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  1. Interesting. Thanks for the explainer. Though I'll say that the way the Dayton townships did it seems more common. All the cities and villages in Athens County also seem to still be a part of the townships surrounding them. It also looks like Hilliard is still a part of Norwitch Twp, Grove City is still a part of Jackson Twp, and Dublin is still a part of Washington Twp. Ditto for Delaware County townships. Here is a list of biggest population gains this decade in OH with townships included. Townships are highlighted: EDIT: It does appear that Deerfield Township excludes the City of Mason in these numbers. So maybe it's a Cincinnati/Southwest OH phenomenon to create paper townships and withdraw from the surrounding townships.
  2. Yes, off-topic. I'll just say that the state house elections were basically 50/50 in 2018 and I expected Dems to win the state house vote in 2020. Although, since the state house is heavily gerrymandered, there will still be a clear Republican majority.
  3. This is why Ohio is not a permanently red state, as some people now claim. Urban areas growing, rural areas shrinking.
  4. That's true. Although, weirdly, Hamilton County townships don't seem to follow this rule. For example, Mt. Healthy, North College Hill, and Greenhills are incorporated cities within Springfield Twp. But their populations don't count toward Springfield Twps like they do in other counties. This always confused me.
  5. Here is the 50k+ places in Ohio, with townships included. Townships are highlighted.
  6. Townships aren't included. There's a separate category for "minor civil division" that includes townships. You can scroll down and select New Jersey. https://www.census.gov/data/tables/time-series/demo/popest/2010s-total-cities-and-towns.html
  7. We bought our house in Northside, Cincinnati last summer. We put offers on two other houses in the neighborhood, above asking, and got outbid. We came in $10k above asking on the house we got. They had 5 offers on the first day it was on the market. Many of our neighbors are new Cincinnatians. Seems like a lot from California. We have multiple families who moved here from California just on our block.
  8. It is probably the case for Lakewood that the new households are smaller than the old households. A wealthy, college-educated family comes in with their 1.5 kids and fixes up a house that used to house a family of 6. My neighborhood in Cincinnati (Northside) has seen its population drop over the past few years as the number of housing units has slowly increased. But the poverty rate dropped significantly over that same time period and the percentage of the population with a degree skyrocketed.
  9. Is there any actual data that shows an explosion in thrift store shopping?
  10. Well it makes intuitive sense that someone who has a lot of money and has never had to suffer might take the attitude of "I got mine, screw the rest." But what you say isn't actually true. In 2016, the $100k plus group was evenly split between Trump and HIllary. The bigger indicator was education. Well-educated wealthy folks vote blue and less-well educated wealthy folks vote red. That's a generalization, but it is increasingly true. There is also a gap between "self-made" wealthy folks who tend to vote Democrat and people who inherited money or businesses, who tend to vote Republican. Not great for your case. And there are even bigger gaps by region. It is true that, overwhelmingly, the wealthiest people in the South vote for the GOP, but the wealthiest people on the coasts tend to vote for Democrats. Just look at Lower Merion, PA for example. It is one of the wealthiest Philly suburbs, the heart of the famous Main Line. The median household income is $131k and 78% of the population has at least a bachelor's degree. In 2016, HIllary beat Trump 76% to 21% there. Or look at Greenwhich, CT. Home of Trump's favorite "small" business-owner Linda McMahon. The McMahons are outliers among their neighbors. Greenwich used to be a Republican stronghold, but Trump helped hasten its shift to the Democratic column. He only got 39% of the vote there, the lowest of any Republican ever. Or take one more, Atherton, CA. The wealthiest town in the United States. Hillary got more than 60% of the vote in every precinct, and got as high as 79% in one precinct. It is a Democratic stronghold at all levels of government. I could keep finding examples all day. I haven't seen you post here for awhile. Welcome back. But why not cut the bullsh*t and post facts? We'd all have a more enjoyable experience.
  11. So @ColDayMan posted the top states for Fortune 500 companies on the other thread. Here is the list: Top 10 Fortune 500 States 1. New York - 54 2. California - 53 3. Texas - 50 4. Illinois - 37 5. Ohio - 27 6. Pennsylvania / Virginia - 22 7. Florida / Georgia - 18 8. Massachusetts / Michigan / New Jersey - 17 9. Minnesota - 16 10. Connecticut / North Carolina - 13 What do they have in common? Well 8 of the top 15 here are solidly blue (NY, CA, IL, VA, MA, MN, NJ, CT). Another four are swing states (PA, FL, MI, NC). There are only three that are solidly red (TX, OH, GA). Of those, two of them (TX, GA) are moving left and could be swing states this election and maybe blue states long term thanks to the liberal lean of their economic power centers. OH is the only one on this list that isn't trending blue or solidly blue, and as a result, we will likely continue to fall down the list. Also of note, it is unlikely, but entirely possible, that Joe Biden wins every single one of these 15 states in November. There are several that no Republican could win, even in a landslide. And the Republicans claim to be the party of economic growth.
  12. It IS a wonderful thing! And they should continue getting them until the economy recovers. And everyone should get a UBI. I don't think a permanent $600 per week is necessary, but something in the range of $600 per month is reasonable. In fact, a study was just published where they gave 2,000 unemployed folks in Finland a $600 per month UBI. Compared to a control group, the experiment group reported significantly improved financial and mental well-being and a slight improvement in employment levels. Yes, the UBI actually decreased the number of unemployed folks. But this is off-topic. Not sure if there is a UBI thread.
  13. The Reinventing Metro plan is not evolving. It has been up on the website for months. BRT is still in there. It's not going anywhere. Just because he didn't mention it in this press release doesn't mean anything. He's talking about the most immediate changes. BRT was always going to be a few years down the road.
  14. DOTE leadership is stuck in the stone age. But lots of folks at SORTA are very progressive and knowledgeable. However, the environment they operate in makes their jobs almost impossible. SORTA has been held back by a lack of funding, thanks to local, regional, and state politicians, for years. Once consumer spending returns and this money starts flowing in, everyone is going to be beyond impressed with how well SORTA performs.
  15. There are actually lots of people in the business community who see the value in improved transit. The leadership at Kroger and P&G know it is necessary to attract top young talent. And there are folks like George Vincent who you wouldn't expect to be pro-transit but very much are. No doubt they are also happy about the lower earnings tax too. I'm actually surprised that the lower earnings tax wasn't a bigger part of the marketing for this. I talked to lots of folks in the city who didn't know that they would actually be getting a tax cut if this passed, even though they just voted on Issue 22. You have to spell these things out for people. Most are not paying attention. Issue 7 did poorly in a lot of burbs where lots of people are paying the earnings tax. It should've killed in those areas.
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