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  1. Great marketing move and maximum exposure for Chase. 1.) Get to be on/near the "front door" (Fountain Square) and across the street from the corporate HQ for Fifth Third bank. 2.) Wonder what the going price is for Chase to get their logo on Carew tower? Every other bank in the City has a logo on taller downtown buildings? Hmm?
  2. If you look closely at the top of the photo provided today for the music venue you will see a few "taller" blue colored structures to the very right. Could be a mid-rise residential tower or hotel? These building in the rendering are definitely on the Ky. side of the river. The brown colored buildings in the rendering, to the left, seem to be the low-rise buildings. Again, at Tom Banta stated this is the first of several Ovation site announcements. If this is only 40 million of a still planned 1 billion investment maybe the best is yet to come? Hopefully, it won't be another 13 year wait.
  3. Groundbreaking was supposed to be three months ago. What in the world happened to this awesome project? It really would have been a nice view both north and south of the river. I can't find anything on this from anyone. I really hope it's just delayed. I thought the City actually gave money and approved this as a firm "go".
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