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  1. Census data for the counties is out... not too encouraging for Cuyahoga with a loss of 4,500 residents The 7 county region is overall flat at around a 1000 lost. Keep thinking that we are turning a corner but it does not appear to be stabilizing like a Hamilton county. https://expo.cleveland.com/news/g66l-2019/04/6d0312c650133/cuyahoga-countys-population-drop-9th-worst-in-the-us-last-year-new-census-estimates-say.html
  2. Yep I was the guy who always posted them and now I still check in on them but they don't mean much to me anymore. I always new they would be adjusted but that was ridiculous.
  3. I will say I believe it was those who were on cruises said this or another group (memory is alluding me) but they stated how one thing that is missing downtown is the lack of shopping. While retail may not matter as much for people who live in the area (still think it does to a point), it definitely does if we want to make Cleveland a tourist destination.
  4. Yeah it makes me not care about the numbers throughout the year because if they can get revised this drastically then there is no point in paying attention to them. I always knew they would be adjusted but how to you go from 2.5 in December down to .6? It's just ridiculous.
  5. Unfortunately really bad news. The bls has revised the job creation numbers for the year. Columbus and Cincinnati did not change much but Cleveland was drastically revised downwards. For instance, the last 5 months of 2018 were 1.1, 0.8 , 0.7, 0.8, and 0.6. Don't know how they could have been this far off.
  6. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/03/ohio-unemployment-rate-47-percent-in-january-state-gained-20300-jobs.html Some bad news for Ohio and probably for Cleveland as well. All the high numbers of job growth we saw may very well get revised drastically. From the article speaking on Ohio’s economy: The ODJFS revised Decembers’ job gains down to a job loss of 64,300, he said. The department initially reported a gain of 2,900 jobs for December. also: “The data were so substantially revised that 2018, which had been reported as one of the best years for job growth since the late 1990s, now looks entirely mediocre, adding just 44,700 jobs for 0.8 percent growth,” she wrote. “The revised data made 2018 tied with 2016 for the second worst year for job growth since the end of the recession.”
  7. Yes that is the only thing that I really don’t like about the new redesign! I think having the sights and noise of a parking garage on all sides would greatly hurt the feel of this alley. Hopefully they find a way to cover it.
  8. All this discussion of the new projects makes me hope that the outlet mall does not get built. I know there might be some benefits but I'd rather all the new retail that could stem from the transformation of TC go to nuCLEus, Euclid Grand, 925 Euclid, and the May Co building.
  9. Living in the area currently. There are a lot of consolidation of schools that need to happen. So many schools have shrunk because of population decline and are barely holding on.
  10. It’s because the bls is calculating end of the year stats. I think the next report won’t come out for another couple of weeks.
  11. Looking at a few websites and it looks like Residences at the Halle only has one suite available, The Garfield is practically leased up with only two suites available (after floating at 80% for a long time), and The Standard now is 2/3 leased (it's slowly getting there). All good signs with the new inventory that's about to come to the market.
  12. It’s just being remodeled. It’s opening back up in the spring. It didn’t close!
  13. Fair point! Hopefully that happens again! I’m not saying the sky is falling or anything, im just saying that is the one negative you can find out of the of the overall positive report!
  14. Sorry I was talking about total non farm jobs. There was a 6200 decrease from November to December (1093.2 to 1087) which is largest decrease in ten years. For instance, last year it went from 1061.7 to 1060.1. Again it could be nothing but if I was to pick anything negative out of the report that’d be it!
  15. I was taking jobs not employment but I definitely agree that the employment numbers are definitely encouraging!
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