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  1. Looks like you were able to practice ample social distancing on your walk...
  2. Really wish Columbus would overhaul zoning codes citywide so developments that are clearly appropriate for an area didn’t need to jump through so many hoops.
  3. Was anyone able to attend? I’m antsy for some details! edit- quote didn’t work out, I’m referring to the 2/19 HW meeting about the GE site.
  4. The crane should be erected in March, no? Anyone know if it’ll be self-climbing? I would think they wouldn’t want to stick a 300+ foot crane up at the start of construction.
  5. I’ve been happy with the designs of the recently built CML branches.
  6. That makes quite a bit of sense, thanks! I figured there was a good reason, as I’m sure renting a taller crane costs more.
  7. Inject it into my veins! Also, 200’ seems a bit much for a 125’ building, no? Some of the OSU cranes are also significantly taller than the buildings they’re constructing. Is it because of the larger footprint of the building? I’ve seen many other high rises use cranes that are hardly taller than the roof of the building.
  8. Not sure how I feel about ordering a food item called “The Deuce”...
  9. That should’ve been blindingly obvious to me haha. That’s exciting, for some reason I assumed it was some sort of boring utility thing.
  10. Isn’t there already something under construction on this parcel? Or am I mixing up my intersections?
  11. I begrudgingly agree that not all proposals should have ground retail. I do wish there was a push from the city to encourage (or force) developers to building parking podiums that could be converted to future office/retail/residential space, like the Italian Village apts/garage.
  12. Per that article, they’ve conducted 85 public meetings about this, which seems preposterously high to me.
  13. Please please please let them save the bank or incorporate the facade someway into the new development.
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