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  1. Only about 8% live in the dorms... That doesn't include The Edge, The Langston, or any other apartments downtown. I don't know the exact number, but I'd guess close to 40% of CSU students live in the downtown area.
  2. Unsure. I work for SW and I've heard no plans about getting rid of the Minneapolis branch. It would definitely make sense moving them over though... Because having everyone in one place would make everything more efficient.
  3. We're lucky anything is being built. If Stark pulls this off it will be amazing. I also love the design. Not everything is about height. Urban density is more important.
  4. I'm wayyyyyy more confident that this version of nucleus is happening. It sounds like they don't need some crazy bill to pass in order to finance it anymore, which is a huge plus. It will be very disappointing if it doesn't break ground this year.
  5. Interesting.... It could just be that they're replacing the concrete, but I like to stay optimistic. Skyscraper! Skyscraper! C'mon, chant with me!
  6. Does anyone know if the Shake Shack thing is still happening? I haven't seen any activity. The door still says "available for retail"
  7. At least we got the Lumen coming up! I'm a fan of the dark-blue all-glass buildings. The Lumen and the Hilton Cleveland Downtown have very similar styles in my opinion
  8. I think there's legitimate criticism of this design though. They were worried about the building turning completely light- pink as it aged over time. Which would look pretty bad.
  9. I'm a software developer, so if this comes true this is good news for me. So many opportunities it sounds like.
  10. Why are people spreading rumors without backing themselves up with sources? This feed is a joke and I'm taking nothing seriously from it
  11. I love seeing everyone flock into downtown again! The next few years are going to be fun. I'm also getting an apartment (hopefully at the Beacon) after I graduate from CSU in May.
  12. I'm so excited about this project. It might just be my favorite. This is a HUGE missing link along Euclid that will drastically change the atmosphere once it's finished.
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