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  1. then why is DHS/ICE punishing and detaining legal asylum seekers? they have committed no crime. all of the major avenues of legal immigration are being severely restricted. by the way, there was barely a "process" for immigration until relatively recently in our nation's history. I imagine you already know this and don't care, you just don't want to see more brown people or hear other languages.
  2. I heard getting impeached by the House prevents you from being pardoned by a future president? But Nixon was of course pardoned by Ford, so idk if that is a new rule or I heard incorrect information. either way, getting impeached by the House only is not a realistic check on executive power.
  3. I don't remember his specifics, but Buttigieg was also proposing Supreme Court justice reform. I think it should be a party platform, along with adding or dividing states and ending the filibuster.
  4. Pretty sure the populist left wants to "blow the whole thing up" because they want a better society and healthcare and all. as I've been saying, Sanders is not a cult of personality, he's just literally the only remotely socialist candidate who has run in a very long time, with no clear successor. So the time is now.
  5. Sounds about right. For whatever my opinion is worth I don't blame Urban Ohioans or Ukrainian journalists or whatever for letting this slide. It would take a keen eye to notice what was going on and put the pieces together. If anyone is to blame I would look to the leadership who let it happen.
  6. It's all here, clear as crystal. https://beltmag.com/ukrainian-money-laundering-cleveland/ "During the course of this alleged money laundering, they became the largest property owners in Cleveland. They purchased, under the name Optima Ventures, five skyscrapers between 2008-2010: One Cleveland Center, 55 Public Square, Huntington Building, AECOM/Penton Media Building, and the Crowne Plaza Building. Then they let those buildings deteriorate, and sold them at a loss. (They also bought a steel mill in Warren, which has since gone out of business, its 162 workers laid off.)" (apologies if this is not the right forum, wasn't exactly sure where to put it)
  7. The funny thing is that she did Obama dirty in 08, worse than she did to Bernie in 16, and he gave her Secretary of State so she wouldn't cause a ruckus at the convention as a consolation prize.
  8. Yes! Exactly! It's almost like I have principles and an ideology besides "orange man bad"! Wild concept!
  9. This is a topic about the primary. The primary is soon. That comes first. Go to the General Election topic if that is all you want to talk about. And boy I could say the same about "missing the bigger picture" in terms of the stakes. The primary is the main electoral way by which a party is reformed or transformed. The Democrats need to reach out to disaffected people, and to do that, it has to shift left. It has to get people to believe they can actually make a lasting difference. The decades old bad strategies have got to change, the leadership had to change.
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