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  1. Just imagining that all these buildings could have been redeveloped into luxury apartments is making me sad. It's time to rebuild.
  2. Correct. I'm pretty sure the building is currently 20% occupied. 60% of the building is reserved, so another 40% still need to choose whether or not they're moving in. (Or maybe their rooms aren't finished yet)
  3. I was looking to move in there^! They had some of the best prices downtown has to offer. I wonder if they're going to increase the rent after this...
  4. This project is the final missing puzzle piece on Euclid. This would easily be my favorite intersection in the city in my opinion if it's completed.
  5. Buildings can have very different floor heights. I've noticed modern hotel and apartment high-rises usually have a smaller average floor-height, but it still varies.
  6. I think the crane went up 7 months ago... But it broke ground around a year ago I'm pretty sure.
  7. If I'm seeing this correctly, they might need to do a third small crane jump to finish the last 1 or 2 floors... I'm measuring the height of the floors and it doesn't seem like 9 floors will be able to fit under the crane.
  8. Took this while walking to the Indians game last night. Pictures don't give this project justice. It looks SO COOL in person. It's going to be much wider (looking at it from the East) than I thought. I'm already jealous of the people who will call this place home.
  9. I agree with everyone. Micro units would be an amazing idea for downtown and it would bring in so many new residents. But let's forget about whether it's a good idea or not. Is this project actually gonna happen!?! It seems like we've been waiting forever for this to move along.
  10. Great info! We'll see if anything happens. It would be a great location for a skyscraper cause the west-side needs it badly. If the building ends up being 40 stories tall, using the same floor height as the Lumen that means it should be around 470ft tall.
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