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  1. https://www.sfgate.com/weather/article/Hawaii-recorded-what-may-be-the-lowest-elevation-13607099.php Hawaii getting hit with a large winter storm from the North. 191 MPH wind gusts recorded atop Maua Kea
  2. There was an Obama gas station in Richland County SC. https://www.thestate.com/news/local/article215644980.html (anyone who watches LivePD on a regular basis should be familiar with that station)
  3. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/OHDOT/bulletins/22a353c
  4. Ironic, since the brewery being discussed was founded in part to encourage open mike, new bands and has video and audio music creation spaces for use.
  5. GM’s Plant Closures Confirm the President is a Liar and a Fool
  6. Our president thinks he repeal/change a constitutional amendment with an executive order, so no biggie.
  7. No they don't when compared to a traditional intersection. A driver has to look left to yield to get into a roundabout, that's it. For a single lane roundabout (RAB) this represents one conflict point that is the yielding driver's responsibility. There are 32 conflict points in a traditional intersection as compared to just 8 conflicts in a RAB intersection. All conflicts in a RAB are low angle and slow speed, whereas the 32 conflict points in a traditional intersection are high angle and higher energy points. A well-designed RAB puts the pedestrian crossing directly in front of the driver's eye, also with a pedestrian crossing set back one full vehicle length from the yield line (That way, pedestrians do not have to cross in front of drivers that are looking for their gap in traffic). There are 16 pedestrian/vehicle conflict points in a traditional intersection as compared to 8 pedestrian/vehicle conflicts in a RAB intersection.
  8. OldBearcat


    Ill just leave this here
  9. There is no applicable reason of why the bike way flares out like that at Spring Street. If additional width is needed so vehicles can get back to the pump station, then that can be accomplished with reinforced turf (green pavement)
  10. I am sure some on here have been subject to Balance Billing: https://khn.org/news/a-jolt-to-the-jugular-youre-insured-but-still-owe-109k-for-your-heart-attack/
  11. Trump could of have gone the extra mile and did more and you would of complained about it... can't make you guys happy... But he didn't...instead of going the "extra mile" to honor a Senator and POW, he's being petty. He's a small man. It's not even going the extra mile. It has become custom to fly the flag a half staff for congressional member until the day they are buried. He has fallen short of another norm. But the problem is everyone else. This is one of the silliest, most nonsensical, nitpickiest yet of the many very, very silly, nonsensical, nitpicky Trump criticisms. It instantly reminded me of the "37 pieces of flair" scene in Office Space. Remember, Mike Judge's character was the butt of the joke. If you want to complain about how long flags are flown at half staff, complain about the rule. Don't complain about people who are following the rule to a tee - the way rules are supposed to be followed. Actually walked back the extra 1/2 mile, in deciding to post a terse Tweet in lieu of an already-prepared WH Statement mourning the death of McCain
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