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  1. well, now at least one team does.
  2. In fact It’s quite the opposite, there is not enough parking in the CBD during the weekday. At least in that area every lot is always full, and the street parking is often full as well, perhaps a result of vacancy rates in the surrounding apartments being extremely low. That area is picking up quite a bit. From Cheapside to Taqueria Mercado down to Government square, it’s quite a lively area of the CBD. Given the new restaurants, Main Street retail, and the low vacancy rates I mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did start construction on the second tower soon after completing the first.
  3. first confirmation I’ve seen construction is beginning, albeit on the garage podium, but I shouldn’t think there’d be any pause between that and work on the venue itself
  4. You’re coming at it like the shooters pick the places to shoot up. They don’t, they pick the victims, and the victims are where they are. Now that OTR development has hemmed these folks into basically one remaining area, it’s just natural that that’s where violence is.
  5. I was aimlessly dicking around admiring some of GBBN’s work and came across this page for a new ballet academy south of the Baldwin. No real renderings, probably isn’t even a solid proposal, and if it is, it sort of feels like the kind of thing we aren’t supposed to see yet (in which case mods might delete this, I don’t want anyone to lose their job ). Anyways, if there is a plan of this sort in motion it would obviously free up that corner for the county garage (if they aren’t still wedded to the two-garage idea; I know fcc really wants a single mammoth garage on site.) https://www.gbbn.com/work/cincinnati-ballet-academy-studio/?backProjectsAll=true
  6. It would honestly benefit stakeholders in the area to go to a city that has an established, world-class urban trail system (like Minneapolis) to see what surrounding developments looks like done right, because right now it does not seem like they have any idea what they’re doing. Shame, because Wasson Way has enormous potential. Seems destined to be squandered though.
  7. The Huntington Center was just bought for $24.5m by an investment firm out of NY: https://www.grouprmcusa.com Basically they buy Midwest (secondary market) office buildings at bargain prices because they think they’re undervalued based on market conditions. Interesting that the county assessed the Huntington Center’s value at $18m in 2018, and this firm considers $24.5 an attractive price. Not sure it means anything, but it caught my eye.
  8. I’m guessing your “truth” has a capital “T” and only you know about it lol. Anyways...
  9. I assume this would not actually derail plans for the lot, but part of the pitch 3CDC made to hotel operators likely included “and BTW look how shitty your competition is over here.” Well, if it turns out the competition *isn’t* that shitty, that would be something the operators would want to know. Likewise if the Millennium is up for a conversion into residential. I read this as 3CDC just wanting to make sure the RFP is completely fair so there’s no delay on the back end of it.
  10. It’s not worth it to discuss anything with you if you’re gonna gas yourself like this.
  11. Political tribalism is a convenient way if excusing basic false equivalence.
  12. Look down, the middle ground you’re standing on (gasp!) doesn’t actually exist.
  13. The majority of the conservative voting block that balks at fair restrictions on gun use do not themselves own a gun. It's not about safeguarding a personal right for them, it's about sticking it to liberals for the impudence of wanting something that's not in front of them. The gun stuff is just flotsam on a sea of puritanical shame.
  14. You can guise incrementally more deluded opinions in the shroud of well-meaning moderateness if you like, but there's only one person it's fooling.
  15. This is idiotic of you to say, and that's the nicest way to phrase it.
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