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  1. It'd be fine as long as it included 3 stories of residential above. We have to maximize the land use there and add residential density. Provide the retailers with a built in customer base.
  2. I think running a Democratic candidate statewide from the Cincinnati area is a good strategy. You're already going to get a lot of votes from Cleveland and Columbus. If you can turn out Dems in Hamilton County and hold down the GOP margins in Greater Cincinnati then I think there is a path to victory there.
  3. Of course the party isn't going to support him. I'm talking about rank and file Republican voters. My uncle in Adams County doesn't care what the state GOP thinks.
  4. I got to go on one and didn't pay a dime. Our parish paid for it.
  5. I tried to go on Saturday. The line was incredibly long so we just went to Sundry and Vice. A few guys in S&V told us that they came from Ghost Baby and there were tons of open tables with "reserved" signs and that the place could've easily accommodated the additional folks in line if not for all the empty tables. Seems like they were manufacturing scarcity. FWIW, we did not hear anything about them turning people away based on looks, and we also talked to some women in S&V who got turned away because they didn't have a reservation. The entire group had model good looks--maybe the most attractive group of women I've ever seen in Cincinnati. So if they were picking and choosing based on looks I don't see how those women didn't get it.
  6. I'm not so sure. Certainly name ID will be a problem in Northeast Ohio, but that can be overcome with a good campaign. I have friends in Dayton in Cbus who are pretty familiar with him though. Some Republicans I know who live in Clermont County told me they'd vote for him over DeWine, which kinda shocked me. I also have an uncle who lives in Adams County who is a die hard GOPer (and Trumper) who always speaks highly of him and has said he'd vote for him in a statewide election. For some reason Republicans love him.
  7. Yea, this is right. It was widely reported toward the end of last year, but there are just so many scandals it is difficult to keep up. The next thing happens and the prior scandal is forgotten. It's pretty enraging.
  8. I have a friend who works at the FEC. They are currently unable to enforce election laws because they don't have a quorum. This administration refuses to appoint a new commissioner so they can do their business. Think about how insane that is. Trump is purposely sabotaging the arm of the federal government tasked with enforcing election laws. Now, why on earth would he want to do that?
  9. An update on the gun girl story from the OU message board, from an apparent eye witness who was taking his daughter on a college visit that day. The gentleman said that Kaitlin was going around asking people super confrontational questions in front of Baker Center. She asked a black student, “Do you ever thank white people for the fact that you aren’t a slave?” and an effeminate looking group of guys "why do you think queers should have special rights?" among other things. She was not getting the angry reactions she was looking for from the people when she shoved her microphone in their faces, but eventually several students started to crowd around to confront her for this harassment and that's when the crowd started to grow and the situation escalated. The gentleman said the students were sticking up for their classmates and she was doing her best to escalate the situation so she could get her video footage. This came from a person who self-identifies as a supporter of gun rights. He also said his daughter has chosen to attend OU, for what it is worth. Now, this is an honest question, and I really hope you'll come back to answer. @eastvillagedon does this account change your opinion in any way? Do you still think OU students are evil? Do you think maybe your own biases caused you to misevaluate the situation? I'd really like to hear your thoughts.
  10. I mean, the Daily Mail is also a right wing propaganda machine. So I'd take it with a very large grain of salt.
  11. No, you're right. You tolerate some of us.
  12. Thank you for sharing this. I didn't go to SSU but I grew up one county over and many people from my HS went there. The idea that SSU is some far left institution is laugh out loud ridiculous to anyone who is familiar with it. The Federalist obviously did no research before they tried to portray it as liberalism run amok. Or they did, but they are being purposely misleading, as usual. Although, you have to call into question their "journalism" when they referred to the university as a community college.
  13. I guess if you have to tell yourself that to justify not being willing to listen to other people's opinions then have at it. I just don't understand why you're a member of a message board that discusses politics if you're not interested in being challenged.
  14. Again, I would ask both of you, how did this professor supposedly know the biological sex of the student? Did the professor inspect their genitalia? You guys really work hard to defend being a d*ck to people.
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