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  1. This is all very disheartening. How can we continually get in our own way? This is getting a little ridiculous and counter productive for the growth of our cities.
  2. I wish there was a way to get our city leaders to be less constrictive and more supportive of these projects. I was walking around down there and i can only imagine how beautiful, busy and exciting the area would be with this project being finished. That area is already doing well but this could really put the finishing touches on that corner.
  3. I looked and i looked but i couldnt find a thread for the dexter place apartments.. if i missed it please move accordingly! Thank you Pictures from earlier today.. quite the whole they have dug..
  4. I was walking around there today, looks half empty as of now.. was hoping to see more vacancies.
  5. I was out and about today... got some nice pictures of the Lumen from some new angles.
  6. Every time i drive by this place i always think what a waste of land that is.. move that place and build something there.
  7. So for whatever reason i didnt think this project was going to start so soon.. they are not messing around and its wonderful!!!
  8. That was hard to read, Does the Scene actually write positive or unbiased pieces ever? I used to love reading the Scene, now i avoid it like the plague.
  9. Lets get Progressive to come back downtown too... oh wait wrong thread....
  10. I like this trade alot, our outfield just got a heck of alot better.
  11. I thought the City Club apartments were on the parking lot on Euclid, not prospect?
  12. Silly me! I always thought that block with the Harry buffalo was an eyesore..
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