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  1. In a communication from May 15 from CEO Tom Mihaljevic in regards to Covid 19 spending: "we have delayed some capital and growth projects that require significant funding. This includes the hospital in Mentor, and the Neurological Institute building on main campus, just to name a few." The focus now is undoing the "remodeling" the Clinic did to the Health Education Campus turning it into a multi-hundred bed surge hospital. We were told we need to allow the building to host students in the fall. We are moving everything to the unfinished 3rd floor of the building so it can be returned to a surge hospital if we see more Covid cases. I don't want to spread a rumor I cannot verify, but, With so many caregivers working from home, I heard they are not going to be able to return to office spaces on the upper floors of the T building (original hospital building at E93rd and Euclid) as the building will be demolished (don't know when or if true). I don't know how credible that is or a timeline, but I know some who lost their offices and their department director relayed that vague info to me. They are currently remodeling the second floor of the S building (between T and M) and since M building houses almost all of the pediatric inpatient departments including OR and NICU / PICU, those would need a new home before the M building could come down. I don't see much possibility in demolishing the T building unless at least the TT and S buildings come down with it... but that's not my department and I don't know anything but the vague rumors I have heard. On a side note... there are "remodeling" signs posted on the doors of the Cleveland Playhouse in March and I can see scaffolding through the windows, but I haven't seen people or movement in the building in over a month, so maybe paused due to Covid.
  2. Don't forget Public Square North (unless that officially started), The Shoreline Phase 2, and maybe stuff happening to Erieview Tower, the Rockefeller building, the AT&T tower, the Fidelity Mortgage building (next to the Beacon) and also maybe some Thunderbird news?
  3. Love the proportions, like the design, love the balconies. Could it be more industrial... sure... does it need to be... no. I think the design helps to blend the development just a few blocks up the hill into the neighborhood without sacrificing any charm from the current stock of antique structures. we aren't losing any charm to the demolition for this tower. I would like to see that floor at the rooftops of the neighboring building (7th floor?) be utilized as an amenity floor that extends out onto patio and green space on the neighboring roofs. I Don't know how realistic that is, but maybe some partnership could be created to let other buildings in that neighborhood utilize that amenity floor in exchange for more reserved parking for this building since there are more apartments than parking spaces. I don't want to be the one who says "there isn't enough parking" but until public transit catches up with the growth this neighborhood is going through, parking in that area may be a temporary problem. But maybe i'm still dizzy from the sheer scale of this proposal
  4. Now for some cohesive planning (if the stars align): This Cleveland.com article mentions that the $250,000 NOACA grant for a lakefront trail study has to also include Lake and Lorain counties. This News Herald article from May 13 mentions that Willowick received a $79,000 Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) grant, which they used to hire Environmental Design Group of Akron to redesign their Lakefront Park. This News Herald article from March breaks down the NOACA $100,000 planning grant to study updates to Vine Street from the lakefront in Willowick to Downtown Willoughby. The plan is to update crosswalks, synchronize traffic signals, and replace streetlights to tie the 3 cities along the rout together. Laketran was also included, and hopes to maybe implement a Downtown Willoughby to lakefront bus loop. Since Willowick's Lakefront Park study hopes to form a "stakeholder committee" that includes RTA and Laketran, and the Vine Street study already includes Laketran, sometime in the (hopefully near) future, Downtown Willoughby, Lake Erie, Cleveland, and everything in between, may be woven together with parks trails and public transit! Euclid has proven this can be done with their 3/4 mile lakefront trail and new pier, so lets hope these grants and studies set the dominoes in motion to start connecting Northeast Ohio.
  5. Large transactions in this area: Premier Development Partners purchased the Former ABB headquarters in Wickliffe consisting of a half-million square feet of industrial and office space in two structures at 29801 Euclid Ave for a mere $1.8 million. The 40 acre parcel includes an 11 acre parking lot that is immediately ready for development. Also, the nearby Omni Park tower in Euclid (fall of 2019) became the National Strategic Building after the company purchased the building.
  6. Also in Mentor, on the big grassy field to the South-ish of Great Lakes Mall: Brookview Reserve Village Green (News Herald 3/17) which makes me cringe saying it out loud, or am I the only one who hates that name? 73 acres, 174 homes built in 4 stages "Eight house styles are proposed, with the average price in the $330,000 range and sizes from 1,800 to 2,600 square feet."
  7. In case anyone was following this area of Mentor: The Cleveland Clinic Mentor Hospital was postponed with a groundbreaking next year at the earliest. Also, the above pictured development rezoning was voted down (barely) in March by Mentor residents, so back to the drawing board i guess? Issue1 Mentor City Zoning Amendment NO, 4,816 votes 50.50% Winner YES, 4,721 votes 49.50% Here is the project PDF
  8. News Herald article about construction in Willoughby from May 16. New Marc's going into the former Fitworks location with a spiffy rendering below. I know sprawl is a swear word on this site but it's still nice to see development in established suburbs... and not to start a war, but I don't consider sprawl as negative as long as it follows the lake shore. Also, if the new housing mentioned is completed, it is really just adding density to areas that already contain the supporting infrastructure to support the added sq. ft. But I am excited for my new Sheetz!
  9. Channel 3 article from May 15th project still moving along. I never really thought of the size of these turbines with each having the wingspan of a football field.
  10. Here is a Youtube B1M video that mentions the Chicago / Cleveland / Pittsburgh Hyperloop.
  11. The density is building with the Axis in the background
  12. So it may not be very urban for UO but the site layout and design seems more sustainable and less of a "maximize profit" endeavor over the plan back in 2018 the 2018 plan They have started clearing the site this past month for the new layout. Its a nice area near one of the largest parks in the area and you can see the nature trail at the bottom of the picture above that this development will connect to, but you are still bordering I-271 and an industrial park so this is a decent development all things considered. The 2020 plan called Montebello
  13. I can never tell if you're teasing us or using sarcasm when you don't include an emoji... but either way, don't stop. But is Meijer's building a new Cleveland store?
  14. I am nobody, but I am seeing by the plans that this is a SHOP / PLAY environment, and I have the same concerns about longevity as many others upthread without a third use. This is very isolated feeling property at the moment unless you are in a car. Asiatown is up the bluff, but is also a few blocks further inland, and not exactly a short walk to Reserve Square or CSU. This is still, as @KJP restated, an out of the area investor willing to put a lot of their money in our backyard, so we shouldn't say no... I think that if these developers add a decently integrated and separate trolley stop (that isn't between the parking lot and the structure) for the downtown trolleys, and make a commitment to fund those trolleys for a decent amount of years, that this project will be viewed a little more favorably. I know the RTA Rail station isn't exactly far, but in the winter months, nobody is going to enjoy that walk. And what is the worst that could happen if this gets built as is? The City makes more money in property taxes and payroll / sales tax, as well as the jobs it takes to construct the project. Then if this fails in the future, the infrastructure will already be there to re-develop the property in the way of the other Northeast Ohio malls (Hopefully like Richmond) have been re-imagined. As long as the developers aren't asking for kickbacks and handouts to construct this outlet mall, let them put their vision to the test and risk their investment. Cleveland has nothing to lose?
  15. Summit Construction begins 18 month renovation project at Historic NASA buildings By 2021: 167,000 sf K building will be 84 apartments 43,000 sf L building will be a 54 room boutique hotel. I hope they are retaining the Theater in the K building, that's a cool feature for a suburban apartment complex
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