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  1. I wanted to post this in the Burke thread, but it was locked 'What if Burke vanished into thin air?' Panel invites us to imagine possibilities - an interesting FreshWater article if you haven't read it. please don't hurt me for posting this here, I have witnessed the damage up-thread
  2. The bridge on the right already exists. It connects the Q building thru the Intercontinental Hotel to the C building... also to the 100th street garage and the CA building I thought the same thing when I saw it The East Mount Zion Baptist Church built the A. Charles Bowie Education Building a few years ago, so it would be a shame to tear it down, and although the Church itself needs some extensive repairs, That congregation will never give up that church. I only wish the Cleveland Clinic did more to incorporate the church and the surrounding neighborhood into it's master plan.
  3. here is a link to the Cleveland.com article with a rendering of the other building
  4. Shoreway at MLK is going to start construction tomorrow and finish up sometime next May. I will be glad when this project is over. This NOACA article gives more information about the project specifics
  5. Any Idea if these projects will ever be completed? It would be great if the Metroparks adopted them. Hillandale Bridge in Euclid The old warner and Swasey Observatory Sidaway Bridge
  6. This 2 story building and the large parking garage behind it will be demolished for Nucleus This building below is on a different block is also endangered, but for reasons not made clear (for active construction parking for Nucleus/possible phase 2) The second pic is the building people are more upset about because it doesn't need to be torn down for the Nucleus project. Now we should all be on the same page...
  7. I'm interested to know what those phantom office buildings will be in the rendering, Nearly that entire block has been cleared of structures. Is all of this supposed to kick-start the Fairfax New Economy District around the Opportunity Corridor and the IBM building across E.105th?
  8. A new USL stadium near Chattanooga for the Red Wolves is creating a whole campus around it for a $125 million investment. Hopefully as the sport grows in popularity, Cleveland can jump in with a stadium village of our own!
  9. The City of Cleveland currently owns and operates their airports, would it cost more or save us money to have a company manage the airport on the publics behalf, such as the Hilton Convention Center Hotel, and The push for Cleveland to give up managing the West Side Market. I am also an optimist, and although my opinions really mean nothing, I firmly believe this airport will be of more use as aviation technology progresses. Vertical take off planes have existed for years, just not on passenger flight scale. Other companies are pursuing drone travel for people, which also doesn't require runways, and if you really want to sound crazy, eventually interplanetary flight won't be exclusive to Florida. Until the hyperloop dream comes to fruition, proximity to launch pads and runways will be important to some people. If sea levels keep rising, there will be more need for higher elevation airports. But technology could also progress to be able to launch and land more transportation vehicles on water. Who knows? Closing this airport opens up land for development, but we would lose all of the federal dollars that fund the airports operation. This may save Cleveland money, but a larger benefit would be lost if the airport closes. Federal funds would most likely just be routed to another airport, but it would be unlikely that these funds would even stay in Ohio. If there is enough momentum to close any airport, it would not take 10 years as many imply. Until it makes sense to do so, it is not going to happen. Not in Cleveland, not anywhere. Until the land is physically needed for another purpose, no government office will seriously consider using Burke's property for anything other that what it is currently used for. Getting upset about this is a waste of everyone's energy. Either become a billionaire, Run for a government position, or get over it. Closing and developing the Burke property now or before towering building take up the rest of the developable land inside the current borders of Cleveland's downtown would result in the entire property being developed by mistake after major mistake. Again, I am an optimist, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but we do need to utilize it to more of it's potential outside of airshows and private jet parking for playoff games. If security could be maintained, a ring park around the airport property would appease some of us.
  10. Sorry, but the Big Dipper roller coaster has already been demolished. Very unceremoniously I might add... but bonus points for creativity
  11. The Cleveland Clinic has some strangely planned construction ambitions. The M building is the current Cleveland Clinic Pediatric inpatient hospital. That building contains most of the pediatric OR's and ICU's, so demolishing it before a suitable replacement is built would be out of the question. The 8th floor of the M building has been under construction for over a year, being remodeled into a new epilepsy unit. The ribbon cutting to officially open M80 will be Monday. The R building next door now contains the outpatient pediatric departments that moved out of the T and S buildings middle floors, still vacant since the fall of 2018 when the newly remodeled R building opened. The TT building is old and largely office space, along with the S and P buildings, so they could vacate the P, S, and TT and RR buildings fairly easily. The U building is also underutilized and takes up nearly an entire city block with the Cleveland Clinic Police Station. The Cleveland Clinic also purchased the The Cleveland Playhouse complex which is heavily damaged due to decades of poor maintenance and neglect (trust me). None of my contacts within the Cleveland Clinic maintenance departments have heard any plans for the next construction project, nor the next demolition project. Most of the Cleveland clinic is talking about the new Mentor Hospital that is supposed to break ground by the end of the year, the closing of the TRW campus in Beachwood, the construction of Cleveland Clinic London, expansion of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and integrating of the recently acquired Akron General hospitals, Union Hospital, Martin Health System and Indian River Medical.
  12. here is a Cleveland Scene Article about this development. Dirt is being moved on the property which has been cleared of trash and vegetation. I hope this project brings some attention to the 9410 Hough Avenue apartment tower that has been sitting windowless and empty for years. But I did find a snazzy fantasy rendering?
  13. Centennial Peace Plaza has broken ground this past week and the Ethiopian painted wall is nearing completion, but not the arches yet.
  14. thanks for the photo of the May Co @GISguy from the random developments thread. looks nice and clean and nearly finished on the Prospect side
  15. The City of Cleveland, in cooperation with Woodland Cemetery Foundation, is rebuilding the historic Woodland Cemetery Gate House. The gate house was deconstructed block by block in the early 1990’s because of safety concerns. http://www.wcfcle.org/ Hopefully it can be reconstructed close to original. pulled from Wikipedia: Construction began in April 1870, during which time the south gate closed and a new west gate opened. The new gatehouse opened on November 8, 1870. The 80-foot (24 m) long structure was built of quarry-faced stone obtained near Independence, Ohio. James D. Copperfield provided the stone, and A.J. Piper provided carpentry work. The structure was Gothic Revival in style. The arch contained a central carriageway, with pedestrian gates on either side. The carriageway was 16 feet (4.9 m) wide and 22 feet (6.7 m) high. It was surmounted by a belfry, whose tip reached 42 feet (13 m) into the air. The roof of the arch was wood. Side buildings, each 18 by 22 feet (5.5 by 6.7 m), were attached to the arch. Each was accessed by a door under the arch, and each building had windows in the north and south facades. The western side-building was used as a waiting room, while the cemetery office occupied the east side-building. The structure's cost was reported as either $7,000 ($138,692 in 2018 dollars) or $8,000 ($158,505 in 2018 dollars). A small addition was made to the east side-building in 1876. Designed by architect Alexander Koehler and built by contractor A.J. Piper at a cost of $636.37 ($14,519 in 2018 dollars), this addition contained a coal room (a room for storing heating coal) and bathroom.
  16. Not to change the subject, So I know this is old news from an article from 2016, but I haven't read anything about it on here in a long while, and I'm probly posting this in the wrong thread anyway. Saving the Waters of Lake Erie about the Dugway Storage Tunnel currently under construction, and how massive and expensive this project is. There are some really interesting articles on webuildvalue that show what infrastructure projects some global cities are planning.
  17. A short video from the Wall Street Journal I came across that shows aerial views of the massive Amazon warehouses in North Randall and Euclid.
  18. Wasn't there a plan to keep the Lakewood Hospital curved sandstone corner blocks and use them as a new entrance to the plaza, b/c it isn't in any of the new renderings? or was that a competitors plan to pay homage to what used to stand on this parcel?
  19. They can call it Electric Gardens, but it will be known as the Barcode building (or the UPC) if they keep this design. At least it has decent density.
  20. The Millennia Commercial Group partners with CBRE as exclusive listing agents for historic downtown Cleveland portfolio This portfolio includes The Centennial (formerly 925 Euclid & The Huntington Bank Building), a 1.3 million-square-foot mixed-use property in the heart of Cleveland’s central business district and a Cleveland landmark, The Statler (E.12th & Euclid Avenue), a historically renovated former hotel with high-end apartments, retail and office located in the Theater District, The Garfield (E.6th & Euclid), a historic high-rise built in 1893 now containing luxury apartments and retail in a high-demand location, and Public Square North (formerly as 75 Public Square), built in 1915 as the headquarters for the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company now featuring up-scale apartments and retail. So this is old news from November 26th 2018 but it wasn't posted yet. So the building has a new name Public Square North
  21. Am I the only person who saw this pic and thought "this could have almost been the view from NuCLEus..." I can't wait for this building to be finished and light up so birds can fly into it! It would be cool if they could add development above the 5th street arcades to kind of balance the street out.
  22. another story about the New hospital https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/03/cleveland-clinic-planning-new-hospital-in-mentor.html
  23. So I kinda stole some of this from way up thread (Thanks @Mendo) Can someone make a better version of this list please? Started Projects: Halle Building Cleveland Athletic Club Beacon Lumen Terminal Tower May Company Building 75 Public Square The Q Transformation MetroHealth Medical Center John Hartness Brown Buildings / Euclid Grand Ohio City Church+State Mayfield Lofts (Little Italy) La Collina Apartments (Little Italy) One Lakewood Place (demolition started) Announced but not Started: nuCLEus Market Square (Ohio City) Franklin Circle The Fidelity/Baker building Hotel Transformation (1940 E. 6th) Ohio Bell Tower Hotel Cushman & Wakefield, Scheer Stones Levee development (demolition started) University Circle City Center / Circle Square? Flats East Bank Phase 3 Union Trust Building (925) Scranton Peninsula Firebird Scranton Peninsula Great Lakes Brewing Post Office Plaza refresh Lakefront Harbor Bridge 5500 North Marginal and 5700 South Marginal Roads (Howard Johnson site) Mystery? The Outlet Shoppes at Cleveland (that lakefront mall idea) Settlers Point Tower Warehouse District Dream Hotel The Shoreline Apartments / Quay 55 phase 2 Justice Center Complex City Club Apartment building (Hippodrome site) Cleveland Police HQ Brickhaus Tower (Lorain Ave.) 55 Public Square Weston/Citymark Medical Mutual Sherwin-Williams Jacobs Group West Bank of the Flats
  24. Among the many things I have, this edition of the Plain Dealer November 7, 1931 had a fun front page article And so you can read the good part: So the Post Office Plaza was constructed to allow for an additional 4 stories if the need arose... well, there could be a future need with all of this new construction happening.
  25. Didn't I hear plans about repairing what's left of the old bridge down to Stones Levee and Canal Rd. and re-building the missing pieces to re-connect the Gateway District to the river? This video turns it into some weird land pier to look out over a power station and acres of parking lots, which is still better than what it is now... but still weird. Also, unless their graphics glitched, please don't paint a mural on Ontario St. or whatever that big rainbow crosswalk thing is. Besides that, lovin' the trees and public art, now all they need is one of the Cleveland signs to take a pic next to.
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