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  1. The glass on these buildings looks sublime, especially at dawn/dusk.
  2. Hotels take a longer time to build because there’s a lot more plumbing etc. compared to office space or even residential. Construction might also be slowed a bit as they have to work around the existing buildings on site.
  3. According to a commenter on CU, they eventually want to put BRT (or at least COTA’s version of faux BRT), so that’s why they aren’t doing protected bike lanes, or really anything at all to actually make the road smaller.
  4. At least the new under-construction additions to Easton are a lot denser than the rest of Easton. Hopefully they continue trending in that direction.
  5. I agree with you. I’ve seen projects die before, and there’s usually a lot more radio silence than we’ve been getting with this tower. If we don’t have a more definitely timeline later this year, then I’ll change my tune, but for now I’m not worried (just impatient).
  6. Aren’t they going to build another hospital that’s roughly double the number of beds as the last high rise hospital they built?
  7. The silver lining is that empty lots may get developed at a faster rate, since the demand won’t be satisfied as quickly with shorter buildings. Chicago’s West Loop is experiencing something similar from years of NIMBYs blocking anything taller than 10-20 stories.
  8. The Wexners are big supporters of the Peninsula (and its cultural institutions). I’d bet with their interest, eventually some institution will be built there.
  9. It’s fascinating to watch. If you ever get bored, look up photos of the early stages of construction on 150 N Riverside (wedged between the Chicago river and active passenger rail lines) or Vista Tower (supetall with a road going through the lower floors). I’m very excited to watch this one rise!
  10. Hmm, you may be right. According to the CBF article, they’re still asking for a variance of up to 150 feet, but the renderings released definitely don’t include a tower.
  11. I’m excited to see the renderings of the tower portion (though it sounds like that won’t be built for another few years). This will improve the view from 670.
  12. Not a fan of the weird verical thin rectangle on the right side of the right rendering, the rest of it looks nice though (and happy to see a floor count increase).
  13. Really like how the vets museum turned out. Love how the inside reflects the facade.
  14. Maybe 53K is only for the museum part of the building, and not the entire thing? I'm assuming there's event space and probably offices in there as well.
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