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  1. In Philly, they have a program that uses vacant lots for food trucks and pop-up bars to bring attention to them so they'll be redeveloped. I'd love to see something like that.
  2. DEPACincy

    The Trump Presidency

    That's a conservative estimate.
  3. The grid was planned, but different lots developed at different times and people added, subtracted, and altered the positions of streets. It's similar to some of the oldest parts of Philadelphia. Check out Queen Village, one Philly's older neighborhoods:
  4. DEPACincy

    The Trump Presidency

    Haha ok. And you know that despite a larger population, the population watching TV, and especially network TV, is much smaller. But this is a pointless argument to begin with. There's no point in having a discussion with you because you don't argue in good faith.
  5. DEPACincy

    Greater Cincinnati Metro (SORTA) and TANK News & Discussion

    What is frustrating is that COAST only still has power in Hamco because the media amplifies their voice. This is not the same place it was 10 years ago. Most of the statewide Dems won the county by about 10 percentage points. Aftab and Jill both won the Hamco portions of their districts by about 10 percentage points. Sherrod won by 19 percentage points! A tax levy for improved bus service would win pretty easily I think, if the media didn't amplify the anti-tax minority's message.
  6. DEPACincy

    The Trump Presidency

    Not to mention his premise that late night shows don't have widespread audiences is completely false. In 1991, 15.5 million people watched a late night show on an average day. By 2014 it had risen to 17.6 million. Individual shows have lower numbers (6.5 mil viewers for Tonight Show in 1991 vs. 3.6 mil in 2014) but that's because there are many more options nowadays. By any measure, there is more demand for the format than ever before.
  7. DEPACincy

    Toxic Masculinity

    Thanks, but I think my contention gets at the overall point that this stuff is just not that common. Even when thinking of examples, your main example was inaccurate. There's just not that many people out there seriously writing these silly takes that conservatives like to hold up as proof that we have a problem with SJWs trying to control people. It's usually some obscure blog that wouldn't get noticed at all if the Daily Caller didn't write an article about it. I just tried to google "stupid SJW articles" and "stupid liberal takes" thinking I could find a list of these dumb takes and all I found was National Review and Daily Caller articles talking about isolated incidents that only they reported on. No Salon articles. No Mother Jones articles. No HuffPost articles. Because those websites aren't actually publishing these kinds of editorials on a regular basis.
  8. DEPACincy

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    Technically correct. I meant dedicated lanes, but I think you knew that. The point is that existing bridges can be used for light rail separated from automobile traffic.
  9. DEPACincy

    Toxic Masculinity

    I actually take issue with this. If those types of articles exist on Vox I have never seen them, and I read it daily. Vox is hyper-focused on policy questions and 90% of their articles are about policy implications. I'd agree that you might find some silliness on Salon (still not a majority of what they publish though) but I'd challenge you to provide some examples of this type of thing from Vox.
  10. Exactly my thought. Turning it into a parking garage would be more of a travesty than eliminating the brick facade.
  11. DEPACincy

    Toxic Masculinity

    @YABO713 those are some annoying experiences. Obviously, we'd all agree that you were in the right there. It's just so foreign to me. I've held doors open for women and men my entire life, every single day, and I've never had anyone chastise me for it. Not a single time, in millions of instances. Would you agree that responses like those you received are the extreme minority? And that some people like to hype those events and opinions up like they are representative of the typical liberal or social justice seeker? I think that's a big point that is lost on a lot of people. I'm very liberal. Many of my friends are very liberal. We're the type that conservatives would disparagingly call "SJWs." But none of us would take issue with your behavior in these examples. The idea that liberals are out there being pissed off about these trivial things all the time is a narrative constructed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to piss off conservatives and keep them tuned in.
  12. DEPACincy

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    The Taylor-Southgate and Clay Wade Bailey bridges each have excess capacity. You can just run a grade separated light rail line right down the middle of both of them. No need for a new bridge.
  13. DEPACincy

    Toxic Masculinity

    I'm not going to attack you, but I am curious about this. Can you give examples where masculinity is attacked? I would argue the opposite. It is often glorified. Action heroes, professional wrestling, sports, etc. Look at how popular Dwayne Johnson is. Look at how popular Nick Offerman became with his manly persona. I don't think any of this is a problem, btw. I love Offerman and The Rock and sports and all that. I love all the masculine aspects of those things and see no problem with glorifying them. But toxic masculinity is a different thing altogether. You'll never see Nick Offerman degrade or harass a woman. He's very masculine, yet he is respectful and dignified--and that is why people love him.
  14. DEPACincy

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    What would the point of bus separation be? Based on the Clay Wade Bailey, the Suspension Bridge, and the Taylor-Southgate bridge volumes there is no way that any new bridge would warrant the extra expense of bus separation. Volumes will be so low that traffic will be free-flow for at least 23 hours of the day and probably all 24. There is no need for a new bridge, but there is especially no need for a new double decker bridge.
  15. DEPACincy

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    Exactly. And along those lines, Downtown Cincinnati has way too many access points to the interstates. Many of our streets act as de facto ramps. We might have more connections to interstates per square mile than any other downtown in the country and what good has it done for us? If we were smart we'd get rid of Fort Washington Way completely. I-71 can be routed onto existing I-471 and I-275 to meet back up with I-75 in Florence. You don't need 7th, 5th, and 2nd Street exits on I-75 southbound. That's a clusterf**k. The Gilbert Avenue viaduct can be eliminated. On I-471/71 North you don't need Central Parkway, 6th, and 3rd Street exits. Eliminating all this useless infrastructure would return so much land to downtown to be developed and put to good use. It would also make us all so much safer.