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  1. There's the equivalent of a hotel's worth of rooms in Airbnb in Over-the-Rhine.
  2. This loss of public ROW will require approvals and provides opportunity for suggesting alternatives.
  3. Looks like the opening got a lot bigger than what was shown in the last drawing. Anyone have those overhead shots for comparison?
  4. UGH so disappointing. There is still time to object on lighting and sound issues - wonder how Music Hall tenants and ballet are feeling about the new design.
  5. Really horrendous impact on street and sidewalk activity along Central.
  6. I wouldn't put TAFT beyond them -- they are making it an unbearable place to try to teach and learn. The school board may have to move the school for the sake of the people who have to be inside it.
  7. Planning Commission informed us that the cell company won't sell. (Yet?) They did upgrades to it in recent months too. As for Wade Street historic buildings - Berding has admitted the plan is to tear down and build a parking lot.
  8. Mozart Garage, the historic building between Chore Monster and the garage, and the cell tower have not sold.
  9. Also. There is a second issue pending: sale of public land. No right to sale of land.
  10. Pretty sure 'a year ago' that residents of the West End who know the church is an important neighborhood asset cared....as well as the people who attend and belong to the church.
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