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  1. "Although he is not working directly with Sherwin Williams in its hunt." ... Okay so they know nothing lol. Maybe Sherwin was considering other cities in the past, but I think it's pretty obvious the most likely choice is Cleveland. This article is click-bait.
  2. Hopefully this won't delay them. They should be able to fix that in a few weeks.
  3. When these are done, Euclid is really going to be something special. And the Centennial is the icing on the cake. So excited.
  4. No way is it 500 feet dude... The estimations are around 250 feet giving that this building will only be 22 stories.
  5. If there are any public city council meetings that cover this Sherwin-Williams move, I'd love to attend. We need to show our voices that Sherwin is appreciated here in NEO.
  6. If that's the case, this would be the worst news Cleveland's had in over a decade. Keeping my fingers crossed Sherwin doesn't make this horrible move.
  7. If only Urban Ohio was in charge of the city There would definitely be a lot more enthusiasm and urgency. That's for sure.
  8. After Sherwin leaves the Landmark office towers, they would make a great apartment/condo conversion project. Very similar size to the Centennial.
  9. The costs to move to NYC or LA would be too huge. I don't see how that could benefit the company. I work in software development, and the average salary in NYC/LA is over 50% more than it is here in Cleveland.
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