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  1. Getting first is losing apparently. Damn, I had it all wrong.
  2. how many examples will be posted before something changes?
  3. You can argue that Pete did nothing evil at McKinsey (doubtful), but McKinsey does evil things. There are endless examples, such as consulting for ICE, where their proposals for cutting food and medical supplies to detained migrants shocked even the ICE careerists. Godwinning myself, but they are basically in the same category as IBM helping the Nazis.
  4. With her campaign it wasn't as much of a policy thing as much as demographic targeting. There was a very heavy focus on getting suburban voters, especially suburban women. IIRC she mostly stayed with the same positions throughout the campaign. I'm guessing that by 2019 standards she would be to the right of where Warren is now, but in 2016 Medicare for All wasn't quite as big of a litmus test as it is now. Arguments have been made that spurned Sanders voters did not turn out for her, and she should have done more to appeal to them. It's a bit hard to back that up with statistics. The best case for that argument would be Michigan, where Sanders won the primary and Clinton lost in the general. Another argument I've heard is that because she didn't distance herself enough from Wall Street, that opened her up to attacks from Trump about her Wall Street connections. That's not really something that could have been corrected in 2016. I think she would have had to have taken a stronger stance much earlier to deflect that attack.
  5. the people who say this are the ones who think that the way to win the election is to pivot as far to the right as possible to get that "cross-over appeal". which is basically what Hillary tried to do, and lost.
  6. predicting another time-out for this topic soon...
  7. the annoying thing about this one is that it's not something he came up with out of thin air. it's an opinion shared by a significant portion of the Democratic party.
  8. I'd been dismissing Biden's remarks before but this one has me heated
  9. I like to joke that Pete is a CIA agent, but he's trying hard to make the joke real...
  10. the things that the "far left" are asking for are right of center policies in other prosperous countries
  11. right, it has been weakened. at least we still have things like no denying pre-existing conditions, and young people being able to stay on their parent's plan until 26. I guess my overall point is, the Obama admin made some progress, but not enough to really keep up with the problems that everyone is having. And they really coasted during his 2nd term. Trump's policies and nominations are actively doing harm and undoing Obama stuff. If Clinton won we probably wouldn't see these rollbacks, and obviously we'd get the Supreme Court picks, but that still doesn't prevent a future Republican president from undoing things. The Dems sort of put all of their eggs in the basket of "we'll maintain the presidency forever", which is obviously difficult if not impossible. And Obama didn't dismantle programs like ICE or drone strikes, he even expanded them, and gave a future Republican more tools to use them for evil.
  12. What policies enacted by the Obama administration, besides Obamacare, have actually made a difference? Most of them have been rolled back or watered down.
  13. Right. I don't think "orange man bad" is enough to win. It wasn't enough in 2016 and it won't be in 2020. The nominee has to have a vision for America that people can rally behind. Obviously there is a huge difference in aesthetics and presentation between Trump and Hillary/the 2020 moderates. In terms of policies and actions that affect most people's day to day lives, not a massive difference (there are plenty of exceptions of course, and I'm not dismissing them.) But just in terms of mobilizing voters, I think there has to be more of a difference. I think that the mainstream media really does treat politics as mostly sport, and that's why they aren't able to articulate this.
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