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  1. It is sort of LOL to go from "urban" to "luxury" living and now we are on wellness living. Even richer when done by the same guy who pushes people to go back to work early or he will contact unemployment. Let's hope that people don't just repeat his phrasing in articles about this project. Words should still mean something.
  2. I am fascinated by the co-working push and the economics there and how they work as commercial tenants. I feel like there are so many of these spaces. Is the freelance/sole proprietor economy that strong? Co-working feels like the "put a bird on it" Portlandia kind of thing for the rust belt. It is awesome to see it taking off tho. And that is super exciting about Train Avenue coming to life. I was worried those buildings on the corner of Train and Wiley couldn't be salvaged.
  3. I was just looking at the conceptual for the Pizza Pan re-do across from Lincoln on the corner of Scranton and Kenilworth. Gosh like, perhaps we should think about ten years from now and not allow vinyl construction across from a project that has a nicer material pallet. What incentives does this suggest to others in the neighborhood who might want to build?
  4. to me it is just those two rooms that have charm and I guess those are great if you think spaces like Marble Room are the wave of the future - the building just has so much square footage that is generic -- those units that would look onto the light wells....I just dont think they make for great spaces. hopefully I am wrong but I spent 50 hours in there and came away thinking the emperor had no clothes.
  5. I spent a decent amount of time in these spaces. I found them grand but sort of cold, or almost impossible to re-use in a way that both makes economic sense and feels warm. I hope I am wrong but I think the idea these are great spaces is a very overrated notion. Just my two cents. I hope the redevelopment turns out great and I am dead wrong
  6. yes -- I assume the NRP project by Metro gets built. I am really talking about just the Lincoln Heights area. But the idea just a general new con project can be built with traditional financing, assuming you are building architecture to last -- I'll just say we never could do our projects without some of our special funding. But I also guess other developers can get creative and do math in ways I don't understand, so I should never say never!
  7. I have to say I think the projections of big growth in this area are exaggerated. the economics of new construction don't make much of what is being imagined/discussed very plausible.
  8. yes. incrementally more efficient feels like a fair statement and maybe even an understatement. we all have our pet changes we'd like to see. some realistic. some probably have institutional challenges I am not privy to knowing. But...at least from my limited vantage point, planning and building are not obstacles to successful, quality projects. The faults (dear Brutus) lie elsewhere
  9. I wish them well. those sorts of projects by non development/rehab people make me so nervous. No economies of scale etc. My fingers are crossed for them. It would make a big difference on scranton.
  10. Right at the corner is a resident lounge and roof deck. as you go down willey it steps back a few feet just to give the facade some diversity and have it be not as looming. where the material changes are apartments with balconies
  11. No. We wanted to get a full design package approved before talking to folks. One foot in front of the other is how we like to do things. I think it is important that whatever we do must activate the street, have a daytime and evening presence and build on what places like Tremont Tap House, Mutt Hutt and Tremont Athletic Club have accomplished and what we hope Leavened Bakery will soon accomplish. This should be in front of Planning in a few weeks.
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