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  1. Please explain to me how my "local" interests are different than the national interest? Because I've lived in several different states and my own interests never changed. I support stricter environmental regulations so my family can have cleaner air and water. That was just as important to me when I lived in deep blue Delaware as it is when I live in Southern Ohio. Whether we're talking about the Delaware Bay or the Ohio River, the EPA policies that are necessary are the same. Where I lay my head at night doesn't matter in most cases. And for truly local issues, we have people looking out for our interests already. They're called city council people, county commissioners, state legislators. Heck, even your local Congressperson is primarily concerned (or should be) with local interests. Why is the extra layer of "local" interest protection necessary? It's not. It never has been. It was a system devised to bring slaveholders to the table. That's it. It has no relevance in 21st Century America.
  2. Yea, I'm as much of a policy wonk as anyone. Heck, I have a Master's Degree in policy. But I don't really need a candidate to have a completely built-out policy agenda at this point. I need them to share my values and vision for the country and I need to trust that they are smart enough to put the right people in place to develop policy that gets us there.
  3. That's true, but I'd rather have a functioning Democracy than more power for myself.
  4. He's actually talking about Tom Barrack. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_J._Barrack_Jr.
  5. It's honestly like you live on a different planet. Where do you even come up with this?
  6. The difference is that Individual 1's crimes are real and not a fantasy concocted by Fox News and Breitbart.
  7. A view of the construction of "Academy on 4th" from Newport on the Levee this afternoon, 3/14.
  8. Most campuses now understand that walling themselves off from their urban settings is not a good move and have worked to rectify the situation. Both Penn and Drexel have done a ton to better embrace their West Philly setting and it shows. Go to Google streetview and use the slider to see the difference. It's amazing how much they've opened themselves up to the community.
  9. It's such a shame that it is surrounded on three sides by stroads. The designs of MLK, Jefferson, and Clifton are anathema to urbanity and represent what is wrong with planning in Cincinnati. UC could be an urban campus on par with Penn or Harvard if its surrounding streets tied it to the neighborhoods instead of creating a moat around it.
  10. His idea is specifically to expand the court to 15 justices and have 5 be appointed by a Republican president, 5 be appointed by a Dem president, and 5 be selected by the other justices. Also potentially rotating judges from the circuit courts. Sounds like checks and balances to me.
  11. SEPTA Key in Philly is accepted for bus, trackless trolley, streetcar, subway-surface, subway, elevated, commuter rail, and light rail. Can we count all those separately? No monorail or ferries though. Unfortunately the River Link Ferry is run by DRPA.
  12. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how what PG said was bad. He privately, to a friend, expressed that it was low for Smitherman to use his wife's cancer for political gain. That seems like a pretty reasonable idea to express and one most would agree with. And it seems even more reasonable now that we have Smitherman blatantly proving that he is willing to use his wife's cancer for political gain.
  13. That's a shame. It seems like such a more efficient way of expressing agreement or disagreement without cluttering up the threads with endless replies.
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