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  1. I walk by that building every day and I can't believe they got permission to do that ugly mural (if they even did?). It looks like there used to be a historic, cast-iron facade on the ground floor that was (mostly) bricked in. Either take the brick out and put in new storefront, or just leave it brick. The mural they've painted on looks something you'd see on Hey Arnold.
  2. Thank god, I was really hoping for this. I've always wondered why there isn't a single liquor store in the area.
  3. If the University Kroger is anything to go by, then you're definitely right. That one has like 15 of those machines. Even at Target, the self-checkout always has a line. Eventually it will just be 1 or 2 employees while our automated overlords do all the cleaning, checking out, and the stocking.
  4. I like how they show virtually no pedestrian traffic coming from north of Liberty.
  5. I hope it doesn't detract from Coffee Emporium's customers either. I'm disappointed too, was hoping they'd be 24 hours. Perhaps they'll start to expand their hours as it gets more populated around the #CourtStCoffeeDistrict
  6. Like I said in my above comment, it's all custom. The prototype wasn't followed so it won't look like a Courtyard. Just reserve judgement until you go see the completed project in person. But yeah, I agree with the sentiment. Boo Courtyard and their tepid, suburban, "business traveler" brand.
  7. YES. And re-purpose the building as Cincinnati's first micro-tel with one hotel room per jail cell haha.
  8. Looks like you're right. There's an opening at the ceiling to let some light in. At that point, I'd just prefer a half-wall. Then you can delete the hugely expensive barn door and save $50/month in rent lol. But it just seems like they wanted to do a one 1-bedroom apartment, forgot that they needed a window to classify it as 1-bedroom, so they just cut a hole in the bedroom wall. Agreed. Seems to be the norm in "luxury" living. Also, what's up with the flooring? It looks like they wanted to do polished concrete, realized that was too expensive, so they just put down some LVT that kinda-sorta looks like exposed concrete. Another thing that bothers me is the staging/decor. If they're trying to sell urban living, why hire Nancy from Blue Ash to stage the place?
  9. JACK Casino lot is far from being full on weekdays. Not exactly a prime location, but it's very close to where I work and many of my co-workers have passes there.
  10. It's also really annoying when you have a door within your unit that's locked and you can't access it. Like when things roll into the crack underneath the door and you have to wait for maintenance to retrieve it. Or when curious cats shove their paws underneath and pull out dusty bug carcasses. I definitely prefer the hallway access. Another big advantage is that the corridor access would make the mechanical equipment virtually silent from within the unit. Pretty sure it goes all the way to the ceiling. Seems like they classify it as a studio because there's no window in the bedroom. Not an ideal layout for people like me who struggle getting up without the help of daylight.
  11. Definitely agree that 1010 is a better location. Plus, you can go to a Kroger without even going outdoors. But Encore has better appliances, better finishes, better amenities, and better spatial layouts in the units. Both complexes are too rich for my blood, but if I had to choose it would honestly be a toss-up between the two. Perhaps I am just underestimating the demand among the younger folks with high-paying jobs.
  12. Just received pricing info for the new units. Is it just me or does $1400/month seem super expensive for a 628 SF studio?
  13. I also work in hospitality design @savadams13 we should grab a drink sometime lol. But I understand that depending on the scope of the renovation and the desired prestige level of the hotel, it could become more expensive to renovate. I've experienced first-hand the difficulty of renovating an older building up to newer hotel standards. However, I fundamentally disagree that it's ever a good trade-off to destroy an existing structure. We honestly need comprehensive emissions/carbon taxes in place to remove the incentive of demolishing perfectly good buildings. The only exception should be if there is no way to renovate with the existing conditions (like the 8th and Main building).
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