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  1. Just curious, what would be the plan for the proposed rail loop south of what's visible in that initial map/diagram?
  2. Wandered around Tremont a bit today and snagged this. Didn't think to try a wider shot to get the Lumen crane though, darnit. Pictures really don't do the view justice!
  3. They tore down the brick wall along Circle Ct., which kinda stinks. I thought it looked neat with the trees hanging over it and the ivy growing on it.
  4. I agree with Millenial and KJP. Plus the impact on the skyline should be pretty substantial. Especially from the south and the view from the baseball stadium, but it also should be fairly prominent from the north between the Beacon and Huntington tower (or Huntington and Terminal Tower from the shoreway bridge until something pops up on the Jacobs lot).
  5. I'm pleased they at least moved the garage access to Lindazzo Ave. instead of Superior. I assume the original plans were for the townhouses to face each other and form a nice little alleyway on Lindazzo but it totally ignored the larger context of the surrounding streetscape. I wish we could rotate the existing ones to face outward as well.
  6. The article did say they're looking at providing transportation for people who have trouble getting to the new location. Not as good as just having a grocery store in your neighborhood, but it should help ease the transition for folks at least.
  7. While walking to the beverage store this evening I noticed signs and papers on this building's door indicating it is condemned. You can see in Google street view that the entryway used to be boarded up, so it's not terribly surprising I guess, but I was hoping this cool old building would be rehabbed. Hopefully something similar replaces it. https://www.google.com/maps/@41.4847159,-81.7096935,3a,60y,292.9h,89.16t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4w-UNaQdBjRCDd0wpvCQWQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  8. Progressive employee here. I work in IT, so it might not be a 1:1 comparison with corporate, but I believe your assumption about Gates Mills etc. to be largely correct. A fair amount of people commute from the Solon/Twinsburg area as well. Our corporate HQ is a separate campus from where I work, but both campuses were built in the mid 90s and the one I'm at has been undergoing renovations for the last couple of years, so I doubt the higherups are looking to drop the money on any substantial movement downtown any time soon. I certainly haven't heard any rumblings of it, at the very least. But hey, who knows.
  9. Not sure if someone already posted this info elsewhere, but it looks like the southeast corner of W.25th and Detroit is destined for parking. "Buildings across the street are scheduled to be razed, a rep for the Galley Group said, and will result in 28 parking spaces. Some street parking surrounds the building, and there will be valet." https://www.cleveland.com/expo/life-and-culture/erry-2018/10/2a1fc265dd8139/ohio-city-galley-sneak-peek.html
  10. It looks like the shadow is trying to touch the shadow in front of him's junk... I don't know if I'd have realized unless you mentioned it, but yeah this is just begging for graffiti. Particularly with the congregation of teenagers a block away once the school is complete....
  11. Anyone know what's going on on that Wendy's lot? I couldn't find anything searching. There were a few Wendy's on High Street in Columbus that got torn down and rebuilt as apartments on top of a new Wendy's, so I would almost dare to dream... But I assume it's just a rearranging of their parking lot or something.
  12. It might be worth noting that this particular Wallyworld was replaced by a larger one a couple blocks away. Literally right next door. There's like 30 yards between the back wall of old one and the side wall of the new one. Not sure what the story was there. Standard practice for them. I actually grew up in Eastlake and can provide a little history on this. The building that Jakprints is moving into is actually the second Walmart building in that approximate location. Originally, there was a smaller Walmart in the same lot that was perpendicular to the building there now and more aligned with the other shops in that plaza. Some time in the 2000s I believe they tore down the old building and built the one that sits empty now. The big building that is 30 yards away used to be a K-Mart, and my dad was convinced that Walmart built their new building that way in order to "choke off" K-Mart from the rest of the plaza because Walmart had designs on the building. I think that's a little silly considering you can still easily get to the other building without leaving the plaza, but evidently they did have designs on the building because as soon as the K-Mart went under they bought the building and converted it into an even bigger Walmart Supercenter and just left their old building sitting empty for years.
  13. Man, this is awesome. I went to OSU from 2010 to 2014 and absolutely loved it, but I gotta say I'm a little jealous of the kids who will be spending their college days at University Circle in the coming years.
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