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  1. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/02/amazon-ditches-new-york-headquarters.html So Amazon is skipping NYC. Can the real estate/ business people on UO email Bezos and make an earnest grassroots appeal for 1/5 of those 25,000 proposed NYC jobs? All I want is an Ameritrust Tower to look at out of the deal.
  2. At the time I sketched this I was hoping that the Stark HQ building facade could be restored and the building expanded to fit the L-shaped block. With this one possible exception, no other buildings would need to be demolished.
  3. In this proposal, Ottawa Square would sit just to the west of the Jacobs lot. It leaves the door open for an updated mixed-use development (office/hotel/condos) in the Ameritrust Tower on Public Square.
  4. Ottawa Square File this under: Fantasy These drawings are of a plan I had for the Weston Block development from a decade ago. I called it Ottawa Square. It would replace all surface parking lots with housing and put giant City-owned parking garages behind existing buildings and infill. The Perry monument on Lakeside would be repurposed as a fountain in the center of Ottawa Square, offering a human scale public space just west of Public Square.
  5. Two Beacon photos from the summer of the last girders being lowered into place. The last photo is from yesterday.
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