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  1. I'd like a Marshalls as a worker downtown. It'd be nice to do some shopping during lunch.
  2. I think it was The Avenue District condos. I believe those have been converted to rental.
  3. I am assuming that his will have an effect on meat prices and other food prices?
  4. The one benefit that SHW might have to locating in Brecksville is having access to the Akron labor market as well as Cleveland. In the end though, I see them using the Brecksville site to extract subsidies from Cleveland.
  5. I didn't feel a thing at all downtown. I was taking a walk at the time.
  6. That is interesting to know. What are they growing now instead of corn? Why have they moved from planting corn?
  7. I 'd also love to see CSU and Asia Town grow toward each other too.
  8. Me too. But I think it'll turn out nice the way it's designed.
  9. freefourur


    Nope. Because giving them water does not put them in danger. Give up trying to defend everything. This doesn't need to be defended.
  10. freefourur


    These people are committing a civil infraction. The proper analogy would be that if I help someone who is jaywalking so that they don't die in traffic and then I get charged with a crime too.
  11. When Trump blamed the outcome of the Kentucky Derby on political correctness, it gave me the only info I needed to know that claims of PC run amok are exaggerated.
  12. No joke, it is mental health awareness month.
  13. Some bad news for Shaker Square: Dewey’s Coffee in Shaker Square to close after 15 years of business https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/05/deweys-coffee-in-shaker-square-to-close-after-15-years-of-business.html
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