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  1. City hall looks beautiful! I love all this progress in Sandusky!
  2. I've got another photo to share. The amphitheater opens for a free concert this Friday! I'll try to get down there and get some good photos. Apparently they will be greening the rest of the park and it should be fully covered in grass by the end of the summer; It'll look great! I also heard that the city is going to push to rebuild Front Street and include bike lanes and possibly a landscaped median like Federal St. has. I'd like to eventually see the parking lots on Front be replaced with park space or new apartment buildings.
  3. The amphitheater is almost done! It looks great whenever I drive past it on Market Street Bridge. Way better than expected. I found this drone photo from KCAerials of the amphitheater - go follow them on Instagram, they have great drone photos of Youngstown! It's unfortunate that the parking lot is still in front of it but I think that the master plan is to replace it with park space. There's also a lot less open space between the amphitheater and river than I expected.
  4. Southern Park Mall Redevelopment: So Washington Property Group has announced their plans to renovate and reenergize Boardman's Southern Park Mall. You can read the full article about the plans here. Basically the plan is to tear down Sears and replace it with new storefronts and a large open green space for events. As expected, I thoroughly despise this plan. For starters, at least put the event space next to the building or even just have a small road buffer in between. Why would they put several rows of parking in between? The green space that they expect to be a center of activity will be completely choked off by a huge parking lot and no one will use it because it's not connected to the mall at all. I'm planning on writing an email to them to try and make a case for at least putting the green space next to the edge of the mall with shop spaces on the side(s). Meanwhile, Cafaro Co. owns the former Dillards space and has not announced their plans. However, they hope to redevelop it into several different new spaces for tenants. Overall, this plan disappoints me (as do most mall redevelopments) and the fact that they are hoping this will become a "town center" is laughable.
  5. Pretty much. It's about time they fix YSU up. I will say though, they have a long way to go. The campus is honestly pretty nice but the inner workings of that place are still pathetic. I've dealt with them recently when applying to colleges and they were not operating like other colleges and it was impossible to get anything done with their incompetent staff. From what I've gone through in trying to get anything done with them, it's no wonder why they are stuck in the commuter college category. They simply are just not on par with other colleges yet which is a shame. But I think in 10 years or less they will finally be a good college. And obviously, if they continue to improve and expand their number of out of town students, I predict that the recent building boom around campus will only be the beginning. I'd like to see them expand more into Downtown proper and work on making it into a college town environment. Other than the University, I'd say the whole resurgence of Downtowns across the country also drove Downtown to begin to improve and get more businesses. And outside of Downtown, the YNDC has been doing amazing work in stabilizing neighborhoods by renovating over a thousand houses so far.
  6. Nice photos! I don't think NYO is getting rid of all their properties but they are downsizing a lot. They sold Realty Tower to new management, they sold the Harshman Building to EGCC, and now this to YSU. But I don't think they'll completely go under. I do know from some people that they are in some severe monetary issues; I know the bank is going after them over unpaid payments on the Flats at Wick property and that they are having some delays getting historic tax credits for the DoubleTree project as well which is why two of the restaurants supposed to go in there pulled out. I still think the CEO will end up getting a slap on the wrist considering how most corrupt people in Youngstown get off easily. Plus, he's generally very well liked in the community and frankly he is the main reason Downtown is what it is today and not a sad abandoned wasteland.
  7. I love that Trump acts like it's a done deal while GM doesn't. Plus this sure as hell isn't a win for the area. I can't imagine most jobs will be saved by this.
  8. I'm happy they are building the Campus Lofts but oh my god what type of monstrosity is this design! It looks so bland and dated to me. Not to mention it's a shame there won't be any retail along Wick Ave. That could've been a crucial link between retail on Lincoln Ave. near YSU and retail in Downtown. In more exciting news.... we have more amphitheater photos!
  9. Crandall Park North & Parkway Towers: I took a quick walk to take photos at Parkway Towers, an abandoned apartment building in front of Stambaugh Auditorium and Wick Park. After, I walked along a block of Tod Lane in the Crandall Park North neighborhood to get some photos of the old mansions there. Stambaugh Auditorium: Parkway Towers: Tod Lane in Crandall Park North Historic District: Crandall Park North was one of Youngstown's early wealthy neighborhoods. It was developed in the early 1900s as an alternative to the Wick Park area. Today the area north of the park (Crandall Park North and North Heights) remain generally stable. Some parts are good neighborhoods, others are making comebacks, and some are still seemingly doomed. South of the park is the older part of the North Side (Crandall Park South and Wick Park). These neighborhoods are in much worse shape and most old mansions are not kept up. This block of Tod Lane that I photographed is surprisingly kept up - I plan to take more photos here and in Crandall Park South. A newer house from either the 40s or 50s: This house was once owned by the Wick family, a prominent Youngstown family. It fell into despair in recent decades but was luckily saved by a neighborhood preservationist last year after a lengthy campaign to sell it rather than tear it down. It's good to see it be saved since it was the last house on the block that was in bad shape: The Burt Printz Mansion, built in 1915 with an addition built in later decades. It is now being used as a bed and breakfast. It is on the corner of Tod Lane and Fifth Avenue:
  10. It's amazing how much that piece of land has changed! I'm excited for June when it's done. There's already some decent sized acts who've announced concerts in June or July (Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago, & Gucci Mane) Once the park surrounding it is done, it'll be an amazing asset for Downtown. Honestly if the city can focus on linking everything from the river to Downtown to the YSU campus, it could easily become a bustling college town. Frankly it's a wonder we havent become a typical college town yet... everything is in place for it to happen, it just needs set in motion.
  11. I'm not sure how I feel about EGCC closing off a block of Boardman Street. I'm all for improving the streetscape there but I'm not sure it's a good idea to make it a pedestrian only area. And let's face it, there will be no shops around it and there aren't too many EGCC students anyways so I can't imagine it would even be a very lively space. It's just nowhere near what the closing off N. Phelps Street plan is.
  12. Concept Studio Opening: Concept Studio opened up this month in the Davis Building in Downtown. The David Building, built in 1899, was one of the first revitalized buildings in Downtown but never really had a first floor retail tenant. Concept Studio is an "open concept gathering space." In other words, it is an open space that can be reserved to be used for business meetings, popup shops, events, ect. They held their first event this week (still going on until Saturday), the Spring Pop-Up Market. The Market has 4 vendors, Branch Street Roasters, Blush Boutique, Kabocha, and Charm House Decor. It's cool to see something like this come to the Davis Building, and I hope it is used a lot! The only downside of this is that it isn't a permanent restaurant or retail shop - this block of Federal only has two restaurants (Joe Maxx Coffee and Draught House) so I wish more permanent shops or restaurants would come to the block. Also, having Branch Street at this popup market still makes me lament the fact that their plans to open up Downtown fell through... The Davis Building: The inside: The Spring Pop-Up Market: Unfortunately there hasn't been too much news in terms of new businesses in Downtown. There's some projects going on by YSU however such as renovations to Stambaugh Stadium, new luxury student housing on Wick Ave., and the Cafaro Sports Complex which is coming to the Wick Park neighborhood.
  13. A better view of the amphitheater: The Amphitheater will be open in June and the concert lineup will be announced this month. The management recently announced a partnership with LiveNation who is helping to book national acts. JAC Management claims there will be a mix of national acts and local acts or events this summer. I'm really excited to see this project continue. Once the whole park is done it will be a great asset to Downtown and the riverfront!
  14. Here's a photo of the amphitheater I found from a news article. It will open in early June:
  15. Awesome! And with the ambitious plans in place for the former Anthonys on the River site across the street, that part of the riverfront could really become a great place! Not to mention, the amphitheater and park will be right across the bridge.
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