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  1. I think this is the most appropriate spot to share. JLL has produced their own development map and analysis of larger Cleveland projects. https://jll.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=dd0ff16556ad46ec9f75d08a4349c04e
  2. Seeing this proposal has me wondering if there is a way the city could intervene and take back pieces of parcels to establish right-of-ways to provide some order to avoid what seems may end up being an endless sea of parking -- each parcel of land an island unto itself with no cohesive urban fabric (like the aspirational renderings). This seems suburban and gives prominence to cars (surface parking and no garages) and river views (for the townhomes) - that may very well not remain with new development in front of them. It's only one image but seems there may be issues to be concerned with. From this image, there seems to be no forethought about what will neighbor the site and how it will only be a part of surrounding context; it seems some rules should be in place with local policy with a large swath of land being so tabula rasa and ripe for a strong development. I'm seeking input. Could the city take some charge here?
  3. @Mendo @nammoumj contacted me the first time I posted the map a few months back but I never saw a response. Willing to combine efforts. The use of pins to indicate phase of design/construction/completion is better organized than mine which is by neighborhood. At this point it is probably only worth referencing mine for links/details and adding whatever missing projects using nammoumj's map.
  4. Made this "heat map" awhile ago and posted to a different thread. Here it is: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/edit?mid=11EwsFuCTCKtQfXosGqdDtVgUhLWOZpyH&ll=41.49815862771473%2C-81.68830564999996&z=13 I post a pin with a link to the city planning info and any other relevant links to the project (the layers are maxed out, though). The map contains every project that has been mentioned in each of the neighborhood's relevant threads since those threads were started. Haven't updated it in quite a few months and many projects have been announced since then. The settings are set to View but if anyone would like to contribute shoot me a message - you'll need a gmail account - and I'll add you as an editor.
  5. If I remember correctly, they have $150,000 set for initial basic improvements, aka Phase I, on page 33 of the PDF.
  6. Maron Residence by aodk http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/landmark/agenda/2018/01252018/index.php
  7. I think this is the appropriate thread for this. Saw what I think was soil boring taking place this morning at the parking lot near Columbus Rd & Center St. Land is zoned for Downtown Residential. Owned by Columbus Rd Realty. https://businesssearch.sos.state.oh.us/?=businessDetails/1129976
  8. I attended. As X stated, no solid details were provided other than this will be a mixed-use ToD - but that is because this was an RFQ process and design has not begun. The only thing that is certain, at this point in time, is that Carnegie is the chosen developer because they have experience with projects of this type. Carnegie has 9 months from signing to perform their real estate due diligence. Most likely of note, as I did not see it in the slides above, Carnegie has requested a closing/construction start date by sometime next year; that would mean design/permitting/financing/etc all be completed within a year's time. The Q&A was pretty energetic and had to be cut to maintain the agenda's schedule. The next block club meeting will be April 2nd - where Kerry McCormack and Cory Riordan will be speaking with the club about the their Red Line / Greenway concerns & input.
  9. I'm going to head over since I know about it now.
  10. Went last night with a reservation and was seated immediately. It was jam packed so the wait for food took a bit but that was expected. The Veg Boi burger with fries was amazing. They also have High Life on tap and you can get it in a pitcher!
  11. Mentioned in the article of my previous post: "Phase 3, which Wolstein hopes to start in earnest this year, will continue to turn the place into a neighborhood, with the addition of more apartments, office space and a movie theater."
  12. The Downtowner podcast Episode 09: The Rise and Fall and Rise of The Flats Not much new information regarding FEB but an entertaining episode with Joe Cimperman & Scott Wolstein as guests.
  13. So the image from the June article is the proposed design of the project? Or is it going to be more along the lines of this? Obviously, the above is more developed and what is on the Design Review Agenda. I'd guess they will leave most of the floor-to-floor open to capture as much height in the units as possible and place ceilings/soffits/chases only to conceal MEP. Similar to the Phase II units that I have seen from the outside looking in. Seems like a good assumption. :P Going off the images from the Design Review Agenda: I like the inset strip of posters but maybe they could be split apart into individual squares to break up the mass of the mostly-windowless box a bit more and provide a better relation in scale to the retail. Half of the Aloft people are going to be staring at a pretty massive brick wall and mechanical screen though. Haha. Some brickwork that emulates the patterning of the retail could help. Something like Mecanoo's Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building brickwork. But these are opinions and everyone has those.
  14. Forewarning about my proposal concerning the map, it seems you need a Google Account to participate.
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