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  1. Edit: You can take the conspiracy theories elsewhere. -X
  2. Bingo. With the feds backing student loans, universities know they can charge whatever they want. With student loans being outside the realm of bankruptcy, banks know they can lend to anyone and be off the hook. With banks being off the hook, investors know they can package the debt into new security models. With new security models that "can't fail" the fed prints more money to loan to the banks. With the newly printed money from the fed, the corps buy back their stock and inflate the stock market. With so many cashing in on inflated stock market, real estate bubbles. It really is an amazing scheme. The problem is, if 75% student loan debt is erased, so is the interest associated with it. How E Warren plan to make up for the lost interest revenue?
  3. The context is a bit different. I think the reason why it's such a hot take is the number of aligned politicians with similar tweets. It appeared that they were all avoiding the word Christian specifically and all pulling from the same talking points narrative manual.....which they probably were.
  4. I mean, it did kind of look like he was running away but I guess he was picking up his phone? Doesn't mean actions are excused. These police being trained as military, not surprising they respond like soldiers.
  5. The facts of SR are a little strange to me and scream cover up. It's entirely possible that I'm wrong. We can get post modern and claim there isn't real truth here, but that isn't entirely truthful either. The question is whether or not a truth may be valid. Perhaps it may be argued that my truth is invalid, but given the circumstances and set of events around SR, I believe that to be very difficult. It would take a trustless publication from Wikileaks to answer any question there. Also, I've not heard any argument about why my truth is invalid. It's mostly been name calling. Thank you @ck for being polite. So, I'm not trying to argue what actually happened. I'm just arguing that my truth be considered valid and not be called names and labeled crazy or nuts for sharing an alternative opinion.
  6. There isn't much difference between blindly trusting a gov't issued statement because it's the gov't and therefore requires trust and drawing one's own conclusion from publicly verifiable facts. Both can be untruthful in their own ways. A reasonable person will draw their own conclusion from both sides rather than just one. Shutting down any conversation about an alternate truth because gov't said things are the way the are is extremely naive IMO.
  7. Mueller report is similar to The Warren Commission - both are gov't run investigations designed to smooth over any evidence that could potentially incriminate acting gov't officials. So it's isn't surprising the report denies any SR connection. Do you believe the lone gunman conclusion of The Warren Commission? Speaking more to your point, it's pointless to continue any discussions where beliefs are being argued.
  8. Why are the media choosing to observe attacks carried out by muslims more than non-muslims? Could be fear mongering to continue funding the military industrial complex, could be other geo politics, who knows. Good example of propaganda though.
  9. Whoa hold on, I for one don't believe much in victims. Not saying anyone is victim here. It's just weird how a slew of democratic politicians came out with similar tweets calling Christians easter worshippers. Never heard that one before. So it's not me making it political, it's the politicians making weird tweets. Anyway....the real curious thing here is how many christian churches have been attacked in France in 2018, the recent cathedral fire, and now this. Seems like the crusades are heating up again.
  10. Christian churches under attack in Sri Lanka. Nearly 300 dead. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/04/22/world/asia/sri-lanka-bombing-explosion.amp.html And western politicians weirdly referring to Christians as “Easter Worshippers” acting like they don’t want to call Christians Christians. What’s up with that?
  11. tklg

    Gun Rights

    Some data https://www.atf.gov/file/5646/download
  12. tklg

    Julian Assange

    Nah, pretty clear collusion. The vault 7 link is keeping Assange alive. Unfortunately, will prob be a year or so before we see any real movement in this case.
  13. tklg


    still...why do politicians care so much? What is their incentive to stop the abortion practice? I get the whole religious argument and christians being a strong backer of GOP, but it seems there is more to it than that.
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