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  1. Apartment paying for it all. The Lumen staff has been top notch throughout this whole process.
  2. We may be delayed moving in but the temporary accommodations they are providing..can’t complain about the view.
  3. What’s killing downtown is the lack of big events to draw in larger crowds.
  4. I also think it’s hard to judge the downtown market right now because of COViD. We haven’t really gone through something like this, and you cannot expect renting to keep up while this pandemic is ongoing. Like you said, if they aren’t mostly full in two years, then we may have an issue.
  5. Crains article said there are 31 units rented right now. Given the downturn and the pandemic, I don’t find this surprising.
  6. Society owner claiming the Hodge’s spot Also Dante’s Goma on East 4th won’t be open till 2021.
  7. Well just got news that building won’t be ready July 1. Looks like mid late July for first move ins.
  8. Symon’s Restaurants are reopening Gonna have to hit up Lolas asap
  9. My friends had them cater dessert at their wedding. It was really good.
  10. The mask issue is solely trump’s fault. If he just told people to wear them, his idiot supporters would follow. They do anything he says.
  11. Looks like the Lobby still hasn’t been touched. Wonder when that’ll be done. Or is that the retail space?
  12. I wonder why the long closure? I’m guessing it’s due to the decreased revenue from the lunch crowd. guess I’ll be getting my groceries somewhere else this summer....
  13. I imagine COViD has put those plans on hold.
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