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  1. we started a little early. we close this week. onwards!
  2. Have they done any interesting work? It seems like a pretty uninspired, corporate choice
  3. we are actually doing it on our own. it isn't required by any of the financing. that said, our lender is investing o-zone dollars at a reduced rate, which frees up the cash flow enough to lower the rents some on a good chunk of these units. typical financing would not allow us to do this, especially with ground up construction. hopefully more people can utilize ozone equity this way and thank you. I appreciate it. this financing has allowed us to be more creative then I think traditional lending would have allowed and I am excited to see how it turns out
  4. update: https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/02/tremont-project-the-tappan-would-include-apartments-first-floor-bakery-on-scranton-road.html
  5. @staphanger - that is the issue. I've seen a fairly decent office market but there the parking needs are intense. retail is tough. we are sinking a lot of resources into this bakery - it isn't exactly a market for new con retail. My hope is the retail fills in and around us
  6. it is wood (not wood like). the idea is it softens the brick. I posted some images of the blending of the materials here. not exact but gives you the idea
  7. to me this went down in a way that embodies the worst of Cleveland. Dave's can and should operate wherever they would like. And I totally understand why a new project would want them and vice-versa. It just seems to me, if the City is going to then turn around and subsidize Dave's new project, it would be reasonable to ask in return that the Dave's ownership not limit who they will sell to (they've made it clear they wont allow another grocer to move in). I get Dave's position, but when you ask for help from the City and other public purpose entities, it is reasonable they ask for something back. A better arrangement for the people of that neighborhood, especially seniors and those without access to vehicles, could have been reached. I would offer that this would have gone down very differently had the Asian population more political clout within the City. When I see the City Councilman come to meetings and banally ask folks what they would like to see there (the answer: a grocery) with no tools or strategies for how to get that done, I feel like people are being very (perhaps unintentionally) mislead
  8. the site also includes the westtown tire site. the corner across from the Wagner parking lot will become townhomes to further bring alive the street front. not sure what aesthetically one would realistically want for new construction other then an iron spot brick that plays off of Wagner and is softened by warm wood. but alas...
  9. and yes, we did new construction in oberlin. but it was so long ago, I don't remember what it is like to look up at a ceiling and need see it exposed with duct work etc running through it :)
  10. we considered condos but to make that site work you have to build to a certain scale....and the prospect of that many condos made me nervous. We know the rental market here pretty well and I think we can create a good option on the site to go along with Creamery and Wagner Awning The site across from Wagner Awning is much more likely to be condos
  11. we don't know. we think what is next for us is the project where the Lincoln used to be on the corner of Scranton and Wiley.
  12. Just saw this...thanks guys. We have a lot more pictures on Instagram at muellerlofts. Opening June 1. As of now 35/51 units leased after 6 weeks of showings. Not bad! And yeah, we hate carpet and brown cabinetry :). If anyone wants a tour, just be in touch. I'm feeling the neighborhood and the building a lot. I think it is the best one yet for us.
  13. 600 is way too much. This is a perfect project for Key, Metro, the CDC they formed and a development partner to all share risk. But expecting a private developer to do this on their own is unrealistic. This really needs to be a public private partnership. The building deserves it.
  14. Not that I am some expert in what is or isn't proper terminology, but if you have people living from all over Asia, why would you call it Chinatown? Isn't AsiaTown more of a catch-all that celebrates the geographic diversity better? In other news, I know I am not supposed to promote but if you google "themuellerlofts" you can see our new webpage. Opening June 1.
  15. I thought you might like to see a picture of the new atrium being built within Mueller Lofts.
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