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  1. At least some of those I know feel like the only time it is safe is during rush hour and during sports nights (it's populated then). If you go during an off hour, you can feel unsafe. Not that I agree with that but that's the stigma that people have. I will say I rode the rapid with my wife during a slower time on a Friday in December during the day from Downtown to UC. And even though I was completely comfortable she felt somewhat unsafe (enough to not want to do it again unless during peak hours) and I get where she is coming from (although I would have no problem riding it again).
  2. Yeah I mean if you think about it, this development is going to help accelerate the transformation of you neighborhood causing your house value to go up. It's a win-win (although I understand for some people their rent goes up and so forth so it is not a positive thing for them).
  3. I was just thinking about it. Is it possible since the new HQ is only going to start at 1million square ft that Sherwin-Williams Williams might initially keep the northern of the two Weston Lots just as a parking lot? Because event if they build 30 stories with only an average of 25k a level on the Jacobs lot that means that they only have 250k sqft left for two lots that are over 6 acres. I know there is parking but still!
  4. https://www.crainscleveland.com/transportation/american-airlines-adds-new-hopkins-routes-dc-and-new-york Looks like AA is picking up DCA as well. Both end up having 150 more seats daily.
  5. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/hotel-operator-joins-lakewood-megaproject This could be huge! From the article there could be a 90-100 hotel room inn rise in this project. But the bigger news is that they are in talks with a “major out-ot-town insurance company that is considering moving its national headquarters to about 88,000 square feet of the project.’” The CEO of the group developing the project (Ruston Khouri) “would not identify the company because the company is negotiating incentives with the city and the deal hasn't been signed yet.” Based on the size of sq for we are looking at between 300-500 employees coming in from out of town! Any guesses on who it could be?
  6. By the time Sherwin-Williams is settled into its new buildings, the company could have 400 additional employees in the region, and a net gain of 700 workers in Ohio, according to corporate projections. From Michelle’s article. Are they expanded somewhere else in Ohio? It’s looks like 300 more jobs in Ohio but outside of the region?
  7. One would assume that going from 150k sq ft to 500k implies that they eventually plan on consolidating the Valspar R&D. On their end it may make more sense to slowly bring them over then cause alarm by letting them all know that starting in two years they may be all moving.
  8. So this isn’t clear. Is part of the headquarters still going to be on the Jacobs lot?
  9. I think it's more of a reminder to believe only half of what you hear from politicians (if that).
  10. Will the fact that there will be 1000 less jobs downtown than what was originally thought impact at all any projects that could happen in the future that were hoping to capitalize on SHW increase in jobs?
  11. Except for there will also be poaching going on the other way around as well. There will be jobs from Strongsville and other locations that will be consolidated into the headquarters. Let's not forget based on reports we will still have 5,000 jobs downtown (up from 3,300). We just will have 1000 jobs also in Brecksville. Disappointing? Yes. But it's not like the city is simply continuing a losing streak.
  12. Doubtful. It says sources (more than one) and I haven't known channel 3 to put out something like this if it weren't true.
  13. I think we are talking about two different things. The adjusted data is seasonally adjusted data and the December data adjusted would always be higher than the non adjusted. But both are preliminary. When they actually come out with the revised data hasn’t happened yet.
  14. Where are you seeing the adjusted data because when I go to the site all I see is the preliminary numbers.
  15. I'd have to imagine this has to speed up the end of Tower City Cinema's existence. I went on a Friday night not too long ago and was blown away with how empty it was even with big movies out.
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