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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for this summer!
  2. This is going to make walking around this area so much cooler!
  3. Are there any updates on FEB Phase 3? Is this thing actually happening? When was the estimated time the project was supposed to start?
  4. Yes! Walked by there today and it looks like they're on the second floor above street level.
  5. Yall are crazy. The west side of the flats look like trash. Literally any of these renderings a would make the area look more welcoming and alive.
  6. I'm usually a skyscraper kinda person... But I have to agree. The AoDK renderings look much better than this. I'd take either of them though.
  7. I wish this development would happen! Wow that is amazing architecture. Hopefully a developer will recognize this and make a commitment.
  8. When this is finished, it will hopefully join the Schofield building as the most beautiful renovations the city has seen. This project looks stunning!
  9. Hopefully if the Beacon creates good business, more development will come! The Beacon is one of my top choices for my new apartment after I graduate in May.
  10. Not much has changed yet. They're still cleaning up the rotten interior.
  11. From this article, it sounds like the project is far from dead. Hopefully 2019 is a good year for nuCLEus.
  12. Very unlikely... But possible I guess?
  13. I think it might be a little too late for that.. Next recession might be right around the corner!
  14. http://rebusinessonline.com/berkadia-arranges-100m-refinancing-for-ernst-young-office-building-in-downtown-cleveland/