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  1. I would like to see this. Great asset to have for the city, especially when the towpath is fully connected with downtown residents this park will be even more popular.
  2. well they can always cover it with iron cladding like the one that was removed on the eastern building.
  3. I think you owe the Attorney General an apology.
  4. Confine the factcheck Barr's most recent interview which the OP and my response to it refers to. thx!
  5. Can you please give me an example where Barr lied in the interview? Because I couldn't find any myself. It was you who accused him of being a liar not me. Now I confess I haven't read the Mueller report so I could have missed something. Please educate me.
  6. If you are going to smear someone (Barr) you have to be prepared to back it up. You called him a liar without any specifics. You can't expect us to agree with you just because you said so. Screw that!
  7. My response was in regard to Barr's interview not the IG report.
  8. I read the 19 page executive summary. The report is over 400 pages long.
  9. In the interview, if you remember, Barr explains that his emails and phone records were surveilled back when he was part of the administration.
  10. I thought he was very good in that interview. He struck me a being very honest and reasonable. Its Comey, Brennan, and Clapper who are the proven liars imo.
  11. Good question. I don't know. I think Carter Page has a big lawsuit on his hands.
  12. --- except they're all heavily armed and fully backed by the NRA. That shooter in Vegas that opened fire at the concert from a hotel room was of a similar age.
  13. The IC can manipulate the media with intentional leaks through anonymous sources as well in order to push through their strategic agenda. If Trump looses and all the headlines say "You're fired!" (in a poetic justice fashion) he may not accept the results and we may have a constitutional crises on our hands, god forbid.
  14. Some red meat for the conspiracy theorists:
  15. Well, that would depend on what American interests actually are? If we're trying to monopolize the world and reshape it in our own image, forcibly if need be, as a modern day extension of our "manifest destiny", I would be against that too.
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