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  1. ^^Ironically defeatism is a symptom of the very disease you’re describing. So chin up, things are never as bad or as good as they seem, but they are unfailingly more interesting.
  2. I’m curious, has anyone had a good experience eating at CityBird? I love CHX, and Money Chicken’s dill ranch is crazy good, but the one time I got CityBird I seriously considered throwing it out. The breading was soft, the spice mix is terrible, and the French fries were disappointing. All that is to say, why in the world are they expanding?
  3. I was hoping to read that Main and Court Street would be among these. That light is absurdly long for how much traffic comes from court Street, and the streetcar often misses the Central Parkway light because of it.
  4. Some streetscape improvements coming as well. Looks like the plan is to turn 15th from Vine to Republic into a pedestrian plaza, which seems like a wonderful idea, especially with the parking lot going in where the Kroger is. https://city-egov2.cincinnati-oh.gov/Webtop/ws/council/public/child/Blob/53905.pdf?rpp=-10&w=doc_no%3D'201901142'&m=3
  5. Is the Clyffside project the first to benefit from the new Mohawk historic district? I’d think it is but not entirely sure.
  6. I'll go in the other direction. This project and Skyhouse aren't terribly dissimilar, with the obvious exception of the form factor. ~350 units, luxe amenities (pool, 2 story fitness center, local art installations, etc.). I also don't think we've gotten a render that fairly shows the massing (if I'm using that word correctly) compared to its surroundings. I have a feeling the end result will feel more significant than what we have implies. The $6m going to CPS and $2.5 going to the streetcar ain't bad either.
  7. From the most recent planning commission packet (and a new building permit for the same plot issued last week), looks like the final numbers from Milhaus are 6-7 stories, ~90 ft tall, 344 residential units, 400 parking spaces, and 7,750 sq. ft. of ground floor commercial space. This won't change the skyline or anything, but it should do a nice job of filling out that area. Moreover 344 units is greater than what's being added by Court&Walnut and 8th&Main combined, so that's something. My one question is, all else equal, wouldn't this go better on Lot 24 of The Banks?
  8. Amazon could announce they were going to put ten thousand high-paying tech jobs downtown and this would still be the best news of the week. I hope it's maximally garish.
  9. That Potemkin pocket park where the Dennison used to be still curdles my blood...
  10. Cincinnati is never gonna get the NFL Draft and that has nothing to do with space, venue, or city momentum. It's because we have a below average team with below average ownership leading to below average market support. It would be like the MLB hosting the AllStar game in Tampa Bay. Nothing wrong with that city, but it isn't an MLB priority because the market doesn't make MLB a priority.
  11. Has anyone seen the acts MEMI has been booking in the past 18 months? Y'all are acting like they've got the Moody Blues coming up here...
  12. I'm about to reveal I was an arts major but... it's in a spreadsheet thing of the Building Permits thing on the CincyInsights thing: https://data.cincinnati-oh.gov/Thriving-Healthy-Neighborhoods/Cincinnati-Building-Permits/uhjb-xac9/data I usually check every Monday for new buildings.
  13. https://cagis.hamilton-co.org/opal/apd.aspx?QSPerm=2019P03915 SIAP: Anyone know what this would be in reference to? Don't think I've seen anything in a planning packet about it. Permit application is for a 75,000 sq. ft. commercial building constructed by Milhaus (of the Gantry in Northside and Poste in Walnut Hills) to go on the land where that Atlanta developer was supposed to put a condo tower (name escapes me)?
  14. He's an outcome-based pragmatist. This isn't a surprising opinion. Nor should it be a controversial one, except "vaxing" has become one of those sanctimonious catch-alls for compulsive opinion-havers.
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