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  1. Robuu

    Cincinnati: Car-sharing services

    So...are they constantly playing ads from sponsors inside the car? Do you have to watch videos before you can hail a ride? Does the app require permissions to an arm, a leg, and your first born? Not getting how this works financially. Can you tip through the app?
  2. I would expect the former Mynt-turned-Jekyl owner to include more of the letter Y in the name.
  3. Their pic shows a bike rack on the shuttle. Hoping that ain't fake news.
  4. New FREE shuttle starting November 9th, going from RiverScape and the Ballpark down to the Pine Club on Brown, with stops by 5th & Patterson to serve the Oregon:
  5. Robuu

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    I think it's super bizarre that DeWine has tried to spin his record during the opioid epidemic as not only something positive, but something to gloat about. I guess it's such an important issue that keeping quiet wasn't a reasonable option, so might as well claim he's done a great job (more like about as bad as possible until right as election season was starting). The numbers really speak for themselves. Ohio's been hit harder than any other state.
  6. Robuu

    Rural Ohio is dying

    ^ That's insane. Email is so insecure.
  7. I was kinda hoping the next administration would do a better road diet which would really open up room for development.
  8. There's definitely room for NKY to play up its KYness with bourbon. Louisville is the only real "competition" for an urban KY destination. NKY could probably also capture people visiting the Cincy area by hyping up "authentic" KY fried chicken.
  9. Robuu

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    The tourism angle mentioned by @taestell and @Ram23 makes sense for WOW. As for other budget airlines, I recently went to San Diego for a wedding flying Frontier for $200 r/t. The seats are smaller and don't recline, and the aisles are smaller too, so they pack in more seats. And both flights (direct) were completely full. I think the business model relies on packing a ton of people on every plane, lured by the low fares. Then of course they nickel and dime for everything, from carry-on bags to coffee and pretzels. I was wondering about the flight crew's experience, unions, etc., but I don't have any answers about that stuff. Regarding San Diego, I have to shout out @surfohio for being instrumental in crafting a fantastic itinerary!
  10. There's a market for many more breweries than the number of those already existing, but not everyone can be scaling up and canning and bottling and building a distribution area and all that. Any space there is in the market for a successful bar could be a spot for a successful brewery. Any space there is for a successful restaurant is a spot for a successful brewpub. Even at 5-gallon homebrew scales, you could break even selling by the pint. Scale it up slightly and you're at the point that selling one of your own brews yields a higher margin than selling someone else's. And there's nothing stopping a brewery or brewpub from also selling other brewers' beers -- so having a small stable of house brews next to a larger menu of others' is perfectly viable. I don't agree that people can't tell the quality. Some breweries are, like you said, just some homebrew bros who found a way to raise some cash and commercialize their operation. But putting out a consistent product and making flavors that aren't like everyone else's is a difficult thing to do. More people are able to do it these days, though, so those that can't are going to be pushed out. There are also journalists and bloggers forming peoples' tastes for beers, as they do food, wine, liquor, music, etc.
  11. I think there's plenty of room for neighborhood breweries and brewpubs of varying quality. If you're going to survive doing a wide distribution, you'd better have a good product and solid branding. Rhinegeist and Platform will be interesting to watch over the coming years. If they're going to keep expanding, they'll have to differentiate their product from local products in the markets they expand to, which is increasingly difficult. BrewDog will be interesting to watch, too. They've done a massive global expansion, and to my personal taste they add nothing to the market that's not already there. I wonder what Rhinegeist offers to Massachusetts that isn't already there. The collective knowledge of quality brewing has increased a lot. Brewing science has advanced a lot. The quality differential between the good breweries with a wide distribution (Dogfish Head/Founders/Ballast Point/BrewDog) or the regional elites (Russian River, 3 Floyds, Alchemist) and local breweries around the country (those that know what they're doing) has closed substantially. Breweries with a regional distribution have shifted a lot towards limited-release (and premium-priced) beers lately. Substantially higher margins on those, I'd guess. I expect this will quiet down to a degree, as people will become less inclined to pay extra for a beer whose only special attribute is being a limited release. To call out Ohio specifics, Listermann does a ton of limited-release beers which could be made whenever if they were inclined to do so. I think Wolf's Ridge is doing this, too. Urban Artifact does limited releases based on seasonally available ingredients (notably fruit); I think that has staying power since there's a justification. Everyone interested in Ohio beers should get hip to the Midwest Fruit Tart.
  12. Buildings don't have to be big to qualify. For example, several buildings on this block of Vine Street in Cincy are on the list of applicants.
  13. ^ That style of bridge somehow doesn't look right going over a rail yard.
  14. Robuu

    Name your top 5 cities...

    I'm interested in the choice of Wuppertal. I like the schwebebahn, but nothing else about the city jumped out at me as being unique. Worth visiting, though, and refreshing to go to a German city off the beaten path. It's super blue-collar; I don't know how many other cities in the region are like that, so maybe that's the charm.
  15. Yeah, I am not into the Braxton/Graeter's Pumpkin Pie either.