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  1. Just some random shots of some classic Youngstown Grit... (Ignore the bad photo quality, these were shot with an iPhone 6....) This is one of only two houses remaining on the entirety of North Hine Street in Youngstown's "Near East Side" - this part of the East Side is even more blighted than the rest of the East Side (yes, that's possible!) This small part of the East Side is sandwiched between Downtown and the Madison Avenue Expressway; as a result, it's heavily blighted and very few structures remain standing in this small neighborhood. This is one of the last survivors and it's a bit of a fixer upper! The only possible future this neighborhood has is in industrial development. With the close proximity to Downtown, I-680, and the new "Chill Can" factory a few blocks over, I'm hoping to see his area get redeveloped. Eventually, that is. I'm not really sure what this next building is, but I came across is while exploring around some of the lesser trafficked parts of the West Side; the Steelton neighborhood to be exact. This building is on Waverly Street at the bottom of the hill next to the railroad tracks. I don't know what the building's purpose was, but I assume it had something to do with the steel mills. Lastly, here's two houses on the corner of Broadway & Elm, across the street from Wick Park. Sadly the green house was damaged by an arson next door as another user pointed out earlier. I'm gonna try to get more pictures of houses and buildings in Youngstown... The problem is, I'm not too eager to walk around and take pictures in some parts of town However, there's this really cool old gas station on Indianola which seems to be nearing the end of it's lifespan that I hope to get pics of soon. Remember to follow my Instagram (@BuildingsOfAmerica) to see all the pics I take!
  2. Eastern Gateway Plans to "Recharge" East End of Downtown: https://businessjournaldaily.com/egcc-to-recharge-east-side-federal-street/ Eastern Gateway Community College is planning on purchasing the three buildings they currently lease, most notably "Thomas Humphries Hall." They plan to make a lot of upgrades in order to make it feel more like a campus. On improvement they're planning is to close Boardman Street between Champion and Walnut and make it into a pedestrian area. I'm not completely sure how I feel about this, and I think the design looks reminiscent of some failed urban renewal projects of past decades. But then again, it's not necessarily a vital street to keep opened to traffic. EGCC has already opened up a lunch place on this block (Mocha House) very recently and to my knowledge, they want to bring businesses to East Federal Street as well. Currently, East Federal is all offices and has no restaurants or retail spaces - this is because almost all of the East End of Downtown was torn down in 1960s urban renewal projects. It's hard to believe, but East Federal used to look a lot like West Federal back in the day.
  3. A Third Mexican Restaurant Coming Downtown In what is perhaps the strangest trend Downtown, a third, yes a third, Mexican restaurant is set to open in Downtown - all within a one block radius of eachother. Wahaka Tacos (a food truck from Bistro 1907) plans to open eventually in the Gallagher Building (if it's ever renovated....), Gringos Tacos & Tequila Bar will open in a month or so on North Phelps, and now "Tequila Coyote" is set to open in the first floor of Wick Tower on the corner of N. Phelps and W. Federal within three months. I'm happy to see restaurants open Downtown, especially in Wick Tower, but I can't help but feel there's an over-saturation of taco restaurants coming.... https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/new-mexican-and-italian-restaurants-coming-to-downtown-youngstown/
  4. "Modern Italian Restaurant" Coming to former Roberto's Space in Downtown: https://www.mahoningmatters.com/local-news/republic-pizzeria-owner-to-open-shop-in-former-robertos-space-2094364
  5. The Kitchen Post Closes in Downtown In a major an unexpected setback for Downtown and Youngstown's food scene, the owners of the Kitchen Post announced it will be closing down. I'm not sure why as it seemed like they did great business and were a very popular restaurant around town - the owner basically says he was burnt out and didnt enjoy it anymore. It was one of the few "hip" and unique restaurants in the city, something which Youngstown lacks compared to other cities. It's a shame to see this news for sure... I hope someone fills in the void this leaves. I am a bit confused though - it kind of looks like they are planning on reopening but only focusing on their pizza. Not sure if they're staying in the same spot or even staying Downtown, but their pizza is pretty good and unlike most pizza joints in town, so it will still be good. However, Downtown really needs some more "hip" places. Im still upset that Branch Street Roasters coming to the DoubleTree building never panned out as hoped for. https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/the-kitchen-post-in-youngstown-officially-closed/ One good piece of news is that the North Phelps Pedestrian Mall construction begins next month - I'm shocked it actually ended up happening honestly. For some reason, the owners of Gallery on Phelps and One Hot Cookie oppose it but it seems like everyone else is on board. It clearly will be a huge asset once it's finished. Gringo's Tacos is currently under construction in the old Commonwealth Building and will open this spring. I also heard that the food court inside 21 Federal might open a storefront or two to the new pedestrian mall. Specifically, Eman's Lebanese Restaurant wants a storefront opened so it can function as more of a real restaurant than just a food court shop. And again, still sad that Kitchen Post wont be able to be a part of this new pedestrian street project anymore.
  6. I don't know any details, but according to this article, CommonWealth plans to build a mixed use development of "four rowhouses with retail space on the first floor" on Elm Street in the Wick Park neighborhood. This sounds like an awesome development, but I'm not sure where they plan on doing it. If anyone has any info on this, that would be great! Furthermore, they plan to work on an "Ecovillage" in the future by renovating seven large historic homes. https://businessjournaldaily.com/common-wealth-develops-business-on-elm-street/ Honestly, if Elm Street gets a few more shops/restaurants/galleries and receives some mild streetscaping improvements, it will be on it's way to being Youngstown's version of Highland Square. Obviously, this would include making the neighborhood a bit less sketchy (which is already happening luckily), but the necessary parts are all there. Plus, it's within walking distance of YSU and most YSU dorms/apartments are within a block or two of Elm Street already. It's exciting to see things are finally moving along well on Elm Street!
  7. If anyone cares, I made a blog post/article about Indian Village Historic District, a neighborhood in the South Side, using the photos I posted earlier this year in this thread. I plan to eventually write articles like this about other neighborhoods as well (whenever I'm not super busy with college that is...) Here's the link to the article My goal for this year is to get some pictures of some of the many beautiful homes in the South Side (around Uptown especially) which are increasingly being lost to demolition, arson, ect. I'll post them here when I get them!
  8. There's a ton of potential for the Summit Lake and Kenmore area of Akron. I hope to see some a lot of revitalization in that part of the city. Having a lake like that in the city is definitely an asset that should be taken advantage of!
  9. I'm aware that the neighborhood has a bad real estate market, but given the proximity to YSU, the large neighborhood park, and the new walkable restaurants on Elm Street, it seems like the YNDC should realize there's some opportunity there. If there was a few solid strategic renovations by them, I think it would make the neighborhood into a nice walkable and desirable area, especially if it is marketed better. Also, that's depressing that they couldn't help him with that house. Broadway is an important street to Youngstown and every house lost on it makes the whole North Side look worse in my opinion.
  10. Great photos! Nice to see some events and stuff happening on Elm Street.
  11. What a cool restoration project that would be, to bring back that old facade! I'm sure it's not quite like the original look though. And it would feel weird removing the 'modern' facade that the theater is known for. I really just hope someone saves it before it burns down or something. I envision it being a small "boutique theater" similar to Akron's Highland Theater or something that could show indie movies, older movies, and some new movies. Maybe even include a restaurant or something in it or a coffee shop in the old bar next door. Obviously that's a total pipe dream given the neighborhood. Hell, the best hope is probably seeing it get turned into a Boost Mobile or some crap
  12. Oh god. I can't stand the fact that the green house will probably get torn down now. I hope he just tries to keep it standing and hope someone comes along to fix it. I also really liked that burnt down apartment building but it was bound to come down sooner or later. There's good things happening in the area on Elm Street and the park itself, but that's it. I can't stand watching all these houses come down. I wish the YNDC or something would start renovating houses like this. Maybe the owner of the green house should contact them. Worth a shot. Also, very sad about Philadelphia Ave, I wondered why it was so blighted, even compared to the surrounding blocks. The slow death of the Wick Park neighborhood just depresses me.
  13. Im anxious to see what this is all about. It seems to be a commercial project and considering how much they're building it up, I'm going to guess it's not just a Dollar General or something. I hope it really is something big. That part of Mahoning Ave. could be a nice walkable area if people began investing in it. The neighborhood isn't bad, it's close to Downtown and Mill Creek, and there's plenty of old commercial buildings that could be made into new businesses. It's time Youngstown starts investing back into the neighborhoods.
  14. Uptown Theater, 1926: Here's the Uptown Theater before it received its renovations to make it more mid-century modern looking. The building to the right still exists but again, received a rather horrific renovation. The larger building next to that (I believe it's called the Hess Block) was unfortunately burnt down back in fall of 2015 - it's a shame because it was one of the nicer old commercial buildings on the block. It also looked very similar to how it originally did - but as you can see in the present photo, it's just a piece of grass now. The only building to exist now that didn't then is the small one story building to the left of the theater. TODAY:
  15. 1960s - The corner of Market & Indianola, the center of Youngstown's "Uptown" district: Here is the same corner today. The buildings are all still there (but the Gray Drug store building is set to be demolished I believe) however, there was certainly much more life in them back then!
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