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  1. It's just a bizarre plan and honestly it is coming from a development company that is seemingly brand new so I'm a bit suspicious. However, I will say that Wheeling's renaissance has been quite impressive thus far so who knows maybe it could work.
  2. It's amazing how successful the project(s) to revitalize Downtown were. Opening Front St. to vehicle traffic helped so much. It went from a ghost town to a very vibrant neighborhood in only a year. It's already one of the best 'main streets' in NE Ohio in my opinion.
  3. New Mixed Use Lifestyle Center Proposed: Some big news out of Wheeling recently... a developer is pushing to develop the hillside behind the historic Woodsdale neighborhood into a mixed use lifestyle center of sorts. As far as lifestyle centers go, this one actually doesn't have a bad design. However as expected, the NIMBYs are going into cardiac arrest over this proposal so it probably won't happen. I also fail to see how there's any market left for new retail in the Ohio Valley; Wheeling already has the Highlands, Ohio Valley Mall, and Downtown. I think they should scale back their retail plans for this but I suppose I shouldn't complain. But anyhow, here's a video showing the plans, site, and renderings (they also have a petition of support on their website if you want to sign it). https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=14&v=-JZ2WqLekns
  4. Beautiful photos! It's a shame the state some of these houses are in; however those abandoned homes make for good photos! I love those two rowhouses on Price Hill. I really need to get down to Cincinnati and properly explore it one day!
  5. I'm glad to see more student housing at YSU! I heard in terms of actual residence halls/dorms though they are vastly under-supplied (these new developments are all off campus apartments I believe). I think this is crucial to YSU becoming an actual college however and I think if they play they're cards right that they will be on par with the other state universities a decade or two from now. The campus isnt bad and the location is pretty good. They just need to work on attracting non-commuters from outside the Youngstown area or else it will forever be held back by the commuter school stigma it has now.
  6. I think I saw from someone in the neighborhood that something like only 3/12 of the original houses on that street remain. The good news is that there's some renovations going on in the neighborhood and there's a solid business district on Elm Street now
  7. Indian Village Historic District May 2019 Indian Village is a tiny historic district in Youngstown's South Side between Glenwood Avenue an Mill Creek Park. The small neighborhood has managed to remain stable and well maintained despite being located adjacent to some of the city's worst areas. Unfortunately I didn't photograph the whole neighborhood, just the houses on Kiawatha Drive along the bike trail in Mill Creek Park. In my opinion it's one of the city's greatest hidden gems. And here's a bonus pic of a house on Canfield Avenue in the Idora neighborhood:
  8. Here's some pics I took in German Village back in May: I have other pics of buildings from around Columbus and Ohio posted on my Buildings of America Instagram page.
  9. New Pool Hall/Restaurant Downtown: Source: WKBN Another new business is coming Downtown. The owners of Liquid Blu nightclub are opening this on the second floor of their building in Downtown. They want to branch out of the nightclub scene and hope to make this a laid back place for people to go to after work for happy hour and shoot some pool. The menu seems to be typical bar food but they will be serving pastelillos! I guess that's a result of the growing Puerto Rican influence in Youngstown! The pool hall will open on the first of November. I wish them success; we need more entertainment based businesses Downtown and though this is still a bar, it is moving in that direction a bit.
  10. Big news indeed! What happens in the Sharon/New Castle area is pretty intertwined with the Youngstown area, so it's definitely a good sign for Youngstown and the whole area!
  11. We've got some renderings of the streets that are being rebuilt soon in Downtown Youngstown: Commerce Street: I'm a little disappointed that Commerce Street won't have bike lanes but oh well. It is still a major improvement. Federal Street: I wasn't sure what their plans were for Federal Street but I'm excited to see this! Basically it looks like they will be extending the median in the center of the road all the way to the intersections, adding green space, and replacing the diagonal parking with parallel parking. I'm not sure Federal necessarily needed this improvement as much as others streets, but it sure will make it look great and will hopefully help the businesses on it! I wonder if they are going to do something like this on East Federal as well. Rayen Street: Finally, bike lanes! Youngstown as a whole has a grand total of zero bike lanes so I hope they at least stick to the few they have planned for the future (Rayen, Fifth, and Front). I'm glad they're rebuilding Rayen because it will help bridge the gap between YSU and Downtown. Rayen is currently four lanes with people speeding through it like a superhighway. It's always an adventure to cross it... But if Rayen is improved, it will make going between YSU and Downtown much less stressful. Front Street: Front Street will be the first street they work on (after Fifth). As we know it goes in front of the amphitheater, so hopefully this could help support that and maybe bring in more development (I'd love to see mixed use/apartment development in the many parking lots there even though that's a big thing to ask for!). But this street will be reduced from five lanes to three lanes with protected two-way bike lanes.
  12. Awesome! I've never seen this photo before. In fact I feel like there's a lack of old color photos like this from Downtown during the 70s. It's cool to see how vibrant it looked even though Downtown was technically already declining by that time.
  13. I can't believe I never saw this reply until now! Thanks for sharing that information! It's a shame to see the state the neighborhood is in but I suppose it's finally starting to take a turn for the better; however I bet we will still see a lot of demolitions unfortunately. However it is good to see the boom of business on Elm Street; it was certainly unexpected to me but having a coffee shop and restaurants in the neighborhood really helps. I think Wick Park has a great future as a neighborhood for YSU students and young adults; I know the whole issue of student rentals is controversial and not ideal in comparison to owner occupied properties, but at least the buildings are being kept alive as rentals. If the city and neighborhood plays its cards right, I could even foresee it becoming a mini version of Akron's Highland Square or something. It's already walkable, close enough to Downtown, next to YSU, has a huge park, and lots of new businesses. I really wish I could restore the apartment buildings on Bryson Street and Broadway! They are absolutely beautiful and I have a soft spot for old apartment buildings like that. And I do know about the Bonesetter Reese house, my high school photography teacher taught me a lot of history about random Youngstown history including the story of that house! Also, I wrote an article about the current state of Parkway Towers and I may do one about the various houses in the neighborhood.
  14. Not sure, never tried it but have heard good things. Also, I forgot to mention V2 Trattatoria which is sort of similar to "fancier" restaurants like Bistro 1907.
  15. That's a great point actually. Downtown Youngstown has a lot of "hip" places (including the new ones that will be opening) but not a lot of traditional restaurants or "fancy" places except Bistro 1907. Plus there's really a lack of anything at all around the Covelli Center and amphitheater which means a lot of visitors will probably just eat somewhere other than Downtown anyways.
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