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  1. On crowded L trains in Chicago in the 1980s, when I had to stand, I tried to do so without holding onto anything. I called it urban surfing.
  2. UrbanSurfin

    Elon Musk

    ^Or his boring tunnel company.
  3. OSU has been in close contact with the University Area Commission throughout this process. UAC members like the idea of keeping it as a public school, as the number of families with kids in Weinland Park and Italian Village continues to rise. School-age urban demographics are changing -- though the school district and city officials don't seem to be aware.
  4. The info in the summary appears to be up to date. In addition to meeting on April 9 with Chad Ketler of Community Properties, the housing committee of the Weinland Park Civic Association released a Weinland Park Commercial Study a few months ago (conducted by the Neighborhood Design Center).
  5. Scrapped. The five houses will remain, but in a different form, likely without the party porches. The additional units at the rear will be built though.
  6. Minneapolis and St. Paul have about 10 miles of shared border half of it in the river and half of it no more than an imaginary surveyor's line. They not only have separate and distinct downtowns, but also separate and distinct vibes, personalities and civic cultures. They take great pride in being from Minneapolis OR St. Paul, often disparaging the other. They tend not to think of being from The Cities -- its only called The Cities in the Outstate communities.
  7. Michael (who's my next-door neighbor) moved to the Weinland Park because organizations he worked for were trying to fix it, and he didn't want to be an outsider telling people what their neighborhood should be like. He wanted to be part of the neighborhood, listen to his neighbors, and roll up his sleeves. He's a good man.
  8. No formal design, but initial renderings presented to UAC-Zoning show a handsome building that will be a great addition.
  9. What/where is the arcade? I didn't know San Francisco had one.
  10. With the straightened cars and the buildings seemingly at at 45-degree slope, you might call San Francisco the City of Angles.
  11. UrbanSurfin

    Elon Musk

    Good grief! What a bunch of sophomoric speculation! Fetishizing the automobile with all the nonsense about "freedom," when we're not free from the traffic jams, the unsustainable taxpayer cost of accommodating the automobile, the immense costs of operating one, the fact that we as a nation have become so dependent on cars that we are almost required to own one. Freedom? Hah! The automobile is an often-useful tool. But we must not be made a tool of the automobile.
  12. UrbanSurfin

    Elon Musk

    This is one of the most pollyanish things I have ever read. Oh. Sorry for being cheerful and optimistic. I guess public transit -- in addition to being so democratic -- also makes me hopeful.
  13. UrbanSurfin

    Elon Musk

    Public transit is perhaps the most democratic institution in the country. Young, old, rich, poor, infants, geezers, black, white, Republican, Democrat, hillbilly, hipster, etc., all sitting and standing together politely, chatting, reading, looking out the window or at their phones, begging pardons when they bump somebody, offering their seats to the elderly or young mothers. Nobody honking horns or flipping each other off. By and large, when people are assembled in such close proximity they are on their best, most social behavior. In your personal two-ton glass-and-steel box, every other commuter is an enemy.
  14. Nope. No storefront. This project had near-unanimous condemnation from the University Area Commission, but (naturally) it was approved anyway. Basically a giant rooming house. The concept of micro-apartments is fantastic, but cramming 274 of them into a single ugly box behind other ugly boxes is ridiculous. Micro apartments should have been scattered among all the other new buildings up and down High Street. Micro-apartments as affordable housing should be required in new residential buildings around campus -- and the rest of the city.
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