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  1. Great to see the continued upward trend in CLE visitors. I'm really intrigued by the dual purpose land bridge/convention center expansion concept for connecting the lakefront while simultaneously opening CLE to larger conventions. The investments seem to have paid off with the Huntington Conv. Center and Hilton. Would love to see the city double-down on that investment. https://www.crainscleveland.com/nonprofits/convention-and-visitors-bureau-sets-new-goal
  2. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/02/no-longer-overlooked-clevelands-huntington-convention-center-sees-continued-growth.html Interesting article about Cleveland's growing Convention business. Apparently people are recognizing that conventions are good economic drivers for Cleveland. I wasn't aware, however, of just how limited Cleveland 's conventions business is due to the Huntington's size. It made me wonder if a significantly larger Convention Center could be self-funded. Could expanding the convention center northward over the railway and Shore would enable Cleveland to compete from much larger, more profitable conventions in the future? And could that expansion be constructed in such a way that it simultaneously serve as the bridge that provides year-round, public access the the lakefront, Rock Hall, GLSS, Stadium, etc.
  3. What is the white building is in the foreground of the Key tower?
  4. Was in CLE last Thursday on business and stayed at Metropolitan at the 9 Hotel; interesting Brutalist design, love Azure bar. Friday morning i jogged to Ohio City past my alma mater and then returned across Detroit Superior bridge. Loved all the development along the way but was disappointed by the litter on the sidewalk in front of Terminal Tower and was really shocked by the appearance of JHB. It looks like a bombed out building from Baghdad. A Euclid Avenue-facing apartment at CAC or Halle is going to have an eyesore for a view until that place gets attention soon. Fingers crossed that the downtown housing market stays strong.
  5. Wonder if anyone can explain what we're looking at in this pic Are those pre-fabricated exterior panels? Is there some type of finish that gets applied or are they pre-finished?
  6. Good link to a site showing Cleveland Skyscraper heights. http://www.skyscrapercenter.com/city/cleveland
  7. I'm not sure if this question belongs on this thread but since downtown population is mentioned I'm wondering... Is CLE population decline slowing down at all with all of the downtown residential growth, or are downtown resident just moving from other CLE neighborhoods and thus a zero-sum game?
  8. The only argument I've heard for maintain Burke as an airport is an economic argument. But let's face it, that claim is no longer valid. Burke has outlived its usefulness as an asset for drawing and retaining large corporate HQs, and now caters to a limited number of commercial and recreational interests. It's no longer an economic driver, and arguably not even an economic factor considering Hopkins and Cuyahoga County airports are both within 15 miles. In 2013 Chicago bulldozed Meigs Field. It outlived it's usefulness. The city's approach to reclaiming that land was controversial, but the land has been converted into public land. It's outdoor amphitheater is an amazing venue for summer concerts and it's parklike setting is accessible to all. It is a more valuable asset now to Chicago as public land than it was as prime real estate airport. Cleveland isn't going to lose corporate HQs or suddenly become 'uncompetitive' if it reclaims Burke for parkland, residential, or mixed-use. Cleveland has just as much to gain as Chicago did by converting and outdated airport to a better use of prime lakefront land. I'd love to see what visionaries could with this currently unusable asset.
  9. A 'good 15 minute walk' is very normal for commuters who live in large cities like NYC, Chicago, D.C., SF. Many people find the walk enjoyable and healthful, and I suspect that's the demographic that One Uni-Circle will attract.
  10. I think the University Circle area employs a disproportionately high number of highly-compensated employees (Doctors, PAs, Researchers, etc). The very short commute from these apartments to the medical facilities will attract people who value their time more than the extra money it costs to live in the neighborhood.
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