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  1. I could take my flat pack furniture home via the redline and trolley.
  2. Unless overhead wires have some dank trolleys running along them they’re terrible. The site lines downtown and other areas of the city with buried utilities are much better.
  3. As an urban planner/transportation planner who chooses to live without a car in this car centric hellscape, I love transit. I take the green line a lot since my dad lives right off of it. But it’s just not feasible to keep it. When looking to the future, RTA should cut the fat and grow what makes the most sense. I’m hoping that all of these studies, increased capital funding, etc. with a revitalizing urban core can yield a better functioning transit system.
  4. To say rail is 25% of the ridership doesn’t mean anything for the green line since the Green/Blue/WFL only account for 20% of that 25%. Further, the green line only portion is probably around 25-30% of light rail with most of that being at Green Rd. Maybe warrensville and bus connections (40-41). So that’s around 400-500k riders out of the 1.6 million light rail riders compared to the 6+ million red line riders. It’s hard to get exact numbers since counts for light rail are combined, and fare box data only accounts for one direction. Most of light rail ridership comes from the denser zoned blue line and the combined section Shaker Square-Downtown. Our rail, especially our light rail severely underperforms and the capital cost to maintain the green line isn’t worth what it gets in ridership. It could easily be folded into the blue line (less than a mile away) and have the blue line ran more frequently. The twin cities have around 26 million rail riders for comparison.
  5. Great in theory, but that's a long 5 miles with a lot of nimbys and anti-transit communities. Lots of potential in our rail system, but rail is extremely costly to maintain. I would love for the WFL to be a loop through the Campus District. RTA really seems to be in a transitional period. With a declining regional population and ridership, they have to do something drastic to grow.
  6. Red-line use is great. Light rail use is abysmal. The green line is useless, and redundant. It runs through single family housing. I think that if they're going to sink money into updating the fleet, they should focus on the red and blue line. They should get rid of the green line and waterfront line - or run it through Downtown at street level (i.e. Minneapolis) so its actually useful.
  7. Stinks that it closed. Retail downtown is rough. Also, will they have a time lapse for lumen when its completed?
  8. This is a really great project. I'm glad that they're incorporating affordable housing options in a central, and transit-oriented area close to jobs and other resources. I hope that more developers pursue projects like this. Combining OZ, HTC, LIHTC, etc. can create projects that are equitable but still profitable for developers.
  9. This always happens with bike, bus, and ped infra. See Chicago's failed BRT sadly. People are so wrapped in car dependence they don't understand how multi-modal infrastructure is a benefit to business, not a threat.
  10. "People talk about there being few downtown buildings that can be converted to new uses," Yablonsky added in a phone interview. "This isn't a case of that. I can think of at least four that could benefit from the credits off the top of my head. More properties are also becoming eligible because of the creation of additional historic districts downtown, such as on Superior Avenue and in the Flats." There's not many left, but there's still a few.
  11. It just sounded like the typical anti-black establishment rhetoric that I hear about Rumor and Union. I've never personally had issues there, and enjoy going there. Anyway, way off-topic, and I stan a unified boardwalk for the FEB
  12. I personally enjoy going to East End, and I feel like this comment has racist, classist, whatever undertones. It's a thriving bar with a great outdoor space to hang out when the weather is good. *shrug*
  13. I think that it really should happen. It would be a huge benefit to have one long boardwalk that connects to the park. With the next phase of development, one long connected boardwalk would be truly incredible for the city. Having a board walk with shops, dining, and bars with seating and stuff along the entire stretch would give us a really great water front experience. This parking lot that recently sold would really make for some great condos.
  14. Planning Commission strikes a blow for riverfront access with vote requiring East Bank promenade Planning Commission rescinds flawed vote on riverfront promenade but vows to pursue public access
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