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  1. Sure they are different issues. But they both fall under good governance.
  2. This is a very good point and one I have considered. And it is not just African American voters but urban dwellers in general that would lose political power. I think it is a very good argument against the idea, but I still think the potential positives outweigh the negatives. And I should also say I don't think a complete county/city merger is necessary to create positive results. If the inner ring suburbs were consolidated into Cincinnati I think that would make a noticeable difference. Make the wage tax lower for city residents than for non-city residents and offer the adjacent communities the chance to consolidate. See if any take you up on it. Probably not, but it would be smart.
  3. I agree taxes wouldn't change much, but I'm not concerned about taxes. It's pretty well established that people/businesses don't make taxes a big part of their decision about where to locate. I'm more concerned with quality of services. Our dollars would stretch farther if we consolidated jurisdictions. And that goes for school districts too.
  4. There is absolutely money to be saved. Economies of scale. A government that provided services to all of Hamilton County could do so much more efficiently than 50 different little governments covering different (sometimes tiny) areas. That was the whole impetus of the consolidations in Kentucky and Indiana.
  5. Imagine actually believing this.
  6. Now that the parking restriction removal is permanent could we see the one-lane roundabout get revived? Or at the very least some bump outs and other traffic calming measures?
  7. I know you were. And I'm sorry if it sounded like I was attacking you. It's just frustrating to me because I love Cbus. I think it is a great city. I love spending time there and I tell people about all the cool things going on there. I went to OU and we'd go up to Cbus sometimes and bop around and I have tons of friends from college who live there now and I visit often. But I feel like any time someone says something that could be interpreted as even slightly negative about Cbus here they get jumped on. Nobody said annexation was bad. I wish Cincinnati and Hamco would just consolidate completely. EDIT: Also, I'm not intending this to sound combative. Just pointing out a perspective. I know sometimes tone is hard to convey in text.
  8. Well first of all, it was reported during the 2016 campaign and people here talked about it. Also that tweet makes no sense. Alberto Gonzalez is a Republican AG who resigned in disgrace. Robert Mueller is a Republican. James Comey is a Republican. Is their alleged incompetence supposed to be the fault of the Dems?
  9. This gets annoying. Columbus is the fastest growing city and metro area in the state. It is the most diverse. It has the largest state university and is the seat of government. It has many booming and wonderful neighborhoods. It's got everything going for it. So why do Cbus people get so defensive about every little thing? It is 100% true that a lot of Cbus's growth in the city proper today is because they annexed a ton of undeveloped land over time. No one made a value judgement about that. I wish Cincinnati had annexed more land. It's dumb that the densely populated neighborhoods up the I-75 and I-71 corridors aren't part of the city.
  10. I don't think that's what is being said at all. They are saying if growth happens in Mason or North Ridgeville those numbers don't count toward Cincy or Cleveland populations. But all the growth happening along 161 between 270 and New Albany counts toward Cbus's growth.
  11. There are lots of places to buy toilet paper in just about every city I've ever been to.
  12. It makes total logical sense. We wanted to buy in Downtown/OTR but couldn't afford the amount of space we wanted so we ended up in Northside. I've talked to people in Northside bars who bought in College Hill because they couldn't afford Northside. And so on and so forth. Every single millennial I know who has bought in the suburbs did so out of necessity, not because they wanted to be there. We also fully intend to have children and raise them in Northside.
  13. That's fair. I mostly agree. Except for Tin Roof. It's basically on the same level as PBR, which I also have enjoyed from time to time. But 100% agree that we do not need a TGI Friday's or a Hard Rock Cafe. Unless the casino gets re-branded to Hard Rock, then they can put one in there.
  14. Yea, I think West 6th is probably the most likely, if any. I personally always steer people who come from other states toward Jackie O's. Does Athens count as local? Is Platform local since they have a Cincy location now?
  15. Reading Road and Glenway are the first two proposed to be implemented. That would be followed eventually by Hamilton Ave and Madison Road. https://reinventingmetro.com/index.php?page=bus-rapid-transit
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