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  1. ^No, I have a good friend who is a grad student at UH, as well as his roommate who is of native descent. My friend and I were in the water catching some waves when somebody came up behind his roommate, took our bags, and ran off. Stole our keys, cell phones, my wallet, my camera (hence I never had any photos to share with UO) so we had to ask an officer who came to give us money to catch The Bus back into town. Yeah, that sucked.
  2. I've come across roundtrip from Dayton for $425 as recently as last month. I haven't checked what it has been recently, though (it only costs me about $200 ;). Right now is obviously a good time to hit up the Hawaiian islands. Some very good deals are to be had. MayDay, if I may ask, what was your opinion of Waikiki. I'm not a big fan. Way too touristy for me with all the chain stores and chain restaurants. But that was pretty much to be expected. I'm guessing you're going to have some photos of other parts of Oahu? Windward is my fav. I spent almost every day at Kailua and Waimanalo beaches when i was there. Oh, and if anybody reads this, don't go to Sandy beach, even though the surf there is pretty good. I was robbed and all the local youth there just laughed at me.
  3. nice photos MayDay! Can't wait to see part 2. I was in HNL back in August, loved every minute of it. If all goes to plan, I'll be moving out there in about 3 weeks. Hopefully I'll be adding more photos of the 808 to urbanohio shortly.
  4. The remaining DHL international services are probably going to end up back at CVG. Their two large facilities there are one of the reasons I believe they were loosing as much money as they were. Both of those facilities, the older one off Loomis Dr. by the rental cars, and the new one at the south end of the runway, were built with 99 year leases. The newer one was built in what, 2003-04. So they have another 94 years or so to pay on that place, which I assume isn't cheap. That and the fact that they were still busing their original employees from CVG to Wilmington everyday. Two hours of being paid on the bus ride up there, two hours of work, then two more hours of being paid to ride the bus back, all in buses a little bit nicer than a school bus. That's not a very good business plan. I also find it ironic that while DHL was announcing their withdrawal from domestic U.S. operations, FedEx has quietly announced the building of a large hub in Koln/Bonn.
  5. Obama to Create White House Office of Urban Policy http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/11/obama-to-create.html November 12, 2008 8:59 AM On National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" yesterday, longtime Obama family friend and Obama-Biden Transition Team co-chair Valerie Jarrett said that the President-elect would, as pledged during the campaign, create an Office of Urban Policy. Jarrett said the office would "have a comprehensive approach to our urban development," who will be an "advocate for cities" within the White House, taking "all the variety of different federal programs and help target them in a logical and systematic way." "For those of us who have worked in city governments across the country, we recognize how invaluable that person will be," she says. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/11/obama-to-create.html
  6. mohr37


    I'm off to Honolulu tomorrow afternoon! Thanks all for the suggestions! I've jotted them down in my travel book and will check some of them out. Hopefully I can come back with some nice pictures in a couple weeks.
  7. mohr37


    Thanks alot guys! I'll make sure I write it all down. I was planning on using The Bus for the most part, since my friend is going car free once he gets over there. And I was looking to make reservations for a moped for a few days, since I would like to take the drive along the coast. Thanks alot, its greatly appreciated.
  8. mohr37


    So, I'm gonna be in Honolulu for a couple of weeks next month, anybody on here ever visited/lived there? Its kind of a spur of the moment trip, as I have a close friend who just moved out there, and the fact that I can get really really cheap airfare. Anyone know of any good restaurants and bars to go to, besides the typical touristy stuff that all the guidebooks recommend? I also plan on spending some time on the North Shore, any suggestions there? Any help would be appreciated. As I would like to keep it as less touristy and stressful as possible.
  9. Since Portsmouth is on my mind today... ...images of the new City Center, Justice Center and Riverview Hotel Not the greatest of preservation jobs, but much better than what the building currently looks like: (courtesy of Summit Street) They'll have a hard time filling up all that retail space. Maybe the corner retail space for a coffee shop, small eatery, but the rest...ehh. Just look at all the trouble Hamilton had filling the space in their new City Center. Hamilton is 3x the size of Portsmouth with a much much larger county pop. Maybe using some of the space as a citizen center, for events, banquets, etc. Or some type of Civic Design center, small exhibits showcasing the city's architecture and history and a place for the City's Historic Preservation and Mainstreet organizations. A mini Chicago Architecture Foundation's Archicenter Justice Center: Looks a bit too suburban to me...but a vast improvement over the current building facade Riverview Hotel: located at the site of the current City Hall building
  10. Unfortunately, there's a reason why I'll probably never return to Portsmouth for good. And while the Chief of Police's time had probably come to an end, Lee Scott is hardly a hero. This is a guy who burnt down his own nightclub back in the 80s and spent time in prison. Not to mention the abuse my family took from him while my father was a councilman.
  11. There's enough empty buildings in OTR in which up to 10,000-20,000 people could move into the neighborhood without displacing a single person.
  12. Crew investigating fan's racial remark ... And here's the video of the incident if anyone is interested. It's making its way around most of the national media. And you might wanna turn down the volume if at work or near kids, it's kinda graphic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weUIq7hzIDg&eurl=http://www.soccerbyives.net/#
  13. Monaco week! The greatest spectacle in all of motorsport and perhaps all of sports. I'm gonna say BMW get their first ever win this weekend, with Kubica (although Heidfeld is my favorite driver). Alonso the other surprise comes in second with Hamilton in third.
  14. ^ Their concert last year in Columbus was awesome. Even though on the few occasions when Alex Turner talked, I could barely understand him. The only thing I really understood from him was when he said "that's embarrassing" when some people started to mosh. Good times! And nothing is better than being with a big group of drunken brits during the show.
  15. ^ Did you ever attend any of the USGPs at Indy? Unfortunately I've never been to a F1 race before. The year I finally get out of school and have a little bit of money they take it away from me. So next year it looks like I'll be booking a trip to Montreal to see the Canadian GP. And thank God there's a race this weekend, The one negative about F1 is how spread out the circuit is, There's sometimes weeks in between races, I can't stand all the down time.
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