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  1. Trump is on the TV blaming the States for his failure. It's the job of the Federal Government to be prepared for multistate issues.
  2. What has he ever accomplished in his life besides being born to a rich family?
  3. I am looking to move more cash in to ATHX. I might wait to see if it goes below $2.
  4. ^ I have been hearing rumors (from commercial real estate lenders and others in the industry) that a halt on construction activity may be mandated by DeWine soon.
  5. It's tough to predict the bottom but I would think that as COVID peaks it will get worse. I am waiting for tomorrow's job numbers to see what effect that will have. I think 16K might be a realistic bottom but this is just a guess on my part. I don't think you could wrong in the longterm if you jump in at 18K though. It just depends on your time horizon.
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/media/cleveland-biotech-company-making-headway-on-possible-covid-19-treatment
  7. I have a friend at the VA and he just got approved for telework this week but government does seem slow to make these changes.
  8. Trump compared this to the flu all the way back last week when he was going to open the country.
  9. Trumpy governors care more about pleasing Dear Leader than they do about the lives of their residents.
  10. Let's remember that tests are still not widely available.
  11. That's a feature not a bug.
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