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  1. Analysis of the core samples will determine what kind of foundation is needed (2 weeks). The prorated cost of the above will determine the cost of the condos. If that number aligns with their marketing study this project will happen.
  2. Looks good. One lane of traffic, all cars go counter-clockwise to any street without stopping.
  3. A nice finished project with retro style.https://expo.cleveland.com/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/06/139680c5fc5982/tremont-townhomes-designed-by-artist-giancarlo-calicchia-hit-market-house-of-the-week.html
  4. That building looks like some mothballed low budget County Building annex that never materialized. If that is Cleveland’s timid entry into the condo market I’d be surprised. In the current market I’d rather have a vacant lot.
  5. A Modest Proposal (First Draft) 1. Reopen traffic lanes on Detroit-Superior Bridge and link it to Route 2 at W 25th Street in a way that removes the barrier between Ohio City and public housing North of Shoreway Bridge 2. Demolish Shoeway Bridge 3. Extend proposed Lakefront Boulevard to an intersection with West 9th to feed Detroit-Superior Bridge with old Shoreway Bridge commuter traffic 4. Proposed Lakefront Boulevard would continue to Cuyahoga River where there would be a new lift bridge (photo) 5. Lakefront Boulevard would continue in footprint of demolished Shoreway Bridge and connect to Route 2
  6. I think we should take advantage of our wide steeets and use them to leverage future density. We may be a shrinking city but we should make plans like we’re growing. Im a cyclist but I want to exercise my full rights to the road, I’d rather not have a parallel lane for my own use. From what I’ve seen in other cities, bike lanes have their own safety issues, not to mention the costs and the congestion they create. I’m happy to share the road despite the risks. We were just in Mexico City and they have many roundabouts (with speed bumps) to slow traffic. Not sure how speedbumps would work with snow plows but they seem to work well in a warm city of 25 million. Mexicans use the islands in the center of their roundabouts to express their cultural and civic pride with monuments. I think we could do the same.
  7. For the central sculpture I wonder if we could get Jaume Plensa to do a bust of Masumi Hayashi. Her studio was at this intersection.
  8. I had time so I did a 3D sketch of the roundabout as St. John’s Circle. I’m thinking a little public infrastructure spending and a big splash landmark sculpture could have a big spillover effect for development.
  9. Just sketched up a plan based on your roundabout idea and thought a giant sculpture by Jaume Plensa facing east would be a nice anchor for this new Gordon Square public space. Drop a world class piece of art into a blighted intersection dominated by a Burger King parking lot and watch what happens. I think it could be a needed catalyst for the west end to catch fire.
  10. I really like this idea. Gordon Square may need some “breathing room” if all the proposed developments happen. Found this stock image that could be a model:
  11. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/05/a-new-headquarters-for-cleveland-paint-giant-sherwin-williams.html The news writing news about news citing news as a source.
  12. Arquitectonica is listed as the architects of The Pierce. Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) designed The Lumen in Cleveland. Similarities must be part of the current paradigm.
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