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  1. Robuu

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    There is still significantly more crime in Northside than in Oakley or Hyde Park. It is getting to be less as housing costs increase, though the diversity of the neighborhood is suffering as a result.
  2. Before changing the schedule, get things to a point where the existing schedule is actually followed. Daytime ridership is inherently more sensitive to reliability, and that is lacking right now.
  3. Robuu

    The Trump Presidency

  4. It's been almost a decade since I was in New Orleans, but the CBD there was absolutely dead. Could not even find a place to eat on the way to the Superdome. All the urban life is concentrated in the French Quarter.
  5. Good thing they passed it in time for the All-Star Game.
  6. ^ Didn't they try that a couple years back?
  7. Kayak rentals would be an interesting touch (via the rendering).
  8. Two bagel shops just opened within a couple months of each other in OTR. Is this just a strange coincidence, the start of a trend, the importation of a trend? Why all the bagels all of a sudden? Not complaining...vivan las bagels.
  9. Robuu

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    I flew out at 5:30 a.m. on the 22nd, after my Friday evening flight out of DAY was canceled. There was a pretty big crowd at that early morning hour. I thought I may be able to use my hack of skipping the Starbucks and whatnot and heading to the Graeter's in Concourse A to get a coffee, but the line was rather long there so I just waited until I was able to caffeinate on the plane. (Graeter's just has a weird location, where if you don't know it's there and want to grab a pastry and a coffee it's far from being the first place you pass.) Still, the crowd was nothing like they were on peak days in the mid-'00s.
  10. The attempt to reject the streetcar grant is probably a factor.
  11. While I think you're right, it would be prudent to put together a neighborhood plan for transitioning the neighborhood to something else. Otherwise a lot of the commercial spaces will become vacant, with some transforming into residential. Mt. Adams has more retail/entertainment space than neighborhood residents can support, so they would be wise to figure out some sort of niche to fill. If they don't, I suspect the residents who were happy to see the bars close will be upset to see their restaurant scene collapse and other amenities (like possibly the UDF) disappear. People from outside the neighborhood need compelling reasons to visit Mt. Adams, being that it's not on the way to or from anywhere and it's somewhat of a hassle to navigate. The beauty of the place only goes so far without a large tourism industry.
  12. Robuu

    Columbus: Re-branding & Identity

  13. Robuu

    Columbus: Re-branding & Identity

    The best jumping off point would be working with what is already there, as anything inauthentic is doomed to fail. Ohio State is obviously the biggest association people have with the city. And more specifically Ohio State football. I don't see how you make a brand out of that, quite honestly. Next in my mind would be agriculture. That's something that could be worked with. Columbus is definitely the biggest city in the country to still have farming as part of its identity, so work with that as a strength. LED lights, genetic modification, work at becoming a hub of high-tech agriculture. OSU's agriculture program is pretty solid, I believe, which probably lends to the existing association between agriculture and the city. That would be a good partner for any start-ups in the sector. Edit: Also, stop trying to make Columbus pizza a thing.
  14. I literally used it as an example. It's not a "fascination." It's just the extreme end of the hands-on operation, totally opposite a chain.