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  1. Also further clarified by 14A section 2.
  2. Remember that debate when Hillary looked at Donald and said that Russia hacked her emails and he was Putin's puppet. It turns out she was right all along.
  3. The GOP position seems to be that if an investigation doesn't entirely prove something, then the investigators should be investigated. The leaps of logic necessary to continue to defend Trump are so tiring. I can't believe his supporters can even keep up anymore.
  4. That wasnt exactly the conclusion but you do you. But you agree that Russia interfered and people on Trump's team were very eager to help them.
  5. you are agreeing with the premise of Mueller's findings I take it?
  6. ^ Anyone catcalling should definitely be asked to vacate but I have an issue with asking people to leave who are merely loitering. Loitering, by definition, is doing nothing. I have spent time in Tower City just "loitering" and I have never been bothered by security.
  7. Because Barr was brought in to end the investigation and cover up the crimes. That's what he does.
  8. He is a hack that has the job to cover up for Trump. He's been covering up GOP sedition since the 1980s.
  9. is "Painesville man" Ohio's version of "Florida Man?"
  10. ^ I agree. If you can't see the materials, then it shouldn't really matter.
  11. freefourur

    Tax Reform

    This puts large businesses who can afford to provide insurance at huge advantage over small entrepreneurs. Government healthcare would actually level the playing field so to speak.
  12. freefourur

    Tax Reform

    I would argue that policies like single payer are actually beneficial for small businesses. Entrepreneurs looking to hang a shingle are usually deterred because of the cost of health care. Having that safety would be helpful.
  13. freefourur

    Tax Reform

    They are entities not people. I don;t think the Founders intended corporations to exist as people.
  14. freefourur

    Tax Reform

    I forgot about S-Corps. I stand corrected.
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