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  1. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/11/12/scotlands-brewdog-is-opening-its-second-largest-u.html#g/463493/1
  2. Final plans approval was dated 10/31. The photo I took (earlier in this thread) was also on 10/31 when they fenced the site off that same day. It seems like it has already begun.
  3. The 529 lot is relatively small. But it looks like lots 529, 531, and 533 are city-owned, with 535 being owned by the Pendleton Arts Center.
  4. Maybe @Brutus_buckeye meant 12th Street when he said Main? Regardless, I think it was the right call to make Sycamore the "primary facade" of this design.
  5. It's called parkour. Clearly trying to appeal to millennials. Edit: Also just noticed the levitating lighting at the middle left rooftop patio. And that the sun is located north. Rookie mistake...
  6. Living and working right next to this, I'm super excited to see how the construction progresses. Also, was one of you flying a drone above this site the other day? @taestell? If not, it was probably just gathering "before" marketing shots for some architecture or engineering firm involved in the project.
  7. I actually saw that and was confused as well haha. There aren't any signs or anything saying not to park there, so I guess it's just a rogue lot for now? At one point they had "do not cross" tape set up with a temporary no parking sign, but I think someone just took it down. It's not like the property owners that are based in Denver give a sh*t what's happening there in the meantime. The Brewdog construction workers are also using it to park on weekdays. I assumed they had some kind of agreement worked out, but maybe not.
  8. Most litter on this lot is pedestrians from OTR Live. On Saturday nights, that lot had food trucks, as well as people parking their cars and pre-gaming.
  9. It looks like the lot closure is permanent. The parking payment machine was demolished and that ugly billboard on site is currently being demolished. It would seem the site is being cleared to make way for excavation! I honestly can't wait for this site to be roped off though. Seeing the amount of trash and litter strewn across the lot on Sunday mornings is appalling.
  10. While it's not the BEST designed building, I don't think there are too many people that are that strongly against the project going in. I was at the Pendleton Council meeting (voted in favor) and the main complaints discussed were cost of living going up and increasing the parking demand while simultaneously removing the parking lot. Albeit there were legitimate concerns brought up about density, height, lack of detail, etc... But I think the height argument is weak, because the Hannaford building a half-block away is 7 stories (with 2 story penthouse tower).Danny Klingler was also there speaking profusely against the project (saying how the developers weren't respecting the process of presenting to community).
  11. According to CAGIS, they still need their building dept plan review approval and historic conservation approval. Both of those could prove to be challenging.
  12. They closed down the lot that the apartment project is going in. Not sure yet if it's temporary or indefinitely.
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