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  1. https://m.clevescene.com/cleveland/the-sweetest-deal/Content?oid=1494374 Not news but this is a good read from 2006 about the bombast surrounding the expansion of Hopkins. "What we're discussing here is 1,000 Browns deals," [Mike] White was quoted as saying. "What we're discussing here is 2,000 Gateway deals, in terms of economic importance. We must expand, or we will die." Not sure he was telling the truth.
  2. Oh wow! This image-heavy agenda should be split up into appropriate threads but here is the general link: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2019/07192019/index.php#myGallery
  3. The dollar amount seems high since there was no development proposal in place. Looks like they want to negotiate a settlement. They may be pouncing on an opportunity presented because the city did not follow procedure. But it appears the city did not follow procedure.
  4. It seems that this is the element that alludes most people surprised by our job loss, loss of businesses and population decline. Talent is what drives economics. Talent is notoriously picky. They will not live in a podunk town when there is an alternative that is more attractive. Businesses must go where they are more likely to attract talent. Did you think Minneapolis was just gonna hand over those jobs? Nah, they’re gonna work the talent angle. That city is out there hustling to grow.
  5. Minneapolis is try’na steal your date. She’s a 10 and smart and we’re a 6 with issues.
  6. Yes, city hall lacks transparency on many development issues that make no econmic sense. Hope they can produce those records to support their claim. “Cleveland.com conducted its own search of records of City Council actions and found no legislation vacating Old Ontario.” Oh.
  7. MLO claims City Hall destroyed property’s value. https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2019/07/lawsuit-seeks-115m-claiming-cleveland-destroyed-propertys-value-when-old-street-became-a-park.html
  8. I’ve deleted a link. You’ll hear no more out of me on Burke. I’ll let you guys debate the same debunked City Hall talking points every three years. But y’all may find out you’re straight up suckas! I know I was. On a final note: It might be helpful to get the city to sign a position statement on keeping Burke open with support for asserting we have a “strong local market.” I cannot find anything in the public record to support this statement but thousands of datapoints supporting the opposite, support to close Burke 10 years ago. I’d like to see some numbers but nobody is allowed to talk about Burke. It is always no comment. Its weird. A little data could end this debate once and for all. But the debate cannot even take place. What does that tell you? Think about it. We’re all suckas, all us armchair urban planners. Close Burke and the number of projects on this forum will double or triple. Some cities make good decisions. Some cities make bad decisions. We are the city. We give the mandate. In the end, you end up with the city that you deserve. We deserve better.
  9. I’ll shift the burden of proof to you. Can you argue facts and provide data on why we should keep Burke open? I can’t find one reason. All I see are people here saying, “because we need to focus on infill downtown. We need to lure Amazon. Jimmy Hassan flys out of town from Burke. It’s too hard because the FAA... And on and on.” Talk about annoying. If you guys just want to insult me and complain about discussions you don’t like, go ahead. There is a reason why the discussion around Burke is so opaque and nothing gets done and it has nothing to do with good economics. It is an open secret. Read this for an overview of arguments for closing Burke and get back to me: https://beltmag.com/clevelandairporttroubles/ From the above: “In 2011, Mayor Jackson laid out a plan for the city to spend $1.6 billion in improvements at Hopkins because of what he termed a “strong local market.” “At the same time, we asked to interview Mayor Jackson or airport systems director Ricky Smith and got no response.” And every article about Burke is like that. Facts and figures on one side. No response from the other.
  10. So what? I hear it only takes a 30-day notice to the FAA to close an airport. 30 days to freedom.
  11. Hi Cincinnatians, can anyone on the ground in Cincy tell me if closing Blue Ash Airport has had any negative repercussions on your economy. Have you heard any regrets expressed by the public or lost any businesses because of it?
  12. Hur dur! Go to Crocker Park. That was developed by Stark after abandoning Cle Pesht. That is what he wanted on the lakefront!
  13. Not my argument at all. We could have had 5,000 jobs that left town plus half of those 271 Progressive Insurance buildings if it wasn’t for Pay to Play stonewalling on (in part) our failing Burke airport. Burke’s demise was predicted by smarter people than me 30 years ago. It is time to close it.
  14. Count up those Eaton jobs. American Greetings jobs that left town. Could have been on that lakefront where your precious limestone piles sit.
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