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  1. Is that what’s happening? My understanding is Vandercaar was basically a third-party matchmaker who gets a cut (still sh*tty) then backs out of the development process once the port takes ownership.
  2. Wrecking permit application for the riverside switch house owned by Duke Energy in Queensgate. Google aerial. Shame, it's a gorgeous building, at least from the outside. You could imagine a factory district with multifamily apartments running between it and Longworth Hall. Guessing it's more Brent Spence prep? Dunno.
  3. The club’s list of proposed uses is in there in its entirety. They didn’t include hotel as a use, I’m guessing because they have that earmarked for the ballet space.
  4. https://www.fox19.com/2020/01/17/fc-cincinnati-reveals-details-about-garage-future-developments-around-stadium/ 5 story building and 10 story building to wrap the garage.
  5. Re: the large undeveloped parcel on Calhoun: “The development team of Milhaus Development, LLC (Master Developer) and Rolling Hills Hospitality, LLC (Hotel Developer) is proposing a mixed-use development including an approximately 230-unit residential apartment building, a 150-key hotel, and 380-space parking structure within the TIF Exemption Area, as shown in Attachment A.” https://city-egov2.cincinnati-oh.gov/Webtop/ws/council/public/child/Blob/55139.pdf?rpp=-10&w=doc_no%3D'201901821'&m=1
  6. Sorry! Tried to post the link actually, let me try again: https://city-egov2.cincinnati-oh.gov/Webtop/ws/council/public/child/Blob/55114.pdf?rpp=-10&w=doc_no%3D'201901810'&m=1
  7. The utter lack of even a medium size city in reasonable proximity gets my vote, followed closely by ‘Nashville’ the meme and the lesser presence of industrial revolution residue in need of redevelopment. Nashville folk are just Cincy folk who say “eww” more often and are proud of it.
  8. Pretty insane how quickly these went up. Haven’t been to summit park in 2019, seems like it’ll be a completely different place next time I go.
  9. Myrtle's returning? https://city-egov2.cincinnati-oh.gov/Webtop/ws/council/public/child/Blob/55024.pdf?rpp=-10&w=doc_no%3D'201901764'&m=1
  10. Seems as good a time as any to ask: can anyone ELI5 what 3CDC is doing with their parking leases around the urban core and why they are doing it?
  11. Why in the world are we even building out this stupid trail. It should be surrounded by residential multifamily, but instead will be surrounded by the scourge of twentieth century America--"automotve retail." But don't you dare build townhomes near it. Infuriating. From the latest planning packet, my highlights:
  12. I’ve heard the issue there (and it was an issue from the start) was personality more than anything.
  13. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but did anyone go to or hear about the Delhi community input meets that happened Monday and Tuesday of this week? Interested to see if plans were released. Interesting site, the former Remke.
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