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  1. Honest question, does downtown Cleveland have excess parking garages right now? Obviously we have too many surface lots. (Feel free to answer for Cbus/Cinci/other cities as well since this is in Ohio discussion).
  2. do you read Current Affairs? IMO they are great at making moral arguments for socialism, and bringing up important topics that are rarely discussed elsewhere. https://currentaffairs.org
  3. I'm an advocate for socialism, so, I will post Jacobin from time to time. I try to stick to issues that are relevant to the majority of people. (there's plenty of room to quibble over qualifiers to the term socialism, but I think that's rather useless) I'm glad that many of these proposals have appeal across the aisle. If we can get everyone talking about them, and not just the far left, then they will become more mainstream and have a higher chance of becoming reality. And I think that many of them would help the vast majority of people in this country, which also includes conservatives. Corporations are starting to wake up to the fact that "shareholders only, profits first" (argued by Milton Friedman in 1970 and the defining corporate strategy since then) is not a tenable or sustainable position. Whether or not that is merely lip service will be seen. Additional pressure will be needed for change to happen. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-jp-morgan-business-roundtable/top-u-s-ceos-say-companies-should-put-social-responsibility-above-profit-idUSKCN1V91EK
  4. I can't blame you for finding it off-putting if you see politics as a friendly meeting of the minds, but under the surface it's an uncivil struggle for power and it always has been. Thousands of Americans die every year from lack of proper healthcare, and that's off-putting too. Regarding the policy, I see it as insurance against companies pocketing the benefits of m4a. In general, it's obviously impossible that everything Sanders proposed would be enacted, exactly as written. It's a set of goals to strive towards, and ammunition for workers to say "this is what we are fighting for".
  5. Why should he kowtow to the CEOs and board members? They aren't going to vote for him anyways. Many Dems try to play both sides and it rarely works out for the workers.
  6. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2019/08/bernie-sanders-labor-unions-proposal-workplace-democracy Bernie Sanders’s Workplace Democracy Plan, unveiled yesterday, is the best plan for promoting workers’ rights ever proposed by a major US presidential candidate. Whether they support or oppose it, all the other Democratic candidates will have to respond to it.
  7. What if they can't afford the co-pays and deductibles? Then you have to implement more means-testing BS. It gives opponents way more footholds to undermine the system.
  8. As a side note, when I was checking other candidate's websites for union policies, a google result for "biden 2020" didn't even have his website (joebiden.com) on the first page. 2/3 down the list was https://joebiden.info/ which sounded like it might be his site, but it's actually an anti-Biden site. The "frontrunner" really needs to step up his SEO.
  9. Sanders released his Workplace Democracy Plan. As far as I can tell, none of the other candidates have anything close to this. It is critical that we empower workers. https://berniesanders.com/the-workplace-democracy-plan/ Bernie’s pro-union plan would: Provide unions the ability to organize through a majority sign up process Enact “first contract” provisions to ensure companies cannot prevent a union from forming by denying a first contract. Eliminate the “Right to Work for Less.” Under Bernie’s plan, companies will no longer be able to ruthlessly exploit workers by misclassifying them as independent contractors or deny them overtime by falsely calling them a “supervisor.” Make sure that employers can no longer use franchisee or contractor arrangements to avoid responsibility and liability for workers Give federal workers the right to strike. Make sure every public sector union in America has the freedom to negotiate. Require companies that merge to honor existing union contracts. Deny federal contracts to employers that pay poverty wages, outsource jobs overseas, engage in union busting, deny good benefits and pay CEOs outrageous compensation packages. Ban the permanent replacement of striking workers. Stops corporations from forcing workers to attend mandatory anti-union meetings as a condition of continued employment. Establish federal protections against the firing of workers for any reason other than “just cause.” Create a sectoral collective bargaining system with wage boards to set minimum standards across industries. Guarantee the right to unionize for all workers. Allow for secondary boycotts. Expand and update the persuader rule. A fair transition to Medicare for All
  10. Probably something like "there is a difference between being anti-Semitism and being critical of the state of Israel"
  11. 19% Medicaid, 16% Medicare, 5% VA by 2016 stats, so yeah, 40%.
  12. Well, he calls himself a socialist. He supports a lot of socialist policies. I would only consider him a "capitalist" if you are beholden to a capitalist-socialist binary, and group everything to the right of "overthrow capitalism" as capitalist, but that is a rather useless distinction.
  13. Medicare was started "from scratch" and had 19 million enrollees in ONE YEAR. With 1960s technology. Just because you think it can't be done doesn't mean it can't be done. edit - rereading I might have missed your point. I get that there are entrenched interests fighting against this (the insurance industry, the pharma industry, and others). they will have to be defeated. It is still possible. there is a clear path here - a consistent reduction in the minimum age for Medicare until there is no minimum.
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