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  1. FoxNews did this for 3 days while the house managers were speaking.
  2. ^ they've been waiting for an excuse. They are mad that Schiff said that they are afraid of Trump. Now they will vote against witnesses to prove that Schiff war right.
  3. This must be that swagger we've been hearing about.
  4. I hope the GOP realizes that information will continue to come out even if they try to blow through the trial: ‘Take her out’: recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/recording-appears-capture-trump-private-dinner-ukraine-ambassador/story?id=68506437
  5. I've been reading reports that Lamar Alexander has been taking copious notes as is Mitt Romney. We shall see. I called Portman again today this time through the Senate switchboard to say that he should request witnesses and documents because the citizens have a right to know.
  6. I would be careful with these reports of who is leaving and who is staying. Schumer and Elizabeth Warren said that mostly everybody is listening and the people getting up are usually standing in the back. It would be helpful if we had other cameras so we could see what's going on. But if prominent dems are saying that the reporting is overblown, I think I'll believe them.
  7. ^ I think Schiff and his team have done a good job of putting all of facts into timeline. I also thought starting out on the first day when arguing for witnesses by laying out the facts of the case was brilliant. I don't think Trump's team was prepared for that. BTW - Amash has been tweeting support for the job that Schiff has been doing. I'm sure Schiff and Amash agree on very little politically but they both agree that Trump is a danger to constitutional order.
  8. If you think it's been partisan, then it is on you. Schiff may be a political partisan but he has been operating as a skillful prosecutor. I can tell by most of your posts that you are not as persuadable as you pretend to be.
  9. As a lefty myself, Bernie is most definitely a cult of personality. He might have goals that are in line with what you want in society but he is a populist and there is a cult following around him.
  10. Trumpers: We shouldn't have new witnesses and documents in the trial Also Trumpers: I haven't heard anything new in the trial
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