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  1. Because of people like me who have their own opinion that Ikea is a great store where you get great stuff at very reasonable prices. Can you get stuff there you may be unhappy with? Probably, but they do have a return department just like any other large retailer. I suggest you ignore this thread and don't shop there when it opens and we'll all be happy.
  2. Funny, it looks just like the one my wife lived in several years back.
  3. Is the house you are living in happen to be on Flora?
  4. Ok, this is me being very objective and positive about Findlay Market and their Marketing dept. Thank God they are actually doing something to promote the market outside of their e-marketing through their web site!
  5. As far as the insurance requirement goes, the official word from Findlay Market management is that the market has always required the insurance they have never enforced the policy. They say that the City of Cincinnati requires it. The Farmers did check into this and the City had no idea what we were talking about. On a side not I think its good idea for any business to have some sort of liability insurance.
  6. The Farmers Market shed is located in the north (main) parking lot it runs perpendicular to the main building that houses the traditional vendors. The farmers market has specific rules that only allow farm products to be grown and sold by the farmer renting the stall. The Farmers market will also allow some "cottage" industry folks to sell their stuff as long as they are home based. A good example would be the soap vendor and some baked goods people. The produce people located on the East esplanade are considered "resellers" of their goods. So if you see someone selling in the Farmers market you know, except for maybe when the market shed is mostly empty during the off season, that the products being sold are pretty much theirs.
  7. Its actually more like tripling the fees. I will admit that the fees were very reasonable.
  8. Actually that is kinda what I'm saying. When you go to Ikea and take the 6th street exit off of I75 heading west, I think, before you actually hit the store you drive through a residential part of the project that, to me, resembles the Corryville project. There were several midrise multi-tennant buildings with some off street parking forming kind of a neighborhood feel. I guess this is on the edge of the Atlantic Station project not the main portion.
  9. Having been to the Ikea in Atlanta a couple of times, I can't help but notice that this project looks very similar to the one AIG Carter built down South. I know it's not the same developer but it just makes me go hmmm.
  10. I worked in Blue Ash for almost 10 years. I worked at the corner of Reed Hartman and Pfeiffer and it took at least 20 minutes to get to and from the interstates 71 and 275 during rush hour. A lot of jobs are there but I will do what ever I can to never work in that area again! It's kind of a nice area but I really don't get the attraction for so many businesses being there. So it's "very close to the highways" , but if it takes longer to get to these highways during peak hours where is the big incentive to have your business there?
  11. Why do people always have to disassociate the "South Bank" with the rest of Downtown Cincinnati? My feeling is that most of the urban core "is" Downtown Cincy. Have you ever been to London UK? The actual "city" of London is nothing but boring office towers and subway stations. The rest of the city that we would associate with London, where most of the attractions are located, is in a town called Westminster. So I guess some people might suggest that London is a terrible boring city with nothing to do there.
  12. "All we need is love", hmm I think I've heard that somewhere before, or PROZAC. "The times, they are a changin". Any ideas how we might change this perception or is this a little too Pollyanna for you?
  13. Thanks, I do tend to be more of an optimist and actually believe that we might actually have turned a corner with our population loses. I think this is the best evidence yet. I also believe, as has been stated many times before, that a large percentage of the loses are attributed to the decline in household size rather than the number of households moving out which has to level off sooner or later. This thought coupled with the ample evidence more people are interested in living in an urban setting makes me think the possibilities we are gaining population is real.
  14. I think it's kind of funny how the responses have morphed on this posting. Why are we discussing Muslims in Paris? It's almost like we (Cincinnatians) no longer know how to take some really good news and actually crow about it. Lets face it, this report of our city's population numbers turning around are in fact what we have been looking for to validate what we've known all along, that this is one of the countries premier cities in which to live.
  15. Yesterday I drove down Liberty and noticed that the Grammers building no longer had a for sale sign up and there were people walking around, and the doors were open. Has anyone heard if Jim Tarbell is reopening it or has someone purchased it?
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