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  1. ^Cool. Do you know what's going on with that Steak and Shake at Oakwood Commons? I know it was a franchise and corporate was looking at taking over, but recently I think I saw the signage being removed. Also, do you know if the city is looking at any new multi-family housing, maybe assembling acreage or rezoning areas for multi-family?
  2. Financing for Church and State closed last week.
  3. ^What ended up being the Beacon did take a long time to complete, but you have to remember that the first phase was completed right before the biggest recession since the Great Depression, which put the brakes on everything obviously including the Tower. Nucleus was announced in the middle of one of the longest economic expansions in US history at a time when apartments are going up all over a typically slower market like Cleveland. I think there is something to be said about that.
  4. What is the price difference in rent? Are they the same? I know the Edison is a bit cheaper than the new Ohio City apartments, but is that also the case with the apartments in its same neighborhood?
  5. That's how the Heinen's was viewed and got a reduced rent as a result.
  6. I used to love cutting through the basement corridor, then the tunnel under Chester in the Winter. Made those lunch runs in sub 20 degree days a lot more bearable!
  7. I thought I saw them starting to put the swing stages up for that work last week, but maybe that was the John Hartness Brown Buildings I am mixing up. I would think they'd want to close in the building as much as possible before winter for sure and the spring rainy season.
  8. Target opened one of their new mini-Targets at OSU in Columbus and there is a full line target LESS than 10 minutes away on the other side of campus at the Lennox shopping center. It's definitely possible especially with all the residential in the immediate area the downtown location would offer on top of the day time traffic. A location in this building would pull from along Euclid going west to the Terminal tower and east to CSU as well as north to 1717 and south to The 9 and the apartments along Huron and Prospect.
  9. Mov2Ohio

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    It's interesting that a real estate investment advisement firm is opening a branch here. Aside from the connection to Beachwood, I guess it speaks to the existing and growing interest in Northeast Ohio from outside investors.
  10. Where does the funding for the Science Center come from?
  11. You think most are? I agree with you on Erieview, The Celebreeze Fed building, the 55 building, maybe the Justice Center, PNC tower and some of the lower high rises built in the international style. But the big 3, the Courthouse Tower, AT&T, One Cleveland Center, The Hilton, Ameritrust, and most of the older lower buildings built 1900-1950 are pretty damn interesting. Some may call some of those ugly, but definitely not bland.
  12. To me, this photo highlights just how massive the BP Building is, even as just the third tallest building in the city.
  13. May Co. Tenants will have some cool views.
  14. Checking in on the neighbors...