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  1. "Circle North" is in full swing of being SoDoSoPa'ed. Edit - Also very small side note. I love you website, but the text can be difficult read. Although my vision may not be as good as it used to be. The grey text seems to get lost in the header image, and the bright blue link text is hard to see among the darker blue background. Very minor, but the content is 10/10.
  2. Not to get too off topic, but I always thought that Downtown was bounded by the river, lake, and the innerbelt, but apparently I was wrong. I know some people define it by ended at the edge of the CBD. According to this map Wolstein Center, as well as the buildings south of Euclid/across from CSU is technically in Central? Is why The Edge got its name, because its on the technical edge of Downtown?
  3. Harbor bay wants to do less than 1-to-1 parking for their apartments. It’ll be interesting to see where they end up with that. I’m hoping that ends up being the case. I know that Aspen place down the road at W 65 doesn’t have a garage, but that’s a different type of project, so I’m not sure if it’s directly relatable.
  4. Yeah I love the building and I understand it’s elevators. Just kind of unfortunate to have the huge blank wall. I live, work, and go to school downtown - so I’ve become fairly familiar with the “sore spots”. The wall isn’t a huge detractor, just kind of sad to loom over the public space. It’s probably not worth the cost to cover it. But something like a large Cleveland/sports themed poster such as on TC by the stadiums would be nice.
  5. I think that density in the middle of shaker square would ruin the character and make the space awkward. If designed well, community/public space is vital. The neighborhood already has a good density / urban form. There’s a lot of surface lots tucked behind the buildings though.
  6. The issue with this is that RTA doesn’t have the resources to spur development, and nobody wants to develop around this area. They could give the land they own around the station for free, but nothing will happen. If you look at West Park, however, you’ll see it has higher ridership, but also a lot of potential to be developed. There’s a lot of dead zones on immediately around West Park, but the area is fairly stable. RTA would be smarter to invest time and funds into the West Park area than Superior or a similar station to Superior. But this is getting of-topic. I think that W 25th-W 65th area have real possibilities of development and boosting ridership, especially in the immediate future.
  7. Why would you say the Superior station...I. e Cleveland ? W 25ths rider ship is twice as high as Superior’s. It’s near the bottom of their ridership for red line. Tower city, stokes, west park, west 25th, and w 117th are their 5 highest used stations. Superior is 13th-14th out of their 18 redline stations for usage. Plus the Superior station is in EC and isn’t developing at nearly the rate that OhC is (it’s dead).
  8. I think that planners over at RTA have pretty good heads on their shoulders. Whether anyone listens to them (or they have the resources) is another question. They're pretty intelligent and have put forth some pretty good projects.
  9. With the amount of backlash this is seemingly receiving, and if something does get developed, I don’t know how or why anyone would support garages facing the parkway. Seems like the below grade area would be reserved for public use. I don’t see parking flying in design review. McCormack seemingly would be against that as well. And if RTA were really to seek the best design possible for the building I don’t think they would allow a developer to do that either. I also don’t see RTA wanting a 1-to-1 parking arrangement either in the building because that would fly in the face of TOD.
  10. How would this be a dead zone? Is W 25th only supposed to be up market mixed use?Seems to be a great move for the community at large.
  11. I disagree with it being too dense, but that metal clad build is horribly ugly. Hopefully that changes through further design review. The density seems to fit in with the area. There’s some fairly large apartment complexes over there. Is 11,000 sq ft retail accurate or is that a typo? Seems kind of small.
  12. I would be opposed to anything that doesn't have a public use on the ground floor. I also don't think it should be littered with development. I think that housing in this spot with park facing amenities would be great: retail, restrooms, a dog wash station, whatever. Additionally, maybe one or two strategic spots else where small formatted space that you can grab ice cream in the summer or a hot beverage in the winter would be really great. Maybe even accessibility for a few food trucks to set up for special events like you see at other public spaces in the city. Just a Reminder that the Cool Red Line Greenway Project is Still a Long Way Off This article from 2015 states: “Within a quarter mile radius of the West Side Market, there are 30-plus breweries and restaurants.” Peterson said in his presentation. “What I’m proposing is two restaurants on the Red Line Greenway, a permanent restaurant with a well-established chef, and a pop-up restaurant with rotating chefs, young and upcoming culinary artists who can show off their craft. That way, this project will not only embody the culture of Cleveland but help grow it as well.” I don't see any other mention of it the possibility though.
  13. Do you think they're using chain link because it's the most affordable option? I know that there has to be a barrier between rail and park, but chain link fences do not age very well. Maybe they'll put some trees or landscaping in front of the fence. It seems like you would want some development along the 2.5 mile stretch otherwise you're just kind of in a trench with a train? Maybe not large scale developments, but maybe small restaurants/food stands and shops or whatever to bring in activity. They could do something like shipping container formatted businesses or whatever. People are trying to compare it NYC's high line which has spurred development. I'm looking through the plans again, and it doesn't look like there's any plans for commercial development... Maybe I'm not looking hard enough? Maybe I'm crazy, but I was totally envisioning this place being more than just a little trail.
  14. RTA Redline Greenway development prompts clash of positive values: Steven Litt This should be a time for rejoicing among trail advocates in Northeast Ohio and particularly on Cleveland’s West Side. Instead, there’s an air of conflict over part of the $6 million, 2.3-mile Red Line Greenway, which Cleveland Metroparks plans to build starting this summer on land leased from the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority along the rapid transit Red Line. When finished in 2020, the greenway will run from West 65th Street at the Zone Recreation Center to Columbus Road at Franklin Avenue along the Cuyahoga River. People really don't want to see this Greenway, huh? I disregarded McNulty's op-ed as self motivated garbage [as a developer]. I'm very pro green space, especially since our "Forest City" really lacks green space in many areas of the urban core, but I think this outrage is misguided. This greenway is a great project, but TOD could be well integrated with the project. The 1.3 acre proposed site seems to really be a small part out of total the 2.3 mile greenway. Plus, the Irishtown Bend's 23 acre park is a stone throw away will provide ample green space.
  15. Yes, I guess you’re right. Just kind of sad seeing all of these new buildings being constructed in Little Italy/UC, inner west side, etc and not as much in downtown. Hopefully it’ll pick up as historic buildings become more scarce to redevelop. Ohio City is doing amazing and it’s going to really represent what an urban neighborhood should be - especially when W 25th around the hospital gets filled in. I just think that the scale of some of these buildings would fit well downtown. Further Weston already owns a large portion of parking lots downtown and they’ve expressed interest in developing them.
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