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  1. Technically you can't, because the EC isn't bound to any voters' votes. You could fix it so they are, but then you'd have the "problem" tklg is alluding to that the EC votes are "blind" (though following each state's popular vote rather than the national one).
  2. Enquirer's recipe for steak tartare: 1) Dollar figure greater than the median income 2) Streetcar 3) Intentional lack of context
  3. OMG, it seems the TRAFFIC STUDY is about to be revealed. Traffic study: shorter green lights, ride-share zones, streetcar signals, more parking meters Published 9:16 a.m. ET March 19, 2019 Among the recommendations: Retime traffic lights so vehicles get a shorter green light and pedestrians get a longer light. Vehicles would lose four to five seconds while pedestrians would gain the same. Set designated pickup/dropoff zones for taxis, Uber and Lyft cars. Give the streetcar signal priority at four intersections. That would cost about $80,000 – largely for new hardware – and would require city council approval. Add more parking meters Downtown, including some pay-by -cell-only zones for a pilot program. That would also require council approval. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2019/03/19/cincinnati-traffic-study-shorter-green-lights-ride-share-zones-streetcar-signals-more-parking-meters/3210128002/ Funny how only the cost of the streetcar-related item is reported.
  4. Seems like this goes against the self-interest of purple state voters. Currently they enjoy an out-sized importance/voice, which evaporates with NPVIC.
  5. One might argue that air gaps over a highway have a greater deadening effect than surface parking lots.
  6. It's replaced the shuttle service for CareSource (and Premier Health?) downtown workers, which took them from the Transportation Center garage to their office buildings. I've never seen it way over-crowded, but I've seen it standing-room-only around 5 pm weekdays. There's probably a similar wave during the morning, though I haven't seen that. And at lunch time a lot of downtown workers use it to go to Brown Street for lunch. On off-peak hours, I've never seen many people on it. But I haven't ridden it much, so I'm not sure of the actual data.
  7. Combining that threatening language with early comments about legitimacy of elections in 2020 is concerning. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/06/politics/donald-trump-2020-election-illegitimate/index.html
  8. I was thinking maybe a Water Buffaloes lodge a la the Flintstones.
  9. What other types of ironic "clubs" does Northside need, after the yacht and country clubs?
  10. Given the shooting incident, it's likely they're going to want to fortify the building to some degree. Hopefully that doesn't mean making the square- and street-facing parts of the building feel colder.
  11. ^ Interesting that the Friday spike isn't especially after business hours.
  12. 10 minutes is generally considered the point at which people are willing to forget about looking at a schedule and just use a transit line. At some point, adding a minute to the average wait time becomes too much. Like if you keep accumulating grains of sand, at some point you have a "heap". It's also much simpler to do mental math regarding when trains show up at 10-minute vs. 12-minute headways -- if I know one was at a certain station at 12:06, then I know another will be there at 1:16 without bothering to do any calculation. When you intuitively know the schedule in your head, the theoretical average wait time doesn't apply. It's the "clock schedule" concept.
  13. It's no more feasible to have a single-seat transit ride to every destination than it is to have a parking spot in front of every destination. Transfers are inevitable, and they aren't so burdensome when the fare structure is accommodating and frequencies are high. The streetcar should make riding a bus into downtown or parking downtown more flexible, as you can exit the bus or park farther from your destination(s).
  14. Good point about Google Maps. I think that's part of the 40% on-time schedule.
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