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  1. I hope these sketches of the new convention center addition are just speculative, because that gigantic video screen is presented almost staring into the setting sun and overlooking an existing Plum and 5th street parking lot. So, my guess is it can't be seen in the daytime and who is gonna pay to sit in a parking lot and watch it at night.
  2. I don't believe "d*ckering is a word (at least its meaning) that needs to be disguised or hidden. So, I looked it up. d*ckering (present participle) engage in petty argument or bargaining. "she advised him not to d*cker over the extra fee" synonyms: haggle · barter · negotiate · discuss terms · hold talks · deal · [more] treat something casually or irresponsibly; toy with something. "there was no d*ckering with the lyrics" nope, nothing to do with anatomy.
  3. Thanks for all this info. My comment was directed toward people who want to fight over every nook and cranny on every project that comes down the river. And, I wasn't talking about Newport. I was talking about the IRS site as a location that could accommodate the combination of Convention Center, casino, convention hotel and why not through in a new arena and music venue. We would then have the best of all worlds no d*ckering about traffic, noise, foot traffic, parking, removal of streets, and views from the high-risers, historic buildings, and the list goes on. All these venues in the same place with a view of the skyline. Covington would reap all the benefits, but that would solve many of the issues. I wonder if Mr. Lindner, County Commissioners, our representatives, the Castellani's and other heavy investors would sign off on this.
  4. is the School of Performing Arts a Cincinnati Public School?
  5. Ah, you seem to know a lot about Cincinnati. I remember: that there was going to be a new bridge across the Ohio, 6o story GE headquarters at5th and Vine, the Olympics in queensgate, the vacant lot that is Saks and Nordstrom's, all the proposals for the Artistry location, the renderings of the banks then the reality, the cover over FWW. the inclines revival. Call your bookie and see if he has odds of this new hotel. If it does happen, maybe it will go up faster because stacking room after room is easier. Of course, people will complain about the look and height and the traffic and parking and color and the shadow it will cast on downtown.
  6. the music venue, Hilltop, soccer stadium, new coliseum: trending attitude all for things Cincinnati, move it to KY.
  7. After every labor day, food festival, tailgate party the areas are cleaned. I don't know, but my guess is that those are city employees that work overnight to clean up. I don't see why the same people couldn't be employed to clean up a parking lot that is trashed weekly. Doesn't seem like a big deal. If it is a big deal then eating drinking in otr should have a "value added" tax that would pay for clean up. If you want less shootings, I suggest you contact the NRA. They pretty much control anything to do with guns. As far as attraction of the wrong types of people go, we had a class in high school called Civics. Its not a car, rather and attitude about responsibilities of citizens. Young boys and girls (no matter their ages) seem to relish in the idea of personal freedom. That is to say, they eat the hotdog and spit out the relish and pee and what ever else they are holding. One simple thing that could possibly help the trash situation is to make sure every item sold be wrapped, contained, sipped thru paper. At least it will degrade. Oh, I don't care for country or hip-hop music, give me classical anytime.
  8. yeah, 7stories gigantic! A bit of architectural detail (stepped terraces) people will stop and stare and point and weep. Solution keep it a parking lot, because parking lots are not too tall and really make you feel like you are in a historic area.
  9. Ryota Yamagata I wouldn't know a thing about challenges and alignment, but if the criteria for a one floor convention center, with a convention hotel and a connection with the casino is the question, then this is a possible answer. I have read the comments of this blog and these are the reasons why, we can't do this and we can't do that. Like congress our leaders can't make decisions. the old line, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs seems apropos. If you go to a major city for a convention and there other things going on in that city, then public and private transportation are there to help. Cincinnati has a very walkable city. The walking and taxis and a streetcar line with stops at the Hyatt and Omni Netherland and other hotels would bring dollars and make sense. Right now there is no reason to use the streetcar, but if a second line connects the Museum Center area (queensgate) with the Casino then visitors will have a reason to use the streetcar.
  10. Its a possible solution. Hotel overlooks city, casino grows, one floor continuous, and lose only one street.
  11. I had a very similar idea yesterday. Sometimes its better just say, this was a mistake and we need to just start over. And, if you really want to dream. take the convention center, the casino and a major new hotel then put them on the old hudephol site as the anchors for Queensgate.
  12. maybe Kroger will learn from this and add an additional area called "Don't just eat the rind/rhine", for people who want marked down items. Shillito's basement floor use to be all marked down items (clothing)
  13. one hears a lot about food desserts/deserts. Here is one location that welcomes all caravans (Plymouth or Mercedes). No matter your status you are paying the same price for the same food. I see that as a plus. And, there is always Findlay market for additional shopping. Maybe friendships will happen and people will find that other people have needs much like their needs. And, that will cause the "haves" to understand the "have nots" a little better. And, the "have nots" to understand the "haves". Maybe the young will assist the old, maybe the greys will learn from the rainbow afros. And, maybe just maybe there will be a street side window that allows the haves to donate part of their grocery tally to aid the poor. Sort of like Duke Energy offers me the chance to pay for my fellow citizens gas and electric. Of course, this window should not be run by Kroger, rather and independent group (all volunteers). I know this is "apple pie in the sky". But, maybe the sign on the new window will be DMR (De-militarized Rhine). can I get a rimshot.
  14. when its all said and done, the city will settle for an Artistry (6 story apartment complex).
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