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  1. It looks like any map following the new rules will make a blue district in SWO.
  2. Applebee's finally hit the skids this decade. Sometimes Americans wake up and realize generic and flavorless sucks. So there may be hope yet that tastes will swing to cities with more than an ounce of flavor.
  3. Robuu

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    CVG is a nice-feeling midsize airport. Having the train makes it feel bigger than it is, although I think they could emphasize its usefulness better (if you're just following signs, you end up walking for what could have been a train ride). The retail seems to be hanging on ok, from what I can tell. Doesn't feel abandoned.
  4. This is the weekend I was in town for the Yayoi Kusama show. Making two transfers just to get to Tower City was super unappealing.
  5. I was in Cleveland in July. Stayed at an airbnb near Shaker Square, because I thought I could use the blue/green lines to get into Downtown. Womp-womp. The 33rd(?) Street station was closed for Opportunity Corridor (I think?) construction, so I just ended up driving basically everywhere. Wouldn't have stayed at Shaker Square had I known that was going on. I guess that wasn't a deferred maintenance issue, though. Unless it was, and they were disguising it as an Opportunity Corridor thing.
  6. Robuu

    What are you watching?

    I just completed the third (and most recent) season of The Man in the High Castle. It's an alt-history/scifi show based on Philip K. Dick's novel of the same name. The Axis won WW2 and split America so that the Japanese control the western US (capital in SF), the Nazis control the eastern US (capital in NYC; DC was blown to bits), and the Mountain West is the "Neutral Zone," acting as an anarchic buffer between the two. So far, I'm digging it. It's an Amazon Prime exclusive.
  7. New Orleans uses 'CBD' for their CBD as well, though there is far more going on in Cincinnati's. New York has the Financial District, which is becoming more of a legitimate live-work-play neighborhood. CBD is a generic name, but it exists in the same ecosystem as 'Over-the-Rhine' and 'the Basin' which are flavorful enough to make the 'CBD' moniker nbd, imo.
  8. ^ Mmmm, sour beer. Gonna have to check this one out!
  9. Truly an indictment when (white) hipsters flock to Nashville of all places, given country music's low status on the hipster scale.
  10. The Bearcats are quietly Doing Business this season. Anyone going to Orlando this weekend? If they can win there, they will most likely be AAC champs and hopefully start next season ranked.
  11. Robuu

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    That's kind of like saying transit is doomed because electric cars. My counter-prediction is that scooters will have to become more like bikes if they're going to have staying power. Jake even says no one is using the scooters to actually go places. If that's the case, people are either going to drop them as soon as the novelty wears off or they'll find an actual use for them as a travel mode. Assuming the latter, people will start to realize the benefits of bigger wheels and a seat. Then the cost of construction will approach that of the bicycles.
  12. Robuu

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    I think the more worrisome things would be policy-related. Like laws requiring the use of a bike lane if it's available (regardless of potentially large inconveniences of circumstance), or requirements to carry some kind of beacon to alert CAVs to the presence of people walking, biking, or scooting. I don't see how the geometry or signal phasing for a scooter would be very different than that of a bicycle. Which is a separate issue than issues arising from scooters and bikes merely operating in the same lane --- how would that be affected by auto manufacturers advocating for "scooter lanes" specifically? What is the difference between the outcomes from top-down versus grassroots advocacy, in terms of the resulting infrastructure?
  13. Robuu

    Traffic Calming and Road Diets

    ^ Guessing this is in Cleveland? Might be helpful to state which city it's in.
  14. Robuu

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    Bike shares would have had the same trending effect if bicycles were a new invention, but they're over a century old and everyone has experienced riding them. Being that they're over a hundred years old, I don't think they're going anywhere, and bike lanes will continue to be relevant despite John Cranley's insistence otherwise. What would a scooter lane look like which isn't hospitable to bicycles?