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  1. yeah really. Maybe even "progressives" now will "get on the right side of history." ::) After decades of liberal Hollywood stars (and a certain ex-president) engaging in sexual abuse of all manner without any repercussions or accountability from the media, despite the fact that everyone within the industry knew this was going one (except for poor Meryl Streep :(, an A-list Hollywood insider if there ever was one for decades), even they're "soul searching," desperately trying to do what's right ;D :P Where have progressives been rallying around those accused in Hollywood? I hope every single one of these sick ***** is outed, and I'm as liberal as it gets on many issues. Victims of sexual assault and harassment rarely come forward regardless of the political affiliations they have or those of the people they are surrounded by, but this is definitely true when they are victims of someone in a position of authority or that can affect their careers, reputations and families. People are also generally afraid to speak out if they see it for the same reasons. When it comes to this issue, there is often strong backlash against the accuser, as we've seen in the Moore case, and something you're basically trying to do now- shame everyone but the perpetrator. That's likely why so few have come forward until this movement came about. All that said, pedophilia for me goes one step further in terms of how disgusting it is. The more we learn about Moore, the more it becomes clear he's been into kids for a very long time. Probably always has been.
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