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  1. I love the location of the soccer stadium. Its the perfect location for keeping development going in the city center. What was a barren landscape with abandoned buildings, remnants of businesses long gone, not to mention a butt ugly entrance to the downtown area, is now going to be a beautiful stadium, a money maker for the city and enticement for new development. Some developer is going to see the advantage of offices, entertainment venues and housing along Central Parkway and Liberty St. Parking garages could surround the stadium and with some imagination hidden with shopping, restaurants and apartments. It seems like a great place for people who would like to walk to work, and still own a car. In a few years after new development and normalcy returns, the stadium will become a good neighbor. The area will be cleaner, pedestrians will be more plentiful, which will cause businesses to open, (until the robots takeover)and employment for the locals. For example Findley market is a thing and could become a bigger thing if it were surrounded by shopping and people. The brewery trail is a thing but could become a bigger thing with Octoberfest bar walks, a soccer filled weekend, a stroll thru OTR. In my opinion, soccer will become bigger and bigger in the next decade. Cincinnati will have three stadiums that can accommodate full size legal soccer meets. That could mean tournaments, and even soccer conventioneers. Maybe an annual socca-con. futbol-con. Who knows. How about a soccer museum in the abandoned building recently used by churches.
  2. another view of Central Parkway at the bend. New infills. Plus a traffic circle at the bend and widen Plum (?) rework of traffic patterns.
  3. my imagination and unfortunately my lack of imagination.
  4. just the other day attempted a sketch of central parkway at the curve. I included wguc and the ballet company with a theater.
  5. who could object to this? Its five stories tall (it seems all new construction: apartments, hotels, and businesses are 5 stories tall). it keeps the façade of the old building, more or less. And the entrance is accessible only by a drive thru fast food line that over looks the park. Why are cars more important than the green space? The overall effect is much like Price Hill Chili or maybe the Catholic Partners Building at Reading and Elsinore.
  6. Now we're talking. If you need tourists then give them what they want. Build this before it becomes the replacement for the IRS lot.
  7. These are beautiful renderings. One can only hope the overall design looks good 20 years from now. I love the central staircase, the glass looking indoor/outdoor beer hall restaurant. People will flock to this facility for the next 10 years. Maybe by then the city will declare the ballet barn derelict property and raze it. I hope everyone is aware that ballet doesn't actually put of shows at the ballet building as it stands. They practice there and it looks horrible. It reminds me of the movie Amadeus. The king declares no music and dancing at the same time. So Mozart shows him dancers without music. That is what the ballet building will look like once the stadium is up.
  8. Yes there has been drastic change and its all good. Still, if more people were moving here there would be a need for high rises, corporate offices, etc. The population of the metro seems to stay the same. There is something charming about the history, neighborhoods, hills and river. The charm is on par with many other midsized Midwest cities. But when I read the arguments over whether a new complex should 5 of 6 stories tall, I can only think of high school. .
  9. If you don't have people you can't have a city. You can talk apartments, condos, high rises, hotels, and the like but since the 50s people have been moving to the burbs. Shopping malls, businesses, hotels followed and people commuted by auto (one person to a car/too bigga truck) People are flocking south. They may come back as the water and humidity rise but that wont happen till there is good reason: jobs, real attractions, a way to make money. Cities like San Antonio, Austin, Charlotte, Raleigh,and Atlanta are booming. And, most of Florida and Texas are booming, too. Friends visiting our fair city have consistently commented about the lack of a city. "Where are the people? Its not a big as I thought." Cincy seems to like beer, pizza, chili and chain restaurants. So, the locals can get that in spades. Tourists need a reason to come and spend money. A tourist from Europe, or Asia will never want to experience the ambiance of middle America. In the 70s people came to America to see gold paved streets and buildings 1000 feet tall. Now those things are in their own countries. Many places Ive visited have good transportation systems. In most bigger cities you can take a fast train to major city or take a local train to many of the smaller towns and both types of trains are in the same station. Our streetcars are like your first toy train set. A choo choo on an oval track. If and when people give up their cars and trucks, and we have unique shops, restaurants, music, and curio shops. Plus, saxophone players on street corners and beggars and mamas with babies and daddys with cigars Cincy will not draw the numbers to get that big city vibe.
  10. Even though the Banks doesn't look anything like the neighborhood that was proposed. I do remember reading that there wouldn't be carnival type attractions. It was to be Cincinnati's front yard. By the time something started to be built, I think the entire city was happy that something/anything would be built. Smale Park looks great with the water attractions, steps and lawns. The walks and the swings are integrated and overall it looks like most things belong. Enter the ferris wheel. If its going to be permanent then it should look the part. There are many places it could go, but with a little thought it would fit nicely to the west of Carols Merry-go-round. Add a ground floor to house the machinery. It should be the same level with the Merry-go. Add coffee house, ice cream parlor, maybe an indoor/outdoor restaurant. Or, leave it where it is and add corndog, fried pickle, cotton candy and flavored ice cone stands. And, for the full effect throw some straw down and hang some lights like they did on the Ohio side of the PPB.
  11. so, lawyers, architects, designers, developers fight over every tit and tattle that goes at the banks. But, this carnival ride gets a high five.
  12. I dread the day when developers propose 6 story 2x4 structures and end up building pole barns.
  13. "my eyes, my eyes" screams Estelle Parsons with her first look at no matter what is put up at Liberty and Central Parkway. In this rendition of Bonnie and JMecklen
  14. a picture is worth a thousand words. You can crop that same picture and tell a completely different story.
  15. there was a time when the running story was, the streetcar will not help development in OTR. Now look. There was a time when no one played Soccer in this country. Now look. There are soccer moms that fill the highways and airways to attend, promote and back soccer. Bringing a MLS team to Cincy may just save this city. There was a time when Detroit refused to see the tsunami coming. Look at Detroit and northern Ohio now. Cars are built below the Mason Dixon in a variety of rural areas. Change will happen. And if it comes down to moving a 99 year old from a to b and she is a renter then she loses. Sorry. She has to go.
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