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  1. Very good point. We could definitely see an increase in hotel development because of the draft. They would have to begin construction within the next couple of months though if they want it to be complete in time.
  2. The Hanna building is almost exactly the half-way mark. Hanna building = 194ft The Lumen = 396ft It's going to dwarf the surrounding buildings.
  3. After what seems like an eternity... We might finally see the nuCLEus project break ground! I won't believe it until I see it though.
  4. It's also amazing that the building is only 1/3 complete. It already seems a little tall.
  5. Graduated yesterday and couldn't miss the opportunity to take graduation pics in front of my favorite construction site
  6. It's across the street from a freaking jail... lol
  7. Exactly^ It's in a bad location. I've been looking at apartments for awhile, and The Standard has always been one of the lowest on my list. If it was 3-400 dollars cheaper I would consider it.
  8. A Target would look great in this location... But sadly most CityTarget's contain at least 80,000 square feet of retail space. The Centennial project only has 40,000 square feet of retail, so trying to squeeze a Target in there would be pretty difficult.
  9. It's cool that this will be the tallest building built in CLE since 2002 (when the Federal Court House was finished)
  10. It's like they purposely chose the worst name imaginable. It's so bad.
  11. Thought this would be relevant here. I created a petition for a City-Target in downtown CLE. Please sign if you think this would be great for the city thanks. http://chng.it/Kq892fPV7q
  12. http://chng.it/Kq892fPV7q I just made this petition for a Target in downtown CLE! Please sign and share around. Target and the CEO will be notified if we hit a certain amount of signatures. Thanks!
  13. Summer 22 is when the first apartments will be available for lease. Summer 23 is when the entire project will be complete.
  14. Construction hasn't started yet. It's planned to start later this year and won't be completed until summer 2023.
  15. Pretty much. There's very few abandoned buildings left downtown. The rest are all small.
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