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  1. I doubt that happens anytime soon (relocating utilities underground), just because they resurfaced the street just a year ago, so unless they got a substantial grant, they probably aren't going to tear up the street again in the next 5 to 10+ years.
  2. That's interesting given the number of apartment buildings that have been built there. The Quarter was built where there was nothing. Clinton was built on a farmer meat packaging company. You'd think it would have grown.
  3. You're right, but that was my point. The fact that it could be optimized but because of basic incompetence it is not utilized and you have people sitting at lights for insane amounts of time and pedestrians getting tired of waiting, so they start jaywalking only to have the light change and almost get hit by cars is ridiculous.
  4. Exactly. Its literally right across the railroad tracks, about 600 feet... a lot less than 5 miles. Plus when I say connect, I mean a meaningful expansion of the facilty that also serves as a connection to the football stadium. A bridge that also could be enclosed exhibit space, not another walkway to gateway style connection.
  5. Does anyone know what the tower crane set up just behind Cooper's Hawk in Orange is building? This site is south of the Pinecrest Development.
  6. The Stadium needs to be enclosed and it needs to be connected to the convention center. Doing so opens up its use for every single day that the Browns aren't using is, which is over 350 days out of the year. If concerts or other large events and conventions can be drawn to the stadium and convention center it makes the addition of bars and restaurants and some retail easier, since there is a guaranteed crown on many days, just like East 4th and Gateway. There is obviously interest in residential in the area, but as it stands today the area so distant from everything else.
  7. The Merger with WOW never went through and WOW is now having its planes repossessed! Just goes to show you that you can't believe what these corporate spokes people say unfortunately. It's like when a major corporation says they are committed to an area, then layoff hundreds of people months later.
  8. Good, This is much needed. A lot of accidents occur at that exit because it is so short and tight. They also need to address how people, after they go through this exit have to weave across all lanes of 176 to get off on the Steelyard exit.
  9. Yea, as mentioned above it had an anchor store until 2001. And you probably know of the plans for Neiman Marcus as well.
  10. And do what with it? I could see acquiring it, so it was in hand should the city need it in the future for some sort of development. In the mean time though it would probably remain just a city owned parking lot right? We all realize that any old thing could have been built over the last years, but we are holding out hop that it is something tall and iconic right? Things like that are not cheap and the closest we've been to something like like going up there was 30 years ago. As we've seen, the county and city would throw in tons of incentives should the right project come along. When you get the right developer, with the right plan, with the right tenants or tenant mix, and most importantly with the right capital stack, you will see a large development there. Building something that will sit empty doesn't make any sense, not to mention the fact that nobody would put up funds for something like that.
  11. Right, the city is just going to tell all property owners with parking lots they have to Spend huge amounts of their own capital to build a building that the market won't support just because people want to see something built there. That'll happen.
  12. I had taken some drone photos above that lot for Frangos a few years ago. They wanted to get an idea for what the views 300-400' above that lot would look like. Did the same for Playhouse square where the Lumen is going up, so there's hope!
  13. I agree. Too many beige buildings in downtown. Maybe the reflectivity of the panels will play with the sun/moon/sky/night lights to create differing looks.
  14. They would need to get building permits for the interior alterations for sure. As long as the usage type is the same and the plans meet other building codes they shouldn't have any issues. If they are altering the exterior they need to go before the city for approval.
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