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  1. I think the church is ugly. If it was architecturally significant I'd be more concerned about the demolition, but it's nothing special. The new building design makes an attempt to preserve some of the design language and stained glass of the church but this doesn't translate well to an apartment building. Since they're going to tear down the church anyway, I'd rather see them look to the future of the neighborhood and come up with something that will work well with Gravity and the other new buildings in the area.
  2. It's hard to take pictures of images printed on mesh especially in direct sunlight but I was over by the Gravity 2.0 site and it's fenced off with construction equipment and the renders have changed drastically for the tall building and low rise as you can see from my pictures. I don't know about the other buildings. I'm sure we will see more as the project continues to move forward. They haven't submitted for permits yet so I'm sure they're just doing work to clear the site and maybe some soil testing. Either way I'm glad to see this move forward and the new designs appear to be much better. Edit: Just noticed the gravity website shows the redesigned buildings. This is by far the coolest project in the entire state right now. While on the website if you check the floor plans for the existing Gravity building, as cool as that building is the shape caused some really weird floor plans for the apartments. I don't know if I'd want to live in some of the weird triangular / trapezoidal units. https://gravityproject.com/commerce/
  3. I don't see the appeal of living in that area at all but at least there's more green space than a lot of other subdivisions that have been built in the past decade.
  4. Disappointing that this large piece of land at a prominent intersection is going to be a one story strip mall. I think the Clintonville Area Commission and residents are so NIMBY that developers are scared to deviate from code and request variances to build a nice mixed use development because they'll shoot it down. What needs to happen is better code to allow more types of development with less parking by right so that they don't have to get held up in the variance process.
  5. Townhaus should be done pretty soon. It's looking good, the brick looks weird in my picture only because it's wet. In person this looks better.
  6. The Morgan phase one is finishing up. The demo is on going for The Gemma across the street. The duplex or townhouse to the south of the apartment building is being framed out right now. I don't know if it's the weather but these look very cheap in person. I think a light beige brick instead of the stucco would have gone a long way. Also if the city would make people screen the damn ground mounted AC units...
  7. If there aren't desirable restaurants and shops what exactly do you think is going to attract the people? If the store fronts sit vacant for awhile I think that's okay, once the density is there the shops will get leased.
  8. I 100% agree with this statement. Many of the buildings aren't dense enough or contain blank facades and inactive ground floor uses that don't do anything that would create a desirable place for pedestrians or add to street vitality. The city I moved here from would have required roof decks on all of them and would have likely required either bay windows or balconies during design review to reinforce the connections to the river and none of the ground floors would have been approvable either. The LC buildings don't even have windows that open. The ground floor of this building is extremely bad design: https://goo.gl/maps/CkNcvGHXvWv and does nothing to make Riversouth an interesting place to be as a pedestrian. Building on the grass lot even if it's a government use would help further tie in a completely build out connection between the burgeoning node of activity on 4th and Main and Riversouth. Having more workers might encourage future infill in the area to contain more ground floor retail, although if the downtown commission was actually reviewing these projects thoroughly they'd be mandating better design. I wish a large out of state developer would come into Columbus and show local developers how a proper urban infill project can be done. I'd be so happy if Mill Creek, Gerding Edlen, or Trammel Crow would develop here, it would be a huge improvement over what Borror and Wagenbrenner are building.
  9. It's a term meant to describe the level of affordability of the housing units. It's a fairly common term. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Workforce_housing
  10. I'm amazed how this section of Hubbard Park Place manages to convincingly look like an old warehouse building. We need five of these on the surface lots around 4th & Spring downtown. Ground floor expansion of the graduate hotel project is fully underway. Soulless Vancouver should be fully complete on the exterior soon. They're moving very quickly. Another one that seemingly went up overnight. The residential portion behind it is at foundation level right now. Been waiting months for the Brunner Building to finish the stonework sections separating the first two floors from the residential portion. Surprised the final color for that windowless portion of the wall is going to be that bright white. The closer this project gets to completion the less I like it. Something about the design is a little bit off. The glass is too reflective and the weird roof deck covered patio messes with the proportions. Oh well.
  11. Budd Dairy is finally underway. Progress on the apartment building the north has slowed down significantly. No photo but the dry cleaners site at 1st and 4th is fenced off. I'm guessing that will move forward when it warms up.
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