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  1. That Potemkin pocket park where the Dennison used to be still curdles my blood...
  2. Cincinnati is never gonna get the NFL Draft and that has nothing to do with space, venue, or city momentum. It's because we have a below average team with below average ownership leading to below average market support. It would be like the MLB hosting the AllStar game in Tampa Bay. Nothing wrong with that city, but it isn't an MLB priority because the market doesn't make MLB a priority.
  3. Has anyone seen the acts MEMI has been booking in the past 18 months? Y'all are acting like they've got the Moody Blues coming up here...
  4. I'm about to reveal I was an arts major but... it's in a spreadsheet thing of the Building Permits thing on the CincyInsights thing: https://data.cincinnati-oh.gov/Thriving-Healthy-Neighborhoods/Cincinnati-Building-Permits/uhjb-xac9/data I usually check every Monday for new buildings.
  5. https://cagis.hamilton-co.org/opal/apd.aspx?QSPerm=2019P03915 SIAP: Anyone know what this would be in reference to? Don't think I've seen anything in a planning packet about it. Permit application is for a 75,000 sq. ft. commercial building constructed by Milhaus (of the Gantry in Northside and Poste in Walnut Hills) to go on the land where that Atlanta developer was supposed to put a condo tower (name escapes me)?
  6. He's an outcome-based pragmatist. This isn't a surprising opinion. Nor should it be a controversial one, except "vaxing" has become one of those sanctimonious catch-alls for compulsive opinion-havers.
  7. Having been to the NOLA twice in the last year for weddings, if OTR ends up like the French Quarter I will consider it a massive failure. The French Quarter is a very cool place, but it’s also far dirtier, seedier, and more claustrophobic than OTR is now. It has a sort of grime that attaches to every surface, whether it’s a thin layer of vomit (I’m not kidding) or the accumulated patina of so many tidying-ups but not one wholesale refresh (like what we’ve been afforded with OTR.) I’d prefer we continue to look to Old City or Brooklyn for inspiration rather than the French Quarter—and certainly not anything within a good distance of Nashville.
  8. My perception is they don't have time for a court case. They needed this to be done yesterday. MLS has monetary penalties if the stadium opens late, and the timeline seems scrunched as is.
  9. I would imagine the number of large projects at play right now is testing the bandwidth of city hall. Heck, you barely even hear about the streetcar anymore. Then you've got Liberty Street, FCC (and everything involved with that), the Convention Center, Columbia Parkway, the Banks music venue and Hilltop Concrete, this (Fountain Square), short-term rental regs, pedestrian safety improvements, District 1/5, big transit decisions upcoming, random neighborhood stuff, and on top of all that the regular business of the city. It must be exhausting. (And just imagine the things we don’t already know about.)
  10. It's the opinion shared among most people who follow MLS expansion. There isn't a cap on the number of teams they'll allow in, the bids just have to satisfy certain criteria. St. Louis isn't getting in over Sacramento next round because St. Louis somehow "won" an expansion slot over them. Sacramento doesn't have billionaire ownership, so it doesn't satisfy that criterion. If it did, they would have an MLS team along with St. Louis. What often gets missed in this MLS expansion discussion is that satisfying the criteria is very difficult, so it creates the illusion of competition where there isn't any. That illusion is abetted by marketing professionals (i.e. MLS) who put on a show of pitting the cities against each other to attract interest in the league and get more and better bids, which in turn generates more revenue. Granted, I don’t have inside info that any of that is exactly the way it is. But it’s the most rational explanation of what rational, profit-driven people would do given the inputs, so it’s what I expect they’re doing.
  11. Cincy wasn’t “picked.” MLS has certain criteria for expansion and Lindner invested enough to satisfy them. The expansion “competition” is a ruse perpetrated by marketing professionals who know what they’re doing. We shouldn’t be bullied into a bad solution just because mighty MLS deigned to accept us. Nor is FCC helped by trotting out its petulant scaremonger of a GM to address issues that are sensitive to the community. All Berding does by pounding his fist on the table and getting fussy is make me believe he’s intentionally misleading the public.
  12. Getting ahead of myself certainly, but the downtown Hyatt is 23 stories with 491 rooms. Extrapolating from that on a lot around the same size, a new hotel of 600 rooms would be around 28 floors, or perhaps just slightly taller than the Enquirer building. Edit: Leeper now says 800 rooms.
  13. She meant well but she's a very poor communicator. What she should have said is "This fire is tragic. It reminds us of other tragedies that can and should be supported as well." What she did is leverage one tragedy against another in a way that appeared crass, clueless, clumsy, sanctimonious, tone-deaf, historically ignorant, and strangely racist on its own terms. I could not imagine a worse way to say what she meant to say. Seems to be a pattern with her. She has good ideas, but consistently alienates her audience by how she communicates them.
  14. https://cagis.hamilton-co.org/opal/apd.aspx?QSPerm=2019P02771 Would this be for Lot 24? The address (10 E Mehring Way) seems to be west of Anderson Pavilion but different map services return different results.
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