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  1. JohnCurran1996

    Abandoned photographs

    Cleveland Ohio
  2. JohnCurran1996

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Central Ave. and E30th in 1961 found at the Cleveland Public Library
  3. JohnCurran1996

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    An apartment building that once stood on Thackeray Ave. off E55th, I believe there are only five homes still on that street.
  4. JohnCurran1996

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Some nice photos of St. Joseph I saw at The Michael Schwartz Library
  5. This summer on Orinoco Ave in East Cleveland.
  6. JohnCurran1996

    Cleveland: Random Photos

    Sunlight hits
  7. The building at the corner of E71st and Central was demolished last summer.
  8. Recent demolition from last year on woodland near the E55th intersection, I'm not sure if this was already posted on here but it was one of the last pieces of the E55th and Woodland intersection.
  9. Bummer, that is not cool, I love the mix of old new on that little strip.