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  1. I read an article recently (I forget where) that a flock of hundreds of birds flew into a glass building and died.
  2. Kind of reminds me of the low key Swagelok enterprise. You have to squint to see the tiny logo if by chance you drive by in Solon.
  3. I sure hope SW picks the Public Square location. Not only does it complete the square it would also help integrate the the Warehouse district (as well as the Flats east bank) with the rest of downtown into a cohesive whole. Right now its pretty isolated and requires an ugly walk thru surface lots. That link is an essential piece of the puzzle.
  4. Cleveland has great old bones! I remember after the Republican Convention, Greta Van Susteren on twitter made a comment: "if you want in on a little secret Cleveland has great old buildings". I thought that was a nice compliment from someone who is obviously well traveled.
  5. After the investigation which could take some time. Everything was running so smoothly until now.
  6. Never get your hopes too high in this town unless you see actual digging.
  7. It doesn't really extend the skyline east if you include both Rhodes and Fenn Tower which are officially withing the downtown district boundary.
  8. It wasn't too long ago when this building had a dank stench of mildew combined with urine emanating form the sidewalk.
  9. Looks like a place with a lot of character. Should be a big hit!
  10. the lone exception is the Walburger joint that seems to be doing quite well.
  11. Reminds me of the Clinic campus where it is much more appropriate and practical.
  12. Don't like the ugly view of the roof of the Keith from the top floors. Better to stay below it I think. Love the view of the theaters!
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