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  1. I’m just bitter at times about seeing so much loss
  2. So much progress, I love all those surface lots. I think we should demolish terminal tower as well, it’s too old and a gas station would be a better use for that parcel. Demo first, think later!
  3. That stretch of Detroit across from the rapid station is definitely not what I would call pedestrian friendly
  4. Here is another view of the Campbell block at West 25th and Detroit.
  5. This project is very exciting, hopefully Famicos can reach their goal. Maybe this project can help tie into the E105th corridor projects as well.
  6. That whole stretch of Euclid Avenue is a park, barely any structures still remaining. There is no need for terdolph park any longer my friend
  7. St. Thomas Aquinas Church located at 9101 Superior Avenue demolished in 1975 the same year St. Agnes was demolished on Euclid Avenue. 1975 was quite a bad year for Cleveland architecture it seems. Today, the school still stands as a landmark for the area slowly demolished over the past 60 years.
  8. 6824 Superior Avenue was demolished this past week, solid little turreted mixed-use block. Hopefully the building next door can be saved, this stretch of Superior is deserted at the moment.
  9. Woodland Cemetery Gatehouse Reconstruction http://www.wcfcle.org
  10. The original Woodland Cemetery Gatehouse is in the process of being rebuilt at 6828 Woodland Avenue located dtw Very cool gothic structure coming back from the dead! http://www.wcfcle.org link to an old article http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2010/10/foundation_chief_leads_restora.html Here are some photos
  11. In light of the recent Woodland Cemetery gatehouse reconstruction at 6828 Woodland Avenue Here are some photos of the original chapel, fountains, and gatehouse, all are gone at this moment but the gatehouse is in the process of being rebuilt!
  12. Central Ave. and E30th in 1961 found at the Cleveland Public Library
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