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One World Trade Center 1,776'
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  1. Yea, I don't think its ugly either, the beige facade wears on me a bit. I think it would look good black, but painting that facade them becomes a maintenance issue.
  2. That sounds about right. For a "design with no equal in Cleveland" you'd assume their going to hire a StArchitect to design the exterior.
  3. As much as I would like to see a tower surpass Key in height, I'm kind of liking the idea of a 6 or 7 hundred foot tower, or two flanking Key on the west side. It would help to balance the skyline, which is weighted heavily with the 9th street corridor, with fewer towers to the west of Public Square. Can someone do a massing illustrating that?
  4. I hope it stands out like the three tallest buildings to the left in this pic!
  5. If the HQ does end up being a tower of some sort, I hope it has some color! Whether it's the bluish/green of the Lumen and Hilton towers, the dark Bronze/green of Tower at Erieview, or the aluminum of Ernst & Young, I hope it has a different color than all the beige and off-beige buildings Downtown Cleveland is home to.
  6. Once the residential floors and roof are completed, the mechanical mezzanine can be built. Looks like the penthouse residential units will be a little taller than the lower residential floors. As mentioned before the mechanical mezzanine looks to be at minimum a few stories tall. Completion of that will allow for the final height of this project to be viewed as compared to the rest of the skyline.
  7. Keep in Mind that without the curb pull of zone, cars idling in front of the building, including move in trucks would have to park in the right of way, which requires cars to travel into and block the bus only lane. This already happens in areas without these pull offs. Put the transit underground on Euclid! Oh, wait...
  8. Well, most of the communities you mentioned specifically are suburbs, but speaking of Hough, Mount Pleasant and Buckeye-Shaker, my hope is that we get light industrial/manufacturing developments along the neighborhoods of the Opportunity Corridor, kind of outside the midtown area, but still close by. The jobs that could be created in those types of businesses could employ people in those city neighborhoods and beyond. Euclid, Carnegie and maybe Cedar would be the "Trophy" locations for new developments, retail, apartments and white collar offices, with refurbished housing stock and infill on the side streets. That's how I view the things happening in that area.
  9. Yep. Consolidating back office ops from Beachwood and Strongsville there.
  10. I think it can accommodate all of the above. If someone in Avon gets a job at a place in midtown, guess where they'll be driving to work every day? If someone works at the clinic and buys a townhouse there, they'll be laying their head every night in midtown as well.
  11. So then all the avenues with exits on the innerbelt add additional access as I stated. Midtown is about as equally distant from all the far burbs in each direction, with good road access with RTA having several routes that cut across the area east and west, as well as a line that goes north and south up 55th and on east 59th.
  12. East 55th at I-90, the new opportunity Corridor at I490 and 55th as well as the portions of Carnegie, Chester and Superior between the Innerbelt and East 55th provide sufficient far suburban access points via the freeway network and surface roads.
  13. This. Another corporate citizen is consolidating offices there. They're not leaving Downtown though!
  14. Not sure. In renderings Lumen appears to have a two or three, maybe max, four story Mechanical penthouse, so that would definitely add some height above the last occupied floor.
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