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  1. Stone issued his own apology too. It's very on brand that the image came from a NeoNazi website.
  2. I dont see it working. There were Trump supporters on manafort's jury who convicted.
  3. These guys have the right to remain silent but it doesn't mean that they are smart enough to exercise it.
  4. only in the eyes of a partisan hack is a non existent thing worse than and an existing one.
  5. or maybe we can talk about what is actually happening right now climate change will also decimate liberties and more
  6. I'm sure the free speech warriors are all over this.
  7. There might be some college kid somewhere criticizing someone's ideas. That's what's important right now.
  8. Better headline: Snowflake wants to shut down free speech because it is not PC.
  9. Isn't the lighting issue for the parking lots more of a Coral issue rather than city issue.
  10. Just a few blocks east is shaker lakes which is a nice peaceful wilderness area. I'm not sure why the need it on the Square. Buckeye is the weakest part of the neighborhood and all investment should be focused there.
  11. I would spend the money fixing Buckeye. Create an incentive program for businesses locating on Buckeye.
  12. There's a difference in land costs between ohio city and downtown. Downtown parking lots can generate substantial cash flows from parking revenue. This doesn't really exist in ohio city.
  13. here is another exhibit for the lawsuit:
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