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  1. I searched the meeting agendas for this but couldn't find it. Maybe someone with better city council searching mojo could find it.
  2. My parents paid for half of my down payment, although I could have paid it myself by dipping more into savings. It's not fair, but I'm not gonna turn it down either...
  3. Seems like Driftwood is trying to own the entirety of PHS.
  4. Where are you seeing that? This is what zillow has right now, but it might not be up to date.
  5. "The transformation of Quicken Loans Arena will be completed for the start of the Cavaliers 2019-2020 NBA season." https://www.theqtransformation.com/
  6. Halle might be considered complete at this point (honestly not sure what the criteria for complete is).
  7. I'm OK with this as long as the streets get ample lighting.
  8. Trial is underway now. https://www.cleveland.com/open/2019/03/ohio-gerrymandering-trial-kicks-off.html
  9. When is this project supposed to be done? I want my sidewalk back.
  10. I haven't seen that one in particular, but most video boards look like IRL pop-up ads. that you can't block.
  11. Anyone eaten at Good Company yet? I really liked their burgers, and they have Jackie O's on tap. Popular place though. I went last Friday and there was a 45 min wait.
  12. No offense meant but I wouldn't mind seeing the Big Egg die, assuming something good would replace it. Between the owner being a jerk, food being meh, and the health code violations...
  13. Cleveland is doing fine, just don't expect any help from our legislature in Columbus. In fact, expect the opposite.
  14. Had Zaytoon again today, excellent as always. I think there's room for both of these places. Raving Med was not great though. If Sittoo's food is comparable to Aladdin's it should do well there.
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