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  1. consider contacting this dude. Maybe he can help to fill you in on his intent. Andrew Leicester is a public artist born and educated in England who immigrated to the U.S. in 1970. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. For the past three decades, Mr. Leicester has created public art projects that range in size and scope from small courtyards to municipal transit plazas, park entrances and water gardens throughout the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Recent projects include “Parade of Floats”, sixteen sculptures lining pedestrian routes to the new Civic Center in San Jose, California, and “Flying Shuttles”, 27 integrated works into the exterior facade and courtyard of the new Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. Leicester has received numerous awards for his work as well as fellowships from the Bush Foundation, the McKnight Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Internationally recognized as a public artist, as well as a popular lecturer and panelist, he feels his art should exist in the public domain and form links between its specific location and host community. The iconography of his work, often humorous and multilayered, is derived from extensive research of the various social, historical and environmental characteristics of each location. All convey a striking sense of place. For his projects, Mr. Leicester produces a variety of artistic elements within variously scaled settings that engage the general public both physically and intellectually. His most recent work addresses the issues of sustainability, most specifically wind and solar power, and reclamation.
  2. and then there is the replacement for the Brent Spence Bridge. How many years and counting.
  3. maybe by sucking chumps, they get even more free press.
  4. pedestrian sometimes. The four blocks between the two blue suspension bridge sculptures on third street, could be developed for hosting all kinds of street fairs, community walks and runs, beer fests, brat-fests, and any other fests that come along. Permanent structures could include metal pavillions for vendors, runners, etc. All those events, those outdoor events, would have a place and space for their fans. There is plenty of parking, it's near downtown, and next to the banks and the river park. how does this relate to court street... court is basically one block long if you stay away from the already busy governmentbuildings.
  5. i said, a wall not the wall. let me see, $100000 a chair x 10 with mirrors tile floor and silk walls= $1,000000. I will not be able to have my hair done at this place.
  6. this is the smartest thing ive seen said on this forum. $1m. hell we could build a wall for that amount.
  7. if the ballet needs parking why not put the ballet in the parking garage that will replace the ugly building. One floor, as much room as you could want. no one needs to move, everybody wins even the 100 ballerinas. its a city garage and city ballet.
  8. There are people in cities. Starting let's say in April, people start coming out because of sports, weather and entertainment. Traffic comes to a halt twice every day because of rush hour. Runners, walkers, bands, parties, street festivals, major sports events, minor sports events, rallies, parades, and holiday weekend festivals occur in cities. So, there will always be traffic jams. As long as you live in a city there will be traffic problems. There isn't a mind that can solve these problems. This forum can't solve, the city and county governments cant solve it. So embrace the traffic, the crowds, the inconvenience. Would you rather have visitors say, I went to Cincy and the streets were dead. Or would you rather hear, Cincy, what a hopping place. It's alive, lots to do, lots to see and worth a visit.
  9. Right, as I was writing this post I was thinking of Barcelona and Gaudi. A beautiful city that has many different styles of architecture all about 6 stories tall.
  10. Consider the Duck-Billed Platypus, a hodgepodge of parts created by Gaia that we are surprised by but accept fully. Architecture happens in time and space. Styles change, tastes change but in the long run, we enjoy surprise and uniqueness. Whether in OTR or the Banks what people will remember is the odd duck. That's what a great city has; surprise and uniqueness.
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