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  1. Lindsey Graham was never principled. He has always been a sidekick/follower of someone else. It was McCain when he was alive. Now it's Donnie. If someone else comes around that can help him politically, he will be sidekick to that person. He is not a leader or principled.
  2. ^ But Hunter Biden was making money......
  3. Nunes really wants to see those pictures.
  4. But muh social media is biased against conservative ideas
  5. They just argued that the email from July 25th only states question about assistance. They didn't specifically say "hold"
  6. Ironically, Nunes seems unconcerned that actual first hand witnesses are not showing up.
  7. Do they brew on site? I thought they were an outpost of the East Side location.
  8. There are more units. Many of them hit the market within the last few months. It takes time to lease up. 93% is impressive gien how many new units there are.
  9. Trump knew what was going on because he mentioned Crowdstrike and the Biden's in his perfect call. It would seem weird that he would randomly bring up something that he wasn't privy too.
  10. yes - all under the direct orders of the president.
  11. Probably trying to get his talking points from the WH like the good toadie he is.
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