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  1. Ummm.... Nine people are dead after shooting in Dayton, Ohio
  2. Oddly, Richmond, IN also had one until the chain went under....complete with parking garage.
  3. This may help - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Versement_transport
  4. I hope that Icelandic picks up the route, but that is probably wishful thinking.
  5. ^ Bummmmerrrr That was a big asset for me, and was hoping it would continue as I will be living in Europe next year.
  6. This is well illustrated by the downtown housing tour this summer. They opened up the Arcade for tours, and the wait to get in was several hours long! I've been in there before, and I wanted to take my wife through as well. But we were turned back as we got there towards the end of the event and people were still both waiting in line and showing up. The interest by the community is obviously there, and this project frankly HAS to happen.
  7. I notice this as well. Whenever I am at Kroger, I see people who are in their 50's or even younger really struggling to get from their vehicle to the store, and then grabbing one of those electric scooters. I have seen several young but very overweight people do the same. But abroad you see older people climbing in and out of trams/metros/mini-busses with bags, riding bikes with loads on their back, and everything else.
  8. Honest question: What do the hundreds of thousands of people across cities in Europe do in situations like that? I stayed in an airbnb in Paris on the 7th floor with no elevator in a 200+ year old building. If you break your leg, what you do in that situation? Or maybe its not really that common for something like that to happen to those people because they aren't out 4 wheeling or jet skiing on the weekends.
  9. It is a nice little way for enterprising types to make some money. Apparently some of these enterprising types are simply grabbing them throughout the day (when they are still marked as rentable) and tossing them into their vehicle and home. This way they can cheat the system don't have to race other chargers late at night when "capturing" the birds. They still show up on the app as available, but are actually in someones garage or upstairs in their apartment waiting to be charged that night.
  10. I have already had a few adventures with billing. The wife had Humana, and went into a hospital here in Ohio for some tests that her doctor ordered. She presented her Humana card, they entered it in the system, and everything was hunky dory. These tests were "covered" by her insurance. Fast forward 3 or 4 months, and we get an invoice for 5K+ from this hospital. Their explanation? They don't "work" with that insurance company anymore, as they have had problems with them in the past. They were all too happy to accept the card in advance of the procedures, and yet refuse to accept it retroactively??? It's all a massive scam.
  11. I lived a number of years in a developing country in South America. I didn't have insurance and didn't need to because medical care was so cheap there. (They have free universal healthcare but you can choose to use a private hospital if you want to pay for better/faster service.) You show up to the hospital and request to see a doctor or specialist of choose. You then prepay a flat consult fee ($15 US at the time) and wait outside the doctors office. He calls you in and examines you, explains what your problem is in plain terms, and his recommended course of action. He tells you to go to the front to get a quote. It's like ordering healthcare from a fast food menu. It's brilliant and there's no surprises. You get your quote and if you choose to move forward, you prepay with cash or a debit card or whatever, and go back to the doctor with the receipt. He does the procedure, gives you a prescription, xray, whatever it is he ordered. Once you are done, you go back to the front for a final invoice. They give you an itemized list of every service, pill, item, that you used and a total cost. You are given this to review. If they went over the estimate, you may owe a few more dollars. If they are under budget, they refund the balance. And you go on your merry way. Amazing an "underdeveloped" country can figure this out.
  12. I live on 4th street so I walk around this area a lot. Just this past week I saw the streetcar waiting between 3rd and 2nd street on 4th, in the northern section of the block. It was very odd to see this and I've never see it do this before. It was waiting there and not advancing to the light. I'm not sure if this is a "dwell time" but I did witness something like this (what greenville2 is describing). Yeah, it makes no sense. Just take the dwell time at The Banks stop with access to the doors.
  13. Here's a post of mine from 9 years ago. I guess I started reading here about 11 years ago, time flies.
  14. ??? I don't understand what is suspect about my posts? I had an older account (maybe 5-6 years old) that I couldn't access, albeit with only a few posts. I am in the Dayton area, but I visit Downtown/OTR any chance I get. It feels like another world outside of Ohio, I spent some time in Europe and it makes me feel like I am back there. The streetcar just adds to that feeling and is a great asset even without major improvements. I just wish a couple of these smaller issues could be ironed out to improve upon that (and its expanded at some point). I have introduced maybe 10-15 people to rail transit for the first time via the streetcar, including some middle-aged suburbanites who only hear mis-information spread by the media. They turned a 180 and try to find an excuse to ride it when they are downtown for any event or at the market or whatever. I just thought that transit fans like me (I lurk a lot here) would be interested in hearing feedback from one of the target crowds, "tourists" who park in the basin somewhere and use it to circulate between attractions or events. I guess you don't have to believe the "dwell time" comment, but I thought I would share it because its the first time that had happened in that location. It was a little painful to sit there in plain view of the Banks stop and just be stuck waiting. The leg from central parkway to the banks on walnut is the most painfully slow part of the system, and the leg I ride the most. (I often park in OTR and eat somewhere there before riding to a Reds game). Main northbound seems to move a lot faster. And, as already posted, Elm/Race are quick enough as well.
  15. This was all after leaving behind about 7 or 8 people at I think 7th street who were struggling with the Ticket-vending machine. The driver made an announcement towards the platform letting them know that she could not wait on them because she had to maintain a schedule.
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