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  1. That would go better with the old building prior to the glass facade. Its going to be weird when the Houston Rockets come to town. They'll feel right at home.
  2. Thanks for correcting me. The recessed, honeycombed windows from street level gave me the impression of being smaller than they actually are. They still remind me of hermetically sealed airplane windows that you can't open. Don't get me wrong I still love Marcel Brauer's brutalist design! Just kind of stuffy to live in.
  3. In addition to the cargo container ships that patrons can practically reach out and touch ... which to my mind is a unique feature of the city ... the added bonus of adjacent freight trains whizzing by the nearby bridge will put on quite a spectacle of commerce to out of town visitors.
  4. Much better than the tiny "airplane windows" that exist at The 9.
  5. I agree. The whole town is an eye sore. I wish it was part of the CVNP and they're continuing on the same path. And I agree, if you do develop it should be low density with large minimal acreage for well to do people that preserves the green space as a wild life corridor. In eastern suburbs of Cleveland where I live the Cleveland Metroparks of North Chagrin Reservation and South Chagrin Reservation is separated by places like Hunting Valley among others that preserve the rural character of the valley. That's the way it should be done in my opinion.
  6. That would be a shame because that golf course links the Sand Run metropark with the Gorge metropark into a contiguous green space. What makes this urban park special is how the cleveland Metropark is linked With Guyahoga National Park that will hopefully link up with Sand Run south of Botzum, provided it isn't developed. This network of linked parks is a major asset and shouldn't be broken up with housing developments which can't be reverted back. I'm all for developing the periphery just not within one of the best urban parks in the country.
  7. Not everyone disliked that building: https://www.emporis.com/awards/2009
  8. The transition from the CSU campus to Playhouse Square will be striking! ...It already is. Most boundaries between neighborhoods is artificial. Not this one.
  9. I think panels of the parking garage beneath the Beacon works well while the mesh of the parking garage of the Weston is god awful.
  10. There is a similar looking building in lower Manhattan that has a more vibrant color scheme.
  11. Thanks for the answer as well to a bizarre aesthetic choice. It seems the architect wants to continue that zigzag theme for one end of the facade to the other thereby making the edge more disorienting to the onlooker. It will be interesting to see how this all works with the final product and whether or not it succeeds. What I like about the design is that it is both unusual yet done within a constrained framework without being over the top. I think it will be one of the more interesting buildings downtown.
  12. This kind of town home development would be ideal next to the old cemetery just east of Progressive stadium. I hope that gets developed some day. Lots of surface lots there.
  13. The remodeling of the atrium a few years ago is terrible with that new box like restaurant smack in the middle. They got rid of a beautiful fountain and destroyed one of the finest interior spaces in Cleveland.
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