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  1. Any updates on this project. The report on downtown housing and it's mention of the complete lack of home ownership and town homes offered downtown made me think of this.
  2. Yeah as someone currently living in the Warren/Youngstown area those jobs at TJX should not at all be compared to the ones lost at GM. Most of the jobs at GM (especially the first shift that was just cut) were jobs one could support a family on, while the vast majority of the jobs at the warehouse do not provide the kind of income to support a family. It's not the lack of jobs, but more the lack of quality jobs that is killing this area and causing people to move out. So many people when they graduate college, even from YSU or Kent State do not return back to this area simply because good jobs are few and far between. This is why from 2010 - 2017 Trumbull County has lost 4.7% of its population and is showing no signs of slowing down either.
  3. cle_guy90

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    I stated this before but it was on the day when everything got deleted. Also extremely encouraging in the albeit preliminary report is that employment is up 19k YOY and the labor force is up 17k. If these numbers hold over several months and do not get revised, I believe they are signs of population growth.
  4. Confused by this report. It says total the net absorption downtown was about -400,00 sq ft for q3. That just seems like a huge number. Any insight why that is the case? https://www.us.jll.com/content/dam/jll-com/documents/pdf/research/americas/us/US-cleveland-office-insight-q3-2018-jll.pdf
  5. cle_guy90

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    BLS numbers for September came out. 2.7% increase in jobs YOY and August's jobs was revised up to 2.7% as well. Employment was also up over 10,000 YOY. I know all these numbers could be revised at the end of the year but they are nonetheless very encouraging.
  6. cle_guy90

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    Another encouraging stat in the report is that for the first time since 2008 employment is over a million.
  7. cle_guy90

    Housing market and trends

    Weston may have underestimated the demand for bigger apartments in the Standard Building. IIRC, another Crain's article several months ago reported that the building is about 50-50 1br vs 2br units and that the 2br units were renting MUCH better than the 1br. I am also wondering if maybe we have reached a point downtown where your project better be loaded with amenities and/or be a super cool space in order to compete. The Standard Building is nicely done but not incredibly unique, whereas both Worthington and the Halle Building are pretty neat spaces, less run of the mill. I honestly think it comes down to pricing. Both the Worthington and Halle Building have pricing hovering around $1.50/sqft whereas the Standard Building has pricing hovering around $2/sqft.
  8. cle_guy90

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    BLS jobs report came out. June was revised downward slightly to 1.9% (still great). This month's initial numbers are even better at 2.5% YOY. https://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.oh_cleveland_msa.htm
  9. cle_guy90

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    I see it as more than a save. I think this is a nice win. Unimin was the bigger company and when the two merge their combined revenue should be over 2 billion which means that Cuyahoga County will have added a fortune 1000 company HQ to the area.
  10. cle_guy90

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    That makes sense. Didn't think there was a conspiracy just had no idea that they adjust the previous year's estimates when the new one comes out. Thanks!
  11. cle_guy90

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    Am I missing something here? I thought Cuyahoga County's population as of 2016 was 1,249,352 which would put the population loss only at 838. Which would also mean the MSA had a net population gain. Brand new so I don't know how to post links, but see the cleveland.com article from a year ago on the census release.