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  1. I think it's possible for it to be incorporated into the headquarters. We'll see what they do. Very excited to see the first renderings.
  2. I think this is the most impressive rehab in Cleveland history. What a beautiful building.
  3. A 600' tower would be unbelievable. We'll see what happens. If they make it a mixed-use building, I always thought it would be awesome if they built a modern theater. All their current theaters are very historic and old (which is great). But a modern one would add some diversity to the district. Building a theater on the lower floors would be interesting.
  4. Wow I guess I was wrong. That's a small site. Looks like the opposite is true then. Lumen Act II has the potential to be even taller.
  5. The site of The Lumen Act II looks much larger than the current construction site. My guess is that if a second tower is made, it will be much shorter due to the large sq ft area. Does anyone know how many acres this site is?
  6. If the average floor height is the same as the Lumen, this project will have a final height of 270ft. Not bad.
  7. 2020 is starting off strong. This is seriously going to create so much development. I'm so excited. Cleveland could have an entire new district (Scranton) if this plays out well. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. If the 2020's are as good as the 2010's for Downtown Cleveland, things are going to be very different in a few years. Let's see if the momentum can continue.
  9. Should be finished a year or so in advance too. Perfect timing.
  10. So now we know the location,.The river would have been interesting, but I'm soooo glad they chose this site. Now I have to find the patience to wait a few months for the renderings to be announced. This has been an amazing journey. Urban Ohio should throw a party.
  11. I'm going to post this here for anyone who missed it. We're most likely looking at a building between 600-700 feet.
  12. Love the first development. The second one looks like an office building in the 70's. It's great to see more development in Hough though. This area needs it.
  13. Doing the math here... If Sherwin decides to have a 40 story tower and the floor height is comparable to Key Tower's: Key Tower: 57 floors, 888 feet (without roof) 888 feet / 57 stories = 15.58 feet/story Sherwin-Williams Tower: 40 floors x 15.58 feet = 623.16 feet That's still fairly impressive, and only 36" shorter than 200 Public Square.
  14. I'll take it! Definitely interesting for sure. I have no idea whet the skyline would look like if they choose this site. Very excited to hear their official announcement.
  15. I just find it ridiculous that anyone takes him seriously. His company is based around large companies moving cities. Don't you think he's gonna be a little biased?
  16. "Although he is not working directly with Sherwin Williams in its hunt." ... Okay so they know nothing lol. Maybe Sherwin was considering other cities in the past, but I think it's pretty obvious the most likely choice is Cleveland. This article is click-bait.
  17. Hopefully this won't delay them. They should be able to fix that in a few weeks.
  18. When these are done, Euclid is really going to be something special. And the Centennial is the icing on the cake. So excited.
  19. No way is it 500 feet dude... The estimations are around 250 feet giving that this building will only be 22 stories.
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