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  1. Loved this. Saw him on 60 minutes too. Wish our politicians were as well reasoned. And our voting population cared enough to become informed.
  2. It really is interesting how we classify things according to the political boundaries. Yet, those boundaries seem arbitrary when you look at patterns of human/economic behavior. Perhaps that is why we end up arguing about the definitions of CMA's vs. MSA's so often.
  3. Thanks @KJPfor the clip . Barcelona is one of my favorite places with lots of great architecture and innovative planning from the 19th & 20th centuries. Rather than constantly chase verticallity with tall skyscrapers, I'd much rather see American cities work toward walkable density with a bit more human scale like they there. Blasphemy, I know.
  4. I live in columbus. Granted OSU games bring in tons of people but I always feel like there are more tourists when I visit Cleveland. The art museum, RRHOF, pro sports etc. I am just shocked that columbus could have that many more.
  5. Does it seem logical that Columbus has more than double the number of tourists of Cleveland? Cleveland is saying that they have 18.5 million visitors in 2017. According to Columbus, they have 41 million. I can accept a different, but the size of the gap makes me wonder if the methodology differs. Do they count visitors the same way? What accounts for the huge difference? Thoughts?
  6. Great stuff as always. Thanks May Day!
  7. Weather and climate are different. However, as the climate warms there are more 90 degree days. Science says a storm on a 90 degree day has more energy and can carry more water than a storm at 60 degrees. If you Google "how much hotter is your hometown" you can access a database showing how many more 90 degree days Cincinnati has just in my lifetime and how the trend is likely to continue.
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