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  1. Finally a link to back up my earlier claims. Everything looks good about the final phases but the taller building is kind of ugly but that's subjective.
  2. You can see two mast climbers being assembled on the lower floors of the west side of the building. For more information on the Rhodes Tower Modernization project Ohio DAS has posted a new newsletter for March 2019: The website can be found here and has more photos from their own Flickr account: https://das.ohio.gov/Divisions/General-Services/Properties-and-Facilities/Rhodes/Rhodes-Modernization#4897410-newsletter-
  3. The demo permit for Yoga on High was issued on 3/21 and all their building permits are issued so this is likely the beginning of construction for the project and not the next phase of the High Street improvement project.
  4. Yeah that's what I thought the question was: After it was answered you've said everyone was going off topic...
  5. Cincinnati has a streetcar, one designed to be a circulator through the city center just like the one in Kansas City, Portland, OKC, Milwaukie, Atlanta etc. Toronto also has a streetcar but they run much longer lines, sometimes in their own ROW, and connect to multiple bus and subway stations. The vehicles are often the same as the ones used in light rail system, however light rail is designed with stops separated wider distances, run at higher speeds, and often serve an entire region not a city or just a neighborhood. Light rail is a large investment that attracts more development around the stations and has a much larger capacity than a streetcar line. As other comments have stated light rail or streetcars attract greater investment / density along the route because they can't easily be removed. If COTA decided the CMAX wasn't working out they could probably get rid of it with minimal barriers, it would take a lot to dismantle an entire rail based system that cost billions to construct. Light rail most of the time runs in a dedicated ROW unlike a streetcar or BRT system and has fare gates like a subway and sometimes have sections that are underground or elevated. You can find examples of BRT or Streetcars that do go underground or elevated but that's uncommon. There's really no set definition for each because they can all contain some or all of the elements you'd find in a regional high capacity system like a subway line.
  6. I think that 5th & Summit project is getting revised drastically. There's a very recent variance application in for FAR which makes me think they've changed the design of the project. Hopefully some renderings surface soon it would be nice for it not to be stalled anymore.
  7. One buying in a development like that should be well aware that the completion of the project may result in the loss of a view etc. If they want their skyline view back they'll just have to build taller buildings downtown so they can see them over all the new development in Jeffery Park.
  8. This site is also actively making its way though the approval process but hasn't made it to the Downtown Commission yet. Looks like another surface lot will bite the dust.
  9. Just because they haven't made it to the Italian Village Commission where renders would surface for articles doesn't mean projects aren't taking shape in the background. The City of Columbus isn't the most transparent city for finding out what development applications are being filed and where but if you know where to look it's not impossible.
  10. The final version of this project is the photo in this link and the approved site plan for it shows a hotel and surface parking where the office building was proposed. The surface lot might get developed at some point if they decide to build the office building in the future. I'm going to assume it's going to be a surface lot for quite some time. I love that they're preserving the existing facades on the site but I'm less excited about the tower because the final version is the worst out of all of the proposals.
  11. The reason this was downsized is because they're shifting density toward the southern most portion of the site with 6-10 floor buildings proposed there. It kind of makes sense because this will block any noise from the interstate from the rest of the Jeffery Park site, but I'm concerned about more density and the traffic it generates in that portion of the development having to traverse a bunch of narrow streets with parking on both sides to get in and out.
  12. They're out of touch thinking anyone is going to pay that to live there especially when the market is slowing down. They're going to wind up with no development at all.
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