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  1. If you want to go tell rape victims why they will be killed if they don't choose between the less bad alleged rapist and the more bad alleged rapist, be my guest. I'm not carrying that water.
  2. Further more, if you want to pre-blame me for the hypothetical future deaths of innocence, perhaps first ask the 2016 Hillary primary supporters to wash their blood off first. They picked the losing candidate. I voted for her in the general, but that wasn't enough apparently.
  3. Maybe you should worry more about how you're going to fill in your circle than whatever I'm doing.
  4. At this point it's obvious that you don't read anything I say, including the part where I said I'm voting for Biden and you should too. And you accuse me of blindly putting my friends in danger our of pride? How dare you.
  5. The median family income in my city is $32,455. So more than half of my city is poor. What middle class are we talking about again?
  6. I don't care about feeling good, that cause is long gone. I want you to vote for Biden, AND primary out establishment Democrats, AND canvas/petition/protest, AND participate in mutual aid.
  7. What am I doing that is going to get us "killed"? Demanding more from my politicians? Organizing people and enacting change outside of elections? You know I am LGBT, as are most of my friends. They universally despise Biden. He is extremely unfavorable with <40 segment. We know his faults, and we are trying to work for change independent of him, because he is a part of the system of oppression. He is against universal healthcare, and millions will DIE without it. Saying that "voting for Biden is not enough" is killing me and my communities? Really? Forget that. What do you know. A month of protesting did more good than a decade of voting for centrists. Bush was abhorrent, Trump is an existential threat to our nation, but Obama greased the wheels and handed over the keys to Trump. We can't let Biden be a Do-Nothing absentee president like Sleepy Frank Jackson, or everyone will realize how useless the Democratic Party is. And then things will be even worse as the nation falls to another right wing populist, convinced that the left is incapable of improving their miserable lives.
  8. Conservatives devalue human life so much that they will say that you deserve to die for any excuse unless you are "one of them".
  9. It doesn't take a terrorist to run someone over, it just takes someone who is so angry at being inconvenienced that they are willing to kill over it. Like cops. He could have driven at a much lower speed until everything was safe. There was no reason to be speeding there except to attack in rage.
  10. A platform is just a promise. How much are a politician's promises worth to you, especially a spineless warmonger and champion of predatory finance? Go ahead and vote for Biden, just don't pretend that it's anything more than doing the bare minimum to help the working class.
  11. Before the murder defense force comes in, this was on a closed stretch of highway, the driver did not slow down. It was a deliberate attack. Murder.
  12. https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/505647-nina-turner-addresses-bidens-search-for-a-running-mate "If you are a progressive, you need not apply, that's just the bottom line here. And no one should be surprised by this, certainly Vice President Joe Biden has the right to pick whomever he decides to. However, there is a component within the mainstream Democratic Party that has a disdain for progressives. So that is why the congresswoman is not on that list," Turner said on Hill.TV's "Rising." Turner noted that the Biden campaign is under pressure to pick a woman of color as its running mate in light of recent protests over systemic racism and police brutality, but that his running mate should be a progressive and not just check a box. "This woke crowd, this is just temporary, this is just an illusion. Black women should have been mentioned in the game for a very long time...this moment is forcing any of the Black women that you even being mentioned in serious contention for the vice presidential slot, they are being mentioned because of the bubbling up of the grassroots," she said. "This has to be...about an affirmation of humanity. It cannot be about just checking off the box."
  13. They've been working the land of that parcel and the one east for a little while. There was a fun sinkhole that opened up in 2019 and had to be patched.
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