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  1. I would love this to be a reality again. This kind of transit solves much of our problems; pollution, parking, population integration, job access and so much more.
  2. This is so cool! two buildings going up at the same time! two crains in Ohio City?
  3. im starting to think this is a troll account.. i keep waiting for Aston Kutcher to jump and say we are being punked....
  4. I like the idea of a round about, they are really under utilized... looking at your drawing though i think it can be done with out removing the surrounding businesses... i am not opposed to removing them but i think it can be done without.
  5. I was down here recently and took some new pictures! its coming along nicely!
  6. In all fairness i dont actually think they are helping the people in San Francisco, I was there for a while.. by just turning your back on these people you arent helping them. The laws in San Fran are basically doing this. Those people have no recourse to better their lives because they dont need to. I do not want Cleveland to turn into San Fran, I want to help people bnetter themselves not encourage them to not try...
  7. I really like the chandelier, its really cool at night and think its a nice addition to the area
  8. yes if you also look on the picture, it says, eliminates waterfront loop towards the stadium...
  9. http://www.riderta.com/pillarstudies#systemdesign There are two proposals, the high frequency one eliminates the blue line
  10. In the latest survey they are talking about taking the blueline away entirely... Seems instead of offering more light rail, their goal is to destroy what we already have.
  11. I took the survey, and i have to say both options suck. It seems we are just chasing our tail when it comes to public transportation. No clear direction or end goal in mind. Very disappointed in RTA and its leadership
  12. This is what i was talking about above KJP, i dont see these tweets anywhere..
  13. If i am correct George bought the directly north of madison, the old buildings that are really an eyesore and have extensive deferred maintenance. I do not know of any projects that have even thought about this area, but i think it is really underused.
  14. I Drive/walk or ride my bike through this intersection everyday, and all i can think is what a waste of that Rapid station this area is. I believe Bobby George recently bought this, I am assuming as another powerplay type move like he did with the lots across from Ohio city galley. The possible ToD developments that can go into this area on both corners would be amazing for the area and a boost for the ridership op the red line.
  15. He must of deleted the tweet.. I dont see it on that thread anymore
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