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  1. It does look great but if you take away the cool paint job this is a really basic EFIS building with no architectural details. I'm amazed the paint job alone can make it look praise worthy but it works.
  2. You're right it was. That building is turning out so nice. I can't wait to see it with the sidewalks and street trees installed. Good to see an out of state developer come in and build a great looking building that looks exactly like what they originally proposed. It's not that hard.
  3. The mess of telephone and electricity wires have always looked third world to me. If you streetview Dhaka or Lagos they're everywhere. Singapore and Switzerland not so much. In the US most new neighborhoods have all the infrastructure underground because its cheaper to do it at construction. Undergrounding of utilities in an already built up area is very expensive but because of aesthetics and clearing the sidewalk for amenities it's often worth it in the prime locations of a city where you want to put your best face forward to residents and visitors. In my opinion 4th is getting to the point where they need to be put underground. The streetscape doesn't need to be as nice as High Street or downtown but a cohesive look with more street trees, benches, lighting, etc would be helpful to string all the new development together. There's another building back there that appears to be being restored but also that area is the driveway access from the apartment buildings parking to the street.
  4. Not in love with those changes. The white version and the black cage top design were more dynamic. The multicolor facade looks like it’s trying too hard to be trendy. I’d want to know a lot more about this materials too. The “townhomes” lining the parking deck look like they got one floor taller. They keep missing the bottom of the balconies being unfinished. If they added something to conceal the wooden structure the building would look a lot better. It’s small details like this that staff and commissions seem to keep missing in reviewing these buildings but I guess it doesn’t matter to me since I don’t live in Columbus anymore and I’ll never see this finished but the city should still be pushing for better.
  5. I think the billboards look trashy and it's annoying they keep ignoring their own regulations because the downtown standards clearly don't allow them. When there are so many new parking decks being built that actually look cool I don't get why they can't do something inventive in Columbus aside from the Convention Center Garage along 670. They should be wrapping them in something cool like the ones above and not whatever.
  6. Given how poorly so many (Luxe Belle, Uncommon, The Wellington) of the new projects under their purview have turned out and how little they've done to shape the look and feel of those buildings for the better I'm not expecting it to be addressed. It sure as hell feels like it, they tried to preserve some of what was there and do an interesting building and after getting some push back it's like they've proposed something that says here's what your sh*tty code requires / allows are you happy now?
  7. The pedestrian experience on SE corner of the building is just awful. Weather protection at entrances would have made the ground floor seem more fleshed out and maybe if they included some street trees in the renders it would have helped but this is just brutal looking.
  8. I overall like the look of Jeffery Park but I want to see some more detailed renderings of the taller building. It looks kind of weird and not very attractive the more I stare at it. I'm also all for adding architectural diversity but this sticks out in the development in a bad way. With some minor tweaks it could look like less of a goth art deco hospital.
  9. It was me, I reported it after posting my comment on the previous page of this thread. I'm so sick of the lack of accountability in Columbus and the City needs to do better ensuring these projects match the architectural approval, otherwise what's the point of taking up city staff, commissioner, and development team time reviewing all of this only to put blinders on and let them to go and build something else. This isn't the first building to do it, but I thought if I pick something that gets some negative publicity it might push them to make some changes to prevent it from happening again and we'd start getting projects actually match the approved drawings and renderings like in literally every other city the size of Columbus. The residents truly deserve better governance and oversight from the city. I also reported the damn cornice on the Brunner building around the same time and hopefully that's what got them into high gear installing the thing A YEAR after the building was "finished".
  10. I personally would love to see the garage torn down, you could fit at least 5 LC Matan sized buildings there, restore the street grid, and build the same amount of parking spaces if you had to in underground garages or in well designed parking podiums. While you're at it bring in the Greyhound station as part of a larger overall redevelopment and make River South and the Red Brick District a continuous stretch of solid urbanity.
  11. That and the grass lot across the street from it would be great. With all these new units added a public park in the area would be nice, Goodale can't meet everyones needs can it?
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