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  1. Looking at a few websites and it looks like Residences at the Halle only has one suite available, The Garfield is practically leased up with only two suites available (after floating at 80% for a long time), and The Standard now is 2/3 leased (it's slowly getting there). All good signs with the new inventory that's about to come to the market.
  2. It’s just being remodeled. It’s opening back up in the spring. It didn’t close!
  3. Fair point! Hopefully that happens again! I’m not saying the sky is falling or anything, im just saying that is the one negative you can find out of the of the overall positive report!
  4. Sorry I was talking about total non farm jobs. There was a 6200 decrease from November to December (1093.2 to 1087) which is largest decrease in ten years. For instance, last year it went from 1061.7 to 1060.1. Again it could be nothing but if I was to pick anything negative out of the report that’d be it!
  5. I was taking jobs not employment but I definitely agree that the employment numbers are definitely encouraging!
  6. YOY we are a lot better than last year. The job loss, however, between November and December is a decent amount higher this year. It’s all preliminary so who knows for sure!
  7. BLS numbers for December are out! Up 2.5% YOY with construction being up a crazy 15.5%. November numbers were revised up to 3.0%! The one negative stat is the job loss from November to December is the largest loss between the two months since 2008 so even though YOY we are up this may be a sign of things slowing (hopefully not). Two other encouraging stats are employment is up 13k YOY and labor force is also up 13k. It has to be only a matter of time before we see population growth being reported! https://www.bls.gov/regions/midwest/oh_cleveland_msa.htm
  8. I remember them projecting 9.6 million at the beginning of the year. Impressive how accurate they were!
  9. Another interesting thing in the data (if it doesn't get revised) is that the labor force both in October and November is the highest numbers for those respective months since 2013! All these signs are pointing to this region finally stabilizing and maybe even growing!
  10. November’s numbers are out! Up 2.9% YOY. Some context is needed though. November 2017 was one of the worst performing months YOY in recent memory with it being a -.3% so this huge increase is not all that surprising based on how previous months have been performing. Still good news nonetheless. October’s numbers were revised down slightly from 2.5% to 2.4%. https://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.oh_cleveland_msa.htm
  11. All previous years in Ohio were revised upwards as well. For instance, 2017 was revised from 11,658,609 to 11,664,129. Not an amazing increase YOY but solid nonetheless. At least we're not New York or Illinois.
  12. Yes they did. In fact sometime this month the state populations for 2018 (July) will be released.
  13. Any updates on this project. The report on downtown housing and it's mention of the complete lack of home ownership and town homes offered downtown made me think of this.
  14. Yeah as someone currently living in the Warren/Youngstown area those jobs at TJX should not at all be compared to the ones lost at GM. Most of the jobs at GM (especially the first shift that was just cut) were jobs one could support a family on, while the vast majority of the jobs at the warehouse do not provide the kind of income to support a family. It's not the lack of jobs, but more the lack of quality jobs that is killing this area and causing people to move out. So many people when they graduate college, even from YSU or Kent State do not return back to this area simply because good jobs are few and far between. This is why from 2010 - 2017 Trumbull County has lost 4.7% of its population and is showing no signs of slowing down either.
  15. I stated this before but it was on the day when everything got deleted. Also extremely encouraging in the albeit preliminary report is that employment is up 19k YOY and the labor force is up 17k. If these numbers hold over several months and do not get revised, I believe they are signs of population growth.
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