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  1. I agree but don’t you think if they were staying in Cleveland the CFO would have left it at “not to panic” and not said “but we have to do due diligence when spending 1b of our shareholders money”
  2. This line right here worries me “but we have to do due diligence when spending 1b of our shareholders money” To me that says we are leaving Cleveland but the employees are welcome to stay with the company and move to where the company is going.
  3. “Channel19CarlMondayNews: Sources report SHW considering NYC and Los Angeles!!!!!!!” Wow
  4. https://trib.al/ivtEJdj “The company is considering multiple sites, including locations in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and “several other states,” according to a news release.”
  5. I Definitely call BS on this project. A skyscraper is anything over 500 feet.
  6. My father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate, told me that SW is leaving Cleveland.. Sorry.. but if they did leave I would not be surprised.
  7. Anyone have an idea how this will look from progressive field behind the plate or around that area?
  8. Hopefully the courts will be taken better care of then the cracking concrete skate park
  9. Agreed only time will tell. I just don’t believe Stark though, he seems like a big talker. I feel the only projects he gets completed is when someone else’s name attached to it as well. Just like the Beacon, correct?
  10. I feel it’s 100% safe to say this project is dead and was really only a pipe dream from the start
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