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  1. Curious to know how their spouses and children feel about this. How does a marriage like that survive?
  2. I disagree with Ben Shapiro on this: "American Jews, whether ethnic or religious, are loyal to America, not Israel. Any dual loyalty supposition is anti-Semitism." He makes no distinction between an American Jew ( where the modifying adjective is subordinate to the noun)and a Jewish American (the opposite case, Bernie Sanders is a good example of a loyal American). Also, its not anti-Semitic if its a true statement only if its a false one. Objective truth has no racial bias but a falsehood can be indicative of either a racial bias or just plain ignorance.
  3. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2019/08/21/gabbard_victimized_by_dncs_dubious_debate_criteria_141055.html
  4. The negative consequences of identity politics have exasperated deep divisions within our country where the chickens have now come to roost (with gay pride we now have white pride who now feel more embolden then ever for example). Trump is playing off this by using a divide and conquer strategy. In this case he's trying to split the Jewish vote away from the democrats by showing off his unwavering support for Israel so that at the very least feel conflicted by their strong identification with that country versus their hatred for Trump.
  5. Now he might be a white nationalist in the form of a Zionist where the two overlap. Think of Stephen Miller.
  6. Ivanka converted. You bet he would kiss her.
  7. I think Trump wouldn't have been so vocally opposed to Omar and Tlaib recent request to visit Israel if he was anti-Semitic. He was the initiator and not Bibi. He could have remained silent on this if he was indeed ant-Semetic. I'm not convinced on your assertion.
  8. It's very relevant. Like calling Bill de Blasio a racist for having a black wife. It's an absurd accusation!
  9. I agree. The fact that Trump has a Jewish daughter makes any charge of anti-Semitism implausible. There's no there there!
  10. The two are often conflated intentionally for strategic purposes.
  11. Trump ain't no anti-Semite. He will forever be remembered as an Israeli firster. I suspect Bernie will have something to say about this.
  12. It goes without saying that I'm limited to the cities that I've been to. Not exactly a comprehensive comparison to say the least.
  13. International: Vienna St. Petersburg Rio de Janeiro Quebec City Moscow (for its Metro)
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