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  1. I like the small little green area in the parking lot. It says shaded green space if my eyes are correct , but I think it would be nice if it were maybe some sort of rain retention/rain garden as well? Is there pricing available on these?
  2. I think that between shows at playhouse, summer events such as Jazz Fest, etc the area is fine. Not really much in the photographed immediate area that caters to a non student population.
  3. I currently live in this building. They’ve been staked out for a while having their Beacon operations there. This is where they’ve been meeting with prospective tenants and such before showing them the building. Also, MRNs HQ is on the second floor (the Marons own the building, and one of them lives there).
  4. Are there any plans for E. 119th St/the parking lot there? Seems like it could be a good place for a community parking garage with apartments above it?
  5. I was coming to post this . It's the first step to an urban target/IKEA, hahahaha.
  6. Honestly Cleveland needs more 24 hour spots. Even when I’m not out partying, it’s still nice to grab a bite at 3 am. Or there were those times when I had late night study sessions as a grad student that would have been amazing to grab a bite. I bough 3 vodka shots, a double Tito’s on the rocks, and a beer Friday for 25$ at the Map Room. Not sure what it would have cost me in the flats, haha. At least 50$. A dive bar in flats will be great.
  7. I just spoke with councilman McCormack at the DCR event, and there’s going to be a playground by the science center, and in the mall. The one by the science center will be a more traditional playground while the one in the mall will be a larger contiguous “playscape” with like mounds/obstacles and stuff.
  8. ^ the north and south side of Detroit east of W. 25th really need a lot of work. It’s the gateway to the west side / Ohio city. Hemingway is the perfect developer to have site control over the the NE corner of Detroit-W. 25th. Hopefully plans for that come out soon.
  9. Theres 5 active projects on Euclid alone, 3 renos and 2 new. 2 of those are nearing the finish line. These 5 will bring 1200ish new units that should push our population close 20,000 hypothetically if they were at capacity. This isn’t including 925 and the potential hippodrome site/cityclub apartments. Then there’s other projects through downtown (nucleus, feb, smaller projects, etc). Plus 100,000+ daytime employees which are growing. There’s supposedly a demand for nearly 7,000 new residential units by 2030. Condos really make sense. It’s time for some condos. Hopefully this geis project, and knezs smaller townhome development will be a catalyst to more for-sale units. Report shows demand for 6,800 more homes in downtown Cleveland by 2030 Also hopefully the 2020 census will yield good news for the city and downtown.
  10. I thought they had financial issues and were completed around the economic downturn. They were sued by the construction company?
  11. You'd be surprised. My dad is a boomer. He and many want to be in the throw of things. Between Playhouse Square, E. 4th, the stadiums, etc,. its a very attractive area for people of all ages. Boomers like sports and bars too, haha. My dad goes out just as much as I do, and is a member of Playhouse, museums, etc. He's also been a season pass ticket holder to the Browns for as long as I can remember. Plus, boomers have higher spending power, especially regarding expensive condos like these Geis ones will probably be.
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