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  1. The DOW and Corona and election and finally no one is allowed out to buy anything, will change this country and the world for the next 8 years. it will be ugly. Stocks should have never gone up this fast. checkout the last two weeks. There will be not convention center addition and there will not be a convention hotel for at least 8 years
  2. This is first for me. The historic Powell Valves Building is a charmer and since it has such a history and is beautiful, it truly is unfortunate that it will be torn down. That's a pity.
  3. in school when we were taught about NEWS (north east west and south) some people weren't listening. When we learned about the weather and the difference between rain, snow, sleet and tornados some people weren't listening. When we learned about red green and yellow or a stop sign, merge sign, yield sign and no sign some people weren't listening. People don't listen because, well who knows. But, you end up with people who don't understand that a lane in the middle of a five lane highway (painted with left and right turn arrows in the center lane) is for people who want to turn. Instead they park themselves in the 2nd for 4th lanes with their signals going. When the odot puts up cement curbs in the middle of a 4 lane street, how many times have you seen people driving over these cement barriers because they see their destination. Or, a young woman sitting straight up with her hands and forearms touching the steering wheel (with her body close behind) following a vehicle way to close. That one always scares me. And for the last 20 years garmans have been directing traffic. They are simple machines not genies.
  4. told you so...Hampton inn at Central park and liberty. Convention Hotel just dreams. its 2030 and man colonized Mars. The new Disney UP is surrounded by Holiday Inns and TGIFs . Cincy, still fighting for 5 story buildings in otr.
  5. when scale doesn't work hire an architect. An attempt to humanize the corner of liberty and central parkway
  6. Hopefully, FCC developers are planning some store fronts, a hotel, and village for property along Liberty and the corner of Central Park. Maybe throw in a apartment or two. And hopefully, a nice big hotel and village would attract soccer tournaments and concerts. If the convention center needs a convention hotel, the stadium will need a hotel with surrounding ambiance. I could see a wide curbside park along Liberty, like the park at Broadway and 8th. It would give rise to a street scene that blocked the industrial look of the area. If the church stays, god forbid, the village should have the feel of 19th century Cincinnati. The red brick, the spires, the Italianate facades. Maybe Sam Adams will surprise us and move their headquarters to Cincy. It could be a real draw. The FCC at Sam Adams Stadium. Beer. what makes America great again.
  7. The neighborhoods of Cincy and NKY make this area unique. Hyde Park, Mt. Adams, OTR, MainStrasse, Mt. Lookout, Northside, Walnut Hills, and im sure there are many more including places like Cheviot. There is a dilemma though. When those places were developed people didn't have two and three cars to a family. They used public transportation. If people did live in walkable neighborhoods and used public trans. then maybe the surrounding neighborhoods would change slower. Until a time comes when people actually walk again there will be parking problems, changing neighborhoods, and neighborhood strife. Up and coming v. failing businesses and unwanted neighbors. We either have to learn to deal with "the other" (city life) or live in suburbia and mow the lawn all weekend.
  8. Barron Krody is going to be happy, but its still the ugliest of all the earlier murals. Even uglier than the green dragon on Sycamore.
  9. An outrageous unique sculpture that creates wind and noise breaks. Plus, creates shade and shelter for the public would be a great solution. Like St. Lou Arch, or the space needle in Seattle or this wood construction in Seville, Parasol.
  10. Thank god someone still has a sense of humor. Looks like a great building.
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