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  1. @MyTwoSense Yeah. I wasn’t being totally serious. You can just basically do summer activities in the winter down there. I love going outside in the snow, and I’m excited to finally get a chance to attend Brite Winter for the first time!
  2. @bumsquare we totally agree. I guess inauthentic wasn’t totally the correct term, but it did just feel like it didn’t have any grounding. It sort of felt like when a “Bachelor” is on Dancing With The Stars. That’s the best analogy I can come up with at the moment. But you are correct. God I miss breakfast tacos. But I also miss sausage egg and cheese on a roll from any corner NYC bodega. Plus we all know that if you want the best tacos in Austin you simply hop in the car and drive an hour south to San Antonio . Enough about Austin. This just goes to say that while Cleveland will never have the reputation that Austin has, I feel like it is a much better fit for me personally as I am just not the “Austin” type I guess. I just love being back in The Land and am so glad I chose CIM as an excuse to get back up here.
  3. I feel like you did. I also feel like I did when I lived there! I’m sure it was an incredible place before it started to blow up in the late 90’s as my parents have great memories of living there when my dad was stationed in the city while in the Air Force in the 70’s. It just doesn’t seem very unique or interesting anymore. But again, I just moved back and spent a ton of time living in New York so I probably just never gave it a fair shake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  4. Oh for sure! There is a bit more of a “buzz” in Austin that Cleveland will just never have, but there is also something about the nature of Austin that has just never really sat well with me. I lived in NYC for a decade before my recent move to ATX, and maybe I’m just a hardened and cynical Midwesterner/East Coast liberal elite, but there is just too much pretense in the Texas capital. It just felt so inauthentic which really surprised me since Austin is supposed to be so “weird”. But I guess after spending 10 years riding the subway, nothing seems weird at all anymore. I do miss queso with every meal and the ability to go outside in February though.
  5. Can confirm. Just moved back from Austin and Cleveland is the “anti-Austin” in the best possible way.
  6. Man. Here I am thinking that the release of Four Loko Hard Seltzer was the best news of the day. But no! This is definitely the best news of the day!
  7. Sorry to get this off-topic again. I’m pretty sure Htsguy is just messing with you. All signs point to SHW staying in Cleveland, but our local media is such a slut for doom and gloom that even after it is (fairly) official that they are staying put, the only articles or stories that make any headway are the ones that make it seem like they are definitely moving to a much better city. Obviously. I mean who would choose Cleveland when you can move to (insert sunbelt city, or Austin) and have a much better and more fulfilling existence? Let’s just calm down a bit and wait until an official announcement from the company themselves. Sorry again everyone. Didn’t mean to turn this back into a conjecture and fear mongering thread.
  8. Welp. The Crain’s article, as well as the “bisnow” article are beginning to pick up steam. My dad just sent me a worried text this morning because WKSU was reporting that Sherwin-Williams was looking to relocate because of Cleveland’s “terrible” infrastructure . Looks like the goal of clicks, as well as the fear of an entire metro area has been achieved. Sorry to post this here, just figured I’d keep everyone informed as far as what the boomers are hearing.
  9. Yes! My wife and I would go there all of the time because, not only did it have the best prices in town, it truly did bring in an amazingly diverse group of people.
  10. Ok. This is really grinding my gears a this morning. This was my go-to spot downtown for a cheap drink and one of the best corned-beef sandwiches I have ever had. What a gem that we just lost for “phase II” and a new pedestrian bridge so people can feel “safe” walking from the parking garage to the casino. I take back all of the things I said that were positive regarding the casino...although now I can’t help but feel like one of those anti-LGBTQ politicians who all of a sudden is totally OK with gay marriage once they find out they have a child who identifies as a member of that community. Losing The Ontario Street Cafe directly affects me, and now I’m upset about it haha. But in all seriousness, downtown just lost one of its last great dive bars that was just so quintessentially “Cleveland”. https://m.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/10/11/ontario-street-cafe-one-the-last-remaining-dive-bars-downtown-is-closed
  11. As a resident in the Terminal Tower Apartments, I can confirm that there is a fairly large contingent of panhandlers and general miscreants. With that said, as more and more people move into the building, there has been an increase in 24 hour security, as well as a greater care for the state of our front door. In my experience, the biggest thing that moves the panhandlers to the tower city front door has a lot to do with the scaffolding in front of the May Company building, as well as the more open and “cleaned up” version of public square. I pass these people every day/night and they are (mostly) harmless and no better or worse than what I dealt with buying groceries while living in NYC. As a resident, I would also much rather have a living/breathing business like the casino than a giant empty building attached to one of the most beautiful buildings in the world ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The street and the square are always well-lit, and 24 hour foot traffic does help a ton in a feeling of general safety even while having to deal with a few bothersome people. I could also just be naive or used to the presence of that crowd after living in NYC and Austin. Walking home under the I-35 overpass between downtown and east Austin on 6th street was way scarier, even in the middle of the day, than anything I have to deal with in front of the casino.
  12. Hey @musky! None of those are views from our unit. We actually face the back of the Renaissance Hotel as well as the courthouse. Sort of a corner/SW view. The photos I took were from the unfinished 14th floor! Every photo was from an unfinished unit though, so I’m sure there will be some of those views from certain units if one is willing to pay the premium haha.
  13. Cleveland really is a gem! I also have view envy since we are stuck on the 4th floor facing the back of the Renaissance Hotel . The people who eventually get to live on the 14th floor will absolutely have the best view in the city. I also really wish those parking lots would go away sooner rather than later as it diminishes the grandeur of downtown in the worst way.
  14. Hi everybody! The wife and I are finally all moved into the Terminal Tower Apartments, and I figured this would be a good place to share some photos (mostly) of some views from the higher floors. Enjoy!
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome back! We couldn’t be more excited to move back to the CLE after spending the last 10 years in NYC and Austin. As an outsider, former, and now soon to be current resident of the city it really has been incredible to see the strides Cleveland has made since moving away in 2009. Don’t really have much more to say at this point but I will absolutely give as many updates and real-time information regarding the move-in process as well as getting back to living downtown! Let’s just say that downtown Austin has a long way to go before it is as much of a complete “neighborhood” as downtown Cleveland at this point when it comes to basic live ability (we live in downtown Austin at the moment) and I can not wait to escape the scooters. Damn those scooters.
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