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  1. Right, Cleveland has the lake to the north, the industrial valley to the south, and the light manufacturing area that advances into the east 30s. The residential population may be lower in those areas, but there are also simply less residential use neighborhoods within that circumference because of the factors I described.
  2. Well a fraction of the projected 25,000 jobs, but who knows if those would've ever materialized. With the HQ2 their first year employment projections were 700 employees. I believe they're getting 1,500 with the development mentioned in the article.
  3. This article describes how Amazon is still going to expand in NYC despite deciding to pull their HQ2 from Queens. Basically describes how the city is getting the jobs without the $3 Billion in incentives the local and state governments were offering. Something to think about even though some cities have the luxury of being able to say no to massive subsidies and still get development while others that are more desperate for economic development cannot. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/07/we-were-proven-right-says-aoc-after-amazon-expands-new-york-without-taking-billions%3famp
  4. ^To the point @X was alluding to though, I don't believe the fights are the school district's fault. First, we've all been to high school and know that fights happen period. Maybe not huge brawls all the time, but some one on ones definitely. Second, CMSD is dealing with all those issues you mentioned @KJP on a mega scale and only how the schools are run can it control, which I argue is only a small part of it. You drop all those widespread issues on any school district and are almost guaranteed to watch it crumble. Until the socioeconomic issues within the city CMSD serves and the issue of absentee parenting is resolved, these issues will continue to plague the district.
  5. Yea, I believe that call it Neoeclectic architecture, homes built from 1990 through today. I wonder why the styles haven't changed that much. At least those in new "luxury" subdivisions. The newer urban homes not in apartment buildings seem to be boxier than they were a generation ago when it seemed the trend was to build new infill homes that blended in with the ones that had been there for decades.
  6. Been in two different local Macys over the last few weeks. Both times it was almost impossible to find a salesperson and when you did they were tending to a line 5 people deep. Also both time I heard customers saying "nobody works here anymore," frustrated with the long lines. If that's the level of service they're putting out there, no wonder they have slumping sales!
  7. Yes, hence my comment "more than make up for." All those businesses that have seen a down tick due to less people coming into town to see Cabs games because of Lebron are about to see (In a few years), a massive surge in business, surpassing business levels they saw when the Cavs were perennial Championship contenders.
  8. Should more than make up for the loss of the Lebron effect. All those people who came to town stayed in hotels and ate at restaurants while in town to catch a Cavs game.
  9. Yeah, the facade just looks tired and worn. They could replace all the vision glass and spandrel glass and mullions with the exact same products they used in the 50s and it would look 1000% fresher and new actually. I wonder how much they can modify the appearance given their financing structure? Will it have to look exactly the same or could they make it look more like Ernst and Young or the Celebreeze building's new protective cover?
  10. Well that's the point of putting it on the OC right? Currently, yes, you are 100% right. But the OC will make it a lot quicker to get there from all those places. It may take a bit longer from Collinwood though, since currently you can take 90 right down to West 3rd.
  11. ^Nice looking building. I hope we get something similar with SW. As I mentioned before even at 40 stories on or near Public Square, a tower that size is going to make a huge impression on the skyline, while getting rid of the Parking Lot District!
  12. I believe Schindler is doing elevator work there this week. I think they ordered the crane.
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