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  1. Relocate Crossroad Health Center to another location in the neighborhood and you have the perfect spot for a new hotel development. In my mind, 12th & Vine is too small for a hotel development. The issue with the the hotel site at 210-212 W 12th Street is even with the two buildings to the West added on to it, you could only build about 44 rooms. Most boutique hotel developers are looking for 90+ rooms minimum.
  2. From what I have heard.... Panino was not making the rent. The word is they're moving up to Findlay Market into a Model Group space. Panino's food is killer but they had a huge bar in that space that always sat empty and it's in such a prime spot. 3CDC works on percentage rent deals with a floor base rent. Basically, 3CDC says, hey we'll put a lot more money into the buildout of your space than a typical landlord but we get 7% of your sales over an agreed upon sales threshold. The tenant pays a base rent but if they perform well and sales are over the threshold, 3CDC gets 7% of the amount over the threshold. I work in commercial real estate, happy to explain percent rent in more detail if you'd like. I've also worked on a 3CDC deal before.
  3. No new tenant yet from what I have heard. The land on the back that used to be the beer garden is supposed to be included in the parking lot/future garage development on the old Kroger site. There may be some patio on the back of the building but it won't be the large outdoor space Weilert's had in its heyday. It's a cool building, some of the crown molding is still in-tact. The building is about 2,500 square feet on the first floor from what I remember, not sure what you do with the upstairs besides office space.
  4. Per Over-the-Rhine's historic guidelines, neon signs and internally illuminated signs are prohibited. However, some people have gotten away with it in the past. I heard that Pontiac's sign got permitted because historically there had been a neon sign on the building when it was a hardware store. I hear Senate's neon sign is still not permitted but I'm not sure what the case is there because they have had it since they opened. Also, not sure about Kaze's bar sign. Pony and Takeaway both have neon signs on the interior of the building, one way of getting around the policy.
  5. The cellar is 30 feet below the surface and has another basement above it that separates from surface level, I would be absolutely shocked if you could hear any sounds coming from the space. As others have mentioned it meets all City codes. Do you feel claustrophobic in Sotto? The cellar has much higher ceiling height, about 16ft at its peak (but it is much further underground).
  6. I'm sorry I have to disagree. The bulk of money being spent in OTR is by people outside of Downtown and OTR. Washington Park alone gets over 3 million visitors a year. One of the reasons OTR is so vibrant is because it has become one of the biggest tourist destinations Cincinnati has to offer.
  7. It's listed as one space but it's really 2-3 spaces "Three Ground-Level Suites: 4,309 SF. 4,421 SF, 4,893 SF. Asking rate is negotiable." The largest contiguous square footage is 8,730sf which is on the Race Street side of the building.
  8. I heard about these guys. They leased the old beer cellar space from 3CDC, it's under Panino. Super excited about that space getting renovated.
  9. It hasn't been announced yet because the office user has not given the go ahead on a press release.
  10. I have heard there is a major office tenant going upstairs bringing over 1,000+ jobs to the square. The new first floor retail space will be vine street facing and there will be new storefronts along Race Street across from 84.51. There are no immediate plans to tackle the tower above.
  11. Not to be a pessimist but.....I think big retail downtown is dead for now, Kenwood won that battle. If we want to grow the retail district in Downtown we should look to what has worked in Over-the-Rhine, local boutiques with a smaller footprint. Once the area grows and becomes more established, downtown can work its way back up to the bigger retail chains. I think the perspective of most retail companies looking to expand in Cincinnati would be to locate near hotter brands like Warby Parker and Bonobos. Rather than being the only retailer downtown, next to a Saks that is most likely leaving. I think an Apple Store in Downtown right now is a pipe dream, it would probably be more likely to see one on Vine Street. Apple is the last piece to the puzzle they won't go into a location until the sales and the traffic have been fully established. They're not going to be pioneers in an up and coming retail district because they just don't need to be, I think they're the highest dollar per square foot retailer in the country.
  12. Looks like 3CDC purchased the commercial condo and they're leasing it to Thunderdome https://wedge.hcauditor.org/view/re/0810004045100/2017/summary
  13. The reason Japp's Annex closed is because UrbanSites needed to use that space to facilitate the renovation of the upper floors into office space. I don't know if they have a tenant in mind for that space but it does look like they've installed a new generic facade for it. I think Pins is aiming for a fall opening. That is where LouVino is opening. WCPO had an article about it a while back.
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