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  1. It was mentioned that as healthcare changes, and technology improves the need for beds is declining. Many procedures can be performed as outpatient. Doctors can look at many things endoscopically now, and don’t have to cut people open. Shared beds in rooms also have a lot of detractors, including patient health & recovery. Etc. etc. Don’t cite me though, I’m not a doctor haha. This was just part of the spiel.
  2. Cool little event. There were VR headsets to take a virtual tour of the new hospital. Construction manager from Turner was present as well as various other people involved in the project. The bed tower will consist of single patient rooms, no more shared rooms.The ER building will remain, and connect to the new tower. The ER building will also house nicu/pediatric related specialties with a rooftop garden for patients. The plan to tear down the outpatient facilities and integrate outpatient services throughout the county in communities sounds interesting, but nervous about their plans with the park and connectivity to the rest of the neighborhood. One of the speakers stressed the lack of green space in Clark-Fulton, which is true... but some grass and trees do not benefit anyone. 80628D62-268C-43FD-81A8-C26AFF910103.MP4
  3. Thats what I said on DCA’s Facebook. I was told there was supposed to be a second one, but I guess that’s not coming to fruition now.
  4. Great blog post, but it says last missing tooth. Regarding downtown, isn’t the sunken parking lot next to the Union Club also a missing tooth? Not to go off topic or argue a small point, but that’s always been one of the things I hate most downtown. I have friends who live in City Club apartments, one in MDA in Chicago, and one in Mill District in Minneapolis. They’re great apartments with nice interiors, and tons of amenities. These new builds with tons of amenities are going to be strong competition to the other apartments in downtown Cleveland that aren’t as amenity rich. @Pugu, from my understanding this apartment chain doesn’t do for sale units. I’ve been in some of their other apartment complexes, and they’re all rentals.
  5. I’m excited for the dilapidated lot to be filled in. It would be great to be a park if it were actually made into a decent park. But it’s a blight on Euclid Avenue, which is an otherwise really great street. It would be really great if the big lot next to Gallucis could be developed into a street abutting building.
  6. There will be a Metro community open house this Thursday, the 8th, and next Thursday, the 15th, from 6-7:30PM. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/community-open-house-tickets-64981298814 >Please join MetroHealth and Councilwoman Jasmin Santana for an interactive, virtual reality tour of the new hospital and for updates on neighborhood initiatives, programming and planned investments. Let’s continue the conversation and see how we're working together to support and strengthen our community. The event is free, parking will be free in the Sackett Lot (on MetroHealth Drive between W. 25th Street and Scranton Road), and refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you!
  7. Not sure what the confused mark is for. It also connects to 629 Euclid, where I just moved out of. Lots of people use it coming from the parking garage. I used the hallway every once in a while.
  8. Wouldn’t be much worse than the rest of downtown. I went to CSU undergrad + grad and lived on Euclid near E 4 most of it. The wind tunnels can get seriously crazy in really low temps.
  9. The Killers concert was simply amazing. They've been consistently amazing since I went one of their concerts for the first time in high school. It is really nice to see Cleveland hosting such large events as the MLB All Star Games, and I hope that they continue to do so. The Public Mall space is perfect for these types of events.
  10. I would agree with you if they’ actually did something with the space, but it’s a derelict lot.
  11. Yes, this would be a great little area. I’m here a lot to play trivia at Saucy, and I love the Jukebox. I disagree that it would kill businesses. A lot of these side streets are extremely redundant. Market Street is a tiny one way street literally a stone throw away from Lorain. The street is also closed throughout the year for a variety of events which benefit the businesses. Making the street more safe and open to pedestrians will bring more business to Great Lakes, Flying Fig and Koffie Cafe. I’ve been to Europe, Israel, and South America. A lot of those places have swaths of entire cities closed to traffic, or longer stretches of a single road. I know this is ~America land of the automobile and suburban sprawl~ though. But some of my favorite tourist spots that I remember the most were pedestrian areas where I could spend the day shopping and eating and going into little galleries. Flower Street in Curitiba and Nahalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv are both pedestrian only, and super amazing. The same can be said about E. 4th in Cleveland. It’s one of the city’s best attractions. Same with Old River Rd in the flats, which will be even better when it’s further built up.
  12. Glad this happened. The street is redundant/useless. We need more pedestrian only streets in the city.
  13. I like the small little green area in the parking lot. It says shaded green space if my eyes are correct , but I think it would be nice if it were maybe some sort of rain retention/rain garden as well? Is there pricing available on these?
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