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  1. Okay... Even if this is the case, I'm still not seeing how this applies to OTR as a successful, sustainable mixed-use district.
  2. "...the newest hub for art, culture, food, and experience." They clearly have not spent any time in front of the Jobs & Family Services building
  3. They have done some interior demolition. Hauled off a whole dumpster full last week. But yes, nothing going on yet in the way of new construction.
  4. A few months ago, there was an article saying it was planned to open summer 2019.
  5. Snapped some photos the other night of the new BrewDog going in at Reading and Lockport. The architects are DKB out of Columbus. The space definitely has potential to be really nice.
  6. Not too bad if you are talking the rental price. At 600 SF they would be 1,020/month. Wow that's much worse than anything I imagined. Hope the pedestrian is okay. Still makes me think Body Snatcher will be closed for good.
  7. This is great news. That building has huge potential and I'm glad it's getting a good mixed-use program. Any idea of the price point on the residential? But the wine bar/coffee shop piece is yet another reason we should oppose the plan to make Auburn less pedestrian friendly. I also saw that Body Snatcher had part of its roof caved in the other day. Not sure if this was damage from nature or intentional demolition, but I don't see them recovering from it. I would guess the building is likely being demolished either way.
  8. People already mentioned this, so no it was not missed... If there isn't enough money to renovate, how would there be enough money to demo and rebuild? I have not seen this. It is along the lines of what I was thinking.
  9. Forgive me in advance if I am missing something here, but just because a building looks dated and is a bit of an eyesore does not mean you should demolish it and erect another building in its place. I hope this news isn't true because it would be wasteful beyond belief. The carbon footprint alone makes me want to rip my hair out. Assuming the Millenium Hotel is still a stable structure, there is so much that can be done design-wise to make it more appealing. Big blank walls downtown = every muralist's wet dream. There is also the possibility of AV installations (huge publicity with convention goers). Most buildings like this can even have entire walls ripped out and replaced with vision glass. Recladding the building is very doable. It is already a high-rise, and it would give it that "modern glass tower" look that will be out of style in 20 years and you'll once again be calling for its demolition. To make matters even worse, we are talking about putting another hotel in a building that is already a hotel? Can the rooms really not be retrofitted? There is also a huge empty surface lot basically right across the damn street! Users on this forum need to seriously consider the ramifications of demolishing an entire skyscraper when there are already way too many gaping holes in our urban fabric. I still feel like I am missing something.... I truly hope there is something massive preventing it from being renovated, otherwise this demolition would be a catastrophe for the environment and the city itself. I'm done ranting, for now...
  10. This makes sense. Emersion is kinda known for doing "architected" looking work on low budgets.
  11. I agree that it looks rather monolithic and imposing (typologically associated with jails). I have only seen renderings though, so it likely looks different IRL. Does anyone have any photos of the construction progress? Henning Larsen is an internationally renowned architecture firm and this is their first US project, so we should have high expectations for the design quality. Update: Did a little digging and found this image
  12. I love "renderings" that are just screengrabs from Sketchup. At least put a LITTLE effort into it.
  13. Just curious, what exactly do you think is wrong with the Cincinnatian? I am not really familiar with the project, I just walk past it often and it seems nice to me.
  14. I think preserving it for the time being seems like the best course of action. What's the rush to do something with it? There are plenty of other spots around OTR and the Central Parkway corridor that could use development. Just sit on it and don't let it fall apart until someone with the money and the motivation to renovate comes along. Demolishing or retrofitting the theatre is definitely not the answer, though.
  15. https://99percentinvisible.org/article/renderings-vs-reality-rise-tree-covered-skyscrapers/ I understand how it can be deceitful, and it is definitely an issue in the field worth addressing. However, renderings are not contracts, just marketing tools. If all renderings had to be executed exactly as is, you would literally never see a rendering because it's impossible to computer engineer an image to look exactly like it will be built in reality. Also, lots of things change over the course of a project like budgetary issues, zoning review board revisions, changes in program, client's opinions, etc. This is a horrible example, but it's kind of like how your burger at a fast food joint never looks as good as in the commercial...
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