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  1. It is too bad that has no commercial component on the first floor/mix of uses. That is a good corner for that.
  2. I used the past tense. I promise I have nothing to report different people were saying different things about cert timelines but it seemed like it was difficult to rely on if you were looking at decision making in the short term
  3. not sure the skepticism is warranted, at least on this one issue.. we were looking at TMUD for a big project. it could be a difference maker for deals that don't pencil and is too big not to wait for. as the article says, it is more a mystery then thought months ago re: how it will be administered, competitive, how insurance companies will price the credit etc.
  4. Part of the backdrop (which I know won't illicit any tears) is that the Port has become much harder to use for sales tax exemption when they went full on with prevailing wage requirements. Some would also argue that the City requirements that are associated with abatement are onerous (I am not arguing this at all - just stating what I think others would say) -- and that this OADQA is a work around that is only being looked at because of the above. My own thought: Home Rule above all else. It is why I disagreed when the state got involved in our minimum wage or plastic bag ban. OTOH - the state gives out tax credits/awards of tax dollars all the time without City approval.
  5. We've looked at bonding thru OADQA. as opposed to going through the port (and dealing with their requirements), it is a work around and gets you mostly to the same place.
  6. It is the case that we are not moving forward. It not for a specific reason or anything speculated above -- it is just as simple as we hard time matching up our sources and uses. It is an awesome set of buildings and we hope a catalytic project emerges.
  7. we started a little early. we close this week. onwards!
  8. Have they done any interesting work? It seems like a pretty uninspired, corporate choice
  9. we are actually doing it on our own. it isn't required by any of the financing. that said, our lender is investing o-zone dollars at a reduced rate, which frees up the cash flow enough to lower the rents some on a good chunk of these units. typical financing would not allow us to do this, especially with ground up construction. hopefully more people can utilize ozone equity this way and thank you. I appreciate it. this financing has allowed us to be more creative then I think traditional lending would have allowed and I am excited to see how it turns out
  10. update: https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/02/tremont-project-the-tappan-would-include-apartments-first-floor-bakery-on-scranton-road.html
  11. @staphanger - that is the issue. I've seen a fairly decent office market but there the parking needs are intense. retail is tough. we are sinking a lot of resources into this bakery - it isn't exactly a market for new con retail. My hope is the retail fills in and around us
  12. it is wood (not wood like). the idea is it softens the brick. I posted some images of the blending of the materials here. not exact but gives you the idea
  13. to me this went down in a way that embodies the worst of Cleveland. Dave's can and should operate wherever they would like. And I totally understand why a new project would want them and vice-versa. It just seems to me, if the City is going to then turn around and subsidize Dave's new project, it would be reasonable to ask in return that the Dave's ownership not limit who they will sell to (they've made it clear they wont allow another grocer to move in). I get Dave's position, but when you ask for help from the City and other public purpose entities, it is reasonable they ask for something back. A better arrangement for the people of that neighborhood, especially seniors and those without access to vehicles, could have been reached. I would offer that this would have gone down very differently had the Asian population more political clout within the City. When I see the City Councilman come to meetings and banally ask folks what they would like to see there (the answer: a grocery) with no tools or strategies for how to get that done, I feel like people are being very (perhaps unintentionally) mislead
  14. the site also includes the westtown tire site. the corner across from the Wagner parking lot will become townhomes to further bring alive the street front. not sure what aesthetically one would realistically want for new construction other then an iron spot brick that plays off of Wagner and is softened by warm wood. but alas...
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