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  1. Summit Construction begins 18 month renovation project at Historic NASA buildings By 2021: 167,000 sf K building will be 84 apartments 43,000 sf L building will be a 54 room boutique hotel. I hope they are retaining the Theater in the K building, that's a cool feature for a suburban apartment complex
  2. Here is a high altitude aerial from 2009 with the Juvenile Justice center under construction. Here is almost the same view from 2019.
  3. Here are 2 pics I found from 2006 and 2019 that show progress from the last 13ish years
  4. Here is a neat pic I stumbled across. I can't jump high enough to have taken it.
  5. AECOM & Ramsey County's "Riversedge" in Downtown Saint Paul will be built on the side of a bluff, very similar in size to Cleveland and will include a pedestrian level that would cover the rail line and a road, very similar to the our Shoreway and rail lines. If St. Paul, Minnesota can do it, so can we: https://www.ramseycounty.us/sites/de...p%20Packet.pdf This even includes a variation of a land bridge connector to the river that would be awesome in Cleveland, and probably more affordable partnering with a private development to help soften the cost of the bridge to the county taxpayers. With all that parking, couple this with a transit hub and now were taking!
  6. I hope they save this house as well you can see it from I90 it looks like it will be zoned commercial, and that worries me...
  7. Another article about the Bolton property and it's relationship to the New Cleveland Clinic Mentor Hospital The first article mentions a lot about conservation of natural areas and sustainable landscaping as well as "maintaining the Bolton family’s stone home located on the property." It is nice to see property developed in a way that doesn't start with clearing the entire property then waiting for funding to start construction.
  8. I haven't seen this posted anywhere, but I may be blind. Cleveland Q1 2019 map Berkadia Some projects on this are new to me, and some of them I thought have been canceled, but this is at least a half year old. Boy, the totals on those last 3 pages really show how much progress is happening, as well as how much is in the works. I know we aren't going to get everything on the list, but it's still exciting to see how many projects have moved from "prospective" and "planned" to "CONSTUCTION" within the year.
  9. I agree, That mall is not in bad shape, it is just kind of empty. Strange that they are replacing the core of the mall with an outdoor version of the mall with apartments above... why not just keep the core so it has a roof, but then again it's not my money. They mention keeping the Cubesmart and movie theatre, but how about the Planet Fitness? That seems like a selling feature to want to live near to me? I have faith in their plan.
  10. I agree, but that is part of the parking lot for the University Church of Christ at 89th and Chester and the developer presumably could not obtain the lot. I love this project for it's design, density, location, underground parking, # of units, variations in colors and textures. That being said, this looks like it will be an expensive address to call home and my only wish is for these developments, coupled by the Opportunity Corridors "New Economy District" just down E105th to help raise the residents in these neighborhoods rather than push them away. Dozens of interior doors had been removed from those old apartment buildings on E90th in September and I though the buildings were getting remodeled, but I drove by there a week ago and didn't realize how many windows were missing and the state of decay the buildings were in. Now I guess what I was seeing was a salvaging campaign prepping the site for demolition for (hopefully) this development. At least the larger buildings on E93rd and E97th are inhabited and most likely not in any danger.
  11. I found this a while back and posted it in the University Circle thread since this thread didn't exist yet. While I don't believe "luxury apartments" are going to work between 3 public housing developments, it shows there was at least 1 company dreaming about this project. Does anyone know how structurally sound that building is? It has been open to the elements for over a decade and the Dixons Market next door has almost fully collapsed into itself.
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