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  1. To update this, from 2017 to 2018 Hamilton County grew by 2,013 people. The City of Cincinnati grew by 957. So Cincinnati accounted for 47.5% of the county's growth. Looking at the entire period from 2010 to 2018, HamCo grew by 14,312. Cincinnati grew by 5,355. That brings the percentage of growth attributable to the city up to 37.4%.
  2. Philly closed the Ben Franklin Parkway for it. We're closing 2nd Street for American Ninja Warrior. 2nd Street could accommodate the draft.
  3. It's very weird. In addition to the L-shape they have movie theater chairs. It's not really a fun space for music. They should just do away with the seating entirely.
  4. It's the same reason we have giant parking lots downtown. Sure they could make tons of money by redeveloping them, but the owners already make tons of money with no risk whatsoever. What's the incentive to change? A safe investment is better than a risky one.
  5. It's on there. It's hard to tell in the picture but if you go to the interactive map on the website and zoom in you can see they have a few zip codes in and around Huntington.
  6. There is already a beer garden in Washington Park and you can get take out from a nearby restaurant and grab a beer and eat in the park. We do it all the time and it is quite lovely.
  7. Alabama rankings among the states and DC: Poverty Rate: 48th Median Income: 46th Life Expectancy: 51st Gun Deaths: 47th Educational Attainment: 45th Yea, they're doing really well down there under GOP control.
  8. How is this unique? New York teams reach into Connecticut, New Jersey, and PA--much more populous states. Philly teams reach into NJ, DE, and MD. Chicago teams reach into Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Boston has all of New England. Every team draws from a wider area than just its metro area.
  9. No I agree with you 100% on residential being the way forward. Just saying that considering how ridiculously slow the city and county have moved on this it is wildly successful thus far. Transport a Cincinnatian from the mid 90s to today's riverfront and show them Smale, The Banks, new FWW, etc. and their minds would be blown.
  10. I agree that generally speaking stadiums are not good economic development tools, but I'm not so sure the Banks is a good example. People here love to hate the Banks but it is one of the most successful urban neighborhoods in the city and without it we'd still have one of the worst river fronts in the country. The buildings are uninspiring for sure but there are lots of people living in those buildings and the bars and restaurants do amazing business on the weekends and now even during the week. It's become a round the clock neighborhood and it would be even better if the city/county/business community got out of their own way and finally finished building it.
  11. What area is "Old West End?" I've never heard this term.
  12. Yea, this is a very bad and partisan take. You know that it only takes a few seconds for a computer to generate thousands of viable options. If you're only trying to draw a compact map that keeps communities intact then you can literally do this in seconds. If you're trying to manipulate the results and please party leaders and elected officials then, yes, it could take a long time. But the point of this is that they don't want that to happen. Pennsylvania's Supreme Court only took a few weeks to release their new map after the governor and legislature couldn't come up with one.
  13. 5 Points is a 10 minute walk to Madison and Woodburn. We looked at a couple houses that were 5 minutes or less to Madison and Woodburn but were technically in Evanston. And a large part of the eastern section of the neighborhood is less than a 10 minute walk to O'bryonville.
  14. I think it'll help, but it's marginal at best. Maybe imperceptible. The 4th Street ramp isn't the main reason there's a backup every day.
  15. One thing we heard from our realtor when we were looking to buy was that she had a lot of clients who would not consider St. Bernard or Norwood because they wanted to pay their taxes and have a right to vote in elections in the City of Cincinnati. We totally got that and agreed. There's a big back to the city movement right now and I think a lot of folks my age (early 30s) want to have a say in who is running the city and, therefore, don't even consider those enclaves. I like St. Bernard, and if it was in the City of Cincinnati it would've been on our radar. But it isn't, so it wasn't.
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