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  1. Whoa hold on, I for one don't believe much in victims. Not saying anyone is victim here. It's just weird how a slew of democratic politicians came out with similar tweets calling Christians easter worshippers. Never heard that one before. So it's not me making it political, it's the politicians making weird tweets. Anyway....the real curious thing here is how many christian churches have been attacked in France in 2018, the recent cathedral fire, and now this. Seems like the crusades are heating up again.
  2. Christian churches under attack in Sri Lanka. Nearly 300 dead. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/04/22/world/asia/sri-lanka-bombing-explosion.amp.html And western politicians weirdly referring to Christians as “Easter Worshippers” acting like they don’t want to call Christians Christians. What’s up with that?
  3. tklg

    Gun Rights

    Some data https://www.atf.gov/file/5646/download
  4. tklg

    Julian Assange

    Nah, pretty clear collusion. The vault 7 link is keeping Assange alive. Unfortunately, will prob be a year or so before we see any real movement in this case.
  5. tklg


    still...why do politicians care so much? What is their incentive to stop the abortion practice? I get the whole religious argument and christians being a strong backer of GOP, but it seems there is more to it than that.
  6. tklg


    This whole abortion thing is baffling and difficult to see it as anything more than throwing a bone to the lawyers. Kasich rejected this law twice because of the amount of money it would cost the state. DeWine being former attorney general and this heartbeat law being overturned at least 5 previous times in other states tells me this just getting lawyer friends paid. It's beyond me on the GOP take such an authoritative stance over one's body on this issue.
  7. OK, I'll concede Russia being coverup for SR murder is difficult to prove. However, are people really that blinded to NOT see any weird behavior around the murder? Are you really denying anything weird about the sequence of events and facts of the murder?
  8. Again with name calling...is that all you have? If I'm so wrong without any evidence of facts, why aren't you able to debate me with your own information?
  9. tklg

    Julian Assange

    Gabbard: Arrest of Assange 'dangerous', U.S. government is retaliating https://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2019/04/11/lead-tulsi-gabbard-live-jake-tapper.cnn
  10. tklg

    The Free Press

    You're describing exactly the point of Wikileaks... Instead of having a centralized authority develop a narrative around information, Wikileaks distributes unaltered information to the masses directly. Just as much of an argument for this method as there is for a centralized authority developing a story for mass media consumption.
  11. tklg

    The Free Press

    https://www.wikileaks.org/wiki/Wikileaks:Submissions Yea, not sure exactly what their process is for verification of documents, but they've never had to retract a publication. I suppose dealing with gov't classified info is a completely different game. Not sure it's the same as court transcripts either. AFIK, Wikileaks doesn't just dump everything it receives and gives careful consideration to redactions and how publications impact geopolitics. IMHO, exactly the type of reporting we need in highly corrupt digital age.
  12. Did you even read my post? You’re not getting it... I was simply suggesting that SR is most likely the source of DNC docs and that the whole Russia thing is a coverup for his murder. This is not an outrageous claim based on his murder occurring shortly after Wikileaks publication, being called a botched robbery without any evidence, and 12 russian indictments one week later.
  13. tklg

    The Free Press

    The US Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedoms: The indictment plainly conflates standard newsroom best practices with a criminal conspiracy, and is a serious threat to First Amendment press liberties. https://theintercept.com/2019/04/11/the-u-s-governments-indictment-of-julian-assange-poses-grave-threats-to-press-freedoms/
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