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  1. This is exactly my wife and I are moving back. Cleveland has the amenities you don’t typically see in a city of its size, more than enough to keep us busy. Cost of living, however, let us take jobs with a better work life balance and still have money to travel.
  2. My wife just interviewed at Metro and was really really impressed by the people and the organization as a whole.
  3. Amazing news and great location. Finally get to avoid the parking lot desert walking from PS to the warehouse district.
  4. Pricing and floor plans are up on the website. Some of units are set up very nicely. Also, pricing is great for what you get. 1500 sq ft units for 370-400k is very reasonably priced, especially for a brand new build.
  5. I mean you’re right they are selling. I guess it’s solid evidence that anything closer to the middle of everything should have even higher demand.
  6. My only concern, we want to buy downtown, but not a fan of this location at all or the height of the building. Much rather buy a unit in the tower. Really hope it’s built.
  7. The unit you toured? Was is a 1 bedroom? I just wonder how big the kitchen will be in the two bedroom units.
  8. We are moving back next June. We certainly intend to move into a 2 or 3 bedroom unit.
  9. Been to New York several times the last few years. The Lumen fits in with the new construction ive seen.
  10. Agreed, I love it. Especially in playhouse. Also emailed them. Model unit done in March 2020 with pre-leasing. Move ins start June 2020.
  11. For now, I assume it’ll be updated the closer we get to completion. Was happy to see the apartments are going to be nice siZes, hoping the layout is good.
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