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  1. I would wager that part of the reason she couldn't solidify a sizable base in her 2020 campaign was due to her refusal to back the progressive candidate in 2016. It was a lot harder to make the "Bernie but wonkier" case when she wouldn't back Sanders over Clinton four years ago.
  2. Biden has a long history of misrepresenting or flat-out lying about his history with regard to the civil rights movement. He hasn't stopped spreading the malarkey. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/mar/04/joe-biden/joe-bidens-pants-fire-claim-about-his-arrest-south/
  3. @DarkandStormy Thanks, I didn't feel like searching for the polls I had mentioned. LGBT weren't really into Pete, and I find it grating when straight people try to make him into some LGBT champion. He made some firsts, sure, and I'm sure I speak for most LGBT folks when I say we appreciate that. But he did not earn our support.
  4. A primary isn't a very visible thing to people who have no habit of following politics. The people who turn out for Biden will turn out no matter what, and they will back whomever is against Trump no matter what. 1) He's splitting the "progressive lane" with Warren. 2) He's made absolutely massive headway with black voters, especially young black voters. He's also made massive headway with Latino voters and working-class voters of all races. In 2016, the narrative was that he was the candidate of privileged white college students. Mind you, those groups he has reached out to are among the hardest to reach. In a general election campaign, a large amount of people in his target demographics would be learning about him for the first time.
  5. Reason Magazine is probably the top pop-libertarian publication and Randal O'Toole is one of the top pop-libertarian "minds" in relation to urban development and transportation. So it would almost be surprising if he didn't make an appearance in that video, It's a big shift that the market urbanism thing is gaining traction in libertarian circles (such as Reason's readers/viewers), because O'Toole's views were completely dominant a decade ago.
  6. Biden has greatly benefited from timing here. There were two successive debates where a stage of many candidates was singularly focused on taking down his two primary rivals (Bloomberg and then Sanders), which were held within a week and a half of his "firewall" state SC, which was then immediately followed by two successive days of Amy and Pete dropping out and endorsing him, and then Super Tuesday. The only small piece of this which Biden actually had much hand in was having his best debate performance while everyone else was busy attacking Bernie. We'll see what happens when Biden actually has to face attacks and go on the defensive. It's possible Warren will go for the jugular in the next debate, like she did to Bloomberg which sunk someone vying for front-runner status down to only winning...American Samoa. Considering all of the things going in Biden's favor in the past two weeks, the fact he hasn't actually taken a fully commanding lead means he is still quite vulnerable.
  7. Not to mention it would probably be the smartest words to ever come out of Trump's mouth if it weren't satire.
  8. What if costs were driven down to the point that the cost of the new system plus interest on any deficit funding of it were lower than the costs of keeping the current system? In some sense, that would be "kicking the can," but you'd still have a cheaper system that covers everyone.
  9. There is a whole menu of universal healthcare systems out there, being that every developed country has one except ours. Pick the one you believe can be least-effectively diluted by insurance/pharmaceutical lobbyists and the politicians they sponsor, and advocate for it, because they all fundamentally work and opponents are going to use the same line of attack no matter what the details are. The key is not what you think the ideal system is, but the one that would be least damaged in the legislative process. ACA was exceedingly vulnerable to that process. Even the most right-wing countries have passed a universal healthcare system. Advocates for it have the upper-hand, if they would seize it.
  10. The Clinton camp pursued a "pied piper" strategy to face Trump in the general, and that didn't quite work out. I think people can be blind to the popularity of ideas which they themselves see as obviously outrageous. (Heck, Democrats are blind to the popularity of ideas which they themselves support.)
  11. One person who is actually present in the conversation. IIRC, 2016 Bernie supporters backed Clinton at a higher rate than 2008 Clinton supporters backed Obama, in case that offers any predictive value. Point taken that you're speaking in broader terms. The juxtaposition from one post to the next was notable, though.
  12. @SWOH is the one explicitly saying he wouldn't "Vote Blue No Matter Who," yet your focus is on "Bernie people."
  13. Bernie people don't get this? Did you see the post above yours?
  14. You're making a good case to vote against Biden, by your own logic, lol
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