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  1. Took one today from basically the same spot and it is completely covering the Macy's building.
  2. Scaffolding at Woodburn and Madison fell over in the wind today and landed on the gazebo. Not sure how much damage has been done yet.
  3. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/over-the-rhine/city-to-close-renovate-findlay-playground-in-effort-to-stop-crime "In an assessment of the park, police wrote that interior fencing and seating should be removed. Lighting should be increased. New features could include an expanded playground, a dog park, workout stations and a running track." "...they plan to tear up the park and hope to have it renovated by the spring or summer of 2019." They better tear it up and rebuild quick if they want it done by then....
  4. South of the crazy intersection at Dorchester, the road turns into Sycamore. It was just resurfaced so I wouldn't imagine them changing that for some time. So when they say Auburn, they are talking about between Dorchester and McMillan, in front of the hospital and such. Something really does need to be done about the width of the road on Auburn. I constantly see drivers straddling the two lanes because the individual lanes are so narrow. Also, I hope they take care of the Dorchester/Auburn/Sycamore intersection while they're at it. Maybe this intersection is why they are saying "realignment."
  5. They began taking soil samples on Saturday for the project at 1118 Sycamore.
  6. If there is a bedroom in the basement, by code there must be a legal means of egress from the bedroom. If not, I'm sure the smoke alarms would give adequate time to egress through the stairs.
  7. It's not that black and white, though... What if you want an abundance of natural light, but still want privacy? What if you want something more cost-effective? What if you are unable to find a laborer skilled in window installs, but can lay brick/block? These are all good reasons to choose glass block.
  8. Found another example of "glass block done right." The Jambreiro House by Marcos Franchini + Flávia Lutkenhaus, located in Brazil. It seems that most examples are residential and smaller in scale.
  9. While all these exterior additions are nice for the street front, they present no solution for the unusable interior space. It would be incredibly inefficient as a parking garage, and it obviously can't be occupied for anything too useful due to the lack of fenestration. Aside from a self-storage facility, I don't think there's a solution without putting holes in the wall. What it comes down to is how big the holes are, what pattern they create, etc... I don't think this building can get redeveloped without creating usable interior space in the currently window-less portion.
  10. This is only a small part of why it needs to be preserved. Do some research. https://www.citylab.com/design/2018/02/whats-in-the-future-for-cincinnatis-modernist-icon/552968/
  11. In keeping with the "spirit" of the building, I would be okay if they did smaller, subtle punched openings in the brick with the glazing pushed back from the exterior brick veneer. Hopefully the preservationists would go for this too, since it keeps with the original concept of a solid mass.
  12. Danny Klinger said he has “grave concerns about interference, by a prominent political actor, into the affairs and integrity of the historic review process.” Who is this political actor? Is he just trying to scare people into getting worked up over this project? Danny Klinger was at the Pendleton Council meeting and voted no on the project. He spoke out in strong opposition to the development, but the neighborhood voted yes. Now he is throwing a tantrum to try to delay the project and potentially kill it?
  13. "Smells of City Living" I'm so glad this is a thread. It's interesting how Cincinnati developed their industrial district to the west of downtown. Most cities tend to place their industrial district to the east so the prevailing wind doesn't blow the smells into downtown. Due to the basin and its relationship to Mill Creek, I suppose Cincinnati didn't have much of a choice in the matter. On a better note, living in Pendleton is nice because you step outside to the smell of Lucius Q BBQ. The worst part is I'm always hungry...
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