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  1. I don't know how accurate Google Street View is when it comes to photo dates, but here's a view of the same property from October 2018. If the facing deteriorated this quickly, it makes me wonder if it was vandalism. But if it crumbled on its own, then the neighboring walls aren't far behind.
  2. A wide-angle lens is a good friend to have when this sort of problem arises. Great photos BTW!
  3. That's quite small. About the size of a boutique store or fast food restaurant.
  4. I'm amazed at the similarities of the Pierce in Boston compared to the Lumen. Was it designed by the same architect? Here's a picture of the Pierce under construction. Even the crane and the concrete slip forms are a similar color. A little preview of what the Lumen might look like by the end of the year...
  5. Given how heavily used the Blue Line is, I wonder how much potential ridership is lost because the Blue Line doesn't continue to the Flats and the Waterfront. Why they chose only the Green Line is beyond me. Even the simple fact that the color blue is associated with water should have been a no-brainer in having the Blue Line be the Waterfront Line.
  6. Incorporating a public boardwalk into these properties would add a boost in foot traffic for the businesses there. I'm surprised none of these places (to my knowledge) are pushing for it. My dream project would be to have the boardwalk go further up the river past Merwin's Wharf and linking up with the towpath trail via the Columbus Road bridge. Of course that would require a LOT of property easements.
  7. When I read that letter I couldn't help but think of this... (edit: oops, I'll post a link instead of embedding) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFe-p1gbKEc In all seriousness I think it's sad that people will fight against any sort of progress. While this person does have a point about the buildings abutting very close to single-family homes without any sort of setback, to say this building will "destroy the charm" of Lakewood is a bit disingenuous. Lakewood has multi-story buildings all over the place, some much taller than 8 stories. If anything the suburban, car-oriented land uses surrounding the Detroit/Bunts intersection (a GetGo gas station, a Giant Eagle set back by a large parking lot, single-use buildings surrounded by a sea of asphalt, and of course the auto dealerships) are more detrimental to Lakewood's charm than anything. I've always found it ironic how this area of Lakewood is so low-density even though it's practically in the center of town.
  8. A lot of people on the Lakewood community Facebook page were dead set against the high rise concept, saying the city doesn't need another tall building. I remember one person commenting that Lakewood would turn into Cleveland Jr. with more high rises. I guess even a relatively progressive city like Lakewood has NIMBYs too.
  9. From the webcam. Looks like they've started to add the floor trusses for the sub-basement levels today.
  10. I have to say I'm a little disappointed that One Lakewood Place was shortened in its latest preliminary plans. It would have been nice to have another significant building in Lakewood's skyline. Any reason for the decision to shorten it? Not enough demand? Or did the city request it? I definitely remember people at the Lakewood Facebook group being unhappy with the preliminary plans that featured the highrise. I wonder if there was a lot of opposition at the public meetings?
  11. "6 tons" refers to what the crane is capable of lifting, not the weight of the crane itself. It can be any size though; here's hoping it'll be a tower crane. :)
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