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  1. Had Zaytoon again today, excellent as always. I think there's room for both of these places. Raving Med was not great though. If Sittoo's food is comparable to Aladdin's it should do well there.
  2. Cavalier Attitude

    Gun Rights

    Do any of those purposes justify a civilian owning an AR-15 with a bump stock? I don't want to ban all guns, but I'd sure like to ban all assault rifles.
  3. Cavalier Attitude

    Gun Rights

    The guns come from outside of the city. 60% of guns used in Chicago gun crimes came from outside the state. Cities are bleeding because of lax rural gun restrictions. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/11/07/where-the-guns-used-in-chicago-actually-came-from/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.766820e25f14 Wait, are you saying that our gun crime statistics are GOOD? They're terrible! Far worse than the rest of the developed world. That number is actually low because it excludes suicides. There were twice as many suicides by gun as homicides. Bringing the total up to 10.6 deaths per 100,000 in 2013. The current gun laws are horribly lax and directly contribute to suicides and gun crime. It's baffling to me that half the country thinks this situation is okay, or worse, wants to make guns even easier to get.
  4. Cavalier Attitude

    Cleveland: Restaurant News & Info

    Jack Flaps in the 5th Street Arcade downtown is closed. Not sure if temporarily or for good. Posted on the door is a "public notice by order of the tax commissioner" that suspends its vendor license. Maybe they didn't pay taxes?
  5. didn't the Athletic Club and Euclid Grand both get tax credit extensions? seems like there's always a way to get around deadlines.
  6. Anecdote: I used to live in the 1010 Euclid building (operated by the 9). A lot of residents left 1010 and the 9 for The Edison. So I don't know exactly how they did it, but it seems like they did a very good job of marketing to the luxury renters.
  7. Ohio City probably has cheaper rent though. How do we attract tenants when downtown commercial rent is higher, but the foot traffic is still low?
  8. Oversaturation? Seems like demand is meeting supply.
  9. I was wondering how many other cities have a "microgrid", and what the demand is for that kind of service? I can't tell if this is a cool innovation or an expensive boondoggle. Do we already have a geothermal plant?
  10. Cavalier Attitude

    Cleveland: Downtown Office Development News

    My company looked in to relocating to the United Bank building a few years ago. We turned it down primarily due to space and architecture concerns. There were many "historic hallways" that needed to be preserved, and that severely limited build-out options. I'm not surprised that they're throwing in the towel and converting to apartments.
  11. Cavalier Attitude

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    The biggest crime-whiners seem to be the long-time residents, not the newcomers...
  12. Cavalier Attitude

    Cleveland: Random Quick Questions

    If you don't need it right away, there's an app that lets you take a picture of your key and then they mail a copy to you.
  13. Cavalier Attitude

    The "Generation Gap"

    This is a point of confusion that annoys me. Recent conversation: Guy: This "juuling" thing has really taken off with kids. I saw an article that said it's all over high schools. Me: Yea, it's a shame because those things were invented to help people stop smoking. Guy: Leave it to millennials to ruin a good thing! I guess this guy just thought millennials meant anyone younger than him. Maybe he called them "millenials" because there isn't consensus yet on what to call the younger generation. Gen Z seems to be the most popular label. But with my generation, we were called Gen Y for a while (corresponding with coming of age around Y2K and a continuation of X, I guess) before "millenials" became more popular. Although I am a bit hesitant to promote the use of these labels in the first place, since they seem to do more harm than good.
  14. Cavalier Attitude

    The "Generation Gap"

    I thought of several possible titles for this topic - The Generation Gap (real or perceived), Generations in the Media, etc. The topic I want to discuss is how the media portrays the differences between generations (millenials/gen x/boomers/what have you), and how that lines up with your own experiences and perceptions. In my perception, as a "millenial" (though I'm nearly 30), the media has been consistently portrayed millenials negatively, and at conflict with other generations. Time Magazine has been rather egregious about this, having published negative articles about the current generation going back decades. Before millenials were narcissistic and entitled, gen x was portrayed the same way: https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/05/me-generation-time/315151/ Lastly, if you have some time to spare, the Citations Needed podcast episode on "the media's bogus generation obsession" is very good (like most all of their work). Their thesis is that the media uses generational tension as a palatable substitute for race and class conflict, topics that might upset the viewer or media higher-ups. Young people criticize old people, old people criticize young people, but the power/money/media presence is concentrated mostly in the older generations, and they can wield generational differences as a cudgel to push through their policies and influence public opinion. So that's what the media says - what is reality? In my opinion, the defining event for millenials was the financial crisis. As I was graduating college, jobs were scarce, the stock market was trashed (and gaining, but not like most young people could participate), and housing was unaffordable. Millenials work longer hours for lower wages, and have fewer guaranteed future benefits. Pensions, what are those? I also see a lot of hesitancy to investing in the stock market or real estate, because the perception is that the market could crash again at any time. Also, less money to play with. How much do these sort of cultural gaps matter? Not as much as the media seems to think, but they do matter somewhat. I think it's important for older generations to understand the circumstances that are causing millenials to marry later, live with their parents longer, and approach financial issues differently, because that can influence policy decisions. I'm posting this here because this is one of my few social media outlets that has members from a variety of ages and backgrounds and wanted to get opinions on this subject.
  15. Sounds like good news to me. That's a good looking building.