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  1. I agree but blockchain will have a lot potential in the health care space. Therefore it might make sense to try to grow that industry.
  2. He's setting up the Fed as his scapegoat for the coming recession. His cult will eat it up.
  3. Pay no attention to children being locked in cages or the fact that the president is a raving lunatic. Evolving language is the real issue.
  4. I dont follow this argument. You just keep throwing things against the wall. Trump is a racist and his comment today was antisemitic. This is basic.
  5. BuT aNtIfA aRe ThE rEaL TeRrOrIsTs. Man Arrested With 17 Guns, Grenade Launcher and Nazi Paraphernalia https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/20/nyregion/sussex-county-white-supremacist.html
  6. It's not absurd at all. just because his daughter married a Jew doesn't magically shield him for being called out on his ignorance. Thinking it does is absurd.
  7. Jewish daughter = I have a black friend. It has no relevance.
  8. I would like to see some of the green grass in front of the high rises along Lake and/or Edgewater developed.
  9. ^ This is true for the Democratic primary. Trump is also an economic illiterate.
  10. If a McDonald's ends up in the retail space, I don't think it's the end of world. Don't @ me.
  11. freefourur


    Republicans run on the mantra that government is ineffective. They take office and prove it.
  12. Are we now saying that some democrats hate the country because they criticize some policies? Wouldn't that presumption lead one to believe that Donald also hated the country. His motto (MAGA) implied that the country was not great. He has compared out intelligence to nazis. I don't think any Trump supporter should open up this line of argument at all. It is a very foolish line for a Trump supporter.
  13. I wish Beto would do the same thing in TX.
  14. You realize that someone can be both incompetent and a fascist don't you?
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