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  1. I thought that was going to be about the "Heartbeat Bill" given Hollywood threatening to blacklist Georgia for their similar bill. Haven't heard anything like that for Ohio yet.
  2. It's still all over, but it's about as prevalent as UK-wear, and both are drowned by UC. I looked at the methodology of that map (again, assuming it's the one I saw a couple/few years ago) and it just didn't include UC in the population of school fandoms analyzed. Makes me wonder how many other schools are just not included that would clearly win some counties.
  3. That NCAA map didn't include UC in the survey. (Assuming it's the one I've seen before from NYT.)
  4. Don't forget issuing bonds to fill potholes.
  5. Yeah, I totally agree. Just sayin'. The "rainy day fund" would have been a good source for money to fix the Columbia Pkwy. landslide, though.
  6. Good thing they can tap that rainy day fund. /s
  7. That's why the smart EDM artists wear masks.
  8. Robuu


    Well, for one: it's inconsistent to use that justification when you're trying to maintain a distinction between homosexual feelings and a homosexual lifestyle.
  9. Robuu


    In the nature vs. nurture dichotomy, religious beliefs are firmly in the nurture category. But I don't think they're all a choice. The more specific, situational, or complex the belief, though, the more choice-y the "belief" gets. Like employment decisions are firmly in the choice-y category.
  10. It would probably make sense in the long term to build a new bridge for transit vehicles and cars from Race to Madison.
  11. 5/3 doesn't have the air rights over the former Macy's anymore, do they? It would be nice if this project were done in conjunction with whatever the plans come to be for the Macy's site. Not that there would necessarily be much interaction between the two spaces, but there could be. It's a little disappointing that the public has lost all say in what happens to the city's main "public" square. Hopefully it turns out nice anyway.
  12. It looks like they're planning to build another garage in the central part of the block, like they've done at Mercer Commons. Probably will see some plans once they acquire all the parcels with a piece of the center (@taestell's red square).
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