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  1. The suburbs have to compete with downtown by creating their own "mini-downtowns" in their neighborhood like Pincrest and van Aiken. So ya its its good for the entire region.
  2. Is the Avenue district different from the Nine-Twelve district? This "balkanization" of Cleveland confuses me.
  3. My favorite building in town is without a doubt the Walker@Weeks Federal Reserve Building. That 's blocked too!
  4. Thanks for sharing! An insider's perspective is highly valued in this forum.
  5. I really like the green landscaping and extension of the Superior Viaduct envisioned by the Jacob's plan that appears to be modelled after the NY skywalk. No more dead end and it utilizes that space much better. These are our "Roman ruins" if you will that adds an intriguing layer of historical depth to ou rcity. The old stone work should be preserved and highlighted where they are found. The lake link trail has some as well as the parking lot between the warehous district and the stadium. https://aodkinc.com/portfolio/waterfront-development/
  6. I wonder if it makes more sense to compare Cleveland with other Great Lakes cites of similar size instead, like Detroit, Buffalo, Milwaukie. For obvious reasons Chicago and Toronto are in a class of their own with their booming condo market for international investors. As far as midwestern cities they can hold their own with any of the elite coastal cities of either the west or east coast.
  7. Maybe you're right, and there is more crossover appeal than I originally thought. Perhaps University circle is better example. Those who prefer the classical arts will want to live near Severance Hall and the Art Museum. They prefer Operas over broadway musicals that they despise and prefer soccer it they have any interest in sports at all. Immigrants from Europe who've done well here but haven't lost their cultural values that they grew up on.
  8. Not to mention they have student loans to pay. And if a young couple wants to raise kids they will want good schools nearby so they will eventually move to the burbs. I agree that condos are more suitable for the empty nesters, however, even if what you say is all true, the demand should far exceed the limited supply imo.
  9. Clearly this area is the new entertainment "hot spot" that has playhouse square potential written all over it. I would expect more millennials living here who generally prefer sports and the bar scene versus aging baby boomers whom I'm guessing would be more inclined for theater combined with fine restaurants. In any case both are flocking to downtown for the lifestyle it provides.
  10. with a view like that, and twice as close, you wont need season tickets ever again!
  11. with a view like that, and twice as close, you wont need season tickets ever again!
  12. Looks more like a CCA expansion building. Perfect spot for one, from their perspective.
  13. that wedge at superior and Prospect is a hideous hole in the ground that needs to be filled in with something
  14. i'm sure during the bitter cold winter months the tunnel system of Minneapolis, or the vast underground city of Montreal for that matter, is a godsend. It has its place in certain locales.
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