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  1. ^ and there it is. The conservative solution. People will die and we just have to deal with it before we cause any sort of inconvenience to anyone. The rest of the world can figure it out but Murica is to good to do it.
  2. This is a great thread. Everyone should read the whole thing.
  3. This sounds exactly like the gun issue too. Republicans act like we can't fix problems at all because it's marxism or some other scary sounding word. But the truth is that they are more concerned with stock returns (not actual workers) than they are with human life. They only care about life when they can control women.
  4. I mean, you are not making the point you think you are. the entire of a protest is to get a message out. You don't seem to understand why people protest.
  5. Well, the point of a protest is to get your message out. Why would you not want media coverage. You're not really making a good point.
  6. Well there are only a small number of natives for some reason.
  7. Maybe, Mexico will pay the wall after all.
  8. Nope, that land belongs to the Lakota. The black hills belong to them and the president had no business holding an event on land that belong to them via treaty.
  9. Lakota people were arrested for protesting on their own land so that Trump can prattle on about statues at his super spreader event.
  10. ‘Where Does Ron DeSantis Go to Get His Apology?’ https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/where-does-ron-desantis-go-to-get-his-apology/
  11. There's actually no proof of this. Your link actually says that it is undecided but it is largely regarded as a myth.
  12. Napa county has only 377 COVID cases. Stuff like this is why you shouldn't buy into conspiracy theories.
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