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  1. Yup! A place to store materials, equipment, and anything else they might need.
  2. There’s so much room on that piece of land, they should have no trouble adding one or two buildings while still keeping the warehouse building. I wonder if they could connect the southern half of the property to State so something could front that street?
  3. I’m pretty sure that overall square footage (and thus DENSITY) has increased from the 35 floor design. If so, then there’s really no honest way to argue the new design is less urban than the old design, which is ultimately more important than height....
  4. The new design looks like it’ll provide a better pedestrian experience, which is a thousand times more impactful on creating an enjoyable, walkable urban area than the height of the building. Obviously I’d rather have this design be 35 stories instead of 26(28?), but the new design is still superior for all purposes of actually interacting with the building.
  5. Graceland should be full of residential. There’s a lot of wasted space and good amenities, both the Kroger and Target there have been (or are currently being) remodeled.
  6. The golden bear development got me curious about the Arlington Gateway, they expect a Q1 2020 groundbreaking (https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20190507/arlington-gateway-access-revisions-expected).
  7. The glass on these buildings looks sublime, especially at dawn/dusk.
  8. Hotels take a longer time to build because there’s a lot more plumbing etc. compared to office space or even residential. Construction might also be slowed a bit as they have to work around the existing buildings on site.
  9. According to a commenter on CU, they eventually want to put BRT (or at least COTA’s version of faux BRT), so that’s why they aren’t doing protected bike lanes, or really anything at all to actually make the road smaller.
  10. At least the new under-construction additions to Easton are a lot denser than the rest of Easton. Hopefully they continue trending in that direction.
  11. I agree with you. I’ve seen projects die before, and there’s usually a lot more radio silence than we’ve been getting with this tower. If we don’t have a more definitely timeline later this year, then I’ll change my tune, but for now I’m not worried (just impatient).
  12. Aren’t they going to build another hospital that’s roughly double the number of beds as the last high rise hospital they built?
  13. The silver lining is that empty lots may get developed at a faster rate, since the demand won’t be satisfied as quickly with shorter buildings. Chicago’s West Loop is experiencing something similar from years of NIMBYs blocking anything taller than 10-20 stories.
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