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  1. I dont mind this at all. I kinda like the design for the area
  2. any word on if the parking structure will be lined with retail/restaurants to tie into the warehouse district?
  3. I couldnt snap a photo since i was on the shoreway but the view of all three of these projects rising up was amazing.. ill see if i can get a picture from a nice angle.. but it brought a tear to my eye!
  4. This is true.. that place is ridiculously busy. I also think them not paying rent in a majority of their locations is just them being cautious and also still paying for the health insurance of all their furloughed employees. If i had a choice i would rather them do that then pay rent. Its not a desire of mine, just a thought since stark and the factory do have long standing working relationships
  5. Not sure how to ask this, but what do you think the odds of say a Cheesecake FActory being put into this project? I would think that Cheesecake would want a downtown location and with the pandemic it might make since to close westlake and move it into the city center? That would be a hell of an addition i think.
  6. I like how it looks and i like the idea of developing across east 4th also. I would hope that the parking deck would allow for a phase 2 or 3 type development in the future.. i wouldnt imagine them not developing it with that idea as part of it.. just in case
  7. I poured some wine... and am waiting patiently...
  8. Thatd be awesome.. Fixing that side of the street would do wonders for the feel of that area.. its like the last remnant of abandonment in the area.
  9. now if they could just do something with the eyesore on the other side of the street....
  10. the bar is not shutdown... you may still drink and shop
  11. to me it looks like those horizontal stripes near the top of the building is just the sun hitting the floor plates just right... the building is completely glass after all...
  12. ride the bus or take the train... both great options!!
  13. Downtown is going to be very busy for the next few years! This is an exciting time!
  14. I cant read the article... care to elaborate? lol
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