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  1. My girlfriend and I are purchasing a house on Shanmoor in Norwood. It needs some work but I'm a pretty handy guy so hopefully we'll have it looking better in a couple years.
  2. I'm on my phone so can't post this to the same standard that most articles are posted but here you go anyways. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/butler-county/hamilton/plan-to-save-historic-hamilton-train-station-in-the-works I think they should really try to keep it and repurpose it.
  3. Cincinnati seems to be losing its public companies at a rapid pace and it's disheartening. I'm worried that a lot of jobs are going to be moved to Toronto or another city that the buyer has operations in. It doesn't seem to be very often that jobs get moved here. I obviously hope that I'm wrong.
  4. The first crane is up for the CONRAC construction. I would imagine one more, if not two, will be going up as well. Also, the primary building for Amazon's cargo hub is really moving along. If anybody gets a chance they should drive by it. It is massive.
  5. The carpet in the whole airport was just replaced a year ago. The airport looks pretty good in my opinion and the airport continues to invest in updates which is a very good thing.
  6. Frontier will be adding 18 of the A321XLR. That's not a huge fleet but the plane should be able to reach Europe from CLE, CMH, or CVG. I don't expect them to announce a big expansion to Europe with those planes as they will also be using that aircraft on other market segments such as Hawaii and Alaska.
  7. Maybe it's gonna be Allegiant Arena. It kind of makes sense, CVG is the largest non-destination market for Allegiant. https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/stadium/allegiant-air-files-to-trademark-allegiant-arena-name-1832007/
  8. Haha I'm from Peebles and that is exactly how I explain where I'm from
  9. The base could always be replaced. Not saying that it's the most economical way to develop the parcel but it is a possibility. That article is over two years old now. Plus didn't 3CDC buy the property? So essentially any old plans for the site are pretty much null and void at this point.
  10. Depending on the height of the floors, wouldn't that make it a good contender to be the new tallest in the city? If the rumor is true of course.
  11. I don't think the project at Madison and Wetzel has a name so I'm just calling it Madisonville Center. by Chad McCann
  12. Was driving around the city before I had to go to work and looking for projects. Found this one at the corner of Montgomery and Waverly. It use to be a few older 2 story industrial buildings if I'm not mistaken. It was a nice little surprise to find.
  13. Found a nice little blog about urban development in Knoxville. He seems to do a far better job of reporting on these developments than the Sentinel. Evolving Supreme Court Site Development Plans https://insideofknoxville.com/2018/05/evolving-supreme-court-site-development-plans/
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