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  1. is it me or does the hospital tower resemble a tall coffin?
  2. my time at case was pretty sweet, i guess my friends and i were *different* everyone at leutner thought we were from CIA. ford n hessler - best party intersection. i was at case the first time the euc was closed, however, i was a precocious party dude and my band played there quite a few times while i was in high school i would go to speak in tongues on lorain in high school and early in college, the area was no man's land back then, circa ~2000 studio-a-rama, the festival put on by 91.1, used to be in the mather memorial courtyard and in the summer, now it's next to moca and too sanitized and in october. the timing seems to try to capture the student audience, who seem indifferent to it aside from the crowd involved at the station.
  3. when i see this type of unfinished built environment (no sidewalks, curbs, etc) i think township urbanophile makes the former outer townships that are currently part of indianapolis out to be similar
  4. i said it before and i'll say it again northern summit is basically just garfield and maple expats, so clearly inhabited by "clevelanders" it's no different from western lake county which is basically just collinwood and euclid expats nothing about akron pulled garfield and maple people into northern summit, it was just the next closest open space
  5. i worked in the office of undergraduate studies at cwru the summer of 2002 and at that time just over half the incoming freshmen were from ohio, class size 800ish IIRC
  6. regarding northern summit co It seems as if anyone who's a boomer in that area is an expat from Garfield/Maple/Bedford making the area an extension of Cleveland I should inquire from my mom's Nordonia area neighbors if they call it the treelawn or the devil strip, that will solve the mystery
  7. The Euclid map provided by the PD is basically useless to anyone already familiar with Euclid, as it shows only what already exists with no plan indicated. Not to mention one of the newish elementary schools and a church, both on 260th, are labeled as neighborhood retail.
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