sections they were working on.
  3. Not to get off topic, but are there really that many "Shoebox" towers in downtown? Erieview, Celebreeze, Ernst & Young, PNC and maybe Lumen come to mind of the taller ones. All the others have some sort of non 90 degree elements to them.
  4. I agree, we need to vote in a new Mayor, however he's not wrong. Cleveland has a horrible perception nationwide and even locally, even if undeserved. It does a horrible job selling itself and doing things to shed its unflattering image. Things have gotten WAY better in the last 4 or 5 years, but that's for or five years versus 4 or 5 decades.
  5. Great all around. Glad we are redeveloping all the excess vacant retail and bringing much needed MODERN residential rental product to the Heights and Hillcrest areas with Belleoaks.
  6. Actually, this may be my favorite view of DT Cleveland. A new SW Tower would either be eclipsed by 200 PS, or fill in that gap between 200 PS and Key Tower.
  7. True, but what do all the families moving into Tremont and Ohio City do? The schools are just as bad since it's the same district. People moving into the apartments are still singles or couples with no children to raise, so schools aren't an issue. For those buying they likely send kids to private schools and there are already a ton of black families that do that in the Heights area.
  8. I'm hoping growth that is starting to move north along East 105th could start to become that upwardly mobile "black" hub. In conversations with some of my friends we talk about a district centered on 105th with AFam businesses, retail and culture, with renovation of those homes along the east/west streets. As you mentioned the defacto middle class black hub now is just up the hill from these areas in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights and South Euclid. Not in Cleveland proper. That said the gentrification of that neighborhood shouldn't just be geared towards middle class blacks, but also those of other socioeconomic levels as well as people from other ethnicities, but why not a black "Little Italy" or Chinatown?
  9. Congrats Dayton and Canton. Surprised Houston is not Lower (more losses). The low cost of oil was keeping pressure on the need for more oil refining and that economy is still heavily dependent on oil. What is going on in LA and Dallas? Of course Cali did shut down things for Covid before the east coast, so maybe that's it.
  10. To me, its from the South, (which may still be included in the west side. I'm speaking specifically to the I-490 Bridge or coming up I-77 just before the 490 exit. Allows you to see every tall building and shows how broad the Cleveland skyline really is.
  11. Kenwood in Cincinnati comes close. They added the exterior retail and across the parking lot another developer built a mixed use highrise with retail on the ground floor. Southpark in Strongsville added the exterior retail portion, no highrise mixed use though.
  12. Check out the conversation in the Ohio and Cleveland population thread respectively.
  13. Youngstown is a different Media market than Cleveland-Akron-Canton. It's also not part of the Cleveland-Akron-Canton CSA or conversations to be merged into one MSA. I believe they still have their own news.
  14. Right, as I said in the Ohio Population thread, I think Akron's profile is raised by becoming Cleveland-Akron, than just Akron.
  15. True, but I'm having this debate with one of my friends from Akron. He argues it would be a net loss for Akron for the reasons you state, so NOACA needs to placate Akron by maybe having a board with more members from Akron-Canton than Cleveland or something. Another part of me argues what is Akron's national reputation? I'd argue that if the new MSA is branded Cleveland-Akron, Akron would get more of a national spotlight than it does now. Not sure of how to incorporate Canton as much. I just think about other benefits like a cohesive plan to expand the existing rail network, how to market the Universities there properly, as well as marketing to new businesses and retaining those that are there.
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