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  1. Prospect is one of my favorite streets between 55th and I-90. The architecture, foliage and Terminal Tower in view standing tall at the end of the road is just awesome
  2. I'm assuming naming the suburb would give away the project?
  3. Here is the progress on WXZ's development and the College Club renovation/conversion. New building has substantial street presence and stretches far back on the lot. The Howard Hanna sign also says that there are only 3 units left.
  4. TOH will be breaking ground soon. First area of fencing went up today and old Zoss building has been converted to construction office
  5. I am in CF area and whenever I am coming back on the Healthline I almost always walk from Euclid and Stokes. Sometimes I would take a scooter if available. but it takes the same time if not longer to take the bus than walking and walking is much more enjoyable, even with cedar hill.
  6. No work as of yesterday, assuming today is the same. But perhaps there is some activity with it being a start of work week?
  7. Not sure of the official outcome from last night but Badger Daylighting soil excavation crew was on scene this morning so it seems to be a go
  8. It was Finch. I've been waiting for news on it too, but not holding my breath anymore.
  9. Do you know if this is going to be replacing any older dorms elsewhere, or is there a need for new residences? I'm hoping for the latter as someone who lives in the area. Between these, the other Little Italy developments, Top of the Hill, plus other developments around and throughout the area, there is going to be a solid 1000+ increase in residents in basically just a half square mile.
  10. Opportunity Corridor it is https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/01/cleveland-city-council-approves-plan-to-build-new-police-headquarters-on-the-opportunity-corridor.html
  11. Not sure this belongs in University Circle thread but here is a demo update of ex-Clinic facility at Stokes and MLK. This is from a couple days ago but they are moving pretty quickly. Hopefully the structure will be going up soon. Edit: The garage is already leveled
  12. The lumen looked absolutely striking in this morning sunlight, hope to snag a picture before it clouds up
  13. Same with the one at cedar center. Seems uptown location is still open though
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