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  1. Went last night with a reservation and was seated immediately. It was jam packed so the wait for food took a bit but that was expected. The Veg Boi burger with fries was amazing. They also have High Life on tap and you can get it in a pitcher!
  2. Mentioned in the article of my previous post: "Phase 3, which Wolstein hopes to start in earnest this year, will continue to turn the place into a neighborhood, with the addition of more apartments, office space and a movie theater."
  3. The Downtowner podcast Episode 09: The Rise and Fall and Rise of The Flats Not much new information regarding FEB but an entertaining episode with Joe Cimperman & Scott Wolstein as guests.
  4. So the image from the June article is the proposed design of the project? Or is it going to be more along the lines of this? Obviously, the above is more developed and what is on the Design Review Agenda. I'd guess they will leave most of the floor-to-floor open to capture as much height in the units as possible and place ceilings/soffits/chases only to conceal MEP. Similar to the Phase II units that I have seen from the outside looking in. Seems like a good assumption. :P Going off the images from the Design Review Agenda: I like the inset strip of posters but maybe they could be split apart into individual squares to break up the mass of the mostly-windowless box a bit more and provide a better relation in scale to the retail. Half of the Aloft people are going to be staring at a pretty massive brick wall and mechanical screen though. Haha. Some brickwork that emulates the patterning of the retail could help. Something like Mecanoo's Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building brickwork. But these are opinions and everyone has those.
  5. Forewarning about my proposal concerning the map, it seems you need a Google Account to participate.
  6. I was thinking mostly major developments, though I have tagged some smaller infill. Figured if people filled the map in together it can be a full-time job split X amount of ways. Haha. PM me with your email, if you'd like to participate. You can get a feel for how I have been documenting each development by clicking on the pins. Oh, they're reviving this corner project? Dimit still on board? I have questions that will hopefully be answered with this announcement.
  7. My bad. It's a Google map that I made in My Maps. So you can mark locations/addresses and attach links in the descriptions. I would attach a screenshot but I don't know how or if I can.
  8. Would anyone be interested in participating in a Google Map to track developments in the area? Not sure where to place this post but I started by marking OC developments; so, I am posting here. Made the map so I don't have to dig through the threads and it helps to visualize where development is clustering. Anyway, here is the link: EDIT: it won't let me post an external link... You'll only be able to view it. Anyone interested in updating it can send me an email address for access.
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