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  1. Probably the same reason Democrats don't want to impeach based on emoluments violations.
  2. Odd choice. Lots of Elvis fans in Cincy? The tourism folks should jump on this and put out some commercials and billboards in Memphis advertising Cincy.
  3. I feel like the collective knowledge for how to deal with bedbugs is a lot better than 10 years or so ago when they were essentially reintroduced as a threat ex nihilo. Unfortunately, Ohio and especially Cincinnati had a rough go of things in those early years. Bedbugs should have been something that was mentioned in all those 2010s decade-in-review retrospectives, but I don't recall seeing them in any of those. They were a mythical thing to westerners ("sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite") until right around 2010.
  4. FWIW, I was in Buenos Aires last month and all the empanadas I had were closed. It's possible a different part of the country makes them differently.
  5. ^ Convenience fees are definitely alive and well with delivery services.
  6. He also painted her as further right than himself on trade and military interventionism.
  7. Without increasing capacity under the Hudson, is a Penn expansion all that useful?
  8. According to this study of campaign contribution data, that's not really true. Look at the Science & Math fields. http://verdantlabs.com/politics_of_professions/
  9. This is a topic that comes up from time-to-time in other threads, and I think it's a worthy topic in-and-of-itself. This could be a fairly broad topic about the characteristics of the tribes and coalitions that make up the evolving political landscape, or about things like potential reforms toward proportional representation or different voting systems which might alleviate some problems with the two-party system (or break free of it). Sorry if there's already a topic that encompasses all this stuff. I briefly searched and didn't find one.
  10. In a two-party system, running to the center opens the door to the other party running to the fringes. It might work to get rid of Trump, or it might not (it did not with Hillary). But it doesn't do anything structurally to bring the Republican Party toward sanity. Democrats have adopted the Third Way for decades now, and the result is Palinism, Tea Partyism, Trumpism.
  11. Seelbach has tabled the idea after hearing from constituents.
  12. It's not a symbol of fascism and it's not a celebration of Mussolini. Hopefully the rest of council is reasonable about this.
  13. ^ Looks like the 2X (the line that goes to CVG) is one of the routes planned for more frequency.
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