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  1. I visited the Great Serpent Mound of Ohio once about thirty years ago and vowed never to return again. This place is haunted, or so it seemed to me. Whoever they were these ancient architects were ahead of their time even by today"s standards. They functioned on a different wavelength or plane of existence that has been lost forever in this materialistic world of ours. Suffice it to say my perfectly timed visit made a profound impression on me that still haunts me to this day. Enjoy!
  2. Much of that has to do with you. What would urbanohio be without you? You are the indespensible poster.
  3. https://mondoweiss.net/2020/01/why-indias-hindu-nationalists-worship-israels-nation-state-model/?fbclid=IwAR3xYmtaRdL4s9vQ3LSFUKpSdu3AGlLNXyucbualmxqrsr5ikvX8jkPQ6mE
  4. https://www.anti-empire.com/russias-entire-government-resigns-putin-picks-chief-taxman-to-replace-medvedev-at-pm/?fbclid=IwAR1uALU2LpdjGU3WvY9kKoMDN45XKww9u2cwID1QDInyq_6KcDMPuztHncU
  5. Don't count on it. Pride is a stubborn thing.
  6. Its those ugly as* beams on the roof that props the fake edifice up that makes the building look so cheap that needs to be obscured by this new building. I think from most angles it will, but not entirely ... except for some of the residents of this new building.
  7. Along with the Beacon, two funky buildings in Cleveland , oh my! Can we handle it? Better than another boring building.
  8. I hope the Geis condo tower gets developed soon as well. It would extend the skyline south on 9th in the way Lumen extends Euclid east.
  9. Hope the massive lobby becomes a big hit with pedestrian activity like the rotunda at Heinens for both locals and visitors alike.
  10. I'm really surprised and disappointed that the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is not lit. After the Terminal Tower it should be the second most important structure in Cleveland to be lit imo.
  11. Quaint is a better term. It has a little bit of that counterculture feel that Coventry Village used to have.
  12. Saw an owl perched on a tree at Playhouse Square today next to the Dynamite Burger joint. I wonder if mice are feeding on leftovers. Its amazing what just a couple of trees can do. With the cacophony of loud city noises in downtown Cleveland I was very surprise to see this. I know there are a nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons on one of the ledges on Terminal Tower in the spring and summer months feeding on an endless supply of pigeons at Public Square. There is a FB page that I like to follow that has great photos of that pair and others throughout the city that I recommend: https://www.facebook.com/ChadandChrisOhioPeregrinePage/
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